Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

  • If you’re bored with searching for reptoid aliens in newscasts and TV commercials, here’s a new conspiranoid hobby for you: Looking for aliens in the background of George W. Bush photos. This guy claims to have found one, but I think his alien is just a window reflection of the Barney hand puppet the White House staff waved around to keep W. focused on the camera.
  • Joe Schimmel says he was once a rock lyricist immersed in the occult; now he’s a Baptist pastor immersed in exposing the “occult agenda” behind movies and music. In his self-produced documentaries and on his very slick website, Good, he goes after the usual suspects (Led Zeppelin, Madonna, The Da Vinci Code). Boilerplate anti-occult stuff. The funny part is that he also attacks the “Gnostic themes” of movies such as Vanilla Sky and The Truman Show in all seriousness, as if people actually pay any attention to Vanilla Sky. Oh, and Avatar has something to do with the “coming one world religion”. I hope we’re not forced to worship those Ferngully Smurfs.
  • Okay, it’s finally happened. Master cryptozoologist Loren Coleman has flipped his freaking lid. In a recent blog post, he draws the most tenuous links imaginable between accidental child deaths in various U.S. states and asks, “Who are killing the children?” [sic]. Wait. It gets worse. He then speculates that children who died by hanging from hooks have some sort of connection to Peter Pan. And one of the tags for this post is actually “coat hooks”, as though he writes about them all the time. For the love of Bigfoot, man, get yourself some help! Wait. It gets worse. “Theo Paijmans” comments that J.D. Salinger’s story “Glass Family” (I think he means Hapworth 16, 1924″) was supposed to be reprinted in 1998, the year of the first coat-hook death recorded by Coleman, and in the Glass family stories a child prodigy commits suicide (the book was supposed to be published in 1996, and Seymour died as an adult, but never mind). As we all know, a couple of infamous assassins were quite fond of The Catcher in the Rye. To Paijmans, this all makes sense. (Batsh** insane as all this is, there is an important lesson to be learned from Coleman’s post: Keep coat hooks out of the reach of children, or use hooks specifically designed for kids. I’m not kidding. Not only do wall hooks pose a hanging hazard, hooks at eye level can do serious damage.)

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  1. That Good Fight (GooFi?) ministries site is a hoot! I love how he goes after Crowley, the Beatles and Timothy Leary, because that is TOTALLY who the kids are into these days!I watched the Tori Amos vid and just loved how he casually called her a "Judas Priestess" – because that is a real thing that totally exists!!!

  2. Yeah, the site is timely as hell. My stepdaughter doesn't even know what the artist-formerly-known-as-Symbol looks like, but I'm sure the music she hears on AM radio during cab rides could imperil her soul.

  3. That's an excellent podcast. I can identify with the guy, not as a Truther but as someone who's been exposed to a lot of the lunacy and paranoia and dogmatism of the Truth movement. Good for him for speaking out; there's a lot of actual truth in what he says.

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