Wednesday Weirdness Roundup: Massacre Conspiracy Theories


One of the most troubling things about wonky conspiracy theories is that they can, and do, have real-world impact.

On December 18, the religious conspiracy website Revelation – which specialized in Hollow Earth theories and Biblical prophecies – posted an article titled “The Next School Massacre Target?”. In it, the author embraced the theory that most – if not all – mass shootings are stage-managed by some shadowy cabal (in this case, the Illuminati). I’ve written a little bit about some of these recent theories at Leaving Alex Jonestown.
The Revelation Now article pointed out that a prop map briefly shown in The Dark Knight Rises featured Bane’s intended targets, and one of the target locations was labeled “Sandy Hook”. Another label on the map was “Narrows”. This means very little to the average viewer. “Sandy Hook” is an absurdly common name throughout the U.S., and the Narrows is a fictional ghetto located near the fictional Arkham Asylum in the D.C. comic universe.
But the Revelation Now author clearly accepts the theory of “predictive programming”, which says that the elite must tell us of their monstrous plans before putting them into action. As an Infowars article says of the Dark Knight map, “This definitely begins to tread into Satanic and occult territory, the purpose of which is known to only a select few in tight-knit circles at the very top branches of various secret societies.” An article at Before It’s News makes a similar comment about the Aurora massacre and the movie map: ““I was denying to myself that this shooting was staged by the deep state and the Illuminati just like the last one in the movie theatre in Colorado. But not anymore. It’s impossible to deny.”

Following these leads, the Revelation Now author connected the dots in typical conspiranoid fashion:

– Aurora, Colorado killer James Holmes liked The Dark Knight and costumed himself as the Joker before going on his rampage.
– This massacre was staged by the Illuminati. Holmes was a victim of mind control programming.
– Newtown, Connecticut killer Adam Lanza was also a mind-control victim. The Illuminati selected his target for him: Sandy Hook Elementary School.
– The Dark Knight Rises contains a map with the names “Sandy Hook” and “Narrows” on it. The Illuminati controls Hollywood, so this means something.
– Ergo, the next Illuminati school shooting will take place somewhere with Narrows in its name.
– There is a Narrows Elementary School in the town of Narrows, Virginia.

Normally, this kind of nuttery restricts itself to the conspiranoid community, social networking sites, and casual watercooler conversations. This time, however, officials in Giles County, Virginia, heard about the Revelation Now article and promptly decided to shut down all schools in the county this week. Giles County Sheriff Morgan Millirons told the press, “We have to take this as serious information.”
But do we? These crackpot massacre theories are nothing new, and every one of them seems less coherent than the last…

The Dunblane Massacre (1996): Freemasons and paedophiles arranged for Thomas Hamilton to kill 16 schoolchildren, to cover up a child-abuse ring and/or to usher in increased gun control in the UK.
The Port Arthur Massacre (1996): This was engineered as an excuse for the Australian government to ban automatic weapons. Martin Bryant was a mind-controlled assassin or a patsy.
Columbine (1999): There are numerous conspiracy theories about the massacre in Colorado. The most ridiculous comes from William K. Zabel, one of the most popular guests ever to appear on the Binnall of America podcast. He contends the massacre was stage-managed by the military-industrial complex, primarily as a ritual sacrifice, and that the parents of the victims knew all about it in advance.
Virginia Tech (2007): Mind control again. Some faculty members knew what was going to happen, and even participated in Seung-Hui Cho’s grooming.
The Norway Massacre: Anders Breivik stated that his rampage was motivated by his anger at liberals who were “ruining” Norway with their socialist and immigration-friendly politics. Yet conspiranoids continue to insist this was a false flag terror operation headed by globalists, as an excuse to crack down on anti-banking activists. Wayne Madsen, a frequent guest on The Alex Jones Show, declared Breivik could be an Isreali agent.
Sandy Hook: Jim Fetzer, a former professor, claims Adam Lanza was just a patsy for the real killers – Mossad “death squads”.

The alleged motives for these “elite” crimes are manifold. According to the conspiracy theorists, mass shootings are crafted to usher in repressive legislation like gun control laws, traumatize and destabilize the population so that we will submit to further abuses of our rights, make offerings to Satan, neutralize troublesome opponents, thin out the population, and/or distract us from “more important” things that are going on in the world.
Conspiracy theorists point only to massacres that occurred after 1980, in a feeble attempt to link mind control to SSRI antidepressants, and completely ignore massacres that occurred half a century or more before Prozac went on the market. Just one example: In 1975, Ottawa teenager Robert Poulin raped and murdered a neighbor girl, set fire to his house, then shot up a school.
[note: It has been brought to my attention that my previous example, South Pasadena Junior High principal Verlin Spencer, may have been under the influence of bromide at the time of his arrest in 1940. Spencer killed five of his colleagues, wounded a sixth, then non-fatally shot himself. The example has been removed pending further investigation.]
If such massacres have been occurring for decades (and they have; the first school shooting in America took place in the late eighteenth century), isn’t it reasonable to conclude that the petty gripes and mental problems that motivated those murders would also hold true for today’s mass killers? What makes a Brenda Spencer any different from a James Holmes, other than more thorough preparation?

The ironic thing is, conspiracy theories themselves may contribute to massacres. Byron Williams’ thwarted attack upon a small, nonprofit organization called the Tides Foundation was inspired, in part, by the rantings of Glenn Beck and Alex Jones, who insisted the foundation was wholly controlled by one of their bogeymen, George Soros. Williams was planning to murder at least a dozen Tides Foundation employees in protest of supposed left-wing world domination. The problem is, only about 5% of the foundation’s annual funding came from Soros, Soros had no role in the foundation’s operations, and it is a relatively small and obscure organization.

Canadian killer Marc Lepine considered himself the victim of some sort of feminist conspiracy to marginalize men. He claimed to believe he was denied entry to the engineering program at the École Polytechnique de Montréal because the university was admitting “too many” women. In reality, his substandard grades kept him out of the program.

The Symbionese Liberation Army shot Oakland’s first black school superintendent, Dr. Marcus Foster,  eight times with cyanide-tipped bullets because they believed his (withdrawn) support for school ID cards was part of a sinister CIA plot to keep tabs on schoolchildren.

Revelation Now was quickly dismantled after the Giles County school shutdown hit the news, but it was just one of hundreds of sites that promote terrifying conspiracy theories spun from tenuous connections, suppositions, misinformation, and recycled nonsense. I doubt that all those webmasters out there are going to stop and think about the potential consequences before they commit the next baseless theory to the ‘Net.

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  1. Hmmm…perhaps I need to rethink my idea of inventing conspiracy theories and seeing if they catch on…We Illuminati move ever onward after all 😉

  2. You left out the Google Map of Newtown, CT and Sandy Hook Elementary are an overlay to the map in the Batman movie AND the Google Map of Narrows, VA and Narrows High School are an overlay of the map in the Batman movie. You also left out the common star configurations over each of the massacres site. Also, the article was not about the “Illuminati” being behind this. It was added because (as said in the article) ANOTHER reader sent the info in and it was reviewed to understand curses. Make sure you present ALL the FACTS the theory was based on. I would like to hear how you attempt to devalue these facts. 😉

  3. The “overlay” is simply a line and a circle. On the Gotham map, the line is a roadway that connects the island of Sandy Hook to the rest of the city and traverses the island in an east-west direction, while the circle surrounds some kind of structure. The creator of the YouTube video zoomed in on a map of Newtown so that Sandy Hook Elementary School was in the centre of the screen, circled the school, and highlighted Highway 11. You could do the same with virtually any map of any location. While both Newtown and the fictional Sandy Hook island are roughly triangular, they are very far from being an exact match.
    Astrological configurations may be of great relevance to some, but they bear no weight with me.
    We are a pattern-seeking species. And where we seek, we find. Give me two random historical events with no known connection, and I will find “connections”.

    1. Of course you can line up Google Maps to any area. No argument there, but the question is will there be congruence. This was the match based on the terrain, albeit the road and river are different but the shape is also a match for BOTH sites. Your comment, “Astrological configurations may be of great relevance to some, but they bear no weight with me.” You are missing the fact the same constellations are present at each of the sites. You realize from an Earthly perspective the stars are ALWAYS in motion. As is the Galactic Plane intersection. So you basically have to SEPARATE wheels lining up at each site. Which is synonymous with hitting the exact same numbers on TWO Russian Roulette wheel in Vegas at the SAME time. Ask a mathematician the probability of this happening. Get back to me when you understand the probability of this happening.

      1. You know, I doubt they have Russian Roulette in Vegas. Perhaps you should educate yourself a bit and then play a game of it by yourself. To practice, of course. ^^

      2. Also: the odds of the exact same “number” on two russian roulette “wheels” is about one in six, that is of course if you’re using standard “tables.”

      3. Now, of course, if you meant regular roulette it depends on if they’re American or French tables, the odds for two American tables being the same is one in thirty-eight, two French tables are one in thirty-seven (some are one in thirty-six)

  4. Schwarherz, oh really ?. The odds of getting the exact same “number” on two Russian roulette wheels is 1 in 36. One must multiply the odds of each single “wheel” together to get the probability, i.e. 1 in 6 on 2 “tables” gives a 1 in 36 chance. Of course, in French roulette, the odds would be 1 in 37 multiplied by 1 in 37 which equals 1 in 1,369.

    1. You are correct for the probability of the SAME table getting the SAME number twice. However when you’re dealing with two “tables” you have to do each individually. If you chart out the potential results there are 6 of the 36 potential results which are repeated numbers, which then reduces down to 1 out of every 6.


      | 1,1 | 1,2 | 1,3 | 1,4 | 1,5 | 1,6 |
      | 2,1 | 2,2 | 2,3 | 2,4 | 2,5 | 2,6 |
      | 3,1 | 3,2 | 3,3 | 3,4 | 3,5 | 3,6 |
      | 4,1 | 4,2 | 4,3 | 4,4 | 4,5 | 4,6 |
      | 5,1 | 5,2 | 5,3 | 5,4 | 5,5 | 5,6 |
      | 6,1 | 6,2 | 6,3 | 6,4 | 6,5 | 6,6 |

      out of the 36 possible results, 6 of them (1,1; 2,2; 3,3; 4,4; 5,5; and 6,6) all are the same number twice. Thus making the probability of the same number on both “wheels” 6/36 which reduces down to 1/6. Same rule applies to French and American roulette which are 1/37 and 1/38 respectively.

      however, it must also be stated that you are ALSO correct if you are talking about the odds of a SPECIFIC number repeating on two wheels (or “wheels” as the case may be). However, simply stating “a number” leaves it open to any of the 37 (or 38 or 6) numbers to repeat and leave your if statement satisfied.

      1. Yeah, exactly, he had no convictions but was a known child abuser and allowed to mingle freely, and intimately, with boy scouts which tells it’s own story as does the other info I offered up. Re the probabilties, obviously I was referring to specific numbers, that, like the druids promoting population growth in the previous posts, was surely the context of the debate.

        cheers though, and no, I don’t believe that roullette (sic) odds have any place in astrology, the planets are fixed in position as “everything” rotates, therefore it is surely more precise.

        Why not try to debunk Hermeticism, my understanding is the “elite” follow that type of course.


      2. Essemee – Here’s why roullette (sic) odds could pertain to be relevant to astrology. The Zodiac is a wheel, the planets are balls spinning within the wheel. They all travel at different speeds. The wheel is divided into 360 degrees (lets say numbers) and then into 12, or maybe 13 sub sections – signs. Thus, if we look at say the Lockerbie bombing and the astronomical picture, one willl find that there were 5 planets converging in the sign of Capricorn (the goat) at the time, plus Mars (planet of War) at midheaven – i.e directly above. One could use probabilities to work out the chance of this happening and from there perhaps glean another method of looking at things. Note I am not saying that astrology is correct, nor that Erevna is correct (I’ve not even read his post), rather that it is important to have an idea of how probabilities and mathematics can be helpful, especially when taken in conjunction with other events.

        If you don’t believe that some the “elite/chosen ones” utilise astrology, look at Prince Charles and his biodynamic farming, which draws heavily on planetary positions and indeed magic (or unexplained “science”)

        Note, I do like your blog, a lot of the debunking you do needs to take place, there is a lot of disinformation, lies, and dodgers trying to make money out of it. Nevertheless, the elite game plan is to create a one world society, with, lets face it, semi androgynous, semi mind-controlled (TV etc) worker slaves and then colonise outer space. They are hardly hiding it, the question surely is why we (collective humanity) are being herded/steered in this direction.

        Note too, it was not “conspiracy theorists” who questioned Thomas Hamilton and his friends in high places, MP’s, for example, brought up the issue.

  5. Also, I note you mention Dunblane. Here’s some coincidences. The enquiry was presided over by Lord Cullen – a Knight of the Thistle. He also covered Lockerbie. He received an anonymous letter dated 11th April suggesting that there was “freemasonic” involvement in the massacre. 11th April was also the date that the school gymnasium – scene of the carnage – was demolished. 11th April was the date that Prince William received his RAF “wings” from his father, it was also the date that the Stone of Destiny was left at Arbroath Abbey in 1951, after “repatriation” on Christmas Day the previous year. 11th April is the date that William of Orange and his “Stuart” wife Mary became joint sovereigns of the United Kingdom (note too in this regard the Glencoe massacre/blood sacrifice). 11th April is the 101st day of the year, is that black and white enough, or you think I am barking up the wwrong tree ? Hamilton (the alleged sole perpetrator) was a freemason, had history of “child abuse”, yet he still had a firearms certificate.

    Let me know if you need any help with working out mathematical probabilities, it might be advantageous for someone in your line of “debunking” to have an understanding of such.

    cheers, brian

  6. Thanks for your offer, newspaceman, but I don’t think working out roullette odds is going to have much relevance for astrology. It’s a red herring.

    It is my understanding that Thomas Hamilton had no criminal convictions.

  7. “Conspiracy theorists point only to massacres that occurred after 1980, in a feeble attempt to link mind control to SSRI antidepressants, and completely ignore massacres that occurred half a century or more before Prozac went on the market. Just one example: In 1940, vice principal Verlin Spencer called a staff meeting at South Pasadena Junior High School, then killed five of his colleagues, wounded a sixth, and shot himself. ” – This article.

    “Although he pleaded guilty and was given a life sentence, Spencer always maintained that he remembered nothing of the slayings. A possible explanation emerged three years into the 30-year prison term he ultimately served. It was only then that the former school principal learned that a blood sample taken shortly after his arrest showed that his system contained enough bromide to render him legally insane.

    Bromide was the active ingredient in a widely popular headache remedy that for years had been dispensed at practically every drugstore and soda fountain in America. Spencer took it several times a day to relieve his constant headaches. And he appears to have been one of the millions of people who became hooked on the painkiller before it was banned later that year.” – LA Times, A Principal’s Bloody Rampage
    July 20, 1997

    “Observers have reported cases of idiopathic epilepsy of long standing in which the administration of even moderate doses of BROMIDE controlled the convulsions but substituted for them CONFUSION, FUROR, VIOLENCE, kleptomania delusions, and HOMICIDAL TENDENCIES.” – New Your State Journal of Medicine, 1921, Volume 21, pg. 256.

    So your counter argument to nearly all mass murders being done by shooters on mind altering drugs like SSRI’s is a guy, who was addicted to a drug known to cause confusion, furor, violence, and homicidal tendencies in 1940 proves that SSRI’s are not a problem? What next, are you going to point to the UT Bell Tower shooter in 1966 that had prescriptions for drugs with similar known side effects?

    “Results from a national survey of teens’ mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders and service use shows that fewer than half (45%) of respondents with psychiatric disorders received any kind of mental health service.” – Medscape. Study referred to: Psychiatric Services on November 18

    Wow, our mass murders are always someone on mind altering drugs, yet they only account for half the population with mental illness?

    In summary:
    1) Every recent mass murder involves someone that is on an SSRI or recently stopped taking an SSRI and is within the withdraw period or some other drug that has side effects such as “thoughts of suicide and aggression”.

    2) Roughly half the population has a mental illness that isn’t being treated.

    3) No recent mass murders are happening from people that are untreated for mental illness.

    As far as a conspiracy that BigPharma or the government wants to mind control people with SSRI’s, that’s a really far fetched conspiracy. However, don’t try to dismiss the idea that mind altering drugs have no association with mass murders because the correlations are MUCH stronger in favor of them being responsible than not being responsible.

    1. Disagree with the assertion that “Every recent mass murder involves someone that is on an SSRI or recently stopped taking an SSRI”, but Verlin Spencer’s bromide use is a good catch. Thanks.

      1. You are correct in that SSRIs are not the sole type of prescription drug involved, other mood altering prescription drugs are responsible as well.

        If you look at these infamous mass-shootings and see they all have prescriptions they were on or recently stopped taking, you would think that nearly every American with mental disorders were getting treatment for mental disorders. However, that is not true and as far as I can find, roughly half of Americans are being treated for their mental disorders.

        Let me clarify my argument as this: Prescription drugs are associated with nearly every mass shooting (every one I know of in past 30 years) where the perpetrator does not know the victim and/or has no motive* to kill. SSRIs are the most common prescription drug prescribed to the perpetrators of these crimes. I consider a period of 3 months after usage of a prescription drug has been stopped to be a withdraw period, keeping the drug associated with the offense.

        * The definition of “motive” included in my argument shall include hate, revenge, jealousy and terrorism.

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