Media Lookalikes: Enough Already

The media lookalikes conspiracy meme started by Ed Chiarini of WellAware1, which I’ve covered here and here, is getting out of control. I thought it was restricted to the fringiest fringe of conspiranoid kooksters, but the picture below has gone viral in a minor way among conspiracy folks, even ending up on Snopes along with other Sandy Hook-related weirdness. On one Facebook page alone, it has received well over 1500 likes, and roughly half the commenters seem to think the whole media lookalikes theory could have some validity (the other half are dumbfounded that anyone would fall for it).


Yes, Nick and Laura Phelps are real people. Obviously. They live in Newtown, Connecticut. They have two children enrolled at Sandy Hook Elementary, and in news reports they have mentioned that they don’t know how to explain the shooting to them.
Seriously, people, why would the media need fake parents when there are dozens of real grieving parents in Connecticut right now? Who would risk putting fake parents on TV, knowing that teachers and other parents and neighbours will immediately blow the whistle on a pair of shameless hoaxers?
Ed Chiarini (AKA “Dallasgoldbug”) is suffering from the Fregoli delusion, or something very much like it. He thinks Winston Churchill and Lionel Barrymore were the same man, that Walt Disney was literally Hitler, that Freddy Mercury became John Stossel, and that Steve Carell is also Alice Cooper.
This is just absurd. It is the stupidest and least credible conspiracy meme I have ever encountered. Satanic bloodsucking lizardpeople from Mars make more sense than this.

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  1. Ridiculous. Taking superficial similarities and saying “these must be the same people”. Never mind differences in lighting, etc. It does seem that there are people who will believe anything but the truth.

  2. Can You prove that Nick And Laura Phelps live in Newtown CT ?
    I can not find them. Also, It is your Blog or whatever, but I wouldn’t be too
    overconfident in what you know if it is limited to what you learn by way of Mainstream Media. What is funny about that is it’s all owned by The Sextons and Blumbergs et al. Lastly, Snopes is an authority based on nothing. Do they prove what they confirm or deny? This world is in terrible shape because everyone is well educated about what is really going on I suppose?

  3. More to the point, my dear NamDuhPlume, can you prove that they really are the Sextons. “X looks like Y” is a pretty shaky foundation to build upon, you know especially given the difference in lighting, hairstyles and so on in the two pictures. I know of a number of sightings of people taken for me when I was in fact no-where near the place where the sighting occurred.

  4. Well, I just took a look at the Wellaware1 website, which is saying that the whole thing was fake, that no-one was killed or injured, and there are no real grieving parents at all. “Dallasgoldbug” is not saying that there was a real shooting and things were manipulated, he is saying that nothing really happened. And not only there, but all over the place, so that basically very little that you think happened actually happened at all. This is not a reductio ad absurdum, it is stated in black and white on the site. One cannot say “he raises some interesting questions”, no, he is either correct or deranged, there is no third option (unless you really want to go down the “it’s all a hoax/government conspiracy” route, which really you don’t want to do because then there is no reason to believe a thing on the site). “Kirk Douglas is Buzz Aldrin”, “The Pope is Robert Blake and was Tom Landry” “Beau Bridges is Alex Jones”, “Prescott Bush was Quentin Roosevelt and Joseph Kennedy Sr.”, “Hilary Rodham Clinton is really Pauline Robinson Bush, President George H.W. Bush’s daughter whom it was pretended died in infancy”, Bing Crosby was Adolf Eichmann”. And best of all, “JFK became Jimmy Carter.” And of course “Lionel Barrymore was Sir Winston Churchill”,

    The trouble is that historical figures produce papers, they write letters and so on, they have private lives. And biographers work on those papers (it happens that my father has written several biographies, including two works on Churchill). The idea that these people appeared on the public stage and then just vanished when they got home is surely the product of a diseased mind that sees the pictures and assumes that is all there is to the lives of these figures. It cannot apparently process the fact that these people have lives outside of their media appearances and, knowing that the actors of TV shows and movies play a part, somehow concludes that all people appearing in the media are actors.

    Now, there are those who wish to take one part of this fantasy and claim it is true, but reject the outcome of consistently pressing the same argument (People who look alike are the same person). You do not have that option, either the method is sound and you must accept all of its results, or it is the product of a diseased mind, and completely invalid.

  5. I hate how every tragedy turns into a “false flag operation” to some people, we can’t possibly have any accountability for our actions anymore….sigh

    1. I am complete agreement. Of course Dallsgoldbug takes it to the logical (and insane) conclusion that just about everything is actually faked using actors, and there are only “False Flag Operations”.

    1. I did not state that the picture featured here was your work (I don’t know if it is or not). I was informing readers that it follows a “media lookalikes” conspiracy meme that seems to have originated with your website.

    2. The one fact alone that you are very serious and they are sarcastic, means something. I understand why you feel the need to defend yourself, but you don’t really…. we all see what is going on here…

  6. ha ha ha … I think you are all a bunch of nut cases, ready to crack!
    Who cares what other people believe? Think? Feel? Fake?
    It’s entertainment that keeps the Joe Blo in front of his TV, and off the streets at night…..
    Low mentality people need entertained too….. ha ha ha
    Ed’s correct, there is too many unnecessary, fabricated, shocking occurrences, involving children, violence and crisis events. Reality needs to resurface now and again….
    Tone it down a bit will ya? Geeez! They used to be shocking and exciting, and dramatic. Now they aren’t even eventful any more….
    I agree with Ed. It’s there in our faces, denial makes us appear as idiots, and any paranoia can be justified, so… the point is…. we all have a reason for our actions…. whether it’s a political movement, or just a way to put money in your pockets.
    Either way, as long as you keep your hands out of my pockets, I don’t much care how you entertain yourself.

    p.s. don’t reply to this cuz i doubt i will be back on this site…

    buh bye

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