Wednesday Weirdness Roundup: Extra-Stoopid Edition

It's good to be back. My ThinkPad finally succumbed to a series of long-term ailments two weeks ago (Hans has a computer, but can't type with cloven hoofs. I think he just uses it for porn). I've now replaced it. So. On with the weirdness. Folks love a good feral child story. Probably because feral... Continue Reading →

Will Sandy Hook Conspiranoia Go Mainstream?

As reported last week by Salon, relatively normal people like twentysomething New Yorker Brendan Hunt are now embracing alternative Sandy Hook theories. They're harassing interviewing witnesses, searching for other gunmen, and trying to tie the tragedy to secret societies and/or the military-industrial complex in any way possible. Hunt is by no means a self-proclaimed messiah... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

Off the Hook: Conspiracy theories about the shootings in Connecticut, if they can even be called "theories", are starting to draw attention from mainstream newspapers, websites like Salon and Gawker, and TV reporters. I've talked a little about these theories (here, here, and at Leaving Alex Jonestown), but the Sandy Hook conspiracy meme is far... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Weirdness Roundup: Massacre Conspiracy Theories

One of the most troubling things about wonky conspiracy theories is that they can, and do, have real-world impact. On December 18, the religious conspiracy website Revelation - which specialized in Hollow Earth theories and Biblical prophecies - posted an article titled "The Next School Massacre Target?". In it, the author embraced the theory... Continue Reading →

Some Rather Pointless Hoaxes

No, Lindsay Lohan has not been poisoned. The search term "Lindsay Lohan Poisoned", which popped up on Google Trends and elsewhere two days ago, is a publicity stunt by Alex Jones. He's promoting an 11-minute video on the supposed dangers of ADHD medications, fluoridated water, vaccines, GMO food, etc. It's amazing how many errors one... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

The Wednesday Weirdness Roundup is at Leaving Alex Jonestown this week, 'cause Alex Jones dished out enough weirdness last week to keep you screaming "No, seriously, WTF??!!" well into December.

Another Twit

Leaving Alex Jonestown now has a Twitter page. Jones says so many bizarre and blatantly erroneous things that I can't devote a post to each and every one...

“The Matrix was based on real military documents.”

Note: This is the last time I'll be devoting a post to Alex Jones on this blog, because I've started up a separate blog just for him: Leaving Alex Jonestown. It won't contain play-by-play analysis of every single one of his broadcoasts, 'cause even I am not masochistic enough to listen to Alex Jones more... Continue Reading →

The Top 10 Obama Smears

In honour of the 44th President of the United States, I decided to catalogue the Top Ten stupidest smears, urban legends, and conspiracy theories that have been spun around Barack Obama since his election campaign. He's here in spite of them all, and I think that says something about smear campaigns: They're a complete waste... Continue Reading →

“Teutonic Zionism” = Crazy-Ass Nonsense

This stuff is idiotic even by Alex Jones and Jordan "Please Send Money" Maxwell standards. Yeah, the Nazis used Teutonic legends and imagery in their propaganda (portraying Hitler as a Teutonic knight on posters, for example), but how does this make Zionisma "Germanic death cult"?! The only pieces of "evidence" cited are the Indiana Jones... Continue Reading →

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