Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

  • There are lots of good reasons to object to “ghostbusting”. It’s often practiced by self-proclaimed experts with ulterior motives, and it’s a complete waste of time and money and effort. But is it dangerous? The folks behind the Dangers of The Paranormal Project think so. They point out that marketing ghostbusting TV shows, outings, and paraphernalia to young children introduces them to “after death” issues far too early, and can overload them emotionally with experiences they don’t understand. Not a bad point. Unfortunately, the site relies heavily on the expertise of the ghostbusters themselves, and stresses that supernatural dangers pose a threat to children who dabble in the paranormal (this page lists possession, insanity, and “getting pushed by entities”).
  • What’s more disturbing than attributing evolution and the creation of all major world religions to evil aliens? An insanely animated website about those aliens. Probably not safe for epileptics. Also NSFW, unless you want your colleagues to think you’re losing your mind.
  • And speaking of losing your mind, what’s stranger than listening to Steven Greer? Arguing with him. But that’s precisely what the duo of Project Camelot do in their latest video offering. Apparently, the PC folks believed they were furthering the aims of Greer’s UFO Disclosure Project by interviewing every lunatic who strayed into their path, and are rather miffed that he hasn’t thanked them yet. Highlight of the Greer/PC debate: “What we get from our secret witnesses, and from people who are exposed to the Illuminati philosophy constantly, is that our time is running out in terms of… like… there is around ten months left of food before it runs out on the planet and there’s another three to four years’ worth of oxygen.”
  • And speaking of UFO disclosure, Gary “Because I Got High” McKinnon is still letting his mum fight his battles for him. Now she’s appealing to Obama for help. Meanwhile, another hacker with Asperger’s has been handed a stiff sentence – and no one cares, apparently because there isn’t any alien-type stuff involved. Interesting.

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