Conspiracy Monday: Beware the Sprinkler Rainbows

Some think this video is too idiotic to be legit – it must be a joke. But I think the sprinkler-rainbow woman is for real: I’ve heard chemtrail-watchers express nearly identical concerns about the prismatic nature of certain contrails.

Be afraid.

11 thoughts on “Conspiracy Monday: Beware the Sprinkler Rainbows

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  1. That's one of the biggest WTF? moments I've had since discovering the contrail thing.If this is a hoax then the tone is absolutely dead on, but to be honest, I think you're right. This woman believes it.So, um, is this stuff not covered in science in schools? Or is this someone who has slipped through the education net and bounced off into crazy? It's almost painful to see someone this confused by the world around her. I have this overwhelming urge to track her down and post her a science kit with a prism.

  2. "20 years ago we never noticed these rainbow effects so prodominatly"I had to look that last word up just in case it was some obscure technical term that I wasn't aware of instead of speeling mistake.Being British I always find it quite amusing that nearly every conspiracy of this type screams about constitutional rights (or, in this case, "constituional" rights). Can anyone explain to me why these people who seem to believe that conspiracies are everywhere, not only now but throughout history, are so keen to believe that any one set of laws is there to protect them from such schemes? Why do they believe that these conspiracy-ridden governments made up of illuminati or lizards or whatever would set up something to prevent their ancestors from doing devious things like putting rainbows in water? Also, which section in particular of the constitution states that nobody is allowed to put rainbows in the water? (I should add here that this isn't a solely US thing and I have nothing against the country or your constitution, which as far as I can see is a fine way of working. British conspiracy nuts probably have some equivalent claim in these matters, I just can't think what it is right now. If it helps apologise for seemingly getting at Americans and the constitution in the last paragraph I can say with confidence that most of us are truly sorry for unleashing Icke on you. Sorry.)

  3. Confession: When I first saw this vid, a couple of weeks ago, I found it so funny that I actually woke up in the middle of the night laughing. I could picture dozens of chemtrail-watching women running into the streets of suburbia in their housecoats, screaming, "Why is this happening?! Make it stop!!"I really don't know what this woman expects the world to do about this conspiracy. Shut off municipal water supplies? Draft legislation to ban rainbow-causing chemicals? Apologize to God for pissing Him off before the Flood, so that maybe he'll revoke all rainbows?Anon – thei can haz spellchek, butt thrz noe speekchek yet. You really don't have to apologize for Icke; at least he's entertaining. But you might want to apologize for David Shayler.

  4. We put him in prison once, what more do you want? lolIsn't he on to holographic missiles these days? Maybe something happened to him in prison that caused this madness. Hmm.. Ok. Sorry.

  5. woah there…. from holographic missiles to messiah?!? Isn't that a slight breach of conspiracy nut etiquette? I mean shouldn't he have put in a couple of decade's work doing a bit of anti-semitism, a period of NWO fear and just the right amount of aliens killing JFK before claiming to be the messiah?

  6. Hey SME, I think we should seriously consider inviting TK and Anon to our next "watching crazy people's videos party"…they crack me up. 😉

  7. When I first saw this video a long time ago I looked up DBoots, the username in the video, and she sure seems legit. By legit I mean someone who is serious, not someone who is an actual authority on this subject. Maybe they didn't have rainbow's 20 years ago, but they did have them 30 years ago when I was a kid. It's nice to know they're back!

  8. Maybe the lizard-alien overlords called a 20-year rainbow hiatus so that when rainbows came back, people would be so mesmerized by them they would just stand in their backyards gawping at them, oblivious to the UFOs descending to conquer Earth.

  9. Anon, I think you have to go the messiah route if you want to hop straight from "I've seen things and I know stuff" to Mystical Guru.

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