E.T. Phone Lawyer

Two “lol wut” moments in ufology

While Stephen Hawking muses that we shouldn’t engage with potentially hostile ETs, and exopolitician Alfred Webre accuses Hawking of taking part in a massive ET smear campaign/time travel coverup, Dan Ackroyd (an exopolitician in his own right) airs his opinion that aliens of 23 different species should be arrested on sight for abducting Earthlings. But he figures aliens don’t want any part of Earth citizens after 9/11, so it’s kind of moot. This does raise an interesting question, though: Should human laws apply to visiting aliens? And if we reach their planet(s) someday, should their laws apply to us? I’d say “no”, but I’m obviously not privy to the same info as Mr. Ackroyd is…

Since 1974, Vancouver grandma Dorothy Izatt has been filming UFOs and anomalous lights that flit around her house on a regular basis. This footage, taken in the mid ’90s, supposedly shows three aliens standing at the “porthole” of their craft. According to some viewers, the alien in the forefront can *clearly* be seen moving its head and/or arm.
In other words, some grayish blobs appear onscreen.

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