Weird/Stupid Conspiracy Theory: Media "Lookalikes"

Same dude, or paranoid delusion? You decide. 

I’m still working on the Bill Schnoebelen post, so in the meantime take a gander at this site, maintained by Texan Ed Chiarini: It is, quite simply, one of the strangest and least convincing conspiracy sites I have ever seen. Mr. Chiarini believes that many of the people we see in the news, including most of the major players in the Arizona shooting, are actually actors. The events didn’t really occur at all. He spends hours combing Facebook and other social networking sites in search of “lookalikes”, and he invariably finds them. The website is full of “lookalikes” of missing young women. Chiarini also has a YouTube channel full of explanatory videos.

It is remotely possible (though certainly not likely) that folks like Bradley Manning and Jared Loughner could be fake. But the sheriff of Henderson County, Tennessee? How is that possible? And just why would the shadowy powers behind this gigantic hoax allow several of the Arizona shooting “actors” to appear on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy together? And why on earth would these “lookalikes” leave photos of themselves and their co-conspirators on Facebook and Myspace for all the world to see? (Chiarini says it’s because they didn’t realize he would be hot on their trail, exposing their epic scam)

Sadly, Chiarini’s ill-thought-out theory has been embraced by Joyce Riley of the radio show Power Hour, and a few other members of the fringe conspiracy/Ron Paul community (yes, I’m lumping them together – deal with it). Riley seemed convinced that Barack Obama and Osama bin Laden could be played by the same man.

Update (September 2012): Chiarini’s website has a slick new look (no more eyeball-busting red), but his world got quite a bit weirder after he he was interviewed on the online radio show Late Night in the Midlands, hosted by Michael Vara, last March. Though the interview was conducted via phone rather than in person, Chiarini decided the day after the broadcast that Vara was actually Adam Walsh, the Florida boy murdered in 1981 whose father, John, went on to become a victims’ advocate and the host of America’s Most Wanted. Chiarini’s theory is that Adam’s death was faked in order to give the show a ratings boost. Never mind that AMW premiered a full six years after Adam was killed.

The interesting thing about this is that Michael Vara, unlike Joyce Riley, was not sympathetic to Chiarini’s lookalike theories, and asked a few straightforward questions that Chiarini didn’t want to answer (he eventually terminated the interview by hanging up). So it seems the Adam Walsh theory that popped up on Chiarini’s website just one day after the aborted interview is some peculiar form of revenge.
The rest of the site is just bursting with WTFery, of course. Walt Disney was Hitler (literally). Chris Stevens, the diplomat recently killed at a U.S. embassy in Libya, was portrayed by the same actor who plays Gary Condit. Michelle Bachmann is actually Caroline Kennedy. My personal fave: John Stossel was also Freddy Mercury.


  •  JFK and Jimmy Carter? Same dude. It’s all in the ears.
  • Alice Cooper is also Steve Carrell.
  • Winston Churchill was Lionel Barrymore, and Barrymore’s wife was Clementine Churchill. So right after he wrapped up WWII, this guy hauled ass to America to film It’s a Wonderful Life.
  • Mitt Romney is Richard Jenkins, the actor who portrayed the Hardbodies gym manager in Burn After Reading and one of the operators in The Cabin in the Woods. That’s a shame. I really liked Jenkins.

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  1. I love the fact that where there are dissimilarities he says "Shopped". So let me get this straight, if there are similarities of appearance between two different individuals, it proves they're actually the same person, but differences just prove the image has been photoshopped?Does he know how many out-of-work actors there are? Quite enough to make sure that Barack Obama and Osama Bin Laden would not be played by the same person!But in fact, of course, he has taken leave of his senses.

  2. Is this one of those "all brown people look alike" things?That's the only way I can figure he thinks these two men look anything alike. >\

  3. Those types really piss me off! They're all the same, deluded, brain damaged, inconsiderate boobs!! I mean, c'mon guys, all these mass conspiracies and NEVER, I repeat NEVER, a single mention of where to apply for these jobs!! I mean, I got tons of friends and more than a few semi-dependent relatives who claim to be actors, at least give the mail address to send an e-resume. Geez. Hard enough being constantly rejected, let alone being totally excluded from consideration. Seems they got enough conspiracy writer types though. Have to stick with writing advice columns on breeding fertilizer pooping earthworms. It's a living, sorta:-)

  4. Ha, good point! I know many an out-of-work actor who would jump at the chance to portray an Al Qaeda operative full-time, or pose as the sheriff of Suchandsuch County for a week.

  5. Ed Chiarini AKA Dallasgoldbug Exposed as a Liar and Fraud by LNM ON Nsearch Radio!He is a fraud and cointelpro, if you follow this guy your just plain stupid. He is attacking all patriots to divide and conquer !! what a dirt bag

  6. He also claims Arden wohl was nurse nayirah the 15 year old kuwati woman who gave testimony before congress in the fall of 1990 about Iraqi atrocities inside occupied Kuwait. According to 3 Independant sources Ms wohl was born in 1983 which would have made her approx. 7 yrs old at the of the congressional testimony. The woman in question was most likely the Kuwati ambassador to the UN'S daughter. A fake to be sure but not Ms. Wohl.

  7. AGAIN, just like every other time you attempt to tell your readers my position, you miss quote and misrepresent along with just plain out fabricate your content. On top of that you dont even offer links to THE REAL evidence that I present on But thats what you anonyPUSS frauds do. You dont have the balls to use your real name and stand behind what you believe because you dont believe it you are told what to write by the rest of your Greenberg family members. I piss on your site, and if you had any bit of intestinal fortitude to stand by your words, you too.

    Deal with it
    For those who want to know what I really said.
    With reference to the palm prints of both individuals ” We can clearly see Osama and Obamas palm prints are different, but not different enough to rule out them being related. Now all we need is the palm of 2 other people that we will discuss in a moment.”

    1. Nothing in this post is fabricated. If you think some of the statements are inaccurate, tell me which ones and I will consider adding corrections.
      I use my true and legal name (S.M. Elliott) on this blog.
      I did post a link to the Well Aware website in this post, but after readers complained to me that the site design bothered their eyes, I didn’t provide links to it in subsequent posts. It doesn’t matter; those who want to find the information at its source will do so with minimal effort.

    2. I believe 85% of your comparisons, but JFK/Carter while it seems eerie and completely plausible once I studied the details. I’m pissed off because Kennedy has been my hero from 5 years old

  8. I believe 85% of your comparisons (JFK was my hero, thanks a lot lol) Open minds have plenty of room for the truth. A narrow mind can’t fit in the ass that holds it hostage

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