Nexus Schmexus

I don’t think Nexus magazine is intended to be entertaining, but that’s just what it is. Only Mad makes me laugh harder. It’s a breathtakingly dumb repository of debunked hoaxes, quacky cures, “alternative energy solutions”, and completely crackpot conspiracy theories. It still promotes Erich von Daniken’s Gold of the Gods (though von Daniken himself admitted he made up nearly everything in the book), the alien autopsy footage (another admitted hoax), and the “canola oil is poisonous” info that circulated in a scare email back in 2001. The articles’ titles crack me up, but reading the articles in their entirety is tedious; the only Nexus I’ll be reading is Henry Miller’s, thanks.

Just a few of the Nexus articles available online here:

Urine Therapy: Your Own Perfect Medicine!

The Miracle Man from Brazil: Totally amazingly incredible!!! This is about psychic healer/surgeon Joao de Deus (“John of God”). He’s not a doctor, but he can channel dead doctors to perform surgery through him. He boasts of healing 15 million people in 35 years, yet as James Randi points out “Working 8 hours a day, taking no lunch hour, 6 full days a week for 35 years, taking no holidays at all, he would have to “heal” ONE PERSON EVERY 21 SECONDS of every minute of every hour of every day he worked, with no time off, and no failures!”
Busy guy.

Toxic Secrets: Flouride and the Manhattan Project

Shaken Babies or Vaccine Damage? Since they only gave me two options, I’ll have to go with #1.

Swimming Through the Ether: Homeopathy and Radionics

Hidden Dangers of Canola Oil (it is hazardous – if you spill it on the floor)

The Alien Autopsy Film: Facts vs. Armchair Research

INDUCED REMISSION THERAPY: Dr Chachoua Is Curing AIDS and Cancer!

Martin Bryant: Was He Framed? This article points out that police were the first people to ID Martin Bryant, the Port Arthur mass murderer, when he staggered – clothing ablaze – out of the inn where he was holding his dead hostages. So apparently the cops just can’t be trusted, but some crazy dude with his shirt on fire is clearly innocent. Of course! What were we all thinking?

Does HIV Cause AIDS?

As Pete Seeger said, “You’ve got a right to be wrong”. But if folks are making health-related, judicial, and dietary decisions based on anything in Nexus… I’m worried.

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  1. I enjoy nexus magazine a lot. I esp. look forward to the news roundup section near the begininng, it is chock full of informative stuff. Did they run 'alien autopsy' before, or after, it was shown to be a conjuration? hmm. When they run the Project Censored top 20, wow, that makes my day (or week)…Didn't the Induced Remission Therapy guy win a 10 million dollar judgement? If thats quackery, then its pretty convincing,at least to the courts-peyers patches might have something to do with cancer and the cure… That Tasmanian shooter may have been framed or set up, a controlled asset; you didnt go into enough detail or you misreprsented the story, etc.who benefited, hmm? And HIV by itself almost certainly does not cause AIDS (eventually, Dr.Gallo even said as much).As usual, you place information out of context to create the illusion that you are exposing hoaxes, but you leave out the inconvenient fact(s) that would tend to support your opponent. … This is the fatal flaw with uber-skeptics- they discard or downplay the information that doesn't fit. Are ultra skeptics afraid of something? It is very dangerous to defend the 9-11 insider criminals, the off shore banking cartel,the big pharmaceutical companies eager to rake in the dough from their highly questionable vaccines and drugs….it is very dangerous to humanity to go along with these crimes, to try to explain them away and deny justice for the victims. I know you are near to Truth-ers. Listen more. In your world, big corporations, governments, and the approved experts are almost always correct, everything is above board, they have the peoples best interests at heart, usually. Such naivete…I dont see how you can write your blogs unless you are paid to.

  2. Anon, I know that critical thinking can be scary. You have to go where the evidence and common sense lead you, rather than where you want to go. But please try it some time. Don't just question the establishment; question the people who are questioning the establishment. Sometimes, they are just as dishonest and/or wayward as the system they're supposedly trying to expose. Question everything.

  3. You're welcome. Now put aside Nexus and read about the Port Arthur massacre. You'll see that no one truly benefits from mass murder. Gun control in Oz = herding cats. Never heard of induced remission therapy. Enlighten us.

  4. nexus supplies one important ingredient that you could never..verifiable bibliography..before you mindlessly trash a given enterprise you might do well to research that which you think you are trashing..I would love to hear your take on the pope the vatican the black pope and the theres something to sink your toothless gums into..stop being a parrot and do your own research

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