The Prodigal Witch: Intro

Since the 1960s, the fundamentalist Christian community has been moved and inspired by the testimonies of “Satanists”, “witches”, and “Illuminati members” who ditched their evil ways to become born again. But are the stories told by these reformed devil-worshipers actually true?

In this series we’ll look at some of the most famous former witches:

Doreen Irvine, the original Witch That Switched (mentioned in my last post); she was a streetwalker and Queen of All Black Witches in Europe before being saved

Mike Warnke, a Christian comic and minister whose tales of Satanic debauchery turned out to be a little light on facts and a bit heavy on the utter b.s.

John Todd. Illuminati witch. Born again preacher. Total sociopath. After spewing more WTFery than a Charlie Sheen soundboard, he helped persuade the Weaver family to go to Ruby Ridge.

Bill Schnoebelen. Claims to have been a Mormon, a priest, a witch, a Satanist, a Freemason, and an actual vampire. Busy guy.

Irene Park, “The Witch that Switched”. An imaginary friend led her to become the most evil woman in the world (or at least Florida). But don’t worry – she ended up being a minister.

The late “Lauren Stratford”. In the ’80s she was the poster girl for recovered Satanists, and her memoir was a major factor in that decade’s anti-occult hysteria. Then she changed her mind and became a Holocaust survivor instead.

“Arizona Wilder”, a mind-controlled Illuminati high priestess who presided over the gory sacrificial rites of Reptilian Satanists from another dimension

And a few others.

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  1. Is the list chronological? Because if it i then the increasing weirdness of the claims should tell us a lot! I mean, stripped of a lot of the mystique (pun intended), Doreen Irvine was basically a prostitute and a stripper who claimed to have been involved in a rather tame hedonistic cult with a grand-sounding title. The last woman ends up with extra-dimensional reptillians! There seems to be an escalation in the claims.

  2. I'm not sure if I listed them in perfect chronological order, but I'll be covering them chronologically, and you will indeed see an evolution of weirdity. The more recent accounts make the earliest ones look like church socials that got slightly out of hand. I'm exaggerating, of course, but you'll see what I mean…

  3. There was a guy from Ontario, claimed to be a "former Wiccan High Priest", who was scheduled to be a talk show guest at either CFRN or ITV, sometime in the middle 1980s. I can't remember his name. Anyway, I contacted the producers of the show and more or less demanded "equal time". They ended up scheduling me to appear on the same program – they got off on the "dueling Wiccans" concept – and the dupe actually agreed to that. I dunno what he was expecting, but it wasn't someone like moi :)Basically, he'd make wild assertions about Wicca, neo-paganism & satanism, and then I'd correct him. My personal highlight from that show was abruptly pulling out my ordination certificate from the Fellowship of Isis, showing it to the camera, turning to him and…"This is my 'Priest of Gaia' ordination certificate…if you really were a Priest in a legitimate Wiccan organization – how about showing us YOUR ortdination certificate?"Muahaha!

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