Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

  • I have to ask: Has anyone noticed the effects of those teeny-tiny microchips that were supposedly injected into your bloodstream along with the H1N1 vaccine? Do you have the uncontrollable urge to, I dunno, vote Republican or watch Dancing With the Stars or anything like that?
  • God doesn’t give a crap about your health, but Satan wants you to be fully insured. At least, according to this guy.
  • If you think it hurts to be “Dr.” Charles Pellegrino these days, it looks like things weren’t much better ten years ago. Check out this New York Times review of his book Ghosts of the Titanic. Ouch. Again, I’m amazed that anyone took this guy seriously in the first place.
  • Alex Jones may think that U.S. wilderness preserves and national parks are part of the New World Order agenda, but if this fellow is correct, they’re actually warehouses for aliens. Maybe Reptilians really dig souvenir thimbles and outdoor toilets.
  • And speaking of aliens, here’s a tip for next April Fool’s: Don’t tell a very gullible mayor that his town is being invaded by gigantic space creatures, unless you like a lot of freaking out with your hilarity.
  • Oriental Yeti“, or civet with mange? It would help if the photographer gave us a single clue to the scale of this critter.

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  1. In his very first film (America Destroyed by Design), Jones griped that The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change had nothing to do with the environment; it was an effort to make a landgrab for America's national parks, "as collateral on the national debt." He believes UN takeover of parks is paving the way for the way of encroachment upon private property rights, presumably also by the UN.

  2. Hmm. Don't know. The H1N1 thing might explain why a certain political party has developed a sudden complete lack of any ability to control impulses, like going to strip clubs, while claiming family values, and a massive case of chronic/compulsive lying disorder. Strangely though, it only seems to effect conservatives. Must be a brain chemistry thing. lol

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