Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

  • One of the biggest, spookiest boogeymen in the H1N1 vaccine hysteria is the use of squalene in oil-based vaccine adjuvants. What the paranoia-peddlers fail to mention is that oil-based adjuvants aren’t used in human vaccines, as I explain in “Much Ado About Squalene” at Leaving Alex Jonestown. You might as well be worrying that your ground beef is being replaced with unicorn meat.
  • An illustrated biography of alien abductee/artist David Huggins has been released. Huggins believes he has sired at least 60 human-alien children, and has painted hundreds of eerily fascinating pictures of his experiences. You can see a few of them at this page devoted to Huggins and the biography’s author, Farah Yurdözü.
  • As if the hoax wasn’t annoying enough, Balloon Boy Halloween costumes are now on sale.

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