The Lady Vanishes Part II: Agatha Christie

Part I is here.The SolutionThe amnesia explanation was too dodgy to convince everyone, and instead of curtailing rumours, it only caused curiosity about the “missing eleven days” to escalate over the years.One curious person was Jared Cade, a young Christie fan and collector from Australia. He had studied the mystery carefully, and in the end... Continue Reading →

The Lady Vanishes Part I: Agatha Christie

The media hoo-rah surrounding South Carolina governor Mark Sanford's recent "disappearance" brought to my mind some far stranger voluntary disappearances, most of them involving the very same thing that supposedly drove Gov. Sanford into the arms of his Argentine mistress: True love. Or, in some cases, the lack of it.Agatha ChristieAgatha Christie remains not only... Continue Reading →

Conspiracy Monday: And the award for Stupidest Michael Jackson Death Conspiracy Theory goes to….

According to a June 25th article at Natural (home to all the alternative-health weirdness you can handle, plus more), Jane Burgermeister is an Austrian investigative journalist who recently filed criminal charges with the FBI against the World Health Organization, the United Nations, Barack Obama, various pharmaceutical company executives and public health officials, and others*.... Continue Reading →

The Michael Jackson Conspiracy Theories

Unlike everyone else in the universe, I didn't OD on Michael coverage last week, thanks to my vacation. Other than having to hear my grandparents complain for the umpteenth time that Michael's people tried to take over an entire floor of a hotel in Kansas where they were staying two decades ago, I really wasn't... Continue Reading →

Conspiracy Monday Wednesday: The Stupidest David Carradine Theory So Far (Updated)

In lieu of a Wednesday Weirdness Roundup, here's one big ol' chunk of weirdness for you... As you probably know, David Carradine, star of Kung Fu and the Kill Bill movies, died in Thailand on June 3rd. His death was apparently caused by either suicide or auto-erotic asphyxiation (sorry for TMI, but it's kinda central... Continue Reading →

Conspiracy Monday: The Ballad of Butler County

spaceTo be fair, the story of Debra Hunter Pitts can't really be called a conspiracy theory. The proper designation would be "unadulterated bullshit".She waited many years to tell her tale, and when the time was right, she selected only the most unimpeachable information outlets: Rabid anti-Zionist broadcaster Greg Szymanski, and conspiracy researcher Wes Penre (founder... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

A blog called Suicide Food examines advertisers' use of cute cartoon animals that cheerfully urge you to eat them. (Saturday Night Live lampooned this kind of thing with their decapitated Clucky the Chicken, but Suicide Food takes it to a whole new level.) Far from being a modern marketing trend, however, "suicide food" has always... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

"Right to the moon! Seriously!" On a recent Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, a guest brought up a truly weird story: Jackie Gleason was friends with Nixon, and Nixon took him to a U.S. military base (Homestead AFB in Florida) to view the body of an ET. The story was told by Gleason's... Continue Reading →

Good Model, Poor Role Model

I'm relieved to see a long-overdue website aimed at the most visible anti-vaccination scaremonger in America: Stop Jenny McCarthy. That a bisexual nude model famous for her gross-out behaviour can reinvent herself as a role model for parents of autistic children and as a vaccine "expert" says much about our culture. It's not that I... Continue Reading →

Idiot Radio Roundup

Alex Jones and Coast to Coast AM have struck new lows. If you're surprised by this, please go away. Yesterday's C2C featured guest Bob Fletcher, a Georgia man who says he knows everything there is to know about the assassination of Sonny Bono. Back in the '80s, Fletcher had a small company that sold those... Continue Reading →

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