Conspiracy Monday: And the award for Stupidest Michael Jackson Death Conspiracy Theory goes to….

According to a June 25th article at Natural (home to all the alternative-health weirdness you can handle, plus more), Jane Burgermeister is an Austrian investigative journalist who recently filed criminal charges with the FBI against the World Health Organization, the United Nations, Barack Obama, various pharmaceutical company executives and public health officials, and others*. She alleges they are all complicit in a plot to carry out “mass genocide” against Americans and Austrians via the genetically engineered Swine Flu and Avian Flu viruses. This plot is being directed by the same international bankers who control the U.S. Federal Reserve.

In April, Burgermeister filed criminal charges in Austria against the Swiss subsidiary of Baxter International (the pharmaceutical company responsible for developing Swine Flu vaccine) as well as AVIR Green Hills Biotechnology of Austria, for producing contaminated Avian Flu vaccine (deliberately). She believes these companies created the Avian and Swine Flu pandemics in order to profit from the vaccines that caused the pandemics in the first place. This theory is shared by Alex Jones, Dr. Bill Deagle, and others.

As evidence that the Swine Flu is a genetically engineered bioweapon, Ms. Burgermeister included in her “dossier”quotes fromSwine Flu 2009 is Weaponized 1918 Spanish Flu by the anonymous “doctor” known as A. True Ott and a Science report by Dr. Jeffrey Taubenberger (Taubenberger’s team was the first to note the similarities between the 1918 flu virus and the Avian Flu virus).

Burgermeister says the mass murder via injection will facilitate the bankers’ ultimate goal to add the North American Union to their international crime syndicate and reduce the world population to just 1 billion within the next decade. They have already created a gulag of FEMA concentration camps and mass grave sites to get rid of those who stand in their way. Ms. Burgermeister evidently didn’t mention microchip implants in her dossier, but I’m sure they’re part of the plan, too.

So what in the freaking hell does any of this have to do with Michael Jackson?

According to an article by Sorcha Faal, posted at What Does It Mean and a few other conspiracy sites, Jackson was a “long standing supporter” of Ms. Burgermeister’s work. His concert tour would have given him a worldwide platform to warn the world about the flu vaccine plot, with the help of Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad al-Khalifa, son of the King of Bahrain. He and Jackson recently reached an out-of-court settlement involving loans intended to relaunch Jackson’s career. The sheikh was also a supporter of Burgermeister’s work.

Faal reveals that the FSB, the Russian security agency, blames the CIA for Jackson’s death. At the time he died, a Russian military satellite detected an electromagnetic pulse centered on Jackson’s house.

This theory fails at just about every level. For one thing, how do you get from an EMP to a CIA murder plot? For another, Ms. Burgermeister apparently denies that Jackson was a supporter, and suspects Faal is in cahoots with the Bankers of Death.

Faal doesn’t provide any sources for the FSB allegations, and this thread at the Above Top Secret conspiracy forum mentions a long list of declarations made by Ms. Faal that turned out to be just wrong, some of them based on Pravda stories (for the record, Pravda has only suggested that Jackson knew he was dying). There’s even a lot of speculation that Faal is actually the alter ego of What Does It Mean editor David Booth. Sorcha Faal is supposedly Sister Maria Theresa, 73rd Sorcha Faal of the Sorcha Faal Order. The order has been around since 588 B.C., but has miraculously managed to avoid all publicity, academic scrutiny, and historical documentation.


* Including Janet Napolitano (Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security), David Rothschild, David Rockefeller, George Soros, the Chancellor of Austria, and the Austrian Health Minister

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  1. Urm, I'm not clear why I managed to submit my post that number of times. Sorry. #**Picks jaw off floor**. I find it strange when someone who functions as a journalist, or civil servant or some other profession that you would imagine requires critical thinking skills, comes out with something this bizarre. It's like Graham Hancock. It leaves me thinking how did they manage for so long, without coming out with something really bizarre earlier? Jane Burgermeister immediately jumps to a conspiracy theory to explain the Michael Jackson/Sorcha Faal thing. I love the idea of an order of nuns established in Ireland in 588 BC. They've just been hiding really, really well.

  2. I have to admit, the notion of ninja conspiracy nuns fighting the New World Order from the depths of an ancient Egyptian cave (that has 'Net access) is incredibly freaking cool. It's a shame The 72rd Sorcha Faal might just be a basement-dwelling computer programmer who was banned from Coast to Coast AM for not providing enough evidence of his interview of "Fatima UFO" witness Sister Lucia. Being banned from C2C is harder to do than getting kicked out of Amway – they'll take anybody.One of the enduring mysteries for me is why smart people go astray after years of achievement, discipline, and rationality. Was the seed planted much earlier in life, only to unexpectedly sprout in middle age? Could there be chemical imbalances involved? Benjamin Fulford, Bill Deagle, Richard Hoagland, and many other people I've talked about on this blog were educated, functioning professionals before becoming professional conspiranoids. Were they sucked into a "cultic milieu" formed by underground conspiracy culture? Or are they simply what Michael Shermer calls heretical personality types ("Most people believe this, therefore I will automatically believe the opposite")?Dunno.

  3. Compelling. Right.She assumes Baxter intentionally contaminated vaccines. She assumes soldiers were given tainted vaccines. She assumes all of this has something to do with bankers. How am I supposed to "go to local authorities" with this stuff?

  4. I don't find her allegations compelling, nor her desire to waste the time of officials the world over.

  5. "Compelling. Right.She assumes Baxter intentionally contaminated vaccines."she knows that the contamination was intentional because it would be *impossible* to unintentionally contaminate think that it could just happen by a spillage or someone being clumsy? lol. its done on a precise, molecular level. someone must have introduced the live virus to the vaccine stock, and someone must have negated all of the checks that must be enforced to ensure against this kind of thing.

  6. I have no idea why anyone would think accidental vaccine contamination doesn't – much less couldn't – occur. It can, and sometimes it does.

  7. I don't know if it was something stupid so I think there was a part of Conspiracy in that event, because the way he died, and also FBI was hiding secret information related to the Michael's death.

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