Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

In Soviet Russia, Game Boys play you.

  • The collecting-worthless-items-for-charity hoax strikes yet again. A nun in Pennsylvania has been collecting plastic bottle caps for about a year, in the belief that every 1000 caps would go towards chemotherapy for children with cancer.
  • Conspiranoid quote of the week: “All Americans are low-level Satanists; the philosophies of atheism, materialism, evolution, and randomness are the cornerstone of American culture and they all lead to Satanism” – Jeff Grupp, Antimatter Radio
  • It isn’t conspiracy- or factoid-related, but the website for Yvette’s Wedding Dresses of Panama City, Florida, is quite simply one of the craziest sites I’ve ever seen. Yvette’s has everything a good bridal boutique should have: 1920s music, blurry gown photos, mysterious references to Cessna planes, screen shots of weird Aztec monuments made with 3-D modeling programs, and of course a world-famous artist.
  • The Great Game Boy Conspiracy: Did the USSR place mysterious spy gadgets into some Nintendo Game Boys, perhaps as revenge for Nintendo’s theft of Tetris? Or are we spending just a little too much time examining the crap in our attics?
  • In the past year I’ve found two bizarre hoaxes involving ’50s children TV shows that didn’t actually exist: The unsolved 1957 murder of Philadelphia puppeteer Samantha Smith (strangled with marionette strings) and Candle Cove. Every bit as creepy as Colonel Bleep.
  • And Charlie Sheen’s life gets just a little weirder.

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  1. Ha! Neil Cicierega, the russian GameBoy guy, is a minor internet celebrity.He does stuff like this a couple times a year to see what response he'll get…hahahI LOVE your blog, btw!

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