Wednesday Weirdness: Satanic Nephilim Hybrids

 In lieu of a weirdness roundup, I'm gonna give you one big ol' chunk of weirdness that warped my mind this week. What do you get when you combine Biblical prophecy, Illuminati conspiracy theories, aliens, pop psychology, and teen vampire novels? A serious freaking mess. On the Monday-Tuesday broadcast of Coast to Coast AM, guest... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

Jedi knights are Satanists, Black-Eyed Kids become Psycho Killer Adults, and other stuff you really don't need to know There's no shortage of videos that promise to give you the truthiness about Illuminati Satanism, but I think this one might be the most idiotic of them all. The filmmaker is Michael Wynn, a programmer and... Continue Reading →

Canada’s Top 5 Strangest Conspiracy Theories (in honour of Canada Day)

This is a tricky post because Canadians, in general, are not a paranoid people. Our conspiracizing is mostly limited to things like, "They must put extra caffeine in this Tim Horton's coffee, eh?" (which has been thoroughly debunked, BTW). In fact, we have so few conspiracy theories that people have to invent them for us.... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

Come, Armageddon, come. The latest plank in the New World Order platform: Post offices! One man has the courage to expose their illegal secret rooms and their "indoctrinated multicultural post office workers", and to ask the really important questions, like "What role do Freemasons undertake in the U.S. Post Office?". Another plank: Avatar, with its... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

The sun is square. Angels are trying to kill Diane Downs. You know, the usual. This fellow is earnestly attempting to draw a connection between the Georgia Guidestones and Dubai's Burj Khalifa skyscraper. Why it even occurred to someone to compare the dimensions of a building in the Middle East and some rocks in the... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

Our old buddy Alfred Webre is taking Stephen Hawking to task not only for talking smack about theoretical aliens, but for being part of a vast time travel cover-up. I actually admire this, because it takes serious skills to live at this level of WTFery 24/7. This rather insane site insists that the recent shooting... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

I have to ask: Has anyone noticed the effects of those teeny-tiny microchips that were supposedly injected into your bloodstream along with the H1N1 vaccine? Do you have the uncontrollable urge to, I dunno, vote Republican or watch Dancing With the Stars or anything like that? God doesn't give a crap about your health, but... Continue Reading →

Conspiracy Monday

The Illuminati's Secret Weapon: Sidewalk Gum He's not called Bazooka Joe for nothin', you know.   Thanks to "Jessy" for alerting me to this dire threat. In his January 10, 2010 online newsletter, David Icke wrote about an "Attack from the Skies" that has been taking place in Ryde (a small city on the northern... Continue Reading →

2009 Predictions: Pass or Fail?

Here are a few of the most interesting predictions for '09, from some of the most trusted sources in the field of professional prognostication. How well did they do? The aliens will introduce themselves on television. FAIL. On the July 10, 2009 broadcast of Coast to Coast AM, psychic David Wilcock announced that his inside... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

Hey, if Glenn Beck can use idiotic visual aids, why can't I? It's a week of heightened hysteria in the conspiranoia world - the pie is falling! First up, Chavez and the earthquake machine conspiracy... I guess this makes Chavez the most prominent international figure to actually take this bit of conspiranoid WTFery seriously. Tesla... Continue Reading →

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