Another Fun-Filled Friday Night with TrutherBitch

It’s quite obvious that TrutherBitch is racist, but this is low even for her…

“UK Schools Stop Teaching the Holocaust Because It Offends Muslims!!”

This is a hoax spread by bogus emails, of course. Snopes set the record straight a couple of years ago, and the BBC dealt with it last year.

3 thoughts on “Another Fun-Filled Friday Night with TrutherBitch

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  1. Yet again, common sense should prevail. It doesn’t really take much thought to spot how bullshit this is.Unfortunately, here in the UK there’s barely a day goes by without some made up racist or xenophobic story about how something is being banned because it offends such and such a group. I’ve regrettably come to the conclusion that I live in a country of scum intent on believing any old nonsense and spouting lies at every opportunity. (On a side note, I recommend Five Chinese Crackers for dealing with the source of most of these myths – namely the dreaded British tabloid! (mostly fascist rag the Daily Mail) )

  2. I often wonder what our society would be like if some tabloid-eating monster from another dimension came and gobbled them all up.I’m just utopian, I suppose.

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