Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

  • On this very day, according to former NORAD officer Stanley A. Fullham’s book and website Challenges of Change, there was to be “a massive UFO display over the world’s principal cities.” Sorry if you missed that. Pay attention next time. One commenter at Above Top Secret notes something fishy about all the media coverage of the Chilean miners’ rescue: “This event is more like a severe dramatisation, almost like it was staged to occur on this day. At the rate they are rescuing people, they will be done by tomorrow morning. Now i dont [sic] want to say it, but wasnt [sic] their [sic] a prediction of a mass alien display today? 13th October?”
  • On another conspiranoid forum (Godlikeproductions), one user asks exactly the sort of evolved and compassionate questions that one would expect from someone with the username “AscendedMaster824”: “HONESTLY! How many of you care whether or not the chilean [sic] miners are rescued? Don’t get me wrong its [sic] a beautiful thing once reunited their families, but with all the other shit going on in the world why are we hearing about some trapped miners?”
  • On September 26, Henry Makow posted a photo of a statue and labeled it “Example of New World Order Satanic Art in Copenhagen”. It’s a very simple rendering of a male figure who has beheaded himself. In one hand he holds a knife, in the other his own featureless head. It’s a little creepy, sure, but what does it have to do with the “NWO” or Satanism? Mr. Makow would truly freak if he saw the work of Magdalena Abakanowicz
  • This is easily the weirdest forum comment I’ve seen all week: “Police Telephone”, on the Rigorous Intuition discussion board, tries to explain the intricate connections among Drew Barrymore, female tattoos, giant rabbits, and mind control. And kinda fails.

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  1. On the chilean miners… If one was "really" conspiracy driven, then two things come to mind:1. Some idiots are going to spin this not as an example of mine safety problems, but as, "Look how well our emergency equipment in the mine worked! Obviously, with such a fine system, all the other problems people claim exist are trivial!"2. Its the semi-annual, "Lets put something on TV that is uplifting, in some fashion, so people don't think all we ever talk about is the shitty things going on in the world."Mind, the later is unlikely, since I doubt, if they had the slightest expectation that it would turn out well, they would have bothered reporting it. The former… well, you decide how likely that one is to be true. And the ease by which they managed to rescue people *does* tend to seem a bit odd, especially given it not being even mentioned for months, until just the last week. How long where they down there, and it only *now* became news (seemingly)?Yeah. I can see how people might start looking at stuff like this as a bit.. odd.

  2. I've found a glut of suspicions about the miners at Above Top Secret and elsewhere, including: the miners were too clean, other trapped miners have encountered mysterious men underground and this may have something to do with secret government facilities (The Uncanny Investigator), the miners have a gag order, etc. So I have no doubt all these vague rumblings will form a conspiracy theory or three down the road. Just for a laugh, check out

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