The Iceman Lieth

Was Mafia assassin Richard Kuklinski full of sh**?

I’ve had Richard “Ice Man” Kuklinski’s claims on my mind for some time now, and with the FBI recently scouring Detroit for Jimmy Hoffa and a movie starring Michael Shannon as Kuklinski being released in May, this seems as good a time as any to examine what the notorious hitman had to say prior to his death in 2006.

Who was Richard Kuklinski? 

Born in 1935 to an alcoholic, abusive railroad brakeman and a fanatically Catholic mother who also administered beatings freely, Richard Leonard Kuklinski dropped out of the eighth grade to become a full-time hoodlum, stealing cars and robbing houses in Jersey City and Hoboken.

At 19 he became a serial killer, murdering homeless men in the alleys of New York, Newark and Hoboken. He claimed he killed at least 50 men just for the pleasure it gave him. He experimented with different killing techniques, as he would throughout his life. He was soon working as an enforcer and contract killer for New Jersey’s DeCavalcante crime family, which would later serve as the model for the fictional DiMeo crime family in The Sopranos.
At 6’4″ and 250 pounds, with a hair-trigger temper and an array of weapons, Kuklinski was an incredibly deadly force. He was such a skilled, trusted hitman by 1960 that he began doing work for the New York crime families, earning up to five figures per job. Yet he continued to live in low-income housing in Jersey City, thanks to his penchant for gambling.  (1)

He married a good Catholic girl, Barbara Pedrici, in 1962. This was his second marriage. He had two sons (the elder was Richard Jr.) with his first wife. He claims he sliced off his first wife’s nipples when he found her in bed with another man, but didn’t officially separate from her until the eve of his marriage to Barbara.  (1)

Though Barbara had three miscarriages and a difficult fourth pregnancy in 1962 and ’63, and the couple had no money, Kuklinski didn’t take a single contract during this period. He worked a series of low-paying, menial “straight” jobs. The closest he came to organized crime was bootlegging copies of cartoons and X-rated movies while working in a film lab. Then, with two other guys, he reverted to stealing truckloads of merchandise. He shot two men in a fit of road rage, killed four others when a buyer who tried to renegotiate the price of a stolen load of wristwatches, and tortured and killed two men who attempted to steal a load of stolen goods from his crew.
So far as his family knew, though, Kuklinski’s only job was copying cartoons in a Hell’s Kitchen lab. They weren’t aware that he was actually copying porn movies in a lab controlled by a member of the Gambino crime family. He worked long hours, often staying in the lab through the night. When a union representative confronted him about this, he killed the man and disguised his death as a hanging in a public park. In 1971, he murdered a bouncer at the Peppermint Lounge for showing him disrespect.
It was around this time that he quit his lab job and began distributing and financing porn. One Christmas, he killed a porn producer who refused to repay a $1500 loan, even though the man’s brother was a captain in the Gambino family.  (1)

In the early ’70s, Kuklinski got himself heavily into debt with a Gambino associate who was partners with Roy DeMeo, and DeMeo pistol-whipped him. But he ended up being so impressed by Kuklinski’s fearlessness – a quality they shared – that he began giving him jobs. Once again, he was a hitman and enforcer for the Mafia.

Roy DeMeo

DeMeo had worked his way up in the Gambino crime family. His headquarters was the Gemini Lounge, a seedy bar on Troy Avenue, Queens. DeMeo was involved in a broad range of criminal enterprises, notably stripping stolen cars, but in the ’70s he assembled a team of hitmen and made contract killings his specialty. His outfit became known as the Murder Machine. By the early ’80s, he had attracted the attention of the Organized Crime Task Force of the Queens D.A.’s office. Detectives Kenny McCabe, Joe Wendling, and John Murphy put the Gemini Lounge under unofficial surveillance, learning the faces and names of every frequent visitor to the lounge.  (2)

By 1969 the Kuklinskis had three children, two daughters and a son. In the mid-’70s Richard purchased a lovely three-bedroom split level in Dumont, New Jersey, where he and Barbara hosted neighbourhood barbecues and pool parties. They went to church every Sunday, and the kids were enrolled in private Catholic schools.
Meanwhile, Kuklinski killed one of his two partners in the porn distribution business on DeMeo’s orders. Immediately afterward, he shot a stranger in another fit of road rage.  (1)

Altogether, Kuklinski killed over 100 people in at least 18 states, including Hawaii.  (1, 3)
In the ’70s and ’80s, he was involved in some of the most infamous killings in Mafia history (more on those shortly). But it was his crew of relatively small-time cat burglars that brought him down; after killing no fewer than four of his associates between ’81 and ’83, Kuklinski finally caught the attention of New Jersey law enforcement. A sting operation resulted in his arrest in ’86, and in ’88 he was convicted of four murders (a fifth case against him was dropped for lack of evidence).

Between 1991 and his death in 2006, Kuklinski gave a series of chilling interviews to HBO. These were turned into three America Undercover documentaries. In the first, chewing gum and wearing a sweatshirt, he calmly ran down his crimes – the cyanide, the strangulation, the time he wore elevator shoes to infiltrate a disco. He showed a flicker of humanity just once, as he talked about his ex-wife and children.
In this first interview, he made no mention of his most dramatic claim – that he, along with three other men, had kidnapped and murdered Jimmy Hoffa.
In his second HBO interview, aired in 2001, he explicitly stated that he did not kill Hoffa (but knew who did).  (3, 4)
Then, just before his death in 2006, he supposedly gave a very different story to true crime writer Philip Carlo, who documented it in his book The Ice Man.



The task of making Hoffa “disappear forever” had been handed to a childhood acquaintance of Kuklinski, identified only as “Tony P.” or “Tony Pro” by Philip Carlo (obviously meant to be Anthony Provenanzo, a Genovese caporegime who was also  vice president for Teamsters Local 560 in Union City, New Jersey).  (5)
Provenzano enlisted Richard and two other Jersey men to help him. Kuklinski was told only that a union guy in Detroit was making trouble for the Genovese family, and had to be killed. That was all he wanted, or needed, to know.
On the afternoon of July 30, 1975, the quartet drove to the Machus Red Fox restaurant outside Detroit, as arranged, and Tony P. conversed briefly with Hoffa in the parking lot. Then Hoffa got into the car, and Tony drove several miles before giving Kuklinski the signal to knock the mark unconscious with a “jawbreaker” and stab him to death with one powerful thrust of his hunting knife. They bundled the body into the trunk, and Kuklinski was left with the risky job of driving it back to Jersey while the other three guys caught a bus out of town.
Back in New Jersey, Kuklinski took Hoffa’s body to a Mafia-affiliated junkyard in Kearney and deposited it into a 50-gallon drum, which he then burned and buried on the property.
Kuklinski thought the man had looked familiar, but didn’t discover who he was until later.
Around 1978, one of the killers began to talk to the FBI. Kuklinski was hired to take him out. This man, according to Carlo’s book, was Salvatore Briguglio, an official in Union City’s Local 560. Prosecutors subpoenaed Briguglio and several other suspected conspirators to appear before a federal grand jury on December 4, 1975, but they could never pin Hoffa’s disappearance on them.  (1, 5)
In March 1978, Briguglio was shot to death near the Andrea Doria Social Club in New York’s Little Italy. This seemingly had nothing to do with Hoffa; Briguglio had been scheduled to appear in court with Anthony Provenzano and Harold Konigsberg for the 1961 murder of Anthony Castellito.  (5)
According to several people, including his wife, Hoffa had expected to meet with Anthony Giacalone of Detroit and Anthony Provenzano on the afternoon he vanished. But Provenzano wasn’t even in Detroit that day; he was in Union City. The car that picked up Hoffa was likely driven by a man Hoffa looked upon as a son, Charles O’Brien.  (5,6)

The following account is drawn from the work of Dan Moldea, author of The Hoffa Wars. He has pieced together what federal investigators believe is the closest we will ever get to the truth about Hoffa’s death. Some of the information came from Ralph Picardo, a former driver for Provenzano.
Hoffa had gotten on the wrong side of Provenzano and Pennsylvania crime boss Russell Bufalino. Hoffa and Provenzano even came to blows in prison. On the morning of July 30, O’Brien picked up three of Provenzano’s henchmen at a Detroit-area airport and drove them to a house where he was staying, not far from the Machus Red Fox restaurant. These three men were Sal Briguglio, his brother Gabriel, and and another New Jersey Teamster official named Thomas Andretta. All three would subsequently be named as the suspected assassins by the federal grand jury. Moldea suspects that Frank Sheeran of Teamsters Local 326 in Wilmington, Delaware, was another conspirator/witness.
In the afternoon, O’Brien picked Hoffa up at the restaurant and drove him to the house, where the men were waiting for him.  (5)
Picardo alleged that Hoffa’s killers stuffed him into a 55-gallon drum, loaded him onto a truck in Detroit, and shipped him to an unknown destination. His remains were later squashed in a car-compacting machine. This, too, was brought before the grand jury.  (6)

Kuklinski claimed that after Briguglio started talking in ’78, the barrel containing Hoffa’s scorched remains was dug up, squashed in a car-compacting machine, and shipped off to Japan as scrap metal.  (1, 4)

Though he had talked about his work at great length with the HBO crew years earlier, Kuklinski waited over 20 years to publicly confess his role in Hoffa’s disappearance. I don’t know how you feel about all this, but my response was basically


The thing with Hoffa’s disappearance is that isn’t as mysterious as the average person thinks it is. As you can see from the above passage, the feds had a pretty good idea who was involved, and who was connected to those guys. Kuklinski’s name did not come up once. Former FBI agent Robert Garrity, one of the investigators of Hoffa’s disappearance said, “I’ve never heard of him, and I’ve never heard of the writer [Carlo].” Bob Buccino, the former head of the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice’s organized crime division and a member of the task force who ultimately brought Kuklinski down, was reportedly also skeptical of the claims in Carlo’s book.  (7)
In fact, you’re not going to find a single seasoned Hoffa or Mafia investigator who buys Kuklinski’s story. Yet Carlo would have us believe that this hulking maniac, who would literally murder other drivers just for looking at him funny, was so skillful and so meticulous in his work that he managed to slip past every Mafia-savvy federal agent, police officer, and investigative reporter in the nation for nearly 30 years, like Caspar on steroids.

Also, who would drive from Detroit to Jersey with a former Teamster boss in his trunk? They don’t have car-crushing machines in Detroit?

Now let’s look at three other infamous hits in which Kuklinski was supposedly involved: The murder of Bonanno family boss Carmine Galante; the assassination of the head of the Gambino crime family, Paul Castellano; and the death of Roy DeMeo.

Carmine “Lilo” Galante was a big-time narcotics trafficker, instrumental in the French Connection, and he took over control of the Bonanno family after Philip Rastelli went to prison in 1974. The other four New York families deeply resented Galante’s domination of the drug trade and its profits, so they began plotting to take him out.
On the afternoon of July 12, 1979, three men in ski masks burst onto the patio of Joe and Mary’s Italian-American Restaurant in Brooklyn and opened fire on Galante, his cousin, and three other members of the Bonanno family. Galante never saw it coming; the little man nicknamed for a cigar died with one clamped between his teeth. Only two of the men survived, and these two (Baldo Amato and Cesare Bonventre) were suspected of having some involvement in the hit.  (8)

galante crime scene
The Galante crime scene

Numerous men have been floated as suspects over the years, but Kuklinski has never been on the radar in relation to the murder of Carmine Galante; the only person to suggest he could have been one of the gunmen was Kuklinski himself. His version of the story is extremely detailed – right down to the restaurant decor and the “rubbery waves of heat” coming from the sidewalk that day – but it simply doesn’t match up with the event. Kuklinski’s claims are in bold, with the facts as they are told in Selwyn Raab’s Five Families following:

– He identified the owner of the restaurant as Galante’s cousin Mary. Joe and Mary’s was actually owned by Galante’s distant cousin, Giuseppe Turano, who was one of the three men killed that day.
– Galante entered the restaurant with two guys, one of whom – Bonventre – was in on the job (as DeMeo explained to Kuklinski). Galante showed up alone that day, dropped off by a nephew. Everyone who was on the patio during the shooting had joined Galante later. Clearly, Kuklinski and/or Carlo relied on popular accounts of the shooting, which indicated (erroneously) that Amato and Bonventre were acting as bodyguards for Galante that day and accompanied him into the restaurant.
– Kuklinski arrived before Galante and behaved like a regular customer until the other two gunmen appeared. Surely, Giuseppe’s son John – who was shot by one of the three men – would have noticed an unmasked gunman moving toward the patio. Everyone agrees that all three shooters entered and exited the restaurant at the same time, wearing masks.
– Kuklinski started toward the exit as soon as the other two assassins started firing, got into a car driven by DeMeo, and was gone by the time it was all over. Again, all three gunman left the restaurant together and got into the same getaway car.
– DeMeo told him that one of the guys with Galante – Bonventre – would leave the table at some point, giving the signal. Kuklinski watched him exit the restaurant. By all other accounts, Bonventre did not leave the patio. He remained there throughout the attack and exited the restaurant shortly after the shooters did. In fact, that’s what tipped people off that he could have been involved in the hit; he and and Amato were almost literally on the heels of the three assassins, yet made no effort to stop them.

This cockamamie story serves to expose other tales Kuklinski told as bogus. For instance, DeMeo and his boss Anthony “Nino” Gaggi were supposedly so impressed by his expert handling of the Galante murders that they cut him in on a huge cocaine deal, even sending him to Rio to negotiate a shipment. But if Kuklinski didn’t kill Galante, why would Gaggi reward him in this way?


Paul Castellano
Paul Castellano

Paul Castellano was made head of the Gambino family not so much because he earned it, but because he had married Carlo Gambino’s sister. This gave him a lot of pull, but by 1985 John Gotti was plotting to take him out and replace him. Kuklinski claims he was given the contract to shoot Castellano’s right-hand man and chauffeur, Tommy Bilotti, by Sammy Gravano. Someone else would take care of Castellano, he was told.  (1)
It would not be possible to overestimate the importance of this assassination in Mafia history. Gotti, a relative unknown, shot to gangland superstardom because of this hit. Ever see that A&E show Growing Up Gotti? Yeah, well, you wouldn’t have had to suffer through that if it wasn’t for this hit. It was a seismic event, and once the dust settled, the terrain of the Gambino family was never the same.
The plan was cooked up by Gotti, Robert DiBernardo, Joseph Armone, and Gravano. Their people allegedly broached the idea with three of the five New York families, and received unofficial sanction for their hostile takeover. Frank DeCicco provided vital inside information; Castellano would be meeting with a trusted group of capos – himself included – at Sparks Steakhouse in Manhattan at 5:00 PM on December 16, 1985. Gotti chose eleven assassins for the job. Four of them would wait near the entrance to Sparks and take out Castellano and Bilotti as they approached.
The hit went off precisely as planned. The four gunmen swarmed Castellano’s Lincoln Town Car and fired a hail of bullets into the two men. All team members escaped in getaway cars.  (8)
Again, Kuklinski’s account deviates significantly from the known details of the event. His claims are in bold:

– Gravano told him straight out that Bilotti was his target. The eleven guys handpicked by Gotti were not given their targets until just hours before the hit.
– He walked to Sparks by himself, window-shopping along the way. He did not know who the other assassins were, or where they were. The assassins met in a nearby park for a “dress rehearsal” shortly before 5:00.
– He chose a spot across the street from Sparks. The gunmen had already selected their positions by the time they arrived. This would not have been left to chance; it was a tightly coordinated hit.
– He fled on foot and hailed a cab. The assassins had getaway cars waiting for them on Second Avenue. What kind of hitman hails a cab from a crime scene, anyway?

Gravano would later cut a deal and testify against Gotti, admitting to his role in the murder of Castellano. He did not mention Kuklinski. Even after Kuklinski fingered him for the murder of Peter Calabro, Gravano never explicitly stated that he knew him, though it certainly would have been to his advantage to finger Kuklinski for the Castelleno hit. “Yeah, I know that guy. I hired him to take out Bilotti.”

I will repeat that no one familiar with organized crime recognized Kuklinski after his arrest. In Selwyn Raab’s Five Families, his name is given as “Kukinski”. This might say more about Raab than it does about Kuklinski, but isn’t it curious that a journalist who followed Mafia affairs for the New York Times for a quarter of a century had never heard of the guy? Just how does a Polish hitman standing six and a half feet tall slip under the radar?


In Carlo’s book, Kuklinski never really respects Roy DeMeo. He’s grateful for the work DeMeo gives him, but he secretly nurses resentment over DeMeo’s bullying and plans to kill him someday.
In February 1983, he finally got his chance. DeMeo feared murder charges would soon be laid against him for the murders of “Jimmy Esposito” and his son (Nino Gaggi was already in jail for this crime). Kuklinski feared that DeMeo, desperate as he was, would roll over on him. So he shot DeMeo as they were parked in DeMeo’s car near Sheepshead Bay. He placed the body in the trunk and strolled away.
Even Carlo admits, in a postscript to his book, that Kuklinski probably wasn’t involved in DeMeo’s death. The generally held view is that Castellano ordered him killed because he couldn’t be trusted, and the hit was carried out by one or more of DeMeo’s own crew members. Again, several men have been named as strong suspects, and Kuklinski was never mentioned by anyone. Also, the motive he gives doesn’t make a lick of sense, and his details are again inconsistent with known facts. For instance, the Eppolito (not Esposito) murders had occurred four years earlier; Gaggi had already served his time, and the case was closed.

Anthony Bruno left the Castellano and DeMeo murders out of his 1994 biography of Kuklinski, The Iceman: The True Story of a Cold-Blooded Killer. He has explained that he simply couldn’t verify them.

Kuklinski also claimed he was in on the murder of John Favara, a neighbour of John Gotti. Favara accidentally struck and killed 12-year-old Frank Gotti, John’s youngest son, with his car in the spring of 1980. Kuklinski said Gotti’s brother Gene, a few other men and himself beat and tortured Favara to death. Several men have been named in relation to the case, and one of them was Gene Gotti, but Kuklinski has never been mentioned – except by himself and Carlo.  (1)

Some of Kuklinski’s other dramatic – and unprovable – claims:

  • When he was 5, his parents told him that his 10-year-old brother Florian had been struck and killed by a car, and he believed them. Years later, however, he claimed that Florian really died from one of their father’s beatings, and his parents told police Florian had tumbled down a staircase. How would he know this? It seems unlikely that either parent would ever admit to obscuring the cause of their child’s death, and Kuklinski obviously didn’t witness his brother’s demise.
  • He accidentally beat a neighbourhood bully named Charley Lane to death with a clothing rod from his closet when he was just 13 or 14 years old. He stole a car and drove the corpse two hours south to a swamp in the Pine Barrens, where he removed all the boy’s teeth and hacked off his fingers to delay identification of the body. (1)
    I can find no information on a Jersey City boy disappearing or being found dead in 1948 or 1949. There are at least two versions of the story; in Carlo’s book, young Kuklinski is already crime-savvy enough to steal a car, make a clean getaway, and dispose of a body, while in Bruno’s book he merely leaves the body in the courtyard of his apartment building. Carlo states the boy’s body was not found.
  • Between 1955 and 1960, he killed no fewer than three people after disputes in bars. His second murder was committed outside a Hoboken pool hall about 5 years after he killed Lane. A young Irish policeman who was getting on his nerves had fallen asleep in his car, so Kuklinski set it on fire. This man is known as “Doyle” in Carlo’s book. There may be at least two versions of this story, because elsewhere Kuklinski claimed he beat a man to death with a pool cue when he was 18. In 1959 he stabbed another man and beat a bouncer to death with a hammer.
  • In his late teens and early 20s, he headed a crime ring of 4 or 5 other young guys. They called themselves the Coming Up Roses. The gang was approached by a member of the DeCavalcante crime family and asked, point-blank, to “take care of” a man who was causing trouble. It was Kuklinski who walked up to the mark’s parked car outside a Hoboken bar one night and shot him in the head with a .32 revolver. Each member of the gang received $500. After that they were given many jobs, including stealing $3 million in cash and gold from an armoured-truck warehouse in North Bergen.
    This robbery would have been bigger than the Great Brink’s Robbery of 1950 (which was the nation’s largest robbery at that time), yet it didn’t even make the New Jersey papers. Huh.
    Later, under orders from the DeCavalantes, Kuklinski killed two of his own crew members. The names Philip Carlo gives for these two men are apparently pseudonyms.
    All of this supposedly occurred before Kuklinski was 19.
  • In February 1956, he killed three men who confronted him in Jersey City and dumped their bodies in a cave in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
  • He was the only hitman known to have worked for all five New York crime families (plus the two in New Jersey), according to Philip Carlo’s book.
  • One of the porn films he copied at the lab where he worked in the ’60s was Dogf**ker, starring Linda Lovelace. But that movie was made in the ’70s. This is just one of numerous examples of Kuklinski and/or Philip Carlo juicing up the narrative with BS details. Remember that bouncer he killed at the Peppermint Lounge in ’71? Well, that bar closed in 1965 and didn’t reopen until 1980.
  • In Florida, he killed a rapist (on DeMeo’s orders) by cutting off chunks of his flesh (including his penis) and setting him adrift in the ocean to be devoured by sharks. Immediately afterward, he killed three young men at a rest stop because they had taunted him on the road.
  • He blew off the head of a motorist stopped at a traffic light with a double-barreled shotgun, from a motorcycle.
  • Strictly as an experiment, he shot a random pedestrian in the head with a crossbow.
  • In Honolulu, he threw a man off the balcony at a five-star hotel.
  • After a robbery in New Jersey, he tired of the bickering of his four cohorts and decided to feed them cyanide-laced sandwiches. All four men died within minutes. He did not dispose of the bodies. The following day, he poisoned the man who had arranged the job.
    Four men being found dead in the same room would be a big deal, even in New Jersey. Yet this didn’t make the papers, either.
  • On more than one occasion, he took victims to a rat-infested cave in Pennsylvania, cocooned them with duct tape, and left them there to be devoured. These murders-by-rat were supposedly videotaped, with a motion sensor triggering a light as the rats moved in to feast, and Kuklinski says he gave the tapes to his clients to prove the “marks” had suffered.
  • He poisoned several people with cyanide in restaurants, while dining with his victims, yet managed to get out the door without being apprehended or questioned. Each and every one of these deaths, he claims, was attributed to heart attacks – meaning the EMTs and medical examiners somehow failed to detect any of the telltale signs of cyanide poisoning (cyanide rictus, the distinctive odour of almonds, etc.).
  • He poisoned more than one victim with cyanide merely by spilling it on their clothes. He would approach the mark in a bar, “accidentally” dump his cyanide-laced drink on the guy, then walk away. The cyanide, he explained, would gradually soak through the victims’ clothing and into their skin.

Then there’s the issue of the ice cream truck assassin…

Who was Robert “Mister Softee” Prongay? 

Kuklinski supposedly met Robert Prongay (spelled Pronge by Carlo) in the early ’80s, at a New Jersey hotel. He and Prongay were possibly stalking the same victim, and they quickly discovered they were fellow assassins. They enthusiastically traded techniques and war stories. Prongay claimed to be a former Special Forces member, trained in the use of explosives and poisons. Kuklinski said he was particularly impressed by Prongay’s use of a Mister Softee ice cream van as a surveillance vehicle, his ingenious use of cyanide in spray form, his remotely-controlled grenades, and his habit of freezing bodies before he dumped them to obscure the estimated time of death. Kuklinski began adopting some of Pronay’s methods in his own work. Prongay, in turn, was fascinated by Kuklinski’s use of rats.

Ice Cream Man
TV Tropes has an extensive list of killer ice cream men under the label “Bad Humor Truck”. Zero points for originality, Ice Man.

Their friendship came to an abrupt end in 1984. First, Prongay asked Kuklinski to kill his wife and young son for him. Then he told Kuklinski of his plan to poison a community reservoir just to kill members of a single family. Outraged, Kuklinski shot him.

What do we really know about Robert Prongay? Basically, nothing. We are told by Carlo that he was found shot to death in his ice cream truck in 1984, but his death didn’t make the papers. Other sources state that his body was discovered hanging in a warehouse on Tonnelle Avenue. There are no known photos of him. His background is a blank. No one in the world – other than Kuklinski – has ever talked about the guy. Carlo tells us Kuklinski pled guilty to his murder in 2004.
There are several possibilities here. One is that an ice cream assassin really was tooling the streets of North Bergen in the ’70s and ’80s, stashing bodies in his freezer. Another is that Kuklinski really did know a criminal ice cream man, and created a bullshit story around the guy, transforming him from a small-time hood into a crack military-trained assassin to obscure the unimpressive truth.

The Prongay conundrum turned out to be the tip of an iceberg. The more I delved into Kuklinski’s world, the less credible he became. Nagging doubts and unresolved issues multiplied, until I was finally faced with some deeply troubling questions.

Did Kuklinski really work for Roy DeMeo?

I began to realize that there isn’t a lot of concrete evidence actually connecting Kuklinski to DeMeo. The only person besides Kuklinski to publicly declare that Kuklinski was an associate of DeMeo is another highly questionable character by the name of Greg Bucceroni. This fellow crawled out of the woodwork a couple of years ago, telling Dr. Phil and any journalist who would listen that he was a Gambino associate at the same time as Kuklinski, that he had been a teenage prostitute for the Gambino family, that the Mafia tried to hire him to kill Mumia Abu-Jamal prior to his arrest, and that Philly businessman Ed Savitz once tried to pimp him out to disgraced Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky. Bucceroni alleges that Kuklinski often traveled between Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York on behalf of DeMeo and Robert DiBernadino, trafficking in illegal porn, working as an enforcer, and of course murdering people.
To date, there is no solid evidence that supports any of Bucceroni’s stories. Not even the Philadelphia Daily News, a glorified tabloid, really bought into him. In fact, reporter William Bender essentially called him out as a liar. The Patriot-News reporter who broke the Sandusky story, Sara Ganim, said when she first spoke to Bucceroni, he presented her with fresh allegations against the coach and other members of what he said was a vast pedophile ring, but couldn’t or wouldn’t provide any details. He said he didn’t know the surnames of his abusers. Later, however, he gave a laundry list of prominent names to other media outlets. When Ganim decided not to run with his unverifiable accusations, Bucceroni resorted to sending her harassing emails and naming her in profanity-laced tweets. Other writers who have had dealings with Bucceroni report similar experiences. Check out Kyle Scott’s posts on Bucceroni at Crossing Broad for more info.
So what we seem to have here is one conman propping up the stories of another conman. Interesting stories? Sure. Convincing evidence? Nope.
Bucceroni is the one and only person who has ever named Kuklinski as a close associate of DeMeo, though several members of DeMeo’s crew became informants.

In their 1992 book Murder Machine, Jerry Capeci and Gerry Mustain didn’t mention Kuklinski at all. Capeci does not buy his stories about Hoffa, Castellano, and DeMeo, and refers to him  as “heretofore unknown”. In other words, while intensively researching DeMeo and his crew, Capeci and Mustain didn’t hear squat about a gigantic Polish hitman.

In The Ice Man, Carlo explains that informant Freddie DiNome tipped off investigators to Kuklinski’s work for DeMeo. I can find no evidence for this. If you come across some, kindly let me know.

On the other hand, the film lab where Kuklinski copied porn was linked to the Gambino family; it was owned by Robert DiBernardi, and one of the theatres he sold stolen porn to was owned by DeMeo. And Kenny McCabe of the NYPD allegedly confirmed to author Anthony Bruno that Kuklinski’s vehicle had been parked at the Gemini Lounge in Brooklyn on several occasions in the early ’80s, when DeMeo was under surveillance. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean he worked for DeMeo outside the film lab. 

Was he a hitman?

Six of the seven murders that can be linked to Kuklinski are those of his own associates, people who worked with him on relatively minor jobs involving theft, or people who owed money: Robert Prongay, George Malliband, Louis Masgay, Gary Smith, Paul Hoffman, and Daniel Deppner. Then there is the case of Peter Calabro, which is rather questionable. All seven murders were committed within a short timespan (198o-1984). Kuklinski was convicted of two of them in 1988, pled guilty to two others, and (according to Carlo) pled guilty to the murders of Pronge and Calabro in 2004.

The first murder that can be definitely linked to him was committed in 1981. Louis Masgay, 44, purchased a lot of stolen merchandise from Kuklinski’s buddy Phil Solimene to stock a little store he owned in Paterson, and one day Phil and Kuklinski decided to rob and kill him. Richard wrapped the body in plastic and tipped it into a cold-water well near a warehouse in North Bergen. He wanted to try freezing a body, as Mister Softee sometimes did.
George Malliband was killed in the first week of February, 1982. A small-time hustler from Pennsylvania, friendly with Kuklinski, Malliband supposedly owed DeMeo $35,000. He tried to weasel his way out of paying on time by hinting that he could harm Kuklinski’s family…and Kuklinski, though brutally abusive to his wife, was so protective of his daughters that he would actually spy on them during parties. He was instantly enraged. He shot Malliband five times, shoved his body into a barrel by removing one leg, and dumped the barrel on the grounds of a chemical plant.
The plant owner found the barrel almost immediately, and it didn’t take police long to learn that Richard Kuklinski was the last person to see Malliband alive.
Meanwhile, DeMeo had decided to switch coke suppliers, and had no intention of paying for the last shipment he received from his original suppliers, a pair of Brazilian brothers. He wanted Kuklinski to travel to Rio a second time and take out both brothers. That’s how Kuklinski became an international assassin. It would not be his last overseas job, he claimed.  (1)

One murder that has been linked to Kuklinski serves as the strongest evidence that he was, in fact, a Mafia-linked hitman. Yet this case is extremely problematic. The hit was allegedly ordered in 1980 by Gambino underboss Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, and the mark was a crooked NYPD detective by the name of Peter Calabro. The exact reasons for the hit aren’t known, but it has been alleged that Calabro’s former in-laws suspected him in the 1977 drowning death of his wife, Carmella, and turned to Gravano for “help” (in the Carlo/Kuklinski version of the story, Calabro hired DeMeo himself to kill Carmella).

Sammy Gravano

Here’s how the murder went down, according to Kuklinski: He waited in his van near Calabro’s home in Saddle River, New Jersey, maintaining radio contact with Gravano, who was tailing Calabro. When Calabro attempted to drive around the van, Kuklinski fired the shotgun given to him by Gravano through the windshield of his Honda Civic, killing him with a single shot.  (1, 4)

The murder remained unsolved for over two decades. In 2003, Gravano was charged with soliciting Calabro’s murder. Why? Because Kuklinski took credit for the hit and told the feds it was Gravano who hired him. Beyond that, there is no evidence connecting Kuklinski to Calabro’s murder. Kuklinski had kept this murder under his hat until 2001, when he was interviewed by HBO for the second time.
He agreed to plead guilty in exchange for a life sentence (rather than a death sentence), and he also agreed to testify against Gravano. The young state police detectives who questioned Kuklinski claim he provided details that only the killer would know.  (1)  Just what those details are remains a mystery. And no one has answered  a rather obvious question: Why would Gravano, one of Mafiadom’s most prolific hitman himself, hire Kuklinski to do a job like this? He had to hire someone else for the Castellano hit because it was done on a street crawling with Christmas shoppers and steakhouse patrons who could recognize him, but he could easily have pulled off a covert nighttime hit like the Calabro shooting himself. It doesn’t make much sense. Several jailhouse informants have stated that Gravano bragged about killing Calabro himself, for whatever that’s worth.
At any rate, Kuklinski died before Gravano went to trial. The murder charges were dropped for lack of evidence.

The third and fourth murders for which Kuklinski was convicted in ’88 were those of Gary Smith and Daniel Deppner. In late 1981, Percy House, one of the members of a small burglary ring Richard ran, was arrested, and fingered Kuklinski as the boss, though he knew Kuklinski only as “Big Rich”.
Later, the ex-wife of missing crew member Danny Deppner provided state police detective Patrick Kane with Richard’s full name. This woman told Kane that Kuklinski was a hitman, and that he and Deppner had murdered crew member Gary Smith in December 1982 by giving him a poisoned hamburger, then strangling him. Sure enough, Detective Kane learned, Smith’s body had been found stuffed beneath a bed at the York Motel in North Bergen two days after Christmas in 1982. Several people had rented the room without noticing it.

York Motel
Worst housekeeping ever.

In May 1983, Deppner’s body was found near a reservoir in West Milford. He had been poisoned with cyanide, then shot. It would later emerge that he had been killed in the apartment of Richie Peterson, boyfriend of Kuklinski’s elder daughter, Merrick. Peterson had even helped Richard dispose of the body. Kuklinski told young Richie that Deppner had died of a drug overdose, and Richie believed him.
Then came the discovery that gave Kuklinski his nickname, the Ice Man. In August 1983, Louis Masgay’s partially defrosted corpse was found in Rockland County, New York (by other accounts, he was found in Palisades Interstate Park near Orangeburg, New Jersey). Though the corpse appeared fresh, an autopsy revealed shards of ice in his chest cavity, indicating he could have died much earlier.
It was Percy House who broke the case open, finally admitting to Detective Kane that he knew “Big Rich” had killed Masgay, Smith, and Paul Hoffman. Then Kane learned that a fourth guy, George Malliband, had an appointment with Kuklinski on the day he ended up in a barrel. Kukinski’s attorney would try to pin everything on House.
The Masgay case contains a mystery: How did Kuklinski freeze the body? Carlo claims it was kept in an ice-cold well, while the authorities seem to believe it was kept in an industrial freezer. So far as we, though, Kuklinski didn’t have access to a freezer large enough to hold a man’s body. 

Pat Kane worked obsessively on the Kuklinski cases for over four years. Initially, his bosses didn’t think there was anything to them because the MOs were so different in each murder: Strangulation, shooting, poisoning. How could they possibly be the work of one individual, a family man? Kuklinski was a “film distributor” on paper, and had a clean record (with just two complaints for road rage incidents).
Nonetheless, Kane was certain he was on to something. And he kept hearing rumours that Kuklinski was not only a killer, but  a hitman with Mafia ties. Given the body count, that wasn’t hard for Kane to believe. So he cooked up a plan to lure Kuklinski with a decoy client, an undercover cop. The man selected for this job was an enthusiastic ATF agent, Dominick Polifrone. In early 1985, Phil Solimene agreed to introduce him to Kuklinski as a weapons dealer.
It wasn’t until September 1986 that Polifrone finally met Kuklinski face-to-face. Kuklinski asked him to acquire some cyanide, and Polifrone asked for some firearms. Unaware that their phone conversation was being recorded, Kuklinski presented one of his associates (identified as “John Spasudo” in Carlo’s book) as an arms dealer who could get Dominick some “metal” for an IRA client. The two men then chatted about cyanide and all the interesting ways there are to kill people. Kuklinski was admitting, for the record, that he had murdered people.
They arranged to meet at a rest stop on October 2 so Kuklinski could hand over a “hit kit” consisting of a gun and silencer. As they hovered over the trunk of Kuklinski’s car, Dominick floated the idea of poisoning a wealthy young client by cutting his cocaine with cyanide. Kuklinski took the bait, telling Polifrone it could be done. Again, the conversation was recorded.
On Halloween, they arranged to meet up at the rest stop for a third time. This time, Dominick would bring the young coke buyer he supposedly wanted Richard to kill. Detective Paul Smith posed as the buyer. Kuklinski didn’t show. He was too busy conducting business in South Carolina and Zurich, according to Carlo’s book. The team waited tensely until another meeting was set up for December 6. This was a key meeting, because Kuklinski finally named two of the people he had killed: Deppner and Smith. During and after a fourth meeting, on December 12, he and Polifrone made arrangements to meet up again five days later and poison the coke buyer with a cyanide-laced sandwich; Dominick said he could supply the cyanide and the sandwich, which seemed to suit Kuklinski just fine.
On December 17, Polifrone handed Kuklinski a bagful of egg salad sandwiches and a tiny vial of white powder that looked like cyanide. He would pick up their mark and bring him back to the rest stop in about half an hour, he said. Kuklinski said he would swap his car for a van (a safe place to poison the buyer) and return to the rest stop in twenty minutes.
It didn’t take him long to realize the cyanide was fake. He pulled his car over and tested some of it on a stray dog – to absolutely no effect.  (1)

State police detectives were staking out his house in Dumont. They watched him return home around 10:00 AM with a load of groceries. Deputy Chief Bob Buccino gave the order for Kuklinski to be arrested there, and fifteen police vehicles rapidly converged on the scene. Oblivious, Kuklinski bundled a sick Barbara into the car, planning to take her out for breakfast, and drove directly into a solid line of cop cars. It took several men to subdue Richard once he was out of the car.

busted by a sammich
Busted by a sammich.

It seems clear, in hindsight, that Kuklinski at this point in his life was like a scared animal, frantically defending his small amount of turf by recklessly killing anyone who could conceivably pose a threat to it. But his own account of these last years of freedom paint a much different picture, of course; in his own mind, and in Carlo’s book, he was a jet-setting mastermind with his fingers in firearms, foreign currency, and Swiss bank fraud. He committed scores of contract murders, killed a few more people in fits of road rage, freed a dozen trafficked children from the dungeon of a pot dealer in New Jersey, and took down an Arab blackmailer in Zurich with a quick spray of cyanide.

In addition to the murders of Masgay, Malliband, Smith, and Deppner, Kuklinski was charged with the April 1982 murder of Paul Hoffman, a crooked pharmacist who supposedly supplied him with cyanide for many years. This was another profit-motivated killing; Hoffman was willing to pay a large sum of cash for a stolen load of Tagamet, and Kuklinski again conspired with his good buddy Solimene to simply bump him off and take the money. He shot and bludgeoned the man to death, stuffed his body into a 55-gallon drum, and brazenly deposited the drum near a Hackensack diner he frequented, Harry’s Luncheonette. He claimed that even though the barrel was in plain sight, no one discovered what was in it. One day when he dropped by for lunch, the barrel was gone.  (1, 3)
Hoffman’s body has never been found.
There is very little doubt that Kuklinski committed this murder, but the charges were ultimately dropped for lack of evidence.

In his second HBO interview, it is stated that Kuklinski became a hitman only after meeting Roy DeMeo. Prior to that time, he had never killed for money, and told DeMeo he thought he could do it. This story changed later, when Carlo interviewed Kuklinski. Suddenly, Kuklinski had been a teenage hitman, so proficient in the art of contract killing that he was already in demand at the age of 19. No one except Carlo accepts this. Even the makers of the movie The Iceman rejected it completely.

How accurate is the movie The Iceman?

The film makes no mention of Kuklinski’s more outrageous claims (Hoffa, DeMeo, etc.). This is because the script was based on Anthony Bruno’s book, rather than Carlo’s book. Even so, it relies on Kuklinski’s own accounts of his crimes, so it is probably not even remotely accurate. This is one of those films in which “inspired by a true story” is stretched to the outermost limits.

Son Dwight is left out of the picture. Barbara is “Deborah”. Murders of non-Mafia associates are transferred to powerful Mafia-linked figures. For instance, the Christmastime murder of Kuklinski’s associate “Bruno Latini” becomes the murder of a character based on Anthony Gaggi and Paul Castellano, Roy DeMeo’s bosses in the Gambino family. In reality, as we have seen, Kuklinski played no role in the assassination of Castellano.
The names of DeMeo’s closest associates are altered, and the name of “Mr. Freezy” (Mister Softee) isn’t given at all.
In The Iceman, Kuklinski is drawn into the Mafia through his work in the film lab, and Roy DeMeo essentially forces him to become a hitman. Kuklinski claimed just the opposite; he was an expert contract killer by the age of 19, and his stint at the labs was just a way to make ends meet. It was not DeMeo who introduced him to the Mafia.

The bizarre sneezing-in-the-disco scene in Iceman was actually even weirder in real life, according to Kuklinski. He had decided to kill a Bonanno family lieutenant inside a popular New York disco – a spectacularly risky move that doesn’t seem at all like his usual style. He had recently learned about poisons and acquired some cyanide from Paul Hoffman, and one night he showed up at the mark’s favourite disco in an absurd “gay” getup: elevator shoes (remember, he was 6’4″), a red hat, wildly coloured clothes. Instead of spraying cyanide on his mark, Kuklinski jabbed him with a syringe as he scooted past him on the dance floor.  The man was dead before Kuklinski left the club.
Kuklinski didn’t start using cyanide in spray form until the 1980s, after he befriended ex-military assassin Robert Prongay (Mr. Softee).  (3)

Kuklinski did not save a teenage girl from a sexual predator. That story, it seems, was created out of whole cloth just for the film.

In the film, Kuklinski is just as he described himself; a Jekyll and Hyde. But the dividing line between the upright family man and the raging sociopath was not clearly demarcated between his work and his home life, as it is in the movie. Michael Shannon’s Kuklinski controls his temper around his wife and daughters, for the most part. In reality, Kuklinski was physically abusive to Barbara, and so controlling with his three children that one daughter, Chris, claims she lost her virginity to a stranger at age 12 just to feel she finally had control over something – her own body. Kuklinski blackened Barbara’s eyes, caused her to miscarry, shattered furniture, destroyed mementos. He told his daughter Merrick that he would have to murder the entire family if he accidentally killed her mother, so she and her sister carefully packed a bag and worked out a plan to run for their lives, just in case.

Why I don’t believe Kuklinski, in a nutshell

1. He was a prolific liar. Even people who believe most of his story, like Bruno, acknowledge that not all of his stories are true.
2. There is simply no concrete evidence that he was a hitman.

Here’s what I think happened: Kuklinski was a minor-league criminal running a B&E gang, bootlegging porn, selling stolen merchandise, etc. In the early ’80s he lost control of his crew, and some members starting getting into trouble, so he began picking them off one by one, just like Jesse James did in the twilight of his criminal career.
He had long been telling people he was a hitman, and after his arrest he decided to pass himself off as a world-class Mafia hitman. An avid – but not very careful – reader of true crime lit since boyhood, he used famous crime scene photos and twice-told gangster tales to piece together an impressive life story, inserting himself into some of the Mafia’s most notorious murders. Many people bought it.

I do believe that Kuklinski and his siblings were severely abused as children, because the Kuklinski clan spawned two remorseless killers. His younger brother, Joseph, served 33 years in Trenton State for the rape and murder of a 12-year-old neighbour.
I believe that he did work, in some capacity, for DeMeo (perhaps merely as a porn supplier).
I believe that he killed at least six of his associates. The fact that he was busted for nearly all of them indicates he was not a professional killer.
I believe that he was a career criminal. He had very few legit jobs in his lifetime, yet his income was steady and he was able to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.
In my opinion, the rest is bullshit.

How did Kuklinski pull off one of the biggest hoaxes in criminal history?

First of all, he chose the right profession. Hitmen often work alone, are crazy paranoid about surveillance, and kill people to whom they can’t be connected – usually without even knowing their names. If a Mafia hitman tells you he killed 100-200 people over three decades in two countries and at least 18 states, that’s a tough thing to refute. I cannot conclusively say that Kuklinski never worked as a contract killer. I can only cast doubt on his claims by pointing to the lack of corroborating evidence for them.
Kuklinski was a serial killer. There’s no question about that. His real killing experiences may have enabled him to spin plausible-sounding tales about contract murders.

Secondly, Kuklinski was a sociopath. He was a convincing liar, and a reasonably intelligent man. He knew how to fill the credibility gaps in some of his stories. He was smart enough to know that DeMeo’s Gemini Lounge was under surveillance, and to make up the story about always meeting DeMeo near the Tappan Zee Bridge. As DeMeo’s “secret weapon”, he supposedly didn’t have to rub elbows with the other killers in DeMeo’s crew very often. This would explain why he wasn’t known as a Gemini Lounge regular.
He was also smart enough to come up with an excuse for living in a nice, but hardly extravagant, 3-bedroom house in New Jersey when he was pulling in millions every year: Gambling. Sure, he could send his kids to private schools and buy lovely furniture for his wife, but he pissed away several grand on a regular basis in poker games and casinos. This lie unraveled when the man who prosecuted him, New Jersey Deputy Attorney General Bob Carroll, said to HBO, “He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t gamble.”  (3)

Thirdly, he stuck to a principle that liars and hoaxers throughout history have found extremely useful: Go big or go home. By seeding his stories with some of the biggest names in modern Mafia history, Kuklinski effectively armored himself against accusations of trickery. Who would pretend to kill people for Roy DeMeo, or finger Sammy Gravano for a murder, unless he was legit? No one would be so bold. No one would be so foolish.
Paradoxically, it was this name-dropping that made me start questioning Kuklinski in the first place. Like most everyone who watched the HBO interviews, I was mesmerized and appalled by Kuklinski, and had little reason to doubt he was a hardcore contract killer. Then his Hoffa story hit the news, and I suddenly realized that not all of his stories were necessarily true. This ultimately led me to what I believe today – that Kuklinski was not a contract killer and did not work for the Mafia outside of the porn-bootlegging business.

Maybe Iceman is the perfect name for him – he pulled off an amazing snowjob. In fact, he wins the second posthumous Pants Afire Award. Irony.



It’s nearly impossible to dig into any subject without bumping into conspiracy theories these days. Here’s one about Kuklinski, courtesy of Ed Chiarini (the Texan who believes John Stossel is Freddy Mercury, Winston Churchill was also Lionel Barrymore, etc.): Richard Kuklinski did not die in prison in 2006, but became the chief medical examiner of the state of Connecticut, Dr. H. Wayne Carver. In Chiarini’s view, Kuklinski/Carver was a key player in the Sandy Hook massacre hoax.
Chiarini is losing his touch. Sure, I could believe that Robert Blake was the Pope, but the resemblance between Kuklinski and Carver is extremely slight (they’re both large and bald, basically).


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  1. Impressive research, wow! It’s obvious that even real super-prolific serial killers lie big time, but this “lesser” individual filled the gaps to become a real myth, even winning a very high score in the bogus “Most Evil” Dr. Stone’s series. A man so big and different is not suitable for a contract killer, that’s for sure, and as you said he definitively killed 6 people and got in deep sh*it getting pinned and condemned, kinda sloppy also, how in the hell he ought to admit hundreds of detective-story-like killings? The worst is not that, but that general public simply took the bait. The realm of the phrase, great claims –> greater evidences, has been expanded by this great exposition of facts. Thanks!

    1. Det. Kenny McCabe never spoke with either author of the two BS books. Kenny never spoke to anybody and considered Kuklinski a complete fabricator.

    2. I read this rather quickly, but for what it’s worth I believe this author has done his homework, as his facts reflect pretty much everything I’ve read myself on this subject.

      I think Kuklinski may have ad lib’ed a little bit, likely just to aggrandize himself to impress whoever was interviewing him by name dropping, i.e. associating himself with noteworthy names, but this is actually common with mafia fringe players like associates who for whatever reason were never formally inducted into one of the families . . . but I also think Kuklinski didn’t *need* to do that, because I do believe the man was a fearsome force whose bad side you absolutely did not want to be on.

      I especially liked Dr. Park Dietz’ on air analysis of Kuklinski when it aired.

      1. I agree! I’ve done research myself, the man was a murderer. I do believe he was not lying about everything, and his widow decided to speak about him AFTER his death. She was seen crying her eyes out when he was in court admitting what he did. I think he treated them well, not sure he was the brutal husband he is made out to be, though.
        Just my thoughts…

  2. I am the son of Robert Prongay, there is ample evidence of his existence if you look around. His murder did make the papers, but nonetheless Kuklinski was mostly full of shit.

    1. i believe i knew Robert Prongay, please let me ask this question, did robert ever live in a small house on tonnelle ave North Bergen right next to a Graveyard ? If so, i did in fact know him and i would like to talk to you in private !

      1. i would like to add, i remember when Robert P bought the BRAND NEW MR. Softy truck, i believe the year of the truck was 1983 or 1984, but it was a NEW TRUCK !

  3. I was unable to find any substantial information on your father, Mr. Prongay. If you would like to provide any comments or insights for inclusion in this post, please let me know.

    1. Check the social security death Index. He was born in December 1945, died August 1984. His brother, an identical twin, Kevin was a lawyer as is Kevin’s song Robert, they moved to California circa 1986, or so. He did indeed own Mister Softee trucks and no a body could not be stored in them the freezers are way to small. As for being a hitman, highly doubtful as he terrorized us, he blew up the front of our house and was missing from court for those charges when his body was found. I imagine he thought Kuklinski was full of shit and fucked around with him. My father was crafty and was able to build explosives and had a background in some chemistry stuff, probably the genesis of the cyanide BS. Dig around you will find info and it should support your conclusions on Kuklinski being full of shit. Not because Robert Prongay didn’t exist, but because he did.

      1. Hi,

        did you ever met Richard Kuklinski? Did you saw the “Iceman”-Movie? Perhaps you can sue the filming company.

      2. Carrie the garage looks accurate it was below the surrounding street on 70th and Newkirk in North Bergen and I believe it had stone retaining walls. I can’t tell if that is below the street level, but it could be it. As for the man no it is not my father, though the longer blond hair is somewhat more accurate then Chris Evans,lol. The death picture is not accurate as he was in the closed garage in the truck the truck there looks like the truck used in the other photos, so I assume they were alll created together. The thing I use to say they look alike as all of them do is the giant MR Softee logo inside which was not in the truck as we sold that truck and it was not there then. In the late 80’s/early 90’s HBO sought photos through ads they placed in local papers, I assume nobody provided any so they used some creative techniques. As for suing I live in Ontario now and I attended the showing at the Toronto Film Festival and listened to the director speak, it was obvious it was more an entertainment piece then a biopic. On a separate note you can not sue for defamation of the dead though a few suits did succeed in trying thanks to crafty attorneys. My father’s identical twin Kevin as well as his wife are lawyers as Kevin’s son Robert, I’m sure they would have tried if they thought it could succeed. I never met Kuklinski but in the years prior to my father dying we had a very bed domestic/stalking situation with him and at the time a man who years later we learned was or at least very much looked like Kuklinski did follow us on multiple occasions. Thank You Essemme for your kindness, and quite honestly this thing has followed us for years even here into Canada,lol. A year ago or so I was working in a customer’s house and he heard my still very thick NY accent and we were talking he had this mob on the mind complex and began telling me how he was looking forward to the Kuklinski movie and started telling me of the Ice cream man hitman as well,lol. I figured I’d give him a thrill and told him he didn’t believe me and wanted to see my driver’s license and when he saw the spelling he said it’s spelled wrong I told him web search it he did, and was then so thrilled, what an idiot lol. It’s really more of an annoyance now, but for years it was quite shameful, but I’ve learned that quite a few people seem to see it as something cool. It takes all kinds lol.

      3. Kuklinski claimed that he would never kill a child,what a fucking cunt he was.He was trafficing child porn and snuff films.May hes soul burn in hell and the same goes for all the others so called tough mobsters.I do believe what Greg is telling about these scumbags and they all deserve a fucking bullet to their heads.

  4. Just read the book and wanted to find out about his death to see if it was natural or not. I hit the ol’ google and your site came up. Numerous sites to be accurate, but yours is by far the best researched. Do you buy into any of the random killings, like going to the west west side and killing gays and the homeless? Is there record of the brothers in Rio being killed or even being real? Etc…

  5. Greg Bucceroni November 16, 2013 at 11:12 am
    @ S.M. Elliott, If you want to know about Richie Kuklinski ask someone who was part of his crew! Kuklinski like myself were part of a group of independent street criminals that associated with mobsters. We officially weren’t part of any one mob crime family but did criminally interact/collaborate with mobsters on a regular basis, hence the term “Mob Associate” a mob associate isn’t part of the mob but does criminally collaborate with members of organized crime in committing a variety of crimes abroad. Myself, Richie Kuklinski (I use to refer to him as the “Big Pollock” or “Richie”) and other independent street criminals use to criminally collaborate with a variety of street criminals, mobsters and corrupt cops (Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York City) in trafficking stolen cars, guns, stolen scrap metal, pornography, stolen property and illegal drugs. FBI didn’t focus on us independent street criminals because at the time of FBI investigations were sloppy and really didn’t focus on what was considered at the time petty street criminal associates, FBI only focused on high ranking mobsters or known key players ie Paul Castellano, Roy DeMeo, Robert DiBernardo, Myself, Kuklinski and others were considered small fish and often overlooked during FBI investigations (I bet FBI now wishes they paid better attention to us small independent fish) FBI looks pretty stupid regarding a variety of things they overlooked and or mishandled over the years that I was involved with including the 1970s Jerry Sandusky abuse!) My whole criminal life started after I was coerced via money. drugs/alcohol. gifts etc by Ed Savitz 1977 exploited into the life style of child sex trafficking. The whole Jerry Sandusky child sex scandal only played a small part in my child sex trafficking victimization. Getting sexually abused, raped, pimped out to hundreds of men/women in 3 different states and turned into a child drug addict/alcoholic at the age of 12 years old until I was 16 years old kinda messes a kid’s head up! that’s why it was very easy for me to develop into a lifestyle of violent street crime at such a young age and criminally associate with other street criminals of that era 1977-1986.

    FYI I disassociated myself from Richie Kuklinski back in 1982 after I was warned that Roy DeMeo wanted Kuklinski to kill me after I complained about child pornography and child snuff films that we were trafficking from New York City to Philadelphia. As a victim of child sex trafficking and abuse I wanted no criminal part in trafficking kiddie porn and I made a big fuss about it which got Roy DeMeo pissed off at me. It was the big fuss that I initiated that eventually got Roy DeMeo murdered 1983 that also eventually gave John Gotti another excuse to murder Paul Castellano and Robert “DB” DiBernardo during the rise of the John Gotti era for which I was not a part of.

  6. Believe it or not after 1986 i became a police officer and crime victim advocate for which I educated myself in the field of criminal justice and investigations. The Jerry Sandusky abuse scandal that exploded 2011 is when I decided to do some soul searching of my past sexual abuse victimization that developed into a lifestyle of violent crime as I got older, so I decided to finally break my silence and put all my dirty criminal laundry dating back to the 1970s on the table once and for all! May 2013 because of my reporting my criminal past I lost my job as a police officer, but I still work as a well respected crime victim advocate in Philadelphia who goes toe to toe with the FBI and local law enforcement officials with regards to they’er sloppy mishandled criminal investigations that allowed monsters like Jerry Sandusky and Richie Kuklinski to roam our communities 1970s-2011.

  7. He was full of shit i read his book cat like silence a quite man why brag about killing too an undercover cop surly he would know that gets you noticed i think he was a pure bullshitter and he was facing the rest of his miserable life alone in his cell so out popped this story roy demeo was murdered off his own why did his coat get wrapped around his head it means when demeo died he was sitting comfortable in a place he felt safe think about it the iceman was full of shit

    1. I agree some of Kuklinski’s stories were odd but considering the company we kept it doesn’t come as a shocker to me! I didn’t have to read a book or see a movie to know that Richie, Kuklinski was associated with Richie Bildstein who was kind of a mentor to me between years 1977-1993. Both Richies traveled between Philly, NJ and NYC trafficking kiddie porn, stolen cars and violence, as best I remember the junk yard located at 2nd & Clearfield street in the Kensington section of Philadelphia became a dumping ground for a variety of criminal types including a few mobsters. As for Kuklinski’s association to DeMeo let’s say this, Kuklinski was an associate to Robert “DB” DiBernardo who collaborated with Roy DeMeo along with many others, Richie trafficked kiddie porn and violence for hire services for DiBernardo, DeMeo and others that were associated to the Gambino crime family’s pornography establishments. As for DeMeo’s crew not knowing Kuklinsk? That’s not exactly true, Richie was trafficking kiddie porn as was other mobsters associated with DeMeo, I bet they won’t admit to that shit either! I will go toe to toe with any of the DeMeo old crew if they deny the kiddie porn & child sex trafficking shit! The kiddie porn trafficking is one of the big reasons Paul Castellano had DeMeo killed 1983. Roy DeMeo, Tony Trombetta, Robert DeBernardo, Chucky Smith, Richie Bildstein, Michael Umbers, Theodore Rothstein, Richard Basciano, Jimmy Burke and others all collaborated to trafficking kiddie porn in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York City, believe it or not even this kiddie porn trafficking even connects to Jerry Sandusky Penn State sex scandal between years 1977-1986. Also as I best remember both Richie Bildstein and Richie Kuklinski both competed on who could devise various unorthodox ways in murdering people both were phycopaths, serial killing machines that also were independent violent criminals associates to Robert DiBernardo and Roy DeMeo’s pornography’s establishments.

  8. @Joey, I mentioned this because the author of this story is researching Richie Kuklinski without knowing all of the facts. Roy DeMeo had a variety of “criminal associates”, some knew other and some didn’t know each other, I met Richie Kuklinski thru Richie Bildstein, who like Kuklinski was trafficking pornography (Adult & Kiddie) on behalf of Robert “DB” DiBernardo and Roy DeMeo. There is a current FBI/US Postal Inspector investigation into Jerry Sandusky Penn State/Second Mile Charity sex scandal and its connections late 1970s to Roy DeMeo and Robert DiBernado Gambino mob run pornography establishments trafficking. I am a cooperating victim/witness to this current joint federal investigation.

      1. Did you ever complete your book ? i have something’s to talk to you about ! Please contact me through the G-Mail ( ……

    1. Both Richie Kuklinski and Richie Bildstein associated with Russel Bufalino and Louis DeNaples so it’s my guess it is possible Kuklinski knew of or was involved in some way with Hoffa. Not impossible.

      1. Some journalist who are rookies tried to discredit me after I named a few prominent Phildelphia area politicians of once being associated with as enablers of a pedophile ring made up of wealthy politically connected philanthropist who became involved in child sex trafficking and kiddie porn back in the 1970s early 1980s that was once tied to Jerry Sandusky and the Second Mile Foundation charity. The kiddie porn was developed for the most part by associates of Robert “DB” DiBernardo who was a capo with the Gambino crime family and operated variety of pornography establishments in NYC, NJ and Philadelphia. It was at these mob run pornography establishments where I first was introduced to Richie Kuklinski thru mob associates Chucky Smith and Richie Bildstein, Kuklinski was involved along with others in trafficking mob run pornography, kiddie porn and snuff films. Roy DeMeo was also involved with this pornography trafficking and had some influence over Kuklinski but best I remember Kuklinski worked for Robert “DB” DiBernardo not Roy DeMeo. Although with freelancers like Kuklinski it wouldn’t be odd to do work for a variety of other mobsters from other crime families. What I remember most about Kuklinski was his quasi association to Richard Bildstein who I was directly connected to, Bildstein was like Kuklinski an associate of the Gambino crime family who also dabbled in other crimes with corrupt cops, mobsters from different crime families and other criminal types. Bildstein was into a variety of crimes including murder and would also kill randomly in testing out new weapons or simply for the sport of it, primarily in the Kensington section of Philaphila mostly targeting homeless junkies loitering in the area of mob influenced scrap metal yards where Bildstein was employed as security. I only had the displeasure of meeting Kuklinski a few times between the years 1977-1983 mostly in NJ and once or twice in Philadelphia. I remember most about Kuklinski was one time at a NJ diner Kuklinski and Bildstein boasting about different ways in killing people, as a young kid I would often think these guys were just pulling my leg and bull shitting about the different ways in killing people and disposing of the bodies, but as I got older and more involved with Richie Bildstein I discovered Bildstein was a murdering mental case that murdered for sport. Although I am unaware of any 100 percent actual murders that Kuklinski commuted in Philadelphia area, dead bodies were being found all over the Kensington area of Phiadelphia near mob influenced properties that Bildstein provided security for.

      2. Yo Greg, you are the biggedt fuking wierdo. You are a pathological liar! I know who you really are you sick fuck! I know what you did to that poor news reporter WOMEN because she found out the truth about you. How did Jerry Sanduskys cock feel? You were a fuking fagot sucking cock for money! You got fucked by all of the coaches! Your father did kill littl girls!!” I know exactly everything about you but I am done wasting my time on a SICK COCK SUCKING FAGOT! !!

  9. Well Greg, you seem to be aware of his boastfulness, he had the garage in front of my father’s and he followed us on several occasions, I assume on the request of my father. I would find it odd a cold blooded killer would be so easily “hired” for such a task. As for my father being some hitman, we had contact until 1981 and no evidence was present of that and from 1981-1984 he wasted a lot of time harassing us so it would be unlikely he was a killer. Is it possible Kuklinski was just a pornographer,not a hitman? I do know he was distributing regular porn vhs from that warehouse in North Bergen, let me know what you think.

    1. Other than Kuklinski’s association to Chucky Smith and Richie Bildstein in addition to his trafficking pornography between NYC, NJ and Philadelphia on behalf of Robert “DB” DiBernardo I really don’t know much about Kuklinski’s other activities other than he did at one time late 1970s-early 1980s have something to do with Roy DeMeo. I do know that when Kuklinski was arrested back in the mid 1980s, Richie Bildstein became real nervous that Kuklinski might give him up regarding Bildstein’s criminal activities including past murders, ironically Kuklinski never mentions his association with Richie Bildstein or Chucky Smith.

      1. So do you think Kuklinski may have boasted for notoriety? That seems to be his only reason, he was going to spend the rest of his life behind bars so he made his story grander than it was. Better to be a hitman than a child smut peddler.

      2. Kuklinski was arrested for several murders and was associated to Richie Bildstein who did murder people for money via criminal types, mobsters and business persons that needed a problem taken care of. Bildstein wouldn’t have been so nervous after Kuklinski’s arrest unless they conspired to commit serious crimes with no “Statute of Limitations”. I know for several months after Kuklinski’s arrested Bildstein was paranoid and becoming anti social for about 2 years later. It wasn’t until 1989 did Bildstein start to socialize with many of the old Philly Crew. 1986 after the murder of Robert “DB” DiBernardo and the unrelated arrest of Richie Kuklinski in addition to Richie Bildstein thinking FBI was about to arrest him, I decided to leave town for a few years and travel between NJ and Florida. It wasn’t until 1990 did I decide to return back to Philadelphia and get back involved with Richie Bildstein. 1993 I decided to set Bildstein up for a fall with the FBI & ATF after Bildstein and myself had a nasty fallen out and Bildstein plotted to kill myself as another associate. After 1993 I kinda keep a low profile until Nov 2011 when the while Jerry Sandusky abuse scandal hits the news media, that’s when I decide to break my silence regarding my abuse as a victim of child sex trafficking tied to Sandusky and my criminal association to a variety of mobsters and criminal types tied to the Gambino crime family’s illegal pornography establishments in NYC, NJ and Philadelphia.

    2. It is becoming more evident that i did in fact know your father, man i would really like to talk with you about this ! If this Robert P is the same person i knew, i would (need) to talk with you ! Just to make some Credibility The Robert P i knew in 1984 had just bought a ” NEW ” ice-cream truck, not the truck’s they show in all these picture’s on the web ! And to add, it would be this ” NEW ” ice-cream truck the one that he was killed in ……

  10. I think much of what he said was probably true, of course not sure of all of it. The photos of the 3 young men shot in the South at the rest stop, the sheets over the bodies showed they were shot in the pelvis. Few would know to do that. It causes instant crippling, and it is what you want when being attacked, they can’t walk forward and collapse. Shooting the chest would have been the more usual choice of a lesser experienced shooter. One is shot in the neck as well, which was probably a finishing shot, the others seemed to just bleed out from the arterial punctures around the femoral arteries and lower aorta such wounds can cause. It is a master touch. His use of cyanide indicates to me he had made so many messes that he finally decided it was better to do it that way. Most hit men don’t do enough business to get so sick of it. Description of leaving the van from inside in the Calabro murder is again something you’d only think of if you were right there facing detection with the headlights on you. His story of hanging someone over his back also is seen in the news photo of the victim as described. The description of blindness and deafness from shooting in a car is also something less likely to hear in a fabrication. His flustering anger with the psychiatrist interview in prison is real and terrifying. The one time his murders in self defense the guy gives him a hard time on it, and he blows up, which I would, too. If he was making it up he might have joked about it, but he got seriously furious. There’s a lot of it true, in my opinion.
    The family life isn’t something you’d support from small time crime ring of housebreaking, etc. I think he had larger sources of income and with no education, and no gainful employment visible, it’s likely he did hits for a living, at least a few of them a year to support all the family stuff, and dinners out, etc.

    1. Kuklinski 1977-1983 associated with Richie Bildstein who often murdered people for money and sport between the years 1977-1993 mainly in Philadelphia PA but Bildstein often would travel between Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York City while trafficking kiddie porn, child porsitution, guns, drugs, stolen high end cars and of course murder for hire. I remember meeting Kuklinski a few times between 1977-1983 while I was associating with a variety of criminal types associated with the Gambino crime family’s pornography establishments in Philadelphia and New Jersey. 1977 Bildstein and Kuklinski murdered a film developer who was blackmailing Ed Savitz in Philadelphia regarding kiddie porn that the blackmailer was developing for Savitz. Afterwards Savitz solely used the services of Robert “DB” DiBernardo and Theodore Rothstein for all furture kiddie porn trafficking in addition to child sex trafficking services. I’m not sure is all Kuklinski’s stories are true but I can definitely say Kuklinski was quasi associated with the Gambino crime family’ pornography establishments, was quasi associated with Roy DeMeo and was involved in at least a few murders with Richie Bildstein.

      1. Wow, thanks, that’s stuff I have heard nowhere else. I followed Kuklinski since a couple years ago when I bought the book, think it was The Iceman? I read bits of the book at the airport. I’m not much of a book reader, but watched most of the online videos. It’s scary how someone seeming like a gentle giant with an open innocent sort of look about him could be so dangerous. Instructive, be very polite to others, but not sure even that habit would have made anyone the least bit safer around him.. Thanks again..

      2. Trust me there was nothing gentle or innocent about Kuklinski. I am one in a handful of people that are still alive that criminally associated with Richie Kuklinski. Even though I actually was associated of Richie Bildstein, we periodically associated with Kuklinski in trafficking pornography, guns and other stolen items. Bildstein was more involved with Kuklinski than I was and boasted about different random murders committed he Bildstein had committed. One or twice Bildstein and Kuklinski boasted about brutal murders they had committed at a NJ diner while trafficking mob run pornography.

    2. I am with you – he may have embellished some or thrown a few whoppers to amuse himself, but, for the most part, I think he was telling the truth. Pat Kane, the New Jersey detective who was obsessed with investigating Kuklinski, says claims that he only killed 5 or 6 people, etc. are completely ridiculous. No offense to the gentleman of this blog, but a lot more investigative resources and information are available to the New Jersey State Police and Pat Kane puts his guess around 300.
      Gary Ridgway, the green river killer ( credited as the most prolific serial killer with a conviction for 49 killings ) said he killed so many people, he forgets a lot of them. He also got the details of quite a few mixed up. Detectives in Seattle believe he has killed at least 70, probably closer to 100. So, disparities, mix ups, etc. with details and the like are bound to happen.

    3. Mr. Luhrs,
      I randomly came upon the Kuklinski story but am somewhat curious after watching some videos, particularly about what you alluded to – the flustering anger during the interview. The video I saw has an obvious edit and seems to skip content. It doesn’t appear he’s really that upset except for one small piece. It’s interesting you picked up on the same thing.
      Is the full un-edited interview out there? Was that something you were able to see, to know it was ‘real and terrifying’?
      A lot of doubt is cast on his stories but it seems that if he really did instantly change over very minor insults / criticisms, perhaps it would result in errors regarding some details that lead people to doubt him. Who knows.

  11. This is really a fantastic blog post. I’m really impressed by your thoroughness. Bravo!

    I’m just watching a mob documentary on youtube when Dominick Montiglio tells a story very similar to one I read in the Iceman biography. He both talks about rigging a grenade in a car – that failed to kill the target (I’m pretty sure Kuklinski has a story about this too. He also told of how him and another guy had to abort a birthday party to go kill someone and then resumed the festivities as usual when the deed was done. Now to be fair it could be that grenade riggings and oddly timed hits are just a regular occurrence in the mob world, but still I couldn’t help to draw parallells.

    Thank you again for a fantastic read!

  12. Robert Prongay did indeed attend Auburn University as stated in the book, The Iceman, and he was expelled in 1974 after being arrested for battery against a female student he was filming in connection with the pornographic videos he was producing in his dormitory room. There was significant local press coverage of those events. He was well known to fellow dormitory residents.

    1. Hey John you are correct, this did indeed occur if you don’t mind me asking, who are you?

  13. I was told a story by an older coworker who is now retired, in his late eighties, that he met Kuklinski on a couple of occasions in a NJ bar that was owned by Someone. He greeted him as well as a few others in attendance w. a handshake. He never spoke, not even a hello.

    He went straight to the back room, came back out after a few minutes, and left. Never stopped for a drink or to converse.

    There is a story if I recall correctly in Carlo’s book where Richard details a particular hit he claims to have carried out/been a part of.

    But he did know details re: what was done to the body that was indeed 100% accurate in the way it was found. And in my research I’ve found only one article which mentions this one particular detail. (Written in 1992.)

    I believe most likely he was present, the actual shooting was admitted to by another participant. But that doesn’t mean Kuklinski wasn’t there or took part along with. Or that this person was lying themselves.

    It certainly appears in this case he was. He definitely wasn’t in that bar because he didn’t have any connections. And it wasn’t to discuss pornography.

    He may have embellished certain things, & or injected himself into things he had nothing to do with. But in this once case I’m confident he was. And if that is true, one must say he certainly could have been involved in much more.

    I guess one other way to look at it is that the Italians would never admit to the masses/media that they used the services of an unmade, Polish hit man to carry out such high end contracts amongst their own.

    BTW when I asked this gentleman what they referred to him as he said they called him “The Polack.” Which I believe I’ve read or heard of through other sources. (I doubt that was rarely, if ever said to his face directly though!)

    1. He wasnt. He was a “hitman” he did not go out killing people for his own amusement. There was one time he killed someone for no reason at all, it was to test out his weapon. The guys a sick piece of sh*t, but wasn’t a “serial killer”.

  14. Reading the book put doubts in my mind then when I watched some of his interviews I could tell he was full of s**t trying to act up to the name he has for himself.

  15. Interesting blog, here. Surfed into it late last night. I have actually been fascinated by the iceman lore for several years now, and have researched it on/off since being introduced to it by the HBO special that aired in 2001.

    I think Kuklinski was a very dangerous man, who did commit a lot of murders, and was involved with organized crime. I think over time, it was so routine, he got sloppy, leading to his arrest. I also think he embellished quite a bit for the cameras, and mixed fabrications in with the truth, but over all, he did do at least 50% of what he claimed, which is quite a bit unto itself.

    1. As a side note, I read the Donnie Brasco book, and he speaks of meeting Kuklinski briefly at one of the mob hangouts, and that Kuklinski was under investagation, even then.

  16. Was Bucceroni connected to the hustlers that murdered John Knight 111 at the Dorchester on Rittenhouse Square.Sylvester Stallone was a major benefactor of Knight’s deviance and was conveniently rushed out to Hollywood by Frank Palumbo when Knight was killed.
    Savitz, protected by Ed Rendell, Phila. DA, pimped for Knight and extorted him while he was Editor of the Phila. Daily News.
    Rendell was asshole buddies with Rappaport , Basciano, Trombetta, and Blavat and now wants to play hide the salami with Michael Sam as the next NFL Commissioner.

  17. No doubt this guy did some serious things but your comment about him
    Using other people’s mob stories rung so true. From his buddies robbing a made man’s card game, to him having to be the one to kill them, sound right out of accepted mafia cliches. And how did Philip Carlo not check any of this? His books are always rife with inaccuracies.

  18. In one of Richard’s interviews he admits to using a chain saw to cut up bodies, in another he calls it a myth/fable that people created, His stories are inconsistent. Although I doubt very little that he was a very dangerous man.

    Also just because Bob Carol refutes Richard as a gambler, does not mean he wasn’t one. Remember’ That claim is coming from a law enforcement officer that struggled to even tail and follow Richard at the best of times, they never even knew when or if he was in or out the country.

    My hunch is that the vast majority of Richards claims are true and some of it is purely to piss others off.

  19. He did not say he didn’t use a chainsaw but that he did not like chainsaws. Because they are messy… The fable is that he liked chainsaws. No inconsistency here.

  20. There’s a lot of holes in your “theory” that Richard was not a serial killer or “full of it” as you say. Some of the stuff you claim you couldn’t find, I was able to find, such as the existence of Mr Softee. The fact that you had such trouble with this clearly makes all your other claims very shallow. And you say that you find it hard for Richard to have obtain a freezer? Really? My poor Uncle who is a butcher has a very large freezer. they may live in a mobile home but he’s got a freezer that would have been perfect for this type of work. Fortunately he does not put humans in it but deer.
    It seems your belief that Richard was a liar overwhelmed you to print this biased article with accusatiosn of fraud that whole no water and you have virtually no evidence to back your claims other than “so and so’s book disputes this”. I don’t claim to think that every single thing Richard said was true, but i do believe that most of his claims were true. If there was more evidence, he wouldn’t have gotten away with his crimes as long as he did. And again, you seem to base the argument against his claims in one book with another book. How is that logical? I’m starting to think a lot of your research came from Wikipedia or wikpedia like sites that are known for their errors.

    1. I agree with you, especially about Robert Prongay, or as some spell the name Robert Pronge. At the time it was a Big new’s story, so anyone stating that Robert P was not a real person surely doesn’t know what their talking about. i mean how can anyone claim they do research and come out with shit like this ?

  21. This was certainly a great study. I had read Mr. Kuklinski’s story a few years back and immediately dismissed it as fantasy and didn’t think about it since, until I saw the movie just now. Wow, what a great movie! I’ve always been a fan of these kinds of movies, and the fact that I know they are based in bogus don’t draw anything out of them. I also loved “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind”, a movie based on equally bogus “true story” from a few years back. And Micheal Shannon is such a great actor! I’d just seen his performance in Boardwalk Empire, and if it had been someone else (like Mickey Rourke) playing the Iceman I might have skipped the movie altogether, but I didn’t and I loved it as great peace of fiction.

    But I also enjoy the truth behind the myths, and I have to agree with everything Essemee wrote here. Kuklinski was a murderer, for sure, and he was a psychopath – and like any other psychopath he was also a pathological liar who never let truth come between him and a good story. I’ve been interested in true crime for the most of my life, and what I’ve found that the “hitman” as described in Hollywood movies doesn’t really exist. Sure, we have murder for money, and we have plenty of low-life thugs like Kuklinski to commit them, but something like “Leon the Professional” – sorry, doesn’t exist. Though I’m sure Kuklinski was a hitman in his own mind, in his fantasy, and there’s no doubt he killed a few people, he’s not any more “professional” than any of the common criminals who commit these kinds of acts, sometimes for money, sometimes for no reason at all.

  22. @FB: Kuklinski is not considered to have been a ‘serial killer’ as the psychological profession recognises it, that being defined as one who derives sexual arousal and/or pleasure from the act of killing, maiming or torture of another human being. Kuklinski’s sole motivator was greed: he wanted to make money and certain men were willing to pay him to kill people. Later, he cut out the middleman by killing people in order to steal their money.

    In pure legal terminology, he fits the definition of a serial killer in that he committed multiple murders over an extended period, often with extended gaps between each murder.

    The true definition of a serial killer in today’s parlance falls somewhere in between the two. To be labelled a ‘serial killer’ a person is usually considered to be someone who has killed multiple victims over an extended period, for sexual gratification and/or the fulfilment of deviant urges.

    On topic, Kuklinski certainly seemed to enjoy a little embellishment here and there but never really stood out as an outright liar. There seems to have been little cause for him to lie, beyond concealing information about his activities after 1982, in order to avoid the death penalty that came into effect in New Jersey at that point. Was he present when Hoffa was killed? Possibly. Given his reputation among his associates for ruthless efficiency and seemingly limitless brutality – not to mention his willingness to deal with contracts others might not want (such as the slaying of Peter Calabra, which Kuklinski later said he would most likely have carried out anyway, had he known Calabra was a police officer) – would point to him as an ideal candidate for such a high profile contract.

    All we can say for sure is that we will never be sure.

  23. Ive found the comments to be just as interesting as the article. it is hard to believe that a hitman would be so generous with information about his former “occupation”. then again..maybe thats why he’s dead.

    1. Fucking scumbag child molesters put a bullet to their heads.Tough mobsters traffcing child porn while there are spoiling there own kids and buying jewelry for there slut cunt wifes.

      I believe Greg in what he is saying about these pigs,nothing was too ugly to touch in the name of profit.May there souls burn in hell for eternity.

  24. I remember reading the book a number of years ago, before the movie. His claims always seemed outlandish and over the top; but to be honest, there was no way to verify what he was saying. It was Philip Carlo, that made me suspect he was full of shit. He has written a number of books that have been called out on the lies he has told. I guess this is just another one to add to the list.

    1. The age is correct, the child was 7 when killed and Richard was 5. The fact that it says female is not surprising with a name like “Florian.” I do ancestry work and the mistakes made on “official” documents would astound you. One of my own Uncles, born in Boston, is listed in their HANDWRITTEN birth registry twice – in 1911 and 1913. Some clerk left a book from 1911 out on the desk and somehow wrote his name, parents, etc. again in a 1913 book ( or however it happened ) but mistakes are common, so the female thing is no big deal.

  25. Wow, this is great stuff. I just got through re-watching all three Iceman shows on HBO. It had been years since I’d seen them. This time I asked myself, “If Klukinski killed 100-200 people, then what mob members were left to kill by other mob members?” Sure, there were hundreds of Mafia killings, but there is no way Klukinski was responsible for 60-70% of them in that time frame. And on too of all that, he is never mentioned in any mob books, docs, or movies? Surely even big bad Mafioso when cringe at the mere sight of him after a 100 or so killings, correct? And wasn’t that one of the Mob’s best killing assets? For them to kill their own bu catching them off guard? So if Kluklinski did not hang around with these guys enough for them to ever mention him, and he supposedly killed all these mob figures, then would not even the most ignorant of mobsters be able to put two and two together? These are the questions I asked myself during my most recent viewing. So I searched and found your post. Great job, it was exactly what I needed to put Kluklinski’s and his bullshit to rest.

  26. Hello,
    time and again I stumble upon comments about Iceman being a liar etc., especially his statements he murdered more than 200 people, and being responsible for certain cases. Does a simple thought he did the last to mislead law enforcement evade your imagination? Because, at least to me, it’s the first and (same time) most logical way to explain his supposed ‘bragging’. You are a hardened criminal. You are in jail for life. It is only natural to take credit, and ‘heat’, for cases that are yet not resolved. You don’t make a court statement, but nonetheless you provoke investigators to look into past malicious activities trying new angles, to no avail. Counter argument is, Kukliński got no one outside (crime associates) to protect, care for, or being afraid of. It is sound argument, yet, I believe there is certain way of conduct living as he did, in criminal underworld. It doesn’t mean having a strict code, obeying sacred mob rules (none such thing, no honor among the thieves), but trying to screw cops out of deep dislike is safe to assume. Also to show guys outside he didn’t snitch etc., give it a thought.
    And 200+ people? He got 30 years to do it, as in 360 months, as in 1.8 victims per month. How could he evade police for so long? If you watched Iceman interviews, Robert J. Carroll, asst. attorney general tells exactly why. Constant change of MO, living normal family life, planning ahead to get away. Take into account most of the victims before he got mob-related being homeless. You have guys out there that for years pray on misfortunates, for example street prostitutes, are psychotic serial killers, sometimes leave a ton of evidence, are likely accurately portrayed by psychiatrist specialist, even then it takes said years to catch them. That’s why Kukliński is so special.

    Disregard any writing/language errors, I’m not a native speaker.

  27. I read this biased “Kuklinski isn’t A hitman” Speech with great interest and assumption you had done your research on the topic as some great investigative reporter should have. The more I cross reference your claims of his embellishment the more holes I discover. You read 3…4 Books think your an expert on Kuklinski deciphering his history like it’s the Da Vinci code or something..
    “The Big Guy” And ” The Polack” are very familiar in the industry for the people in the Know . I think you really need to re edit this slander because the psycho your calling a liar was very very real. A lot of people are gone because that manipulating lying psychotic maniac was born. You have no clue about anything and you are just quite stupid… Very stupid

    1. There’s no doubt he worked with the mafia, and probably was a hit man/enforcer. I think the writer of this is simply pointing out some of the embellished stories. The Hoffa and Castellano murders made me laugh. Really, you hailed a cab after one the most public murders in the mafia since the days of Capone. I believe he killed homeless people because his upbringing messed him up. I’m sure he was contracted to kill low level mafia associates. But there are huge holes in his stories. When I was in my 20s I ran with a group and we did the whole little league wannabe mafia stuff, and one thing you learn pretty quick is to embellish the story for several reasons, the biggest is to make others fear your crew. Now figure this guy is sitting in prison with nothing but time to do, the attention would be all he has left. He was given a big name and ran with it. Bonnie and Clyde were gas station robbers, but other people have made them larger than life. Billy the Kid may have killed 5 people but often boasted of killing 20 or more. It’s all ego. You are what you say you are until someone proves otherwise.

      1. I grew up around the Gemini and have interviewed every cop mentioned in Murder Machine. He bought a gun off DeMeo once and figured he could generate publicity while he rotted away in prison. HBO and his cadre of biographers took the bait.

    2. Perhaps you should read it more closely next time…or not. he was homicidal, you are misrepresenting and misunderstanding and simply, not reading the article.

  28. Interesting view’s, I’m half way through reading The Ice man, finding it a riveting read, but again if he killed as many people as he admitted to, surely the authorities would go back to these unresolved murders/ heart attacks and collaborate or dismiss his claims !!!

  29. A lot of Kuklinski’s tales were told to simply set him apart from his brother, Joseph Kuklinski. Richard thought Joseph was garbage and rightly so. At the end both brothers were in the same prison but Richard wanted everyone to know they were not the same.

  30. Kuklinski is a liar and people from the New York New Jersey area where he lived are liars. I am not saying he was not a killer just most of what he says is bull. Case Closed!

      1. This thread has been very entertaining. I’ve followed this story from day one when it aired on HBO. I believe he was affiliated with the mob and I do believe he carried out hits. Do I think he’s full of shit? Partially, only because it gave him the opportunity to get out of his jail cell. He was also more than likely permitted special privileges because he was sought after by so many writers looking to cash in on his stories. He saw the opportunity and took advantage. The down side of serial killers is the fact you can’t ask the dead who killed them. So we’ll never truely know. All we can do is speculate.

    1. “People from the New York, New Jersey are where he lived are liars” that is the stupidest thing ive heard this month, What a fucking retard you are.

  31. Thank you for your research. I am an avid follower of the mafia and the Dillinger Era bank robbers. A friend of mine at work told me about him and so I watched the movie. My frind gave me a few details and I thought, well how did I miss this guy. Once I started watching the movie and heard DeMeo’s name I became skeptical. I know DeMeo so again how could I have missed this guy. The movie was a good one, but like you it seemed a little far fetched. After, I tried to verify some of his stories and found nothing. I agree with you tenfold. This guy just wanted to make a name for himself. When I heard his claim on Hoffa and Castellano I laughed my ass off. Then I found your article and was relieved to find someone sifted through his bullshit. So again thank you for the read.

    1. My pleasure. I was as fascinated by the HBO doc as anyone else, and accepted every word at face value. It was the Hoffa claim that got me thinking, and that led to researching, and research led me to…not much of anything. There simply is no concrete evidence that Kuklinski was a hitman affiliated with the DeMeo crew.

      I’ll stick with Dillinger.

      1. Yes, an outstanding article, I suggested that people on Rob Dykes channel on YouTube to read this thoroughly; I found it very compelling and accurate, great research (he was doing a clip on hit men, that I thought was just a complete exaggeration) I hope a few show up to bask here.

      2. I also have to agree with the above post’s that there is simply no evidence as to RK being linked to “the Demeo Crew”. You would have thought that one of the “rat’s” in the crew, would have included a Kuklinski hit in their testimonies. As for as RK was concerned, he was a member of the “Demeo crew”, there is simply no proof of his involvement. RK and Roy took that with them to the grave.

        I was not a big fan of the movie or the second book. The film would have been much better if they would have stuck with the facts. The true story is far better then the film.

  32. Yeah I’m not sure anymore. I don’t see a lot of mafia connection, but some stuff he mentioned seems like first hand knowledge. I think he was a hit man but probably only killed mafia associates. I doubt he killed made guys as that’s a more sacred thing, to the mafia anyway. He probably just killed other non made guys like himself. I watched the interviews and his eye movement coincide with someone who is thinking about past experiences. However, sociopaths are good at hiding this because to them everything their saying is true, whether it’s a lie or not. I believe he killed a lot of people, but none of them had really made a name for themselves. The rat thing is sick and the shooting in Georgia are what sold me. There are many photos that align with his account, even one of a dude chewed by rats. If I owed DeMeo money he would probably be the one to collect or kill me, but was he there for the hit on Castellano, I have to say hell no. I would doubt Sammy the Bull and Gotta had ever seen nor heard of him, but who knows. Very cool stuff, in sick way.

    1. I have to say it is quite possible he could have been one of the assassins wearing a Russian hat. It is not far fetched to assume that Gotti wanted unknown faces and people with no connection at all to do the hit on Castellano as to not bring heat on the Gambino’s.

  33. I can tell you this do research, in order to be in the Mob you have to be 100 percent Italian or sicilian. He could never be but if you look at Cape he liked using people outside of his organzation because it kept the heat out of his family. He lived well had a lot of money porn didn’t pay that much. He killed a cop that hit came from the higher ups. 200 people seems extremely high but look at some serial killers. Gacy 33 possibly as high as 100. The green river killer etc etc. This guy lasted many years and I’m sure the killings he did were not all mob related but there’s no denying he did kill for mob relate murders, but he’s dead and no one can separate the lies from the truth but we all do now know, he stands before a judgement of his creator.

  34. troy ave is in brooklyn not queens, and the gemini lounge was on flatlands ave in brooklyn..that small mistake discredits everything this article says smh

  35. It was obvious in Carlo’s book he didn’t want to piss Kuklinsky off . The ridiculous story of the kids who were rescued was one of the most outrageous. If anyone publicly disputed Kuklinsky’s claims as bullshit when he was still alive I never read it. When you have a sociopathic killer making headlines the media smells money. They don’t give a shit about facts. If anything they add their own dramatic bullshit to the story. Sociopaths ARE known as compulsive liars but the violent ones are the last people you would want for a enemy.

  36. I’d really like for any of the law enforcement officers involved; pat kane, Dominick pilifrone, also Phil solimene to provide us with any bit of details that would convince us as to wether any of it is true and how much of it is true.

  37. I don’t remember him saying at all he killed 50 people just for fun, I’ve watched a lot of stuff on this guy and he has never said anything about killing people just for the hell of it. However, there was one time when he did kill 1 guy to simply test out an arrow gun. Everything else had a reason behind it, mostly had to do with being owed money and making money because he was a hitman.

  38. Like many people in the comments section, I feel the truth and fiction have blended into a 50/50 mix. No criminal is honest in his or her dealings. They all lie, and fabricate whether for image, amusement or defensive purposes. Take Ted Bundy for example. The man was a notorious liar, but the evidence of his murders was overwhelming, and earned him the electric chair. Ted Bundy claimed to have killed many more than the police found. And he only made the claims after he was caught.
    Mr. Kuklinski though, I feel is the real deal, as far as being a contract killer. The numbers and some of the who’s have of course been obfuscated.
    The biggest problem with trying to match the stories of people like hitmen, and other low life criminals and murderers is the fact that most of the people they kill are also low life scumbags, with no real jobs, or families who care about them. Once these people are killed, in no way make headlines. Many are not even recorded, and do not even have death certificates. Record keeping was performed manually, and was not well kept during the time of Kuklinski. Moreover, many people simply didn’t carry their ID, and many of these criminals had false ID’s as they were much easier to produce. Think even about today, how many prostitutes, drug dealers, and other nefarious people are killed in large cities without our knowing.
    Like I say, I think that Richard Kuklinksi was the real deal, even though there are some holes in his story.
    I don’t quite know where the child porn thing comes up. I know that Richard dealt in pirated porn, but I had no clue he messed with child porn. And snuff films are not real. The FBI has repeatedly stated that not a single ‘snuff’ film has turned up, as the concept was cooked up be demented Evangelicals in the 80’s during the Satanic panic. Not saying that Richard Kuklinksi did not deal in kiddie porn, but the snuff film thing always has been and is a fabrication, according to the FBI.

    1. I would think that RK would have easily got a lot of work from the mob over the kiddie porn thing as they were most likely cleaning house. I am sure that is why DB and Demeo got whacked, if this whole child porn thing is true.

  39. Ok, first off, great board.
    I have to answer to the people who do not believe that RK was a sadistic serial killer. If you can believe his claims at having killed before his mob associations, these crimes would in fact qualify as serial killings.They were done solely for his pure sadistic pleasure. When he was noticed by NY and NJ crime families for having no disregard for human life, then he began to make a profit off his favorite past time, murder.

    I am sure RK told a lot of fish tales but I do not see any need for him to have to expand on his reputation. Any wiseguy already incarcerated in the prison he was at would have been already familiar with his reputation and his sheer size guaranteed that no one would have messed with him in prison short of a nut case trying to make a name for himself. So I have to find his claims as 60 to 70% authentic.

    PS: Mister Softee’s murder was covered in the NJ papers as well as several of RK’s random murder’s were covered in various regional papers where they occurred.

    1. I have read both the book by philip carlo and now every comment on this page and find it most interesting to see different people’s ideas on the truth or supposed facts and research they have done. One thing that I noticed is that there is a lot of scepticism surrounding Kunklinskis portrayal of events in that there is supposedly not a lot of evidence to support his claims in the way of bodies or death notices etc. The blog authors post comments about ‘what sort of hit man would just get into a cab after a hit like that’ in regards to the Paul Castellano hit. My answer would be a clever one. If this is true the fact that he goes unoticed in this circumstance (witnesses saw only 3 men come and leave together) proves nothing more than he carried out his job perfectly as tge idea of being a professional hit man is to be off the radar, unknown by the victim, in most circumstances and to do your job completely unnoticed or as close to as possible. Who knows maybe he was just exceedingly good at his job

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