Wednesday Weirdness: Satanic Nephilim Hybrids


In lieu of a weirdness roundup, I’m gonna give you one big ol‘ chunk of weirdness that warped my mind this week. What do you get when you combine Biblical prophecy, Illuminati conspiracy theories, aliens, pop psychology, and teen vampire novels? A serious freaking mess.

On the Monday-Tuesday broadcast of Coast to Coast AM, guest L.A. Marzulli nattered on about endtime prophecy, natural disasters, and a Great Deception involving aliens or the Illuminati or something. I wasn’t really listening. Then he said this: According to two researchers who contacted him recently, at least two American women claiming to be victims of Satanic ritual abuse (SRA) have reported that the Satanists took them to Mount Hermon to be impregnated by fallen angels, which Marzulli referred to as the Nephilim of Genesis 6:4 (I’m not even sure if the Nephilim are supposed to be the same “sons of God” that mated with human women, or giants unrelated to the angels, or the offspring of angels and women, but that’s a different post). The researchers who alerted Marzulli to this story had no vested interest in the matter, he insisted.
Marzulli then hinted that the hybrid offspring of these women have some connection to the alien breeding program, and that the Nephilim are keeping them at an offworld location.
“Will they bring them back at some point?” host George Noory asked.
“Yes, they will,” Marzulli replied without hesitation.

So I Googled “Nephilim ritual abuse” and found a recent online radio interview with Pastor Doug Riggs, described as a friend of L.A. Marzulli. The subject was “Nephilim Mothers”.
The name Doug Riggs was very familiar to me, but I couldn’t recall precisely why. I rifled through some notes. Sure enough, I had jotted down a bit of info on the guy. A month or two ago I had stumbled upon a documentary from 1994, In Satan’s Name, which originally aired on HBO. Riggs and his Morningstar Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, were featured in the film’s most memorable and disturbing segment.

In 1994, no fewer than 14 members of Morningstar Church believed they had been brought up in Satanism, were horrifically abused as children, and had Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). All of this was based on repressed memories they recovered while in “counseling” with Pastor Riggs, during sessions lasting up to 19 hours in length. Please keep in mind that we’re not talking about Okie bumpkins, here. These were reasonably intelligent, middle-class people who seriously should have known better.
To be fair, Morningstar didn’t look like a cult. Riggs was a poised, handsome man with graying hair and a mellow voice. He spoke knowledgeably about psychology. It’s no wonder that parishioners turned to him for pastoral counseling unrelated to Satanism or abuse (marital trouble, eating disorders, etc.).
From 1985 on, these counselees began recovering memories of horrific, lifelong ritual abuse at the hands of Satanists. Namely their own parents. And after 1991, when Riggs learned about MPD (now known as Dissociative Identity Disorder), they began to discover they had hundreds, even thousands, of separate personalities because of the Satanic ritual abuse. Riggs told them that every single one of their alters could be possessed by demons.
Counseling was conducted in a large room with a mattress on the floor, so counselees could go through abreactions without hurting themselves. Riggs would lay on top of the person when abreactions became intense, while helpers held the person’s arms and legs. In this way, counseling and deliverance from demonic possession were merged into a single process. In one filmed session with a 30ish man, Riggs ordered a demon out of his body (“Explode the seals!”) while the man writhed and convulsed on the mattress, growling obscenities.
Ultimately, Riggs concluded that all these people had been victimized by the same Satanic cult, led by a man named Joe (father of one of the parishioners, Pam), and that God had brought the victims together at Morningstar to be healed. Joe supposedly conducted powerful rituals for high government officials (including leaders of the Soviet Union), the Vatican, even heads of state. The narrator of In Satan’s Name explains that in reality, Joe was a Nebraska salesman who had never left his home state. He died during filming.
Needless to say, the allegations tore apart families. A graceful, soft-spoken couple in their 60s, Jim and Fran Field, mourned the loss of their daughter Cynthia to what they considered a destructive, all-consuming cult.

This was as far as In Satan’s Name took the story, but I soon learned that the situation at Morningstar was even stranger.
A testimony written in 1999 by 49-year-old Morningstar member Kim Campbell starts out as boilerplate SRA stuff. Campbell explains that Satanism, “as old as mankind itself”, is a blend of SumeroAkkadian/Babylonian mystery religions, Kabbala, and Paganism. “The culture is unbelievably and ingeniously evil; virutally everything about the culture is humanly damaging.” Kim was subjected not only to “every abuse, trauma, and demonization imaginable within satanism”, but to “medically-based mind control programming” at U.S. government facilities, clinics, and the Tavistock Institute (a favourite bugaboo in the world of conspiracy theory). Half of his waking preschool life was spent “being indoctrinated and incested“. This realization came to him after 18 months of therapy with Pastor Riggs.
It isn’t until page 7 of the testimony that shit gets seriously weird. Kim drops this bombshell: His real father was Edouard Philippe de Rothschild, and Kim was the “bastard son…of occult incest”, indicating his mom Lula (who died in 1977) had some relation to the Rothschilds. Kim spent much of his childhood and adolescence on his dad’s French estate, and was brought up in homosexual incest. He thought it was normal, even admirable.
Edouard despised God and loved humanity with equal passion. “Such was the true generational core of my ancestral iniquity and, being a Rothschild descendant, it was maximally demonized.” As all Satanists do, Edouard introduced his son to Christianity, “with none other than Herr Josef Mengele himself coaching him over his shoulder.” Kim was being groomed to infiltrate the Protestant church. As Riggs declared, the members of Morningstar Church “had come together to live in such a way as to hasten the Lord’s coming for His Bride, but we also had been constituted in the occult to frustrate the will of God for the Church and bring the antichrist instead.”

Wow. Just wow. Somehow, Doug Riggs convinced most of his 30-40 parishioners that they were multiple personalities trained by the great families of Europe and Nazi doctors to infiltrate the Christian Church and pave the way for the Antichrist, who would be a member of the Hapsburg family. Instead, they found a saviour. Unfracking-believable, no?

Let’s go back to L.A. Marzulli for a moment. He also mentioned that Dr. Mengele was one of the originators of mind control. This is a very popular notion in conspiracy circles, but it makes little sense. Mengele was a geneticist, not a psychiatrist, and there’s no evidence that he took even the slightest interest in psychology.
Marzulli also made reference to the work of I.E.D. Thomas, a Welsh minister who believes that UFOs and alien abductions are demonic manifestations, another guise of the Nephilim.

Back to Riggs and the Morningstar Satanists. Last April, Riggs and his wife were guests on The Byte Show, accompanied by about half a dozen of Riggs’ SRA victims, to discuss the infiltration of Nephilim hybrids into society.
Riggs began the show with a reading of Matthew 24:37, in which it is stated that the coming of the Son of Man (Christ) will be just like the days of Noah. And what happened in the days of Noah? Nephilim mated with the daughters of Man. That’s exactly what Riggs contends is happening now. Fallen angels – the “B’nai Elohim” – are interbreeding with human women, by force. He cited the work of I.E.D. Thomas. Hmm. Call me an asshole, but I’m starting to wonder if Marzulli’s “two researchers” actually exist. Isn’t it more likely that he got his eschatological Illuminati-Satanic-Nephilim info from his buddy Doug?

Two women gave their stories of being “Nephilim mothers”.
Sally, a surprisingly chirpy woman, says that after joining Riggs’ church, she began to journal and pray, and memories started surfacing. She shared her journal with the pastor, but after a time she felt God compelling her to share things directly, even her most frightening memory (the President wearing a gorilla costume). Through prayer and God’s guidance, she learned to trust her emerging memories. She learned that she came from a royal bloodline, stamped with a certain iniquity and allied with Nazi doctors. Many years ago she revealed to Riggs that she had once given birth to a Nephilim child. She had been groomed literally from the womb to bond with the principality (spirit) that sired this child.

Riggs sat on the Nephilim hybrid revelation until this year. Now he’s an expert on the subject. Riggs explains that Nephilim conception occurs at age 13, through an arcane genetic-engineering process (angels can’t reproduce). Gestation is 4 months. Once the Nephilim hybrid sons have matured, their mothers are encouraged to become their lovers, carrying on the tradition of “incesting“.

The second woman, Juliana, learned just this year that her recovered memories of giving birth to human sons were actually screen memories of bearing Nephilim sons. Like all the other Morningstar members, she was born to a European “royal family”, then placed with relatives in the U.S. She was “incested” by the couple she called her mom and dad. She trusts her recovered memories because of their emotional intensity, a very poor indicator of whether a memory is true or false.

For the rest of the program, Riggs made a strenuous effort to show that the SRA victims’ memories didn’t come from him. Hilariously, though, he got them to explain how he doesn’t tell them what to say by telling them what to say.
There is, of course, ample reason to suspect that the Satanic Illuminati stories did come from Riggs. First of all, there’s that peculiar use of “incest” as a verb. While this may be common usage in the survivor community, I have come across it only a handful of times – and every single instance involved Riggs or one of his church members. Secondly, recovered memories of SRA have turned out time and time again to be unreliable (see the Ingram case for a particularly chilling example). Thirdly, some of the key details are whack. There was no Edouard Philippe de Rothschild, and if there had been he would have been Jewish. How, I wonder, would a Jewish Frenchman and a Catholic Nazi groom a child to infiltrate American Protestant churches? If the Satanic New World Order plot is closely linked with Hitler’s plan to create Aryan supermen, as Riggs contends, why would a former Nazi help a Jewish man raise his illegitimate children? And Satanism notwithstanding, why would a Nazi and a Jew be hanging out together in the first place?

Then there’s the fact that this has all happened before.
In the early ’90s, right around the time Riggs was learning about MPD/DID, psychiatrist Bennett Braun opened a DID treatment unit at Chicago’s Rush Presbyterian Hospital. Within a year, he and his colleagues had most of the patients convinced they were lifelong victims of Satanic cults, that their alter personalities still practiced Satanism, that they had ritually sacrificed and/or eaten other people, and that because of their Satanic affiliations they posed a mortal danger to their families, themselves, and other patients. Braun even told them that flowers sent to their rooms were coded mind-control messages from Satanists, with certain colours representing threats and commands.
As former patients like Pat Burgus and Mary Shanley later revealed (see the Frontline documentary The Search for Satan), the people in Braun’s DID unit were so heavily medicated that stories of cannibalism and Satanic incest began to make sense to them. They have since renounced all their “recovered memories”, and some filed lawsuits against Braun and the other doctors involved in their treatment.
What happened at Rush Presbyterian isn’t much different from the spectacular displays of female hysteria that gripped Paris’s Salpetriere Hospital in the late 19th century. Under the influence of Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot, numerous women underwent bizarre convulsions and contortions not unlike the symptoms of “demonic possession”. When Charcot died in 1893, the symptoms abated, leading some of his colleagues to suspect that the hysteria had been iatrogenic in nature. Medical historian Edward Shorter supports this conclusion in his book A History of Psychiatry (1997, John Wiley & Sons).
Though Dissociative Identity Disorder is classified as a dissociative disorder in the DSM-IV, Multiple Personality Disorder was considered a form of hysteria. Specifically, it was Grande Hysterie – the very same condition suffered by Charcot’s patients.

Now for the crazy part…

The day after I listened to L.A. Marzulli and Doug Riggs, I opened book four of Kristin and P.C. Cast’s popular House of Night series, which is about a vampire high school. The Casts (mother and daughter) have combined elements of Wicca and Native American spirituality to create a unique, goddess-centred mythos. This particular book, Untamed, came out in 2008.
Halfway through the book, a demonic figure from ancient Cherokee prophecy is mentioned. This fictional character is a beautiful fallen angel, complete with black wings, who habitually captures and rapes human women. He is specifically referred to as one of the Nephilim. His hybrid offspring are the hideous Raven Mockers of (actual) myth. According to the prophecy, he will rise again to dominate the earth – and only a handful of teenage vampires-in-training can stop him.
Where does all this take place? In the Casts’ hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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  1. What pains me (as a pastor) is these manipulative nutcases prentending this sort of thing is actually Christianity! They are a CULT, and an abusive group. And you can quote me as "British Pastor Gervase Charmley says". I am the pastor of Bethel Evangelical Free Church in Stoke on Trent, and speaking for the church I officially denounce Morningstar as a cult.And the Casts might like to know that Nephilim is a Hebrew plural, so calling a single individual Nephilim is poor grammar.

  2. I think many a Christian would agree with that, Pastor Charmley. Particularly as Riggs likes to denounce most other churches as either neglectful (because they're *ignoring* the things he talks about), or part of the Satanic Illuminati plot to usher in the Antichrist.Whoops, the Nephilim thing was actually my typo. It should read "one of the Nephilim".

  3. My first thought on hearing about this kook was, "Oh, how cute, the guy trying to 'save' people from the Devil named his church **after** one of the names given to the antichrist." lol After that, I stopped paying attention.

  4. One suspects Riggs would blast every modern Bible version for daring to actually translate Isaiah14.12 rather than taking the Latin of the Vulgate bodily into the English. And he'd also say that the Latin Vulgate was a tool of Satan… one does not expect consistency in such folk. That way one is not disappointed.

  5. This is sad, shocking, and surprisingly common. I lost my wife to a cult preaching this dangerous mix of Satanic abuse/ Dissociative Identity Disorder/ Nephilim interbreeding, here in Australia.Here's the website of a "church" who preach a program of healing from DID. synopsis? All mental illness has a spiritual foundation, which probably involves demonic possession. These demons need to be "addressed" (ie, exorcised). Fallen Nephilim walk the earth and breed with humans. Check the sites, all these beliefs are gathered in this place, and I can attest has destroyed two families at least.

  6. Doug Riggs is a deluded, rebellious pastor that is not accountable to anyone or any church. Check out a website called http://stopdougriggs.blogspot.comThis was started by someone whose parents had been former members of this so called church and when stumbling upon the HBO video of In Satan's Name actually became ill. Riggs is not one that should be called a pastor. He has actually had very inappropriate relations with the women he has counseled.

  7. These mostly women that Riggs has been working with believe they have been all over the world. One believes she was on the World Trade Center with her arms out and sending out demonic power to mess up the air traffic control waves for 9/11. You can listen to all this nonsense on a website called The Byte Show which the woman that hosts this site has no interest in hearing anything truthful about Riggs and his harmful ways. She is more interested in her show apparently. This is another bit of their delusion from another website that Riggs and his followers believe:'S%20CAVE%20PRAYER.htm

  8. So Riggs believes that the church members were programmed in Zedekiah's Cave? That must've been tricky, sneaking prominent Europeans and their illegitimate spawn in and out of a major tourist attraction all the time. I was very disappointed in the host of The Byte Show. She didn't interview Riggs; she simply let him go on and on, inserting sympathetic noises now and then.

  9. I tried to warn the lady on the byte show about Riggs but she had no interest in hearing about him and his devastation on people that were once involved with MSTC. Here is a good website: You are right about the lady on the byte show. Just sympathetic noises! No actual mental reasoning, no questions.

  10. Monday, May 10, 2010"In Satan's Name" The following are excerpts from the 1994 documentary "In Satan's Name" by BAFTA-award winning UK filmmaker Antony Thomas. This aired on the British ITV network, and the United States on HBO. It has recently come into rotation on the US Arts and Entertainment cable network.The content of this video should be more than sufficient to convince an objective observer that what Doug Riggs practiced then, and still practices, is not "therapy." His claims are absurd on the surface, and practically don't need any debunking – as bizarre as they seem.

  11. Watching the documentary, I convinced myself that Riggs' followers must have deserted him by now (most ritual abuse survivors and therapists have moved on). I was appalled to learn that he has been carrying on this nonsense non-stop for over a quarter of a century, with many of the same people.

  12. He is still at it with one male follower and most of the others are single females, never married, in their mid-late 50's. I guess he has one or two married couples with him. He is abusive, controlling and certainly not a pastor but in his own eyes. Just about every female he has worked with supposedly had a hybrid supposed son. He has ruined many lives and could care less stating he cares more about the Lord's agenda but yet focuses more on Satan's even addressing him personally. Don't see that as scriptural!

  13. I will probably be blasted, judged, or ridiculed by posting here, but I can honestly say you've given me a lot of food for thought. Several years ago I began having issues being in church, especially during the worship times. After receiving numerous hours of deliverance, half of my church accused me of "acting out" for the attention. The other half decided that I was mentally ill. I do believe in demons and I believed very strongly that they were in me. See, I was sexually abused as a child, from the age of 7 and older although the Social Services believe my birth father abused me as well around the age of 5 or younger. While I have no memory of any abuse with my birth family, I have never forgotten the abuse, abuses, after the age of 7. It was severe sexual,physical, and neglectful abuse. When my church could no longer figure out what was 'wrong' with me, one lady looked outside our church. She found me a woman who was the first to suggest DID and SRA. I did not believe in DID. I believed it was all demons. Long story made short, I met Doug Riggs and spent a few days with him. My first thought was, with Jesus, it shouldn't have to be this hard to get rid of 'them,' meaning the demons. Where they came from or why they're there in the first place shouldn't matter. Jesus knows the truth and He just has to say, "be gone!" and then they're gone. Today, I have finally come to terms with the DID diagnosis, however it has taken years. I don't have any new memories. When I was first diagnosed, my husband was relieved. He said it explained everything about me and that HE wasn't going crazy. I have never been hypnotized. I have not bought into the SRA, even though 4 different therapists have 'suggested' it because of a few weird things about myself that I won't go into here. I do NOT let anyone tell me what I am or what I'm not. I am figuring that out on my own. Maybe someday I will have to accept the SRA too, but not for now. I will admit that Doug's way of doing things can be called 'abusive.' During my stay, he did speak to one of my parts, but when she didn't respond to his way of thinking,I/she was yelled at and the session was canceled. His abusive behavior towards me/her doesn't even come close to what I experienced in my own church by its leadership.

  14. There is only ONE GOSPEL, and it's the story of how much God loved the entire world (without discrimination) so very much, as was clearly shown through the person of Jesus Christ, His finished work at the cross, and His resurrection from the dead.NOTHING else is the Gospel.

  15. Simply put this is the form of Christianity that is rife with cultism. Long story short, thanks to "Dr Rebecca Brown" and her two books, the charismatic Christians create a fringe sect called deliverance ministry where everything that is wrong in a person is attributed to demons or curses, including thoughts. This cult leader just tried to focus his personality cult with the SRA crap and the concept that angles mate with human women. Its all hysteria and delusion.

  16. Doug Riggs is a man that if you don't believe in his methods of working with people he will become very angry. It is all about him even though he wants you to believe he is helping people. There are many of his former followers that know the truth about this man and his wife. They are wolves in sheep's clothing, abusive, manipulative. Why would he have about 3 single women and a single man supporting them for years? He is not accountable to any "church leadership" and wasn't even in his own. Sad, sad case!

  17. I am not familar at all with Riggs, but i am with Marzulli and Thomas. The later two are not cult leaders or crazy. I am in the process now of reading I.D.E> Thomas's book "the Omega Conspiracy". It is full of scripture references and other sources of information. It is well written and not at all crazy. As Daniel said, some things are to be hidden until the end of days… some of this is now being revealed. Marzulli was in the new age religion over 40 yrs ago so his is familar with all that religion teaches. I do not know his relationship with Riggs, but it would be a good thing to check out. I listen to his radio program each week, and have been reading some of his material also, well written with much scripture references. He is concerned that people have a personal relationship with Christ,a nd if they have had occult beliefs in their past, he talks to them about getting help with deliverance . Nothing wrong with that! IF what you claim goes on with Riggs, I would agree that he is a cult leader. But Marzulli, and Thomas are a FAR cry from anything like Riggs. Please be careful how you point a finger!Also, I am doubtful of a person's relationship with Christ who continues to use profanity like I have seen in your posts! Out of the same spring, bitter and sweet water cannot come..neither from the heart cursings and blessings! Just saying… As to your explanation of the Nephilem…you have it ALL wrong! YOur talking about something you have not researched evidentially! The Nephilem did NOT have relations with human women! The fallen angels did as recorded in Genesis and other places. The result of the union…the nephilem..the CHILDREN of the fallen ones and human women. OG in the bible was one, so was Goliath. Do your research before you say things. Again I would recommend I.D. E. Thomas's book "the Omega Conspiracy" written in 1985 and is available from Amazon. Thanks for letting me post!

  18. I find it interesting that you would write a post about the Nephilim while admitting that you didn't even pay attention to the radio show. As the lady above stated, you should do some research. The Nephilim were the offspring of fallen angels and human women. The church completely changed the teaching on this in the 3rd Century. It's historical fact, not something made up. Texts all over the world are consistent that beings came from the sky and created hybrid offspring. The pagan cultures called them demigods, the Bible called them Nephilim, and modern culture refers to them as alien/human hybrids. Just because you call it mythology and don't believe in it doesn't mean it's not real. Lots of people don't believe in God, but it doesn't change the fact that He exists.

  19. Independent of all the SRA/DID information you might find hard to swallow, Douglas Riggs is one of the most profoundly mature and in-depth teachers of scripture I have ever heard. And if you had taken the time to listen to some of his teaching other than the Nephilim related material, you might have discovered this out for yourself. You are just ripping on someone whose teachings you disagree with and lack the discipline to dig deeper into what is really their!

  20. To the last poster re: D Riggs. Scripture tells us you will know a true follower of Yeshua by their fruit. D Riggs has produced a ton of bad fruit along his path. Either you have not been around him long enough to find that to be true or you may be one of those still trapped in delusion by him that still are with him. There would be no convincing you then. There are plenty of people that had been with him that are now coming out and letting others know his true nature. Just remember that even the one called the devil knows scripture and twists it with truth. D Riggs has issues with online pornography and had inappropriate sexual relations with women he counseled over the years. He would blame his counselees ( mostly women ) for having certain spirits that caused him to do these things and for his uncontrollable rage. That is not the kind of fruit I would call good. Again you can find things on the Internet such as a site called stopdougriggs.fruit I would call good!

  21. Riggs's other teachings and off-the-clock behaviour are not within the scope of this post, at all. But I should point out that though Riggs seems like an intelligent man, it is perfectly possible – indeed, even common – for intelligent people to come up with idiotic ideas. Also, to KSUE, please understand that I am NOT endorsing the theory that the Nephilim had relations with human women. I was repeating a theory that has become popular among conspiracy/alternative history "researchers" like Zechariah Sitchin. I am religiously unaffiliated.

  22. I worked with a member of this church named Dan in the ER at TRMC hospital in 1991. Was a nice guy. Never knew he was a cult member until I later saw the HBO special and he was on it. He was a Vietnam vet and a nice man. He was an RN. Sad!!

  23. 1Cor. 4:5 says, "Judge nothing before the time, until the Lord comes, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts." We can paraphrase that somewhat like this: "Do not make a final (premature) sentence about any one or matter until the Lord, who reveals what is hidden (the heart and unseen acts like ritual abuse, etc.), reveals it all." That is for Christians who can receive it. We only know in part, so we should humbly judge in part. Many people, including ministers, are being manipulated by forces outside of themselves, making them out to be persons they really are not entirely (eg. some Hollywood actors/actresses, some Hollywood celebrities and singers, some politicians and presidents, etc.), and not all of them are aware or approve of it. God knows the heart and the real situation; we can only know the little we've seen or heard or what we have been told. Our scope is too little to pass sentences on the whole when we only know in part.Frankly, everywhere I look (especially in Christianity), something is wrong or amiss. We Christians are in very dark times when it behooves us to walk in line with the above passage, because more now than ever, we need to depend on the leading of the Lord (if we are followers of Him) in order to know 'whatsoever things are true' and are really 'of a good report'. I believe that the solutions today for all that negatively impact or affect us are much less often found in our present leaders (pastors, presidents, professors, professionals, etc.) and more often found in simple and ordinary individuals who choose to make a difference by becoming what they hoped to see in the leaders who have failed us all. Let the grumblers and complainers deal with those who do wrong; the hopeful and resolute should keep seeking those who will do right. Or be them themselves.

  24. I been listening to the byte show interview with Pastor Riggs. So far I agree with almost everything we said. Just one of his statement I believe is not correct in part. Someone can tell me what wrong with his teachings.My email is,

  25. Highland Host,,,Is "real Christianity" any less of a bat-shit crazy proposition? You believe that a God created the universe 6,000 years ago.. that a woman ate a fruit because of a snake and sent the entire UNIVERSE into sin and decay. You believe that God has literally killed countless billions of people and condoned, rape, slavery and suppression of women and yet is somehow still "righteous and Holy". That he is going to send Billions of men women and youths to eternal torment in a lake of fire unless they agree to accept a human sacrifice that supposedly took place 2,000 years ago. By a "God-Man" who promised to send the "Holy spirit" and give miraculous powers to all his followers.. which NO ONE can demonstrate. And finally (although i could print pages of this stuff). You are waiting for Jesus to come back, whisk you off into space and then proceed to kill 90% of the population because they followed the strong delusion that god himself sent people so they would follow the "anti-christ".. at which point you and all the other Christians will return with Jesus on flying white horses in the sky and kill the remaining 10% of us and start the earth over you want to tell us all again,, how "that guy is giving Christianity a bad rap"

  26. Unknown…God hasn't killed anybody. That was done by ordinary sinners like you and me. Difference is, my sins are forgiven by the sacrificial offering made by the only one worthy of offering it …Jesus Christ, on the cross. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man comes to the Father but by Him. Of course the Christian worldview makes no sense to you, because it's spiritually discerned. If you don't have any spirit indwelling you, you have no discernment. The things of God are foolisness to (unsaved)man. But, the things of God are most certainly NOT foolishness. How do you propose it will work out? You've got to have massive amounts of blind faith to imagine that humanists like you are going to work it all out for the better. What a joke. Or, are you a fatalist who knows the depravity of man will lead to non-eternal nonexistence. Either way, my Faith makes a lot more sense in every logical way than your faith does. I wish you knew Jesus. You'd love Him!

  27. Look, folks, when Riggs shows us some very peculiar DNA results from Nephilim-human hybrid children (after they've been returned to Earth, of course), then we can all stop bickering and join Morningstar. Until then, I maintain that Riggs is so far off base that he might as well join his parishioners' offspring.

  28. Anonymous, the funny thing is I was a fundamentalist christian for most of my life. I was a pastor in one form or another for the last 20 years. I have taught most of the New Testament verse by verse to multiple churches. I have taught end times eschatology at least 10 times cover to cover. I have taught genesis verse by verse 3 or 4 times. I have taught young earth creationism multiple times as a specific topic. I have taught and believed in the baptism of the holy spirit, spiritual gifts and the spirit filled life.Nothing you say about me is true. which is what i came to realize about all of Christianity. It simply is not true. So no, you are not forgiven of your sins by the blood of Jesus, gods wrath is not upon you. there was no Adam and Eve. There was no world wide flood in 2500bce. there is no sin nature, there is no holy spirit teaching anyone anything or doing a single miraculous work anywhere in the world.Christianity is no different than any other religion. It is 100% psychology and social dynamics. What you think you have a relationship with is a complex construct of your own imagination created there by countless weeks, days and years of programming.What i am telling you is true. I am not the one who needs to be set free you are. You are not nor ever were under condemnation or at risk of eternal torment. yahweh is not watching your every move and every thought. There is no invisible score card keeping track of you.I am living proof that all the BS that i fully believed and experienced was exactly that BS. I could give you many details why.Seriously take some time to learn the truth about how the old and new testaments were put together, who actually wrote the books and when and where many of the modern christian theological dogmas came from.

  29. Probably the most rational coverage of the Archons (Nephilim) as reported in the fragmentary Nag Hammadi Gnostic writings is John Lash’s Not In His Image (Chelsea Green, 2006), though I would argue with his summation of Christianity as being more reflective of what I call “Churchianity” and not of true Christianity as described by Rudolf Steiner, Stilianos Ateshlis (Daskalos), and no doubt others.

  30. Well, I found Pastor Riggs when I was desperet for relief from ‘flashbacks’ and demonic torments where i could loose my adult language when ‘triggard’ and could visually see the demons tormenting me. I phoned Pastor Riggs and he said to cry out to God because he could not help me. Shortly after a nice demure little pastor’s wife came into my life. That was 26 months ago. Today we got the last of my ‘alters’ rescued and ‘integrated’ without and wrestling with demons, just prayers of repentance for generational sin and yes, illuminati agenda. I am sane in my right mind and medication free. Bash Pastor Riggs, LA Marzuli all you want, I’m laughjing at your ignorance…

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