Wednesday Weirdness: Thank God for Earthquakes

The creepy little video below, originally posted to YouTube on March 14th as “God is Good”, has been making the rounds at Facebook and on forums. No one can figure out if this girl is: A) Being satirical, B) Batsh** insane, or C) Just an evil freaking psychopath who enjoys taking credit for epic natural disasters.

The answer is A. As revealed by the site Social Times yesterday, the vlogger is “Tamtampamela”. She has shut down her YouTube account, but other YouTubers have reposted her “explanation”:

So this was a stupid troll prank. But the sad truth is, lots of people have been expressing the same general view as Pamela’s alter ego. The governor of Tokyo declared the tsunami could be divine punishment for Japan’s egoism (but he apologized). Two days ago, on his radio show, Glenn Beck opined that earthquakes could be messages from God. This is every bit as daffy and offensive as Pat Robertson’s contention that Haiti was ravaged by an earthquake only because Haitian slaves made a “pact with the devil” during their slave revolts of the late 18th century. This was apparently Robertson’s mangled take on a Vodun ceremony performed in 1791.
Robertson then urged the people of Haiti to “turn back to God”, apparently not realizing that at least 80% of Haitians identify themselves as Catholic.

Meanwhile, comedian Gilbert Gottfried was fired merely for posting tsunami jokes on his Twitter feed. Hmm.

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  1. Well for Robertson, leaving Catholicism would count as "turning back to God". Seriously though, does any of the BS Glenn Beck says surprise anyone anymore?

  2. True, Catholics are in the same hell-boat as devil worshipers as far as Robertson's concerned. ;DGlenn Beck is incapable of surprising me. If he went Charlie Sheen tomorrow, I wouldn't even blink. In fact, I'm just waiting for it.

  3. The initial video is clever, the girl manages to act and sound like a number of people I knew in the Christian Union at university. But it's not clever enough. The humour (which is in poor taste) is in the fact that she is adopting this Fundie youth group pose to say awful, dreadful things! In addition she says 'Lentel season' at one point – whereas in fact the correct word is 'Lenten'.

  4. If you do your rerearch, you’ll find out that, although 80% of people in haiti call themselves catholic, the occult practice of voodoo is widespread in haiti, MORE THAN ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD! You also might like to see the video testimony on youtube from a man from ‘oh so catholic’ mexico: ‘ex satanic priest carlos’. GOD BLESS!

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