Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

bathroom demon at work
  • I have seen some seriously stupid things at World Net Daily over the years (Amero hysteria, anyone?), but this takes the cake: “Family Spooked as ‘Satan’ Possesses New Bathroom“. As with the famous faces of Belmez, a family in Budapest thinks one of their shower tiles has mysteriously formed an image that could be the Devil. Or Max Headroom.
  • I know a lot of people didn’t like the movie Salt, but to my knowledge the blogger at Three Dead Words is the only reviewer to describe it as “more NWO e-Mein Kampf Mind Control Slave Super Spy Stuff”. She is also quite certain that actor Liev Schreiber is an “induced MPD/programmed multiple/MC slave by leave of the U.S. federal gov’t CIA black ops....trauma-bonded to his abuser mother under the directions of some CIA/Jesuit directed MONARCH MC programmer’s demands.” Conspiranoid-to-English translation: Schreiber was brainwashed by his eccentric mother, the U.S. government, and priests (even though he’s Jewish).
  • This just doesn’t seem ethical. How could you be sure the aliens know what they’re getting into?
  • Glenn Beck recommending the work of a racist, anti-Semitic, fascist-loving conspiracy theorist – why does this not surprise? Clearly, he hasn’t hired a fact-checker since his brush with Nazism.

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  1. Brother Guy is a genuine node of weirdness. A Jesuit, who searches for extraterrestrial objects in Antarctica?(For real. As the article notes, he's curator of the meteorite collection. Antarctica is a good place to look for meteorites, because if you find a rock on the ice – there's only place it could have come from. He wrote about his Antarctic trip in his book Brother Astronomer.)I've known him for years: he's an extremely ethical fellow, and I think he'd take great care to insure that the alien understood what baptism represents.

  2. Well, what can I say? If an alien wants to be baptized and has met all requirements, it's up to him (or her, or it, or whatever)! Exotheology is not my specialty. 😉

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