Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

  • Our old buddy Alfred Webre is taking Stephen Hawking to task not only for talking smack about theoretical aliens, but for being part of a vast time travel cover-up. I actually admire this, because it takes serious skills to live at this level of WTFery 24/7.
  • This rather insane site insists that the recent shooting death of a man named John Hemenway has something to do with his father’s participation in the Birther crusade. The senior John Hemenway was an attorney in Philip Berg’s Hollister v. Soetoro lawsuit, which was thrown out of court faster than a drunk bailiff. The “logic” here goes that rather than just whacking Hemenway (which wouldn’t be difficult; he’s in his 80s), Obama’s secret guerrilla death squad or whatever killed his son. Maybe they don’t like frivolous lawsuits.
  • Roughly five minutes after Polish Air Force plane Tu-154 crashed in Russia on April 10, conspiracy theorists around the world were declaring it the assassination of Polish president Lech Kaczynski. Clearly, the New World Order created the dense fog and crappy visibility that precipitated the crash. Now Truthergirl Karen is on the case, wondering if the globalist scumlords took out Kaczynski because Poland didn’t fall in line with The Great Swine Flu Plot of ’09, or because it considered going against the EU’s monetary interests. Now she’s repeating the claim that Andrei Mendierej, a videographer who filmed the crash site, has also been assassinated. There are a few fishy things about this crash, but the main problem with the New World Order assassination theory is that Kaczynski was actually quite chummy with the NWO (or at least the G.W. Bush branch of it).


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  1. Since this site is into weird stuff….can I ask you if you think the Bigfoot creature exists? are you familiar with the the Chilicutt testimony? (Chilicutt is the worlds(?) leading expert on primate finngerprints…he learned about them so he could be a better forensics man, he worked for the police. He examined plaster casts of the alleged creature, and saw dermal ridge patterns. He says the patterns show that they are casts of a real animal, that to fake them someone would have to have to have his skill level in primate prints, and there are only a few people in the world that could have done this, and they didnt do it.

  2. In all honesty, I just don't know what to think of Bigfoot. While some of the track evidence is compelling, it's hard to understand how any large primate that apparently doesn't use fire or tools could sustain itself in places like the Pacific Northwest. The lack of hair, spoor, and bones is also troubling. Then there's the high strangeness factor: Bigfoot-like creatures have frequently been reported in connection with UFOs, alien abductions, poltergeists, etc. This is a possible indication that Bigfoot is not "real" in the same sense as a gorilla. Paul Johnson of Duquesne University has suggested we could be dealing with a "quantum animal" that can move between this and some other world. In short: Who knows??

  3. "Sherlock's" comment has been removed, and comment moderation has been enabled since so many Anonymous Cowards lately have come back ages after a post has been forgotten to leave nasty comments. Thanks for notifying me, Ms. Rey.

  4. The dahlinks won't let go, eh what! One super way to ruin a person's career, ruin a person for that matter and most webmasters don't notice those comments.Thank you for deleting it, SME. One down, G-d knows how many to go.

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