Friday Night Fun and Frivolity with TrutherBitch

The Truther/bitch known here as TrutherBitch is, as you’ve probably guessed from previous posts about her (here and here), a spam queen. Roughly every third email the Significant Other receives is from her, and 98% of them are written (I use the word loosely) in ALL CAPS, bold, and in 48. (ironic that when the Business in Motion nonsense was going on, she actually sent tips on “email etiquette” to the Signif Other)

Here are just a few of her most recent offerings:

  • “Did you know that ‘they’ just decided to change the name of the tower that is going to replace the Twin Towers from the Freedom Tower to One World Trade Tower!!!!!!!! Hello- is that putting it in our face or what??”
  • “New Documentary on the FAKE Anthrax attack after 9/11 on CBC this Sunday”. I don’t know if she thinks the anthrax itself was fake, or the attacks were fake, or the attacks were false-flag operations. But who really cares?
  • “First Canada’s Health Care system is getting a Fascist makeover and now this!……Bill 19 – the taking away of ones property – is PURE COMMUNISM. I do not use the word Communism lightly here. One of the basic tenants of the Communist Manifesto IS NO PROPERTY RIGHTS- in fact NO private property for citizens.
    we are on our way there with this bill! Some highlights from the bill:

– the Gov’t becomes the ‘thought police’ – No Kidding

-taking away of property for ANY reason whatsoever

-no more rights- only privileges! Rights are God given- Privileges come from Gov’t and can be taken away!!!!!

-Ministers get to decide what a ‘public project’ is- maybe his pet project??

– No existing environmental laws will apply”

While Bill 19 would invest cabinet ministers with too much power (IMO), it does not in any way involve “thought crime”. Read it for yourself.

I’ve saved the best/worst for last: Though I’ve lost the video link, I can tell you it was an excerpt from a sermon delivered around the time of the Selma march. An anti-Commie preacher was speaking out against ecumenism and liberalism in the churches, saying towards the end, “Some Christians are even marching alongside these Negroes!”

Now you might be thinking that TrutherBitch sent this out to show us just how racist and narrow-minded the U.S. Christian establishment can be, right? Or to demonstrate how far we’ve come in just a few decades, from this self-righteous a**hole to a black president?

Not quite. She wanted to share the video because, at the very end, the preacher singled out her church of choice as one that had not bowed to the creeping evils of liberalism.

Seriously. She sent out a right-wing, blatantly racist rant because she was proud of the fact that this retarded sh**nugget of a “minister” singled out her church for praise.

That is insane! It made me so mad I wanted to WRITE IN ALL CAPS and BOLD every other WORD and end EVERY SENTENCE with at least FIVE EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!

But I won’t. Because I am not crazy. Yet.

I should note that in the time it took me to write this post (roughly 10 minutes), TrutherBitch sent five more emails.

10 thoughts on “Friday Night Fun and Frivolity with TrutherBitch

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  1. My favourite quote from TrutherBitch: “It’s good to start people off with fluoride and aspartame, and work your way up to 9/11 and the global warming scam. Most people only care about themselves, so they’ll pay attention to health stuff.”Suuuure. I’ll *definitely* be more likely to take someone seriously if they start off with a rant about tapwater…

  2. Isn’t it nice that crazy, paranoid people warn us not to listen to them by the silly fonts and caps lock? It’s like they are helping us to realize that their writing is not worth reading.

  3. I wonder if they write everything that way…Resume: “I am a CERTIFIED Public Accountant with a strong background in financial MANAGEMENT”Grocery list: “APPLES!!!!!”

  4. I discovered your blog a few weeks ago, and having a Mother In Law who is a Truther,(Beyonce and JayZ are the high priest and priestess in the Satanic Illuninati, and Beyonce has a demon she summons during her shows, dontcha know) this blog has become a favorite. Conspiracy theorists facinate me. I love your sense of humor, and smart sarcasm. It’s nice to know that there are logical, reasonable people out there that are willing to call bullshit. And you call bullshit like a pro. Kudos on a great blog. “TrutherBitch” lmao

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