“Teutonic Zionism” = Crazy-Ass Nonsense

This stuff is idiotic even by Alex Jones and Jordan “Please Send Money” Maxwell standards. Yeah, the Nazis used Teutonic legends and imagery in their propaganda (portraying Hitler as a Teutonic knight on posters, for example), but how does this make Zionisma “Germanic death cult”?! The only pieces of “evidence” cited are the Indiana Jones movies, fer crying out loud…

6 thoughts on ““Teutonic Zionism” = Crazy-Ass Nonsense

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  1. I’m not sure what’s worse – the absolute nonsense he talks or all the comments on that YouTube video you embedded that debate the imaginary issue as if it is true.

  2. I’d like to hear Spielberg’s take on this, and George Lucas’s opinion on Richard Hoagland’s theory that he knows all about androids on the moon.Maxwell also insists that because the names Lucias and Lucifer can be translated as “light bringer”, Luke Skywalker is a symbol of sun worship: The sun “walks across the sky”, you see.

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