Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

Apparently, it’s unofficial Nazi Retard Week in Canada. 2010 is still young, but the year is already so full of stupid that I’m surprised there’s still room left over for anything else…

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– In a podcast interview posted at the ragingly anti-Zionist blog of Montreal 9/11 Truth, pioneer Truther and “anti-Zionist” Eric Hufschmid argues that Christopher Bollyn, a “journalist” formerly with The American Free Press (the neo-Nazi rag that replaced The Spotlight), has been abducted and possibly murdered by Zionists, along with his wife and children. In reality, Bollyn appears to have skipped out on an aggravated assault charge. He allegedly attacked a police officer.
Then Hufschmid declares that “even some Jews” are beginning to realize how evil Jews are, how they are engaged in sexual slavery and human trafficking. As examples, he mentions Natalee Holloway and Joseph Fritzl.
It seems that some anti-Semites noticed stars drawn on the walls of Fritzl’s infamous cellar, and assumed Fritzl had to be Jewish. He’s actually Catholic. The former prime suspect in Natalee Holloway’s disappearance may have been Jewish, but that hasn’t been confirmed; the family did not seem to practice any religion at the time of Natalee’s disappearance.
P.S.: Kevin Barrett has assured the Signif Other, via email, that Bollyn and his family are alive and safe. They have not been abducted.

– One of the most pressing concerns for the conspiranoid community is that a false flag terrorist attack is going to be launched at the Olympics (example here). The evidence for this consists of the facts that ICTS/Verint Security has installed security cams in Canada and is owned by a Jewish man, and that a large amount of ammonium nitrate reportedly went missing from Dyno Nobel a short time ago. The “disappearance” has now been attributed to a clerical error; the ammonium nitrate was never missing in the first place, though the RCMP is still investigating just to make sure. Excerpts of news reports dealing with these events can be found here.
It goes without saying that if nothing severe happens, the conspiranoids will take credit for staving off the attack.

– It’s a given that if you take a very famous photo of a very famous event, you will become very famous. But with fame comes suspicion. Truthers like this guy are pointing fingers at the Naudet brothers, two French filmmakers who happened to be shooting a documentary near the World Trade Center when American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the North Tower. (The guy wonders if they might be Jewish). Their footage has become the seminal visual record of this event. That wouldn’t be too suspect on its own, but the brothers also – according to rumour – filmed the collapse of the Salomon Brothers building (World Trade Center 7) later in the day. Truthers generally believe that no one even suspected this building could collapse, which is of course untrue. All of the buildings damaged by debris that day were considered in danger of falling, and the Salomon Brothers building was a particularly likely candidate, as several floors of it were on fire throughout the day.

– Today, one of the Signif Other’s Facebook aquaintances, a part-time Truther and full-time political activist, posted Wolf Blitzer’s interview with David Duke, in which Duke accuses Blitzer of being biased and declares him a Zionist. Duh, Mr. Duke – everyone in their right mind is biased against you. You’re America’s Kurt Waldheim. Frankly, I’m glad that you attend so many Holocaust denial events around the world, because it keeps you out of America’s hair. Too bad that some Canadian racists, like the f***tard on Facebook, are now giving you some of the attention you haven’t earned.

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  1. Shock horror, some Jewish people commit crimes. So do people from every other ethnic and religious background (this is complicated because Hitler and other Anti-Semites view 'Jewish' as an ethnicity, as witness the fact that the Nazis persecuted Ernst Gordon, a Lutheran clergyman whose parents had converted from Judaism).As for Fritzl, own goal for the Nazis, as I can think of another man from an Austrian Catholic background who did some pretty evil things…

  2. Having read the link on the Vancouver Winter Olympics 'false flag' attacks, all I can say is that someone really needs to get out of the house more! I have rarely seen more conspiratorial nonsense in one place! The Freemasons, the Jews, 9/11, 7/7, etc., etc. I'm surprised the Knights Templar and Jack the Ripper weren't mentioned! Mind you, the site does have David Icke prominently featured in ads, and given that Icke is all sorts of crazy…

  3. In my opinion, the false flag event in Vancouver has already happened. 8 masked 'anarchists' broke TD's windows. The public outcry is nearly deafening. The media blitz on this is beyond retarded. Not even the Luge death got this much press. To discredit a protest movement that brings attention to plight of the people that live in Vancouver Downtown Eastside in abject poverty, this is the perfect setup. While corporations and governments spend billions to keep up Olympic appearances, the TD windows are the perfect scapegoat to create a media distraction that ignores the plight of the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. Suddenly, all protesters are anarchists! How convenient.

  4. hey fuckfacesince when do buildings being on fire make them fall down?you fucking piece of slimeat least the fuckers who did it got money and the US military dupedwhat do you get out of it? a smirk on your face as you mentally masturbate yourself? you probably get the same smirk when you count past fourgo fukk yourself

  5. Feel free to stand in a tall building that's on fire to test that theory, Shecky. To Anon #1: I agree that police were and are using provocateurs in Vancouver (and that the Olympic shenanigans are extremely minor compared to Vancouver's year-round problems), but I think the false flag Chicken Littles had something more dramatic in mind. Massive explosions, that sort of thing. To HH: Sadly, Icke has had to step in and be the voice of reason in the recent past ( You know you're too paranoid when David Icke tells you to calm down.

  6. You really need to check this one:"Sex Pistols, Smashing Pumpkins members discuss HAARP, GM Foods, Illuminati anf etc.""…At one point, the conversation turns to the question of who is behind this agenda. Jones asks if Corgan believes in an "Illuminati" who is puppeteering events from behind the scenes, adding "I believe that is kind of the concept." Corgan responds with a salient observation: "The common frustration of the common man is that things don't work, but then after a while you start thinking 'Well, maybe they don't work for a reason. Maybe they want things to break.'" He then gives the examples of the engineered end of national sovereignty and the engineered economic collapse…"When even celebrities fall for this nonsense and then TALK about it, you know something is off. Is it just me or are republicans getting a kick out of this stuff? Palin discussing the "truth" and so on…What exactly is this truth anyway? That the left side is wrong and the right side…Uhh, right? David Icke is profitting from spreading fear, like Alex Jones. Calming down people is not part of HIS agenda one bit. Both of them say "don't fear", but without fear NOBODY would buy their books. I used to be a member on the David Icke forum, but left when I realised what a bunch of nonsense 98% of it was and how stupid I had been to believe all the nonsense. A few months ago he sended a news-letter with a picture of a lot of gum-drops(?) on the ground and said that it wasn't gum, but something suspicious (=evil!).

  7. May I point out that any major event is used by thugs and yobs as an excuse to break things. We had the British neo-Nazis in my city a few weeks back, but thankfully not on the street our place is in. None of 'em local, all shipped in from Manchester and Birmingham, ready to behave like morons.But yes, the chap linked thought something like a small atomic bomb, not a few broken windows.

  8. The latest Illuminati threat is sidewalk gum. I thought one of our biggest problems was the homeless person sleeping near that gum, or maybe the drug dealers around the corner. But no. It's gum. Good to know. I'm wondering, is gum on the underside of counters and tables as great a threat, or should we be focusing our efforts exclusively on the sidewalk gum? I need to find out. This is very important. Not to slag Billy, because I do like a few of his songs, but what kind of simps would we be if we believed anything pop musicians spouted? We're dealing with people who typically dropped out of junior high, spend half their life on buses, and consume enough restricted substances to make William Burroughs look like a noob. Conservs must indeed be delighted that the most credible supporters Jones can unearth are Charlie Sheen (and not his dad, I've noticed), a fiscally retarded country musician, a one-term governor who once wrestled in drag, a LaRouche propagandist who looks and sounds like Mr. Lebowski, etc. It's better than a carnival sideshow.

  9. The gums probably have invisible lasers inside of them that have the ability to read your mind. (I lack creativity to come up with anything scarier. Sorry. :D)"Conservs must indeed be delighted that the most credible supporters Jones can unearth are Charlie Sheen (and not his dad, I've noticed), a fiscally retarded country musician, a one-term governor who once wrestled in drag, a LaRouche propagandist who looks and sounds like Mr. Lebowski, etc. It's better than a carnival sideshow."You're right. But you also have to take in to consideration that Icke is against Obama and has said since DAY one, that he is an Illuminati puppet and all of his braindead followers believe the same thing. (I think he has compared Obama to Hitler, Stalin and so on.) Right-wingers are taking advantage of this nonsense and that should be kept in mind.

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