Wednesday Weirdness: More Hybrids

As I did with the Satanic Nephilim hybrids of Pastor Doug Riggs, I’m giving you another big chunk of weirdness in lieu of the Wednesday Weirdness Roundup… this time involving alien-human hybrids, hypnosis, and deeply disturbing allegations about the professional conduct of Dr. David M. Jacobs of Temple University.

Dr. Jacobs is an associate professor of history at Temple, but since the ’70s he has been far better-known as an investigator of UFO sightings and alien abduction accounts. His second book on the subject, Secret Life: Firsthand Accounts of UFO Abductions, was an examination of data provided by about 60 alien abductees Jacobs had hypnotized. He concluded that alien abductions were very structured, typically consisting of the same procedures conducted in the same order. After floating their captives into a UFO, the small gray-skinned aliens place the person on a metal table that seems designed specifically for humans, then perform a strange physical exam that usually involves skimming their fingers over the person’s body and taking a tissue sample from behind the knee. Sometimes an “implant” roughly the size of a BB is inserted into the person’s nose, or an implant is removed. (Over time, Jacobs came to believe these implants allowed the aliens to access abductees’ memories.)
Examination is followed by what Jacobs refers to as “Mindscan”; an alien entity slightly taller than the others approaches the abductee and stares fixedly at him/her with its enormous black eyes. Though Mindscan often elicits strong emotional responses, Jacob explains, its exact purpose remains unknown.
After Mindscan, the most important procedure of all is performed. Using odd suction devices, the aliens remove sperm or eggs from the abductee and presumably squirrel away the samples for an arcane breeding project. This, in Jacobs’ opinion, is the point of all the abductions. The aliens have little to no interest in the affairs of earthlings; they just want our genetic material, and they’re using it to create alien-human hybrids that will eventually take over the planet. He shares this view with his friend and associate Budd Hopkins, a New York author and artist who also conducts hypnosis sessions with abductees. Hopkins was the first abduction researcher to suggest the alien breeding hypothesis, in his 1987 book Intruders (an examination of the Debbie Jordan-Kauble case).

The aliens seem to have more on their agenda than mere genetic engineering, however. The abductions described by Jacobs and Hopkins occur throughout the abductees’ lifetimes, as though the people are being monitored.

This was certainly the case with “Emma Woods”, a middle-aged woman who contacted Jacobs in 2002, after reading Secret Life. She suspected that anomalous events she had experienced since her childhood in the ’60s could have something to do with aliens.
Jacobs offered to conduct hypnosis sessions with her over the phone, beginning in late 2004.

Full conscious recollection of alien abduction is rare. According to Jacobs and other researchers, the aliens have some means of artificially suppressing memories of abduction events, and these can only be retrieved through hypnotic regression. This is a controversial practice even within the UFO/abduction field, yet it has been used on most of the famous abductees: Betty and Barney Hill, Herb Schirmer, Betty Andreasson-Luca, Debra Jordan-Kauble, Linda Napolitano. Some of these people were hypnotized by hypnotherapists, but many abductees have been hypnotized by Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs, and other UFO researchers who haven’t actually been trained in the use of hypnosis. As you probably know, and as Jacobs himself realizes, hypnotic regression can lead to confabulation.

The following information comes from Emma’s website,, on which she has extensively documented her dealings with Jacobs and another abductee known as “Elizabeth Smith”. She has posted audio clips of some of her phone conversations with Jacobs, but obviously I can’t vouch for the veracity or accuracy of anything on her website. I encourage you to review her materials and decide for yourself.

Prior to hypnosis, Jacobs had Emma sign a Temple University research consent form. (It’s unclear, at this point, if Temple has any official connection to his abduction research.) He also suggested that someone be with her during the sessions, but Emma assured him she felt comfortable proceeding alone. Over the next 3 years, Jacobs carried out 37 hypnosis sessions with Emma, averaging 5 hours in length. They all included hypnotic regressions, to help Emma recover details of her experiences, from childhood to the present (she had only fragmentary conscious memories of the “anomalous experiences”). For example, Emma consciously recalled feeling an urge to sleep in her backyard one night in 1967, when she was five years old. She did so, and was awakened by a bright overhead light. That’s all she could remember. Under hypnosis, however, she described herself and a friend who was spending the night being herded along a corridor by five gray aliens. She was examined on a table, then taken to a room to stare at a black screen (similar to the Mindscan and Imaging described by Jacobs). Afterward, she and her friend were introduced to a roomful of human-looking children that Jacobs identified as alien-human hybrids.

Emma now suspects that her memories could be the product of hypnosis and Jacobs’ leading questions. He had warned her that some memories can be confabulated under hypnosis. But that’s only one disturbing aspect of her interactions with Dr. Jacobs. In 2006, “Elizabeth Smith” (who was not only a research subject, but Jacobs’ webmaster) began receiving emails and instant messages from alien-human hybrids, and these same hybrids sent messages to Jacobs from her computer. One message warned Jacobs to stop working with Emma, as a group of hybrids believed her sessions were compromising “security”. Jacobs shared these communications with Emma. Naturally, she thought they were written by Elizabeth herself, but Jacobs professed to believe they were really from hybrids. The communications continued for the next two years, growing more sinister and complex.

In 2007 Emma began to share her experiences online, on her own website. Jacobs became “overwrought”. He told Emma this would render him vulnerable to criticism by debunkers (BINGO), and in violation of the Temple University research agreement, he even threatened to publicize Emma’s name and “paint a horrible picture” of her if she went public. He later retracted these threats, but the hybrids took over where he left off. They warned Jacobs and Elizabeth that they and/or their families would be killed if they went public with their stories. By this time, Elizabeth had entered into a sexual relationship with a hybrid she called “Jay” or “J”, who actually rented an apartment near her home and passed as human.

As batsh** crazy as all this sounds, it’s perfectly in keeping with Jacobs’ views on the abduction phenomenon. He contends that abductees are helping hybrids adjust to life on Earth so they can successfully pass as human and effect a global takeover.

Disturbingly, Jacobs shared details of Elizabeth’s experiences with Emma and vice versa, apparently without either woman’s permission. The two women were also in contact with one another via email. This sort of cross-contamination and lack of professionalism would cast serious doubt on Jacobs’ research results, but if Emma’s allegations are true, that ship sailed a long time ago.
Jacobs told Emma that Elizabeth had twice confessed to writing the hybrid messages herself, but he refused to accept this explanation and concluded that hybrids had forced her to write the confession emails while she was in an altered state, or perhaps took over her consciousness for brief periods. He claimed the hybrids were manipulating Elizabeth’s actions through a system of threats and punishments. In one email sent to Emma he wrote, “The aliens have decided that Elizabeth should come down and visit me. I do not want that and neither does she. They are obviously trying to locate me. Paranoia runs rampant as I realize I am definitely a target for them.” In August 2006, he told Emma he was “on the run” from aliens who opposed his work, viewing him as a threat to their “program”. He entered into a tense negotiation with the aliens, and kept Emma apprised of developments via email. By late September, he had reached an agreement whereby the aliens would not put an implant in his body if he kept quiet about Jay’s apartment.

Weirdly, Jacobs received hybrid emails from Emma’s computer, as well. She came to believe she wrote them in her sleep. They were similar to Elizabeth’s.

When the hybrids warned Dr. Jacobs that it was dangerous for him to work with Emma, she decided it was time to end her cooperation with his research. (Note, please, that since Emma began spilling the beans in 2007, no harm has come to Dr. Jacobs.)

Jacobs told Emma that in order to protect them all from hybrid retaliation, he needed to pretend he was interacting with Elizabeth and Emma for some reason unrelated to alien abduction. You see, Jacobs is something of an expert on alien/hybrid telepathy, and he feared the hybrids would read their minds. So he suggested to Emma, while she was under hypnosis, that she had Multiple Personality Disorder (Dissociative Identity Disorder), on the pretext that if he posed as an MPD researcher, this would fool the hybrids.

This part of Emma’s story, at least, has some truth to it. In March of this year, some audio clips of the phone calls between Jacobs and Emma were featured on the Paratopia podcast hosted by Jeremy Vaeni and Jeff Ritzman, bringing attention to Emma’s allegations. Jacobs responded to Emma’s allegations on his website, and in that response he admitted to the MPD ruse.
In his version of the story, Jacobs alleges that “Alice” may have Borderline Personality Disorder, though this conclusion was reached solely through informal consultations with mental health professionals who have never met Emma and relied solely on Jacobs’ interpretation of her behaviour. How very ethical.
According to Jacobs, it was Emma – not Elizabeth or himself – who claimed to be menaced by hybrids. Not knowing if this was the case or not (!), and knowing that hybrids may be telepathic (!!), he arranged with “Alice” to discuss MPD during their hypnosis sessions so that the hybrids wouldn’t know what was really going on. But wouldn’t the hybrids learn of this scheme by reading their minds? If Jacobs is trying to convince us that he’s a sane and rational guy, then FAIL.

Emma now believes that Jacobs never really bought into the hybrid threats, but used them to intimidate and guilt her into silence.

The only firm conclusion I can reach after reviewing the allegations and counter-allegations in this case is that both Emma Woods and David Jacobs experienced a serious disconnect with reality. At best, the three people involved fed off each other’s fantasies to create a delusional belief system that undermined their mental and emotional well-being. At worst, Jacobs used bizarre alien psychodrama to psychologically abuse and gaslight an already vulnerable woman, in a vain effort to protect his reputation as an “academic historian”. Either way, Jacobs is not currently fit to work with emotionally troubled people in any sort of quasi-therapeutic manner. If it is affiliated with Jacobs’ “research”, Temple University has a responsibility to investigate his methods.

Other sources:

– Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind: Alien Abduction, UFOs, and the Conference at M.I.T. by C.D.B. Bryan (Alfred A. Knopf, 1995)
Hopkins and Jacobs were presenters at the 1992 alien abduction conference co-chaired by M.I.T. physicist David E. Pritchard and the late Harvard psychiatrist John Mack. In addition to summarizing Jacobs’ “common abduction scenario matrix”, which some attendees criticized as imposing a pattern on what many see as a highly unpredictable phenomenon, Bryan’s book extensively documents Budd Hopkins’ use of hypnosis in questioning abductees Anna Jamerson and Beth Collings (“Alice” and “Carol”).

– Hopkins explains and defends his use of hypnosis in his essay “Hypnosis and the Investigation of UFO Abduction Accounts”, published in the book UFOs and Abductions: Challenging the Borders of Knowledge (University Press of Kansas, 2000), edited by David Jacobs.

– Many of Jacobs’ conference lectures and radio interviews have been posted to YouTube. Together with Jacobs’ website, they give a fair overview of his positions on the abduction phenomenon and confirm that he does, indeed, believe human-alien hybrids are infiltrating our society.

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  1. Oh what a tangled web we weave…Crazy, convoluted tales like these convince large numbers of people how exactly? Anyone can be conned but the fact that someone can read this story and not immediately go "Pardan my Swahili but this shit is bananas!" makes me fear for the future of the human race!

  2. I'm most astonished by the fact that Jacobs actually thinks he's salvaging his reputation by admitting that he believes telepathic chimeric creatures could be interfering with his research subjects, and that he really thought it was a good idea to confuse these creatures by implanting symptoms of hysteria in one of those subjects via hypnotic suggestion. And he wants us to believe the subject is mentally ill?! Wow. Just wow. I don't understand how someone can stray so far from reality and still function at all. You have to wonder how many other UFO/abduction researchers are like this, but passing as sane.

  3. "You have to wonder how many other UFO/abduction researchers are like this, but passing as sane".Or academics in other fields of paranoia? Hal Pepinsky has publicly confessed that hanging out with alleged SRA victims caused him to suffer "paranoid psychotic episodes", for example.I sent you an email about Blaine Blaine yesterday.

  4. Hi,Thank you for addressing my situation with Dr. David Jacobs in your blog post. The events that took place were complicated, and occurred over several years. I thought that I should clarify a few points.My pseudonym is Emma Woods, not Emma Smith. I have not made public the country that I live in, in order to try to salvage whatever protection I have left, for my family’s sake as well as my own.My former therapist contacted Dr. Jacobs. He did this in order to ask Dr. Jacobs’ advice in dealing with my case, as Dr. Jacobs presents himself publicly as an expert academic researcher in the area.Elizabeth Smith chose her own pseudonym.Temple University told me that the Temple University Research Consent forms that Dr. Jacobs had me sign were “unauthorized” by them. They said that they have told him that he is not to use the words “Temple University” or “research” in his future work with people. In my opinion, they have done this to try to avoid liability for his misconduct with his research subjects.Continued in next comment …

  5. Dr. Jacobs conducted hypnosis with me over a two year period.Elizabeth claimed that “hybrids” had written the emails and instant messaging communications from her computer, and that they had sent them directly to Dr. Jacobs themselves. Dr. Jacobs started receiving instant messages from Elizabeth’s alleged “hybrids” in June 2006.Dr. Jacobs asked me if he could publish my research on his website in early 2006. I agreed to this.I chose to end my work with Dr. Jacobs after he told me that he had received a warning from an alleged “hybrid” on instant messenger saying that it was dangerous for him to work with me as there were “hybrids” around me who were very concerned about “security”.Later, after I had ended my work with Dr. Jacobs, I set up my own website. It was then that he threatened to reveal my identity in public if I talked about the content of the warning that he received from the alleged “hybrid”.Continued in next comment …

  6. Elizabeth and I only communicated by email, not by telephone.A week after the start of the alleged “hybrid” instant messaging, Dr. Jacobs conducted a hypnosis session with me. He told me that he had pretended to the “hybrid” on the IM that Elizabeth had Multiple Personality Disorder. At the end of my hypnosis session, he implanted hypnotic suggestions in my mind that I had MPD. I have an audio clip on my website of him doing this to me.My former and current therapists both consider that I am psychologically normal, and that I do no suffer from any personality disorders. Dr. Jacobs’ attempt to convince people that I do is a cynical attempt by him to try to discredit me personally, so that what I have made public about his misconduct it not listened to.No competent mental health professional would ever condone Dr. Jacobs’ conduct towards me as his research subject, including his implanting hypnotic suggestions my mind that I had MPD. My current therapist is supporting me in the actions that I am taking in making Dr. Jacobs’ abuse public.Continued in next comment …

  7. UFO magazine has published an article by Jeremy Vaeni that provides a detailed examination of the events that took place: Haden has published a two part analysis of the hypnosis sessions that Dr. Jacobs conducted with me, which includes audio from the sessions: think that you are absolutely right that Temple University has a responsibility to investigate Dr. Jacobs’ work, which was done in their name.

  8. As some people have observed already, this is a completely mad situation but this article still portrays Emma as having "lost touch with reality". I believe this is far from the case since if it wasn't for Emma being in touch with reality in the first place, then we wouldn't have heard of the case in the first place, would have still believed that Dr Jacobs was an ethical researcher, and everything would carry on as normal.However thankfully this isn't the case. Emma even through the haze of hypnosis and in a vulnerable state of mind still noticed that something was amiss, and with great determination managed to pull herself from Dr Jacobs evil (?) clutches.But of course, there are still people who claim that Emma is stalking him, or is psychologically unwell. Jesus, if anyone had gone through what she and others have been through with Dr Jacobs then they're not going to come out of his clutches 100% well anyway. And well if showing the world how deluded and abusive Dr Jacobs may have been for many years is stalking, well I say more power to her.Luckily, Emma has already posted some links for further reading. But all one has to do really is give a listen to some of her audio clips, and see for yourself how manipulative, deluded and thoroughly out of touch of reality and probably sanity, Dr Jacobs really is. Do not blame the messenger.Best wishesHPrice

  9. Thanks very much for commenting, Ms. Woods. I'll make corrections to this post. I do believe Temple has a responsibility to rein in Dr. Jacobs (who by his own admission is engaging in some highly unorthodox and unethical research methods), particularly if he's misrepresenting his research as being university-affiliated. Temple receives a great deal of public funding, and this could be very damaging if it isn't dealt with immediately. To HPrice: In writing that Ms. Woods has experienced a disconnect with reality, I'm referring to the period when she was still working with Jacobs and accepting, to some degree, his interpretations of her memories (which in my opinion are highly biased; that's a problem I've always had with Jacobs' work – he finds what he wants to find). At the present time, Jacobs appears to be the one divorced from reality.

  10. Thank you for clarifying that, S.M.Elliot. I agree that at the time you talk about Emma was in a frail state of mind and bought into the whole nonsense. She would probably agree with that. But thankfully she managed to see through the craziness and start to speak out about it which I think took a hell of a lot of bravely considering the fact that it may be that Jacobs has been up to his dirty tricks for years, and has (seemingly fairly easily up til now) easily squashed any criticism or protest from his "research subjects".Unfortunately there are those still in the ufo field that may have known about Jacobs' abuses for years and have let him get on with them without dissent. Quite appalling, and it says a lot about the so called ufo elite.Anyway, thank you for raising the subject on your blog. This case really deserves more widespread coverage. The more you read about it the more disturbing it becomes.Now … I'm off to read about Doug Riggs and his madness. Not a fan of the Byte Show are you??? ;DBest wishesHPrice (aka paraschtick)

  11. Thank you S.M. Elliott. I am glad that you raised this issue in your blog post. I think that the more that people know about it, the more likely it is that steps will be taken to ensure that it does happen to anyone else.

  12. I think this is too important to be restricted to UFO/abduction-related outlets. Because abduction research is a "fringe" area, its means and methods go largely unexamined by the public, leaving too much room for abuses. Whether or not Dr. Jacobs was intentionally manipulative, his research methods seem deeply flawed and need immediate correction. His standing in the UFO community indicates to me that he might be the tip of a very big iceberg; if a respected, well-known abduction researcher is engaging in questionable practices, what of the countless unknown researchers who operate in complete secrecy? What example can they follow without being led astray?

  13. Hello,I have been keenly following the "Emma Woods" case for years and in my opinion there is no doubt that Temple University is heavily implied and responsible for the catastrophic abuse their History Professor made of their reputation. Had I some, I certainly wouldn't send my children to study at that place!FrancK

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