Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

The sun is square. Angels are trying to kill Diane Downs. You know, the usual.

  • This fellow is earnestly attempting to draw a connection between the Georgia Guidestones and Dubai’s Burj Khalifa skyscraper. Why it even occurred to someone to compare the dimensions of a building in the Middle East and some rocks in the middle of freaking nowhere, I just don’t know.
  • File this under “Crazy B**** Gets Crazier”: 2008 footage of Diane Downs‘ first parole hearing (available here) makes Charlie Manson’s argument that the State of California had to release him from prison because he was shrinking look sane. The book she’s displaying is All Night, All Day, Angels Watching Over Me, edited by Evelyn Bence. As it has absolutely nothing to do with the State Department or Israel, the photos were apparently pasted into it. I have no idea if Susan Polk actually gave this book to Downs or not, but they were in the same prison for a while, and Polk insists her late ex-husband was a Mossad agent (though he had never been to Israel).
  • The sun is not spherical, it is a cube. Srsly, you guys.

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