Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

  • In case you’re not wasting largish chunks of your life digging into odd conspiracy theories, like me, here’s a relatively coherent capsule of the Swine Flu conspiracy, combined with the FEMA concentration camp/mass grave conspiracy (from the Goldenheart Chronicles blog): “We now have more than 500 FEMA concentration camps which have been built all over the USA, replete with stacks of millions of plastic coffins everywhere on the grounds of alot of these FEMA camps. This “camp building” activity has been going on for some time now, several years in fact, (see our site map and links to the FEMA REX 84 page). Citizen journalists have been reporting on it all over the USA, wondering what the FEDS and FEMA were up to. Now we know. They have developed a strain of flu by combining H5N1 and H3N2 flu viruses that will resist all existing treatment drugs except the ones they will offer through selected multinational pharmaceuticals to the infected world population, thus guaranteeing obscene profits for the makers of the treatment drugs, while reducing the world population and implementing martial law to control those populations who are left alive. What better excuse to implement martial law than an illuminati created ‘global flu pandemic’?”
  • In an attempt to quash goofy moon landing hoax theories, NASA is reportedly going to photograph stuff left behind at the Apollo landing sites, using the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. I’m sure this will bring a swift and tidy end to decades of half-baked photo analysis, harassment of astronauts, and creepy accusations about NASA murders and occultism and coverups. And I’m equally sure that these photos will finally reveal the enormous glass structures that have been airbrushed out of all previous NASA photos of the moon. *end sarcasm*


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  1. It must bug them so bad that the WHO have declared a pandemic and there's still no martial law.I love the moon landings — I cannot get my head around those who want something so beautiful and awe-inspiring to be a hoax. But I hope we do get to see the Luna module and flag and everything. I doubt any evidence will change the conspiracy theorists minds, but it will be cool for the rest of us to see if anything has changed at the landing site, or whether it's all perfectly preserved.

  2. "replete with stacks of millions of plastic coffins"What? They're not going to just dump the bodies in trenches? I'm not sure why they add such a strange little detail. Why would cold-hearted genocidal maniacs go to the expense of plastic coffins instead of spending that money on ultramegasuperflus?@TK "I cannot get my head around those who want something so beautiful and awe-inspiring to be a hoax."What I find worse is the fact that these people are so willing to insult the incredible work and achievements of the countless people who came together to create something as impressive as the Apollo project.

  3. Yep. The very worse thing I've seen is Bart Sibrel stalking Apollo astronauts, trying to get them to swear on the Bible they went to the moon, and calling them liars. He called Buzz Aldrin a liar, a thief and a coward. Buzz punched him.

  4. TK, you mustn't laugh at U.S. martial law predictions. Just because they've been wrong each and every time doesn't mean they won't come true this time! Well, okay, not this time. But maybe next time. Or the next. Or the…zzzzzzzzzThanks for mentioning Bart, I couldn't remember his name. I could only recall some ultra-creepy stalker demanding that astronauts obey his every command or else they're lying. Now I can go back to forgetting his name, 'cause he's not worth remembering. Most interesting moon-hoax theory: We never reached the moon, because rocket science doesn't exist. Nothing man-made can, has, nor ever will leave Earth's orbit.

  5. Soon to be seen oline, probably copy and pasted from this post: "Bah… It will all be fake I tell yah. Just look at movies like Transformers. They can fake anything now, even without a studio. I am sure Pixar is secretly working on the new fake photos and video of the moon, as we speak!"Believe me, there is no way in hell these idiots will give up their stupidity. Like the religious, when confronted with an inability to explain anything, or the disturbing fact that someone else did, where by their "theory" is undermined, they just move the goal posts. Not too hard too. At this point the wackos have the goal posts mounted on wheels, attached to 5,000hp, generated by a combination of, according to them, new non-polluting coal and oil.

  6. I have a 2nd edition of Richard Hoagland's book The Monuments of Mars. In it, he said he hoped that if subsequent photos of The Face showed it to be a natural formation (which is exactly what happened), he would be able to accept it gracefully.Pfft.the wackos have the goal posts mounted on wheels, attached to 5,000hp, generated by a combination of, according to them, new non-polluting coal and oilNo, free energy.

  7. Fema camps, eh?I'm going to rent Bubba Hotep again this weekend. It's based on a true story, you know… :)"The Camps" already exist, they're called "retirement homes" and I'm going to reveal the whole truth here if I don't get mysteriously cut-off in mid sente

  8. A few conspiracy theories and rumours (like Al Gore's Suitcase of Blood) have made me think of Bubba Hotep. Specifically, I was thinking that some conspiracy theorists would make top-notch screenwriters for B movies.

  9. This reminds me of those who say the Vietnam War didn't happen. We killed them ,they killed us. We used Agent Orange and they're still suffering. If that's not war, I dunno what is. And way to go for punching that creepy stalker dude.

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