Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

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  1. Wow! That “Disney is a subliminal satanic pedophile mind-control conspiracy” material is genuinely disturbing. Not because there’s even a smidgen of truth to it, but because the materials appear to document very unhealthy obsessions in the minds of the person or persons who created them. I hope he/she/they don’t live in my neighborhood – I’d be concerned for the wellbeing of our children, if they did. Some of the delusional thinking on that site mirrors delusions that I’ve tried to confront in other settings. Specifically, the idea that persons who have never experienced pedophilic attractions can be “seduced”, by one means or another, into developing a violent, depraved, sadistic lust for sexual contact with minors. There’s no credible evidence to support such a belief. Plethesmograph research involving sexual criminals or persons being subjected to “reparitive therapy” has demonstrated that it is possible to repress (at least, in the short term) inappropriate or unwanted sexual arousal, but has provided very little evidence that “new” (i.e. previously not experienced by the subject) sexual arousal patterns can be successfully imposed upon or ‘grafted’ onto anyone’s libido.

  2. “the materials appear to document very unhealthy obsessions in the minds of the person or persons who created them”My thoughts exactly. If you’re seeing Satanic, subliminal pedophilia in every scene of baseball flicks, you might have some *issues*. Mr. Honor has never quite explained how Disney would benefit from placing subliminal pedophilia in their films, other than saying Disney is just evil and likes to do evil stuff for the sake of being evil. And the notion that we could become Satanists, pedophiles, or pervs solely because of some ambiguous subliminal imagery in an hour-and a-half film is…kinda insane.

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