Media Lookalikes: Enough Already

The media lookalikes conspiracy meme started by Ed Chiarini of WellAware1, which I've covered here and here, is getting out of control. I thought it was restricted to the fringiest fringe of conspiranoid kooksters, but the picture below has gone viral in a minor way among conspiracy folks, even ending up on Snopes along with... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Weirdness Roundup: Massacre Conspiracy Theories

One of the most troubling things about wonky conspiracy theories is that they can, and do, have real-world impact. On December 18, the religious conspiracy website Revelation - which specialized in Hollow Earth theories and Biblical prophecies - posted an article titled "The Next School Massacre Target?". In it, the author embraced the theory... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Weirdness Roundup: More media lookalikes

Sadly, Ed Chiarini's bizarre "media lookalikes" theory appears to be part of a larger trend in conspiranoia. I wouldn't call it a meme, exactly. It's really more of a method. A very weird, stupid and useless method. Or perhaps, as my anonymous commenter helpfully pointed out, it's the Fregoli delusion. It seems that a dedicated... Continue Reading →

The Prodigal Witch XI: Audrey Harper

space When Satanic panic spread to the UK, Audrey Harper become England's version of Lauren Stratford: A real, live "former Satanic witch" who could help the righteous root out other dangerous devil worshipers. Insanity in the UK In the '80s and '90s, a woman named Audrey Harper made many appearances on behalf of the Christian... Continue Reading →

Weird/Stupid Conspiracy Theory: Media "Lookalikes"

I'm still working on the Bill Schnoebelen post, so in the meantime take a gander at this site, maintained by Texan Ed Chiarini: It is, quite simply, one of the strangest and least convincing conspiracy sites I have ever seen. Mr. Chiarini believes that many of the people we see in the news, including... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

In Soviet Russia, Game Boys play you. The collecting-worthless-items-for-charity hoax strikes yet again. A nun in Pennsylvania has been collecting plastic bottle caps for about a year, in the belief that every 1000 caps would go towards chemotherapy for children with cancer. Conspiranoid quote of the week: “All Americans are low-level Satanists; the philosophies of... Continue Reading →

Roundup of Chilean Miner Conspiracy Theories and Weirdity

As I mentioned in last week's Wednesday Weirdness Roundup, conspiracy folks were all over this even before the final Chilean miner was hoisted out of the mine. Generally speaking, all the theories and musings fall into one of three categories:1. There's something strange going on here. These people don't actually have concrete theories yet, but... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

bathroom demon at work I have seen some seriously stupid things at World Net Daily over the years (Amero hysteria, anyone?), but this takes the cake: "Family Spooked as 'Satan' Possesses New Bathroom". As with the famous faces of Belmez, a family in Budapest thinks one of their shower tiles has mysteriously formed an image... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Weirdness Roundup: UFO Stuff

Cow-blood transfusions and other achy breaky bullshit Yet again, a series of blurry-ass photos help prove the existence of Bigfoot. This is almost as convincing as the video of a blob-that-could-be-a-spaceship abducting a smudge-that-might've-been-a-cow. How can you go on denying the evidence?! And speaking of alien cow abductions, at least one UFO Casebook forum commenter/alleged... Continue Reading →

Rock Creek B.S.

Have you hugged a pirate today? Perhaps some of you have read The Rock Creek Free Press, an alternative monthly newspaper published in Maryland. I don't know how, but a stack of them ended up in the possession of the Significant Other via one of his Truther associates, and I had the *privilege* of reading... Continue Reading →

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