Hoaxes from Space: The Philadelphia Experiment Part II

Along Came Bielek

In 1988 , an elderly man named Alfred (Al) Bielek began giving interviews and lectures about his involvement in the Philadelphia Experiment. Or rather, the involvement of a Navy sailor named Edward Cameron. As Bielek has explained it, the U.S. government used alien technology to age-regress Cameron back to infancy, then placed him with the Bielek family of New York.
Whatever the hell was going on, Bielek was consciously unaware of his previous existence until January of 1988, when memories of his life came back to him during a late night showing of the movie The Philadelphia Experiment. He realized that as Edward Cameron, he had been on board the USS Eldridge with his brother Duncan when it dematerialized in 1943, and was transported into the distant future.

If you’re confused, I have to warn you that it only gets stupider from this point.

Al Bielek was “born” in 1927 (according to the forged birth certificate provided to him) and became an electronics engineer in California and Arizona, working for various military contractors. His first unusual life experience came in 1956, when he encountered a man he now identifies as Mark Hamill. The actor would have been about 5 years old at this point, but apparently this was a future Mark Hamill who was dropping in on 1956 for some reason.

Al Bielek’s account of the Philly Experiment differs dramatically, in many respects, from Carl Allen’s. For one thing, he doesn’t consider the Navy blameless. He claims the Navy knew exactly what kind of dangers the sailors unwittingly faced, and rather than mothballing the program, they eventually expanded it into a series of deeply unethical mind control and time travel experiments called the Montauk Project.
In the late ’80s and early ’90s, several more “survivors” of the two projects stepped forward to corroborate Bielek’s tale. Duncan Cameron claimed to be Edward Cameron’s brother, reincarnated, as well as the psychic superstar of the Montauk Project. Preston Nichols claimed he had been a chief electrical engineer on the Philly Experiment and the Montauk Project, working alongside several races of extraterrestrials in the underground facility beneath Montauk. Stewart Swerdlow claimed to have been one of the many young male victims of the Montauk Project, one of the lucky 1% who were not mentally incapacitated by mind control experimentation.
According to Preston Nichols and Duncan Cameron, aliens had initiated the project by establishing telepathic contact with human scientists and basically coercing them to open a time tunnel between Long Island in 1983 and Philly in 1943. The Philadelpia Experiment ripped a hole in space-time, enabling aliens to invade Earth a short time later. Bielek claimed the same group of ETs met face-to-face with FDR aboard the battleship Pennsylvania in 1934, somewhere in the Pacific. There he struck a deal with the aliens, trading “planetary privileges” for ET goodies. The meeting was arranged by Nikola Tesla.

In this new version of the story, Tesla – not Einstein – was in charge of all the experiments that would culminate in the Philly Experiment, collectively called Project Rainbow, beginning in the early ’30s. He had been in contact with alien intelligence since 1895, the year he projected radio waves into outer space and received signals from another planet in return. Later, telepathic communication with the aliens enabled him to develop some of his most sophisticated devices: the induction motor, new kinds of generators and transformers, a system of AC power transmission, fluorescent lights, a new kind of steam turbine, and plans for a new wireless transmission of power (free energy). It was on Long Island, not far from the Camp Hero Air Force station where the Montauk Project would be conducted, that he set up a tower that would have sent out this free wireless energy. No investor was interested in that. His career went into a tailspin, though he continued to dream of astonishing inventions until his death in 1943. He died ten months before the Philadelphia Experiment.
The initial stages of the top secret invisibility project began under the aegis of a Navy-sponsored team that included Tesla and Austrian physicist Dr. Kurtenauer. In 1933 the project moved to the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton. (Recall that this was the same period when physicists at the Institute began hanging out with a time travel commune hidden in the New Jersey pine barrens.) It was at this time that John von Neumann joined the Rainbow working group. Einstein was aware of the project, but didn’t participate directly (in the Montauk Project accounts of the experiment, Nazis were also involved).

Preston Nichols says the funding for Project Rainbow came from $10 billion worth of Nazi gold (WWII-era U.S. dollars!) that was looted from a train in or near Paris by U.S. Army soldiers at the end of WWII. Supposedly, the gold ended up on a ship bound for Long Island. This ship sank just off Montauk Point, where the loot was secretly retrieved by U.S. Navy divers and stowed in the underground facility.
Incredibly, the project plowed through this money and had to be propped up by funding from ITT and Krupp.
Preston said “several movies” have been made about this train robbery, but I can’t identify any such incident. The train featured in The Train was stalled in Paris, but its contents were seized by the Resistance and returned to their rightful owners. The Hungarian gold train was looted by the U.S. Army, but it was never in Paris. It was seized by the Allies in Austria. Neither train contained anywhere near $10 billion in gold; the Hungarian train held about $4 billion in gold by 2007 standards, adjusted for inflation.

In 1936 the Princeton group conducted its first partially successful experiment in invisibility. The first large-scale test was conducted in March, 1942, and was a complete failure; Tesla covertly sabotaged it in protest of the Navy’s insistence on having a crew aboard the Eldridge during the experiment, despite his strong recommendation that an unmanned ship be used. He also wanted to work out some more bugs before the first test, but the Navy refused to give him any more time. Tesla left the project in disgust.

In Bielek’s version of events, the Eldridge ended up not in Virginia, but in the waters off Long Island very close to Montauk. So close, in fact, that Bielek/Cameron and his brother were able to swim to shore after leaping from the rematerialized boat. Little did they know they had actually leapt into a wormhole. Disoriented and scared spitless, they assumed they were still just a short distance from the Philadelphia naval dock. It came as quite a shock to emerge from the ocean onto Montauk Point. They slogged to the nearest building, which turned out to be a military facility. Strange, isn’t it, that in all accounts of the experiment, the ship spontaneously transported to nearby U.S. military property rather than, say, the middle of an island in the South Pacific?
They were evidently expected, because a guard ushered them into the underground facility to meet with none other than one of the leading lights of the Philadelphia Experiment, John Von Neumann. Von Neumann informed the men that the Eldridge had been sucked into a time tunnel linking Philadelphia in 1943 and Long Island in 1983. Never mind that Von Neumann died of cancer in 1957. That’s just a cover story.

Somehow, both Cameron brothers ended up in hospital in the year 2137. Al was later transported to 2749 and spent two years there, working as a tour guide.

After the disastrous Philly Experiment, Project Rainbow was temporarily discontinued and the funding redirected to the Manhattan Project. Then, in ’48, Rainbow was quietly resurrected by the Air Force to perfect the technology. This resulted in the development of stealth aircraft, which can literally go invisible. Another project undertook psychological research to learn why the Eldridge sailors went insane. This part of the project was known as Pheonix, and was conducted at Brookhaven National Lab. It incorporated the findings of MK-Ultra, the results of the Philly Experiment, and the energy theories of ubercrank Wilhelm Reich. Ultimately, Pheonix was a long-term experiment in electromagnetic mind control and the manipulation of psychic powers. The invisibility and mind control projects were christened the Montauk Project.

In the late 1950s Bielek was recruited into this top-secret Montauk Project on Long Island, former site of SAGE radar experiments. Every single day for 30 years, Al would work his ho-hum day job in Los Angeles, then travel to Montauk. At first he hopped a secret magnetic levitation subway train to Long Island, which took just two hours. By early morning he would be back in L.A. Later, as the project evolved, he was simply teleported back and forth.
The base was fully (but secretly) re-activated around 1972, including the radar satellite (because it operated on the same frequency as Reich’s orgone energy). This is when Preston Nichols joined the project as an electrical engineer with defense contractor PJM, specializing in radar-jamming equipment. He was put to work on the satellite transmitter.

Things were about to get crazy.

Part III: Meet Me in Montauk

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  1. I read your item after having trawled through a lot of Philadelphia Experiment material. I realize that your article is now up to 6 years old, and am surprised that nobody has yet posted a comment.I agree with what you say about Al Bielek's story. Unfortunately, I, like so many others, believed the tale hook,line, and sinker when I first read it. I have subsequently seen a massive debunking job done on him by a team of 3 people who have researched all the actual facts of his "life" and have been unable to substantiate any of them This has been established by reference to totally independent sources, i.e. government and forces records, college records, etc.It is sad that somebody needed to make up such an unbelievable story for their own purposes, as it appears that Mr. Bielek never made much money from his story, and is now living, if he is still alive (I believe he was in 2005) in straightened circumstances, and has had several strokes.We should not let his tale distract us from the facts that we have however. There is no doubt that something happened around the time of the experiment, in the same area as the experiment. Furthermore, the relevant pages of the U. S. S. Eldridge's log are missing for the appropriate period, something that tends to happen in conspiracies and cover-ups, unless you are a died-in-the-wool co-incidence theorist! Also there exist statements by recognized authorities, scientists etc., that the U. S. Navy was certainly looking at the idea of de-Gaussing. The manipulation of the magnetic field of a ship led them on to thinking of attempting invisibility (radar or optical, depending on which view you prefer to take). Also, if such experiments did occur, they would have been automatically classified as "Top Secret". The standard response to all enquiries relating to any "Top Secret" project is that it never happened, until, of course, such time as it is de-classified, and then we are told that it was necessary to deny its existence for reasons of National Security.It may be that Mr. Bielek has been used as an unwitting dis-information agent by the powers-that-be, inasmuch as he could have been fed titbits of information, which they knew he would seize upon and use in his presentations. Such information could easily be contrived to be simply refuted by reference to a few facts, which most of his fans would not bother to check. He could then be exposed by those who had an interest in doing so, and any portion of truth, small or large, would ideally become buried and everything that he maintained would be subject to ridicule.I will not comment on the Montauk part of your article, as I agree and accept; most of your points are well made. 1 reason that the Montauk project still keeps popping up is that although the facility is situated in the middle of a public park, allegedly the area immediately around the facility is still patrolled by uniformed, armed guards. It is the only public park in the world with such personnel! Also, there is apparently at least 1 set of concrete doors which have been securely sealed. Conspiracists point to this as "proof" that the facility is still in use for some purpose, if not its original 1. This view is supported by the fact that recent new wiring and refurbishment of the security of the place generally appears to have been carried out. It would be helpful if some other sources of information could be found besides Messrs.Bielek, Nichols, Cameron, and Swerdlow, as they are all connected, and perhaps not just by being involved at Montauk.I like your site, although I have not seen enough of it to determine whether it is a sceptic's site or a de-bunker's. I believe that it is important for us all to maintain an open mind where there is room for doubt, to the extent that we are capable, but not so open that any ideas, no matter how ridiculous can make their way in!I am sorry to have had to publish this comment as "anonymous", but my Google account does not seem to be working!!

  2. This is an incredible story because that's difficult to believe someone can use alien technology to age-regress Cameron back to infancy, that's something really crazy so at the same time it has an incredible sense.

  3. Your ‘Hoaxes From Space The Philadelphia Experiment’ article is great reading and I like the information you have placed into it. I also think the Bielek Debunked website has done some extensive research into how Alfred Bielek entirely conceived the lies and deceptions that became the Philadelphia Experiment. How that then segwayed into the Montauk Project is very interesting indeed. For example at the Global Sciences Congress (GSC) in February 1999, in Daytona, Florida, a strange incident occurred involving Alfred Bielek and Stewart Swerdlow. Al Bielek was chatting away with Duncan Roads, the Nexus Magazine editor in the foyer alongside hundreds of attendees. Dean Stonier was present but not directly involved in the conversation. Stewart Swerdlow walked up to Al Bielek and Duncan Roads. He then accused Al Bielek of making up the entire story that became the Philadelphia Experiment. Al Bielek them became enraged with Stewart Swerdlow, who then suggested to Bielek that he would like to connect Bielek’s story of the Philadelphia Experiment with his own fabricated backstory that he generically called the Montauk Project. Al Bielek was not initially in agreement with Swerdlow’s idea. However he later went along with the entire charade and deception.

    Basically Stewart Swerdlow made up his entire backstory about the Montauk Project and was never even on that project, because the Montauk Project never existed. Stewart Swerdlow has spent a long time also contradicting his original backstory about the Montauk Project, but most people do not bother to research his contradictions which could then expose Swerdlow. Add that to the list of other lies Swerdlow tells, like the one about Yakov Sverdlov being his great-uncle. Stewart Swerdlow was never related to Yakov Sverdlov and Swerdlow does not have Russian ancestry. Swerdlow’s ancestry comes from Belarus and Poland. Many people know Stewart Swerdlow’s family never originated from Russia in the first place because researchers have done his genealogy. Yakov Sverdlov was also never the first head of state of the Soviet Communist Party in Russia because he died in 1919 and the Soviet Union was not established until 1922. So with a little bit of research Swerdlow has shown he is a fake, a charlatan, a con artist and a liar.

    Alfred Bielek, Preston Nichols and Stewart Swerdlow colluded together and concocted the outright deception that became the Montauk Project because they knew gullible people would believe their lies and they could become famous in their own right for hoodwinking the public. Stewart Swerdlow is nothing more than a scammer, a con man and a fraud. Even the Language of Hyperspace information is not Swerdlow’s. He plagiarized that material from Maryanne Johnston, who was a half American Indian, half German, blind social worker who was actually a real alien experiencer who had received the hyperspace language information from extraterrestrials. Maryanne Johnston shared her information with Swerdlow, who then plagiarized and reused it for his own fake backstory, even thought Swerdlow has no real idea what the Language of Hyperspace is all about. Everything about Swerdlow is a joke of the worst kind. The silly t-shirts he wears, the marketing gimmicks, the buzz words and newsfeeds are all a sham that keeps Stewart Swerdlow’s tattered reputation going.

    The Philadelphia Experiment in many ways was the initiator deception that birthed the other ones like the Montauk Project. Now the Bielek Debunked website has thoroughly proven Al Bielek was nothing more than a deceiver and a liar, the entire mythos behind the Montauk Project has now started unraveling. Stewart Swerdlow is the only individual now maintaining the lie that the Montauk Project was real. Duncan Cameron had disappeared from public exposure to a large extent. Swerdlow told everyone at the Global Sciences Congress (GSC) in February 1999 how he had sodomized to death over 300 orphans on the fake Montauk Project. Now Mr. Stewart Swerdlow tells everybody the Illuminati can only build programming on the victim pattern. So therefore what does that say about Swerdlow? Maybe people should ask many of his ex-clients who are now suffering from severe psychological problems because of Swerdlow’s ridiculous and totally bogus deprogramming techniques. Most of his ex-clients have made complaints about Stewart Swerdlow to the Cult Education Institute (CEI) and other similar organizations. Stewart Swerdlow used the Philadelphia Experiment for his own sordid reinvention of his awful persona and now believes his own lies when he is nothing but a disinformer who has zero empathy for his clients or ex-clients.

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