Wednesday Weirdness Roundup: The Top 10 Conspiracy Theories About Popes and/or the Vatican


The retirement of Benedict XVI has unleashed a shit-tonne of conspiracy theories. In a March 1 interview with Howard Stern, Alex Jones declared Benedict stepped down because of “transvestite orgies”. Others insist pedophilia must be involved, though there is scant evidence to support that. There’s also talk of a secret dossier about clerical misdeeds, last year’s “Vatileaks” scandal, and Vatican money laundering. What the conspiranoids aren’t talking about is Benedict’s advanced age, or the fact that he attempted to retire three times before being elected pope.

Conspiracy theories about the pope and the Vatican are so easy to believe, in large part, because the Vatican of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries has been visited by more than its share of conspiracies, cover-ups, and scandals:

  • The very establishment of Vatican City as an independent state may have been based on a forgery, the Donation of Constantine.
  • During WWII, several high-ranking Nazis were able to flee Europe with Vatican passports, thanks to a sympathetic bishop.
  • In the early ’70s, a minor investigation by the New York City district attorney’s racketeering squad led to the discovery that organized crime figures had trafficked millions in dollars worth of stolen and forged stocks all over the world…and roughly $1 billion of those bogus stocks resided in Vatican Bank vaults (see Richard Hammer’s The Vatican Connection).
  • A decade later, powerful Vatican officials were found to be part of a vast banking scheme that involved fictitious financial institutions, controlled from behind the scenes by the sinister Licio Gelli and members of his faux Masonic lodge, Propaganda Due (P2).
  • Recently, it has come to light that the cover-up of child molestation within the Catholic Church went all the way up to the Vatican.
  • Then there is the abduction of 15-year-old Emanuela Orlandi from the Vatican in 1983, which was badly mishandled by Vatican authorities, likely leading to the girl’s murder.
  • Then we have the tragic worldwide legacy of residential/industrial schools, magdalenes, and Catholic-run orphanages. From 1950 until the early ’70s, Irish nuns sold infants on a first-come, first-served basis (see Mike Milotte’s Banished Babies: The Secret History of Ireland’s Baby Export Business).

Add to this a couple of Dan Brown novels, anti-Catholic frauds like the Taxil hoax and The Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk, and a parade of memorable Catholic villains in film and literature, and it’s no wonder so many non-Catholics are willing to believe the worst.

Leaving aside the more outré conspiracy theories, like Leo Zagami‘s Illuminati/Satanism nonsense about the Jesuits and the Pope being able to summon demons (aliens) from other dimensions and Ed Chiarini’s belief that Benedict is actually Robert Blake, here are the Top 10 Conspiracy Theories About the Pope and/or the Vatican:

10. There was a female pope. The fable that one pope was actually a woman in disguise first surfaced in a thirteenth-century chronicle written by the Dominican historian Jean Mailly. Mailly recorded that in 1099, a pope went into labour whilst mounting “his” horse, and was subsequently dragged and stoned to death by the outraged citizens of Rome. Accounts written later in the same century can’t agree on a date for “Pope Joan‘s” or “Pope Joanna’s” rule, and today most historians realize that the recorded popes were the only popes. There simply isn’t a mysterious two-year gap in which Joan/Joanna could have served.
The legend of a lady pope spawned another legend that still persists, though: That each new pope must submit to a gender test in which an examiner feels his privates to ensure he has well-formed testicles. This test even appears in the very first episode of The Borgias, when Rodrigo Borgia/Alexander VI (Jeremy Irons) resignedly sits on a toilet-like chair so a papal lackey can thrust a hand beneath his gown and declare “Habet duos testiculos et bene pendentes (he has two well-hung testicles)!”. However, there is no evidence that gender exams have ever been conducted on popes.
9. The Soviet Union and/or the CIA was behind the attempted assassination of John Paul II in 1981. Even though would-be assassin Ali Agca was Turkish, Soviet involvement was something John Paul himself reportedly suspected at one time, as Russia was certainly not pleased with his support of the Solidarity labour movement in Poland. The problem with this theory is that not even the so-called “Bulgarian connection” initially described by Agca has been confirmed, much less a KGB plot.
8. The Third Secret of Fatima was suppressed for years, and/or the publicly revealed Third Secret was fabricated because the real Secret is too explosive. The three child seers of Fatima were entrusted with three secrets by the Virgin Mary, but it was not until WWII erupted that the only surviving seer, Lucia Santos, revealed the contents of the first two secrets and wrote down the third. Pope Pius XII expressed no interest in the Third Secret until 1957, and even then merely squirreled it away in a safe without reading it. It wasn’t until 1980 that John Paul II told a small audience in Germany that the Third Secret involved an epic disaster that would kill millions – possibly a nuclear holocaust. Yet he waited a full 20 years to have the Third Secret published, after revealing it had foretold his own attempted assassination.
Some Catholics still weren’t satisfied. They decried the published Third Secret as a fake, insisting the real secret was too politically sensitive and/or damaging to the Church to be revealed. Others pointed out that Lucia wanted the secret to be published before 1960, meaning the Church had suppressed it for over 40 years.
7. The “black pope” of the Jesuit order is the true ruler of the Vatican and/or the world. Jesuits have long been the favourite target of anti-Catholic crusaders, and conspiracy theories about their shady doings abound. In some conspiranoid circles, it is believed the general of the Jesuit order is secretly revered as the “black pope”, and that it is he – rather than the dude in the hat – who controls the Vatican. Here is just one of many recent examples of this theory.
6. The Knights of Malta, headquartered in the Vatican, control the world, and Opus Dei is a cult-like organization that is trying to extend its tentacles into every major government on the planet. Robert Anton Wilson was perhaps the foremost modern proponent of the idea that the Knights of Malta exert a massively disproportionate influence on world events, and were behind everything from Nazi infiltration of the CIA to the Vatican bank scandals of the ’70s and ’80s (see his article in a 1989 issue of Spin, for example). David Icke has speculated that Benedict was “fired” by the Knights of Malta. Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, with its Opus Dei villains and ancient conspiracies, gave expression to concerns about the cult-like devotion and prominence of Opus Dei members.
It’s true that Opus Dei and the KoM contain many powerful, highly-placed members, but Catholic “secret societies” don’t seem to be any more dangerous than other fraternal organizations.
5. Pope Pius XII was complicit in the Holocaust. Catholic writer John Cornwell has even gone so far as to dub him “Hitler’s Pope” in his 1999 book of the same name. However, many commentators have discredited Cornwell’s claims, pointing out that Pius XII spoke out against the persecution of German Jews and was not sympathetic to the Nazi cause. Even Cornwell has conceded that Pius’s “scope of action” was very limited in regard to Hitler.
4. “The EU is a means of undoing the Reformation and extending Vatican sovereignty over Britain”. So reads the title of an opinion piece by Adrian Hilton published in the 30 August 2003 issue of The Spectator. Hilton (along with a few like-minded critics of the European Union) contends that the establishment of the EU fell perfectly in line with the Church’s aim for a one-world religion, or at least a pan-European one. But Catholic hegemony has not materialized in Europe over the past decade, and is incredibly unlikely to do so in the foreseeable future.
3. Islam was invented by the Catholic Church as a means of controlling Middle Eastern peoples. This bit of WTFery comes from Alberto Rivera via Christian pamphleteer Jack Chick, the same guy who brought us John Todd and Edna “I Married Satan” Moses.
Rivera was a Spanish Christian who in the ’70s began claiming that, during his time as a Jesuit priest, he learned from his superiors that Muhammad had been conned by priests and nuns into believing he was the prophet of a new religion. Their aim was to destroy the Jews and non-Catholic Christians of the world, paving the way for Catholicism as the one-world religion (see Chick’s comic-book tract The Prophet).
He also alleged the Church faked the Fatima apparitions, created Nazism, and killed JFK (among other things).
When Rivera realized the Church was also behind Freemasonry, he left the priesthood and denounced Catholicism. As payback, the Jesuits abducted and tortured him.
Chick was so taken with Rivera’s tale of Catholic treachery that he turned it into a fawning biography and several comic-book tracts. Other, more diligent, Christians subsequently discovered that Rivera had never even been a priest.
2. John Paul I was murdered. In his 1984 book In God’s Name, David Yallop contends that the “smiling pope”, who died just 33 days after taking office, was killed, probably because he was planning to dismiss and/or excommunicate high-ranking officials who were also Freemasons, investigate the massively corrupt Vatican Bank, replace Chicago cardinal John Cody, and permit Catholic women to use artificial birth control.
The Vatican tried to counter Yallop’s claims by commissioning Catholic author John Cornwell to write his own book on John Paul I’s death. Cornwell disappointed them by publishing A Thief in the Night, which argues that although John Paul may have died from a pulmonary embolism, people close to John Paul I tampered with his body after discovering it.
1. The pope is not the pope. The pope is a powerful guy, so it shouldn’t be any surprise that there are dozens of pretenders to the hat, known as “antipopes” or “conclavists”. These faux popes often lead small, cultish sects. The French-Canadian Apostles of Infinite Love were led by two popes, one of whom was under investigation for an array of alleged extortion and sex-abuse offenses for 34 years. The Palmarian Church in Spain has had three popes since 1978, and also declared its own saints and martyrs (including, inexplicably, Pope Paul VI). Until their last pope died in 2011, he had some competition from another Spaniard named Joaquín Llorens, who made himself Pope Alexander IX in 2005. There’s even a pope in Kansas – David Bawden. Bawden claims there hasn’t been a legitimate Roman pope since Pius XII, and in 1990 (at the relatively tender age of 30) was “elected” pope by a conclave of laypeople that included himself and his parents, Kennett and Tickie Bawden (owners of a thrift store called The Question Mark). Bawden calls himself Pope Michael I. His Apostolic Palace is a rundown farmhouse he shares with his mom.
The creepiest of these pretenders is the Australian cult leader William Kamm, a thrice-convicted sex offender who says he is Benedict’s rightful successor. He also seems to think John Paul II will be bodily resurrected at some point.

Thanks to Schwarherz for venturing into the wacky world of antipopes.

9 thoughts on “Wednesday Weirdness Roundup: The Top 10 Conspiracy Theories About Popes and/or the Vatican

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  1. I would like to note, before people get uppity, that I actually did none of the research for this, only pointed some things out to SM that I had heard or read. Just so people don’t start questioning it based purely on the fact that I was involved.

  2. Bah.. I am still hoping for proof of #11: Ratzi was actually secretly Darth Sideous. lol

    Seriously though, too much power, institutional secrecy, which they hide even, quite often, from each other, real conspiracies, like those listed, and the one you didn’t, which is that they have been, for years, buying up hospitals in the US, then institution, mostly ignored, policies on contraception and procreation that deny everything from condoms to invetro fertilization, to, obviously, abortion (smarter than the Fundies, who have just got tired of waiting until they can insert crazy people into the supreme court and just make everything they don’t like illegal, and declare everything they do like constitutional). Mostly though.. irrelevant, and not likely to make themselves more so, by being only slightly less insane than Evangelicals and Fundamentalists (especially since, any place outside the US, those other groups are stilling trying to catch up, if they are on the radar at all).

  3. What’s your take on (Scottish) Cardinal O’Brien and the recent revelations regarding his brown pipe engineering. They surely bring down the Catholic Church a few degrees. Think it’s a coincidence that the allegations against him cover 33 years ? Think its a coincidence that after the Pope met the Queen on 16/9/10, in Royal Holyrood, the Pontiff went for lunch with the Cardinal and prayed over the bones of St. Andrew. There are photos of the Cardinal in the company of Jimmy Savile and a couple of young girls. The Cardinal gave a Papal award to Lord Gill in 2010 for his service to the public, I think Savile had his one by then. Lord Gill likes helping children through charity work. Lord Gill oversaw a case regarding a Robbie the Pict, where Robbie said he could not get a fair hearing due to potential “masonic” (Speculative Society) involvement. Lord Gill disagreed with Robbie and gave his decision on 13th March, 7 years to the day after the Dunblane massacre. If you want any help with the 33 (see John Paul 1st) just let me know, or just look at the front boards of Albert Pikes, Morals and Dogmas, that speaks volumes. If you then need a translation of Ordo ab Chao, it’s order from chaos.

    There’s no conspiracy though, no behind the scenes strategy, it’s all just coincidences. Surely. Please help my troubled mind through your advertised “logic and reason”.


  4. Well, since you asked, newspaceman, my $.02:
    – The alleged actions of Cardinal O’Brien, while reprehensible, are not technically any worse than those of any other employer/superior who uses his/her position of authority to sexually exploit underlings. We take more umbrage with a man of the cloth doing such things, but we have to pause and remember that he is first and foremost a human.
    – Is 33 years a coincidence? Well, yeah, probably. No doubt there are Masons within the Church, but massive interchurch sabotage by Masons? Unlikely.
    – “the Pope met the Queen on 16/9/10, in Royal Holyrood…went for lunch with the Cardinal and prayed over the bones of St. Andrew” doesn’t sound like a coincidence at all, it just sounds like a day in the life of a pope.
    – Savile was Catholic. Like many celebrity Catholics, he had a good standing with the Church until he got into trouble – now they want to distance themselves from him. The Church even wants to strip him of his papal knighthood ( Did the pope know Savile was a child molester? Probably not. No one knew that for certain until after his death.

  5. Essemee, I heard a long time ago, from a gang of hairy bikers, that Savile was a molester and indeed necrophiliac. The latter is why his golden coffin is encased in concrete at a 45 degree angle but the bikers never told me that. Recent media reports would indicate that many others new the former too. Methinks also that the pope does not pray over St. Andrew’s bones on a daily basis, bear in mind that his visit with the Queen (head of Church of England) that same day was unprecedented. Bear in mind too St.Andrew and his X shaped cross, especially in relation to Scotland and indeed “Christianity” . Savile had a cottage at Glencoe, Prince Charles and allsorts visited. Did you see the pictures of Savile and O’Brien together, in the company of two little girls, last week in the MSM ? ”

    When you wrote “No one knew that for certain until after his death.”, that is simply not true. He knew, for one, and so did many others, those that were abused for example, many of whom are saying their complaints were ignored. Plus, going by media reports re the testimonies of the alleged victims, he often had companions.

    I am a human, and have held positions of workplace “superiority” – not my word – over others, but I have never looked to attempt any sexual behaviour on them. Technically he surely is worse than a “normal” person, rather like when a police officer breaks the law, the judge normally comes down harder on him.

    You think Walt Disney’s Club 33 is a “coincidence” too ?

    Lastly, did you have time to look into Pike and his morals ?


  6. I read Morals and Dogma, but my understanding is that Pike’s writings were not and are not considered in any way “official”. Many Masons seem to view him as an amusing eccentric.

  7. Yeah, apart from not answering my questions, Pike was/is de-rigeour in the lodge libraries. A copy of the book was given to “masons” who had reached a certain level. He has a statue, I believe, in a fairly prominent place in the USA.

    Please let me know the masonic, or otherwise, “source” for your claims of “eccentricity”


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