The Prodigal Witch VIII: "Elaine" Part II


Dr. Brown’s Story

Rebecca Brown’s story, as told in Closet Witches and in her books, is every bit as weird as Elaine‘s. It includes religious persecution, demonic possession on an epidemic scale, and sinister medical conspiracies.

Bailey was born in Indiana in 1948. Though her parents were Christians, she came to believe that their church was evil because “drunkenness and adultery were rampant”. As a result of attending this ungodly church, her parents became “evil and demonically controlled”. (1)

Brown claims the hospital in which she met Elaine (not named by her, but known to be Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie, Indiana) was a hellhouse where the forces of darkness had been loosed, not alike Lars von Trier’s Kingdom. According to her, this is because most of the staff had turned away from Christ and were immersed in New Age/Satanic practices.
First of all, the hospital was plagued by mysterious deaths. When Brown expressed puzzlement and concern to her superiors, they warned her to keep quiet about it. So Brown did her own investigating, and discovered that a staggering 75% of the patients were suffering ICU psychosis, and all of these people were experiencing vivid hallucinations of demons. At least, most people would consider them hallucinations. Brown, as a fundamentalist Christian, decided the demons were real. (2)

This mass possession coincided with local religious persecution and Satanic activity, as well as New Age beliefs among hospital staff. A local pastor (unnamed) spent months in the hospital after he was kidnapped, beaten, partially skinned, and burned by vindictive Satanists who didn’t appreciate his prosetylization efforts.
To Brown’s dismay, nurses told an elderly patient she should let go of her will to live so she could be reincarnated. One laid hands upon the old woman and uttered strange incantations, trying to summon “higher powers” that could ease her transition into death. Instead, she summoned a terrifying demon.
At Bible study, Brown met a nurse named Lynn who confirmed that certain nurses were witches trained to encourage some patients to die. She also discovered that her town was located just 20 miles from the second-largest centre of Satanism in the US., next to L.A./San Francisco (possibly Chesterfield). “There was a whole town that was made up of Satanists and they had a Satanists’ church, but they also had a lot of denominational Christian Churches they attended to put on a good front.” Lynn revealed that many of the nurses and several of the doctors on staff at the hospital were Satanists.
The elderly woman was so frightened by demonic apparitions that Brown agreed to stay by her bedside through the night, and for the first time she experienced intense demonic oppression, feeling as though “something was literally trying to squash my body into the floor.” (2)

Brown took it upon herself to protect every patient in the hospital from demonic interference. To her mind, this was a spiritual battle: Jesus and Rebecca against nearly every doctor and nurse in the hospital. Every night, she walked through the wards quietly uttering prayers for protection. After she started doing this, the death rate in the ICU dropped by 50%. (2)

Though she didn’t know it at the time, Brown’s most powerful enemy was Elaine. As Satan’s wife, Elaine was in charge of the community’s Satanic underground, and her husband explicitly ordered her to kill the obnoxious doctor who was stymying all his efforts. It was Elaine who sent out the order for the pastor to be abducted and tortured, but two such incidents in a single year would have attracted too much attention. “So I organized a national effort between [sic] top witches nationwide to get rid of Rebecca.” The witches, knowing that Brown suffered a rare muscle disease, prayed for the disease to worsen. It did.
Brown’s minister friend, “Pastor Pat”, didn’t know about any of the goings-on at the hospital. Yet he realized that Brown was suffering demonic oppression, and could soon die. He had his 200 parishioners pray for her. Thanks to Pat’s efforts, Brown was freed from the influence of the witches and her disease was miraculously cured. (2)

The demons were so annoyed by this turn of events that they physically manifested and beat the tar out of Elaine. Satan was also highly displeased with her. He demanded to know why Brown wasn’t dead yet, and ordered his wife to hurry up. This is around the time she was saved. Even after turning to Christ, however, Elaine continued to cling to witchcraft. The result was that Man-Chan and “several hundred” other demons stuck around, making her life difficult. (2)

Brown claims she experienced severe personal losses as a result of her fight against the Satanists. But she’s cool with that, because God had warned her she would have to make sacrifices to do His work properly. On Closet Witches, she tells Jack Chick she resigned from her job to devote herself full-time to the battle against the Devil. As we’ll see, this is not what really happened.
Brown contends that most, if not all, Christian churches have been infiltrated by Satanists, meaning Satanists-cum-Christians like Elaine face opposition even from their new faith communities. This is an absurd statement made by many ex-witches/former Satanists, and I would like to see some hard evidence for it. The notion that a Satanist would spend hours of every week attending a Christian church, posing as a Christian, is every bit as ridiculous as the idea of a devoted Baptist joining his local Satanic church to spread the gospel. It just doesn’t happen.
At this point in Closet Witches, Chick complains that he and other Christians faced the same sort of persecution when God commanded him to launch a vicious, hoax-based attack against the Catholic church.
Then he makes a very strange confession. He admits that when he suspected a witch of sending curses against him, he prayed that God would return those curses tenfold. Wow, dude. If that’s not persecution by paranormal means, what the hell is? How can he bellyache about mean ol’ witches when he behaved worse than they (allegedly) did?
Though he expresses contrition for his behaviour, he also warns Christians not to return curses because it could kill them. Not because it’s unchristianly to curse people. Not because curses are nonsense. Because uttering a curse could kill them. Sheesh, it’s like time travel; I swear we stepped back into the Dark Ages for a second.

One story in Brown’s Prepare for War concerning this period defies explanation. In this account, an angel descended from Heaven to kill Elaine because God considered her a “nuisance”. Brown prostrated herself before this angel and begged to be killed in Elaine’s place. The angel settled for making Brown severely ill for a brief period.

Brown’s friends and former colleagues supposedly abandoned her when she left her job at the hospital, and family members even tried to commit her to a mental institution. People close to Brown, including her pastor, also disapproved of Elaine’s presence in her home, possibly because Elaine attacked her with a butcher knife one day. Brown sensed that this attempted murder was really the work of Man-Chan, so she continued to let Elaine live with her. Pastor Pat performed an exorcism on her, expelling hundreds of demons in the span of eight hours. Unfortunately, he didn’t get rid of all the demons. Within a week, Elaine was in the full grips of possession again. For two months poltergeist activity, psychic attacks, and other supernatural phenomena plagued Brown’s house. Both women were brutally beaten and abused by discarnate entities. Elaine repeatedly tried to strangle herself to death with a belt, which Brown viewed not as self-abuse but as more manifestations of the demonic. “I’m convinced that most suicides are actually not done by the person themselves, but by a demon within them controlling their body,” she told Chick. This echoes John Todd’s assertion that many medical conditions, including epileptic seizures, are caused by demons. Brown even contends that Satanic and “Voodoo” curses are highly effective, capable of blocking a person’s spiritual growth. (2)

It was only after Elaine renounced all her witchcraft powers and prayed for forgiveness that the nightmare abated somewhat. Another deliverance session with Pastor Pat expelled the last of the demons, including Man-Chan.

Brown warns that partaking in any “occult” activity (such as Satanism, Freemasonry, Catholicism, Dungeons & Dragons, or rock music) can open the door to demonic influence.

In Closet Witches, Brown and Chick lay a guilt rap on fellow Christians who don’t take ex-witches into their homes or at least counsel them. Chick gripes that a pastor at Melodyland (the California megachurch despised by John Todd and Mike Warnke) refused to believe that witches could be brought to Christ. As a result, 60 former witches gave up all hope and died of drug overdoses. It’s unclear how Chick acquired such information. Did he track down all of these ex-witches? Did he hear second-hand reports of their fate? As with the mission field fairytales of Kurt Koch, anecdotes take the place of hard information.

You have to wonder just how many witches and Satanists there are in the U.S., if each ex-witch has brought hundreds of other witches to Christ – as nearly all of them claim to have done. The numbers would be truly staggering. In reality, there are roughly 200,000 to 1.2 million neopagans, Satanists in the U.S. The number of Satanists is unknown, but would be extremely low relative to other minority religions. Needless to say, these numbers were considerably lower in the ’80s.

Chick expressed concern about the number of Freemasons and Catholics who have infiltrated Protestant churches, a concern shared by John Todd and Bill Schnoebelen. Elaine told him you can always spot a Mason by his flamboyance and arrogance. Chick trotted out his absurd claim that Masonry, at its highest levels, is controlled by Jesuits. That’s a neat trick, considering that Catholics are not permitted to become Freemasons. To prop up this incredibly weak conspiracy theory, Chick reads a letter from an anonymous former Mason and ex-Nazi who alleges that the Pope is the master of Freemasonry, just as “Dr.” Rivera says. How convincing.
But Elaine obligingly confirms Chick’s suspicion that “the Evil Trinity” (Catholics, Masons, and witches) works together to infiltrate and subvert Christian churches. That’s not surprising; the testimony in Closet Witches seems tailor-made to appeal to Chick’s own specific theories and prejudices. Elaine flatters him by saying it was one of his pamphlets that persuaded her of Christ’s power, and by identifying him as one of the targets of the Satanists’ wrath.

After resigning from Ball Memorial Hospital, Brown set up a private practice in another town (not named by her, but known to be Lapel, Indiana). Here the harassment escalated. Somehow, the Satanists played a role in the death of Brown’s mother, and possibly struck Elaine with leukemia. Elaine was confined to her bed for half a year, semi-comatose, as Brown worked desperately to save her life.
Their church and their families turned against them, refusing to help in any way. This is when the Satanists broke into Rebecca and Elaine’s home, murdered their pets, and trashed Rebecca’s office. Though Elaine was still severely ill, they had little choice but to flee Indiana.

The number of preposterous statements made by Brown and Elaine are too numerous to count. We’ve seen a lot already: Satan getting married in a Presbyterian church, the Pope ruling over a horde of “flamboyant” Freemasons, etc. Here are a few more, told by Brown on Closet Witches and in her books:

– A teenage girl found herself suicidally depressed and “bound” by demons because of “weekend experimentation with street drugs during a slumber party around age 13.” Come on. A kid’s spiritual life is destroyed because she used an illicit substance once in puberty? Are you freaking kidding me? Where is the evidence – Biblical or otherwise – that one-time drug use is sinful and injurious to one’s spiritual well-being? Even if that’s so, where do we draw the line, here? Would a single toke separate you from God? What if you don’t inhale? What if someone slips you a mickey – would the spiritual effect be the same, even though you don’t realize you’ve taken a street drug? You see how silly this line of reasoning can get. (1)
– Most herbalists and health food purveyors are witches or yogis who utter incantations over their merchandise. Consuming any of this stuff leaves one vulnerable to demonic attack. Unholy granola! Satan’s supplements! (1)
– It’s wrong to be a vegetarian. Vegetarians lack the physical strength required to fight demons, as they consume only “incomplete proteins”. Remember, this woman is a doctor. (1)
– “Be aware that many children’s toys are actually statues of demon gods.” (2)
– Because of African tribal warfare, today’s African-American communities have been cursed with violence. (3)
– “Every Rock music record and tape has a demon attached to it.” Again, this is straight from the mouth of John Todd, who claimed that record producers took master recordings into Satanic temples and literally inserted demons into them. She urges parents to destroy any rock albums or D&D merchandise owned by their children, citing Deuteronomy 7:25-26, in which God urges his followers to slaughter the Canaanites and destroy all their religious stuff. Because that would be a sane and humane thing to do. (1)
– If you don’t inform your Catholic friends that they are “witches” destined for Hell, then you are basically a witch yourself. Really? I wonder if Brown told her Catholic financial backers this, right before they handed her a substantial sum of cash to open up her private practice. (1)
– Brown herself suffered 13 years of demonic attack just for viewing the King Tut exhibit, because all Egyptian artifacts are cursed. (3)
– Sorority and fraternity members are particularly prone to demonic attack. When they pledge loyalty to a deceased founder, they are actually declaring their devotion to a demon. (1)
– A minister’s family experienced Amityville-style paranormal activity (blood oozing from walls, objects whizzing through the air of their own accord, etc.) because the minister’s 18-year-old stepdaughter had become demonically possessed after her natural father molested her. The belief that sexual abuse causes possession in victims, rather than perpetrators, is disturbingly common among Christians interested in demonology (notably Bob Larson and the late Dr. M. Scott Peck). On Brown’s advice, the minister ejected the young woman from his home and this ended the demonic phenomena. (1)
– Satanic ritual abuse is real, and its primary aim is to “place demons” into children. She offers some appalling advice to parents who discover their child has been abused: “The first decision is whether to notify the authorities. You must carefully seek the Lord’s wisdom on this issue. We are most certainly in the last days and our country is almost totally corrupt.” In other words, don’t even give the authorities the chance to do the right thing. Just let child molesters, rapists, and even murderers run amok in your community if God “tells” you to do so. What Brown is suggesting would actually place her readers on the other side of the law, as most states require you to report suspected child abuse. (1)
– Brown portrays Satanists as homicidal thugs. Without giving a single solid detail, she told Jack Chick that a Satanic coven slaughtered a fourth of its members for betrayal (briefly becoming Christians). In other words, Brown knows of 25 murders and she’s not naming names. This is quite typical of the former witches in this series. They claim to have witnessed human sacrifices, rapes, and a host of other atrocities – but they don’t report these alleged crimes, nor provide enough information for the alleged crimes to be exposed. That’s very odd behaviour for people who are “fighting Satanism” and “saving souls”. If they really want to protect the rest of us from baby-eating, virgin-slaughtering Satanists, they can start by learning to dial 9-1-1.

Unless, of course, they’re bluffing about all this carnage. And I think the evidence will show that Ruth Brown and “Elaine” were doing just that.

The Exposure of “Elaine” and Dr. Brown

Surprisingly, one of the Christian media outlets that called the Elaine story into question was the Personal Freedom Outreach Newsletter, which had promoted the anti-Wiccan agenda of Tom Sanguinet back in ’83. In 1989, writers G. Richard Risher, Paul R. Blizard, and M. Kurt Goedelman delved into the backgrounds of Ruth and Elaine. What they discovered flatly contradicted much Jack Chick’s material about the two women.

First of all, Rebecca Brown did not exactly resign freely from her job at Ball Memorial Hospital. She was asked to leave when her deliverance rituals and religious paranoia began to disturb patients and staff. She left Ball Memorial and set up a practice in the town of Lapel. She and Elaine set up housekeeping in the nearby town of Pendleton, telling locals they were sisters.
Interestingly, Brown’s funding came from a Catholic hospital. She certainly didn’t mention that to Jack Chick when they were discussing the Catholic-Masonic plot to destroy Bible-believing churches.
In 1984, under her original name, Ruth Bailey, she was stripped of her license to practice medicine in the state of Indiana. The events leading up to this are deeply unsettling. On October 17, 1983, Elaine was admitted to St. Vincent’s Hospital in Indianapolis after receiving a near-fatal overdose of painkillers, her body covered with bruises and lesions from multiple injections. Significantly, she was not suffering from leukemia or any other serious medical condition.
Officer Samuel E. Hanna of the Madison County Police found that Edna had been under the treatment of one Dr. Ruth Bailey. Subsequent investigation revealed that Bailey, in a six-month period, had written prescriptions for 330 vials of Demerol. She had regularly administered 600-900 cc of phenobarbitol to Edna, when 150-200 cc is typically a fatal dose.
The following May, when Bailey was summoned to appear at a hearing of the Indiana Medical Licensing Board, she was residing in Niles, Michigan. She was found guilty in absentia, and her medical license was revoked.
The witness testimony at this hearing was profoundly disturbing. Several people testified that Bailey brandished a handgun and threatened to shoot them because they were possessed by demons. Ruth’s former live-in housekeeper testified that Ruth and Edna were more than just friends and housemates; they shared the same bed. Far from living in the sanitary conditions a cancer patient would require, the two women lived in squalor. Their house was strewn with garbage, used syringes, food, animal feces, and overflowing ashtrays. Some of the witnesses had watched Ruth injecting not only Edna with morphine and Demerol, but also herself and teenage Claudia. Ruth explained to them that God had allowed her to “share” her patients’ illnesses, to ease their burden.
Worst of all, Bailey had misdiagnosed several patients (including Edna and Claudia) with serious ailments including leukemia, gallbladder disease, blood disorders, and brain tumours. She told the women that these conditions were caused by demons, and claimed that God had granted her the ability to diagnose diseases other physicians could not. She prescribed massive amounts of painkillers without adequate instruction, supervision, or record-keeping; some of her patients subsequently had to go through detox, and underwent withdrawal. She falsified patient information on charts and records to convince other doctors that her patients were severely ill. (4)

There are many unanswered questions about this incident. Who checked Edna into St. Vincent’s? Did Ruth flee to Michigan alone, or did Edna accompany her? Where was Claudia while her mother was in hospital? Why was Edna diagnosed with leukemia and given massive quantities of drugs? Was Bailey drugging her friend to keep her dependent, or had the two women fallen into a dangerous folie a deux involving delusions of terminal illness and Satanic persecution (not to mention drug addiction)?

These questions may never be answered, but we can address some of the other claims made by Ruth Bailey. For instance, did Satanists have any role in the death of Ruth’s mother, Lois Bailey? It’s unlikely. Mrs. Bailey was 75 years old when she succumbed to a heart attack on December 31, 1982. (4)

What about the mayor of Muncie and the chief of police being Satanists? Brown gives this as her sole reason for not turning to law enforcement when Satanists started harassing her.
Well, the late Robert Cunningham was the ougoing mayor (1980 was an election year). Brown may have considered him a badass, but his gravestone tells a slightly different story. I don’t think there’s a self-respecting Satanist on earth who would choose such a fuzzy-wuzzy epitaph. At any rate, even if Cunningham was the nicest Satanist in the world, he was replaced by Republican Alan K. Wilson, and Wilson was replaced in ’84 by the late “Big Jim” Carey. Were both of these men devil-worshipers, too? Watch the classic 1982 documentary The Campaign, part of the PBS series “Middletown”, and decide for yourself. It chronicles the 1980 mayoral race between Wilson and Carey.

In 1986, Ruth Bailey legally changed her name to Rebecca Brown. She continued to refer to herself as a doctor, though she never acquired a license to practice medicine outside Indiana.

Like the other people in this series, Bailey declined to give the names of witnesses who should have been able to corroborate parts of her story. For instance, the doctor at Ball Memorial who learned of the Pavulon in Elaine’s IV, or the nurse who confessed to helping poison her food. Neither she nor Elaine reported any of the attempted poisonings and bombings. She does not name any of the murderous doctors or nurses at Ball Memorial, which would be quite inconsiderate if her stories were true – shouldn’t the public be warned?

“Elaine” was Edna Elaine Moses (nee Knost). Her witchy background turned out to be solidly Christian, though I suppose she could argue this was actually evidence of her infiltration efforts. Her high school yearbook (1965) listed her as a member of the Bible Club, and she married in a Foursquare Gospel church. (4)

Throughout the late ’60s and the ’70s, Edna/Elaine lived with her mother and stepdad in her hometown of New Castle, Indiana, working at a series of low-paying jobs. She then became a Practical Nurse (LPN) and worked in nursing homes in and around New Castle. If she lived the jet-setting life of a Regional Bride of Satan, no one seems to have noticed.

Strangely, Edna used an array of aliases after meeting Ruth Bailey. She sometimes used the surnames Bailey or Brown, her maiden name, or various combinations of her given names. Though she could have argued this obfuscation was necessary to shield herself from the Satanists, Edna’s location was usually known.

After their adventures in the Midwest, Edna and Ruth packed their bags and headed to California, home of Chick Publications (and a large number of the other ex-witches in this series). Chick not only published their stories, but hired them to work for him. They also landed speaking engagements at several churches.

Edna eventually drifted away from Ruth, and passed away in 2005.

Ruth married the Daniel Michael Yoder (real name William Joseph Stewart) on December 10, 1989. (4)
Yoder/Stewart has a very mysterious background. He claims he was born into a very wealthy Jewish family of international bankers (hinting at the Rothschilds, which brings to mind the “Satanic Nephilim” nonsense of Doug Riggs) and schooled by Rabbinical and Cabbalistic scholars at an exclusive Swiss boarding school between the ages of 6 and 19. He was ritualistically tortured by the staff of this school. As soon as he arrived, the rabbis locked him in basement dungeons and dumped poisonous spiders on him. This is when Jesus appeared to Daniel and miraculously healed the spider bites. But he didn’t become a Christian until his 30s.
Upon completing grad studies in Switzerland, Yoder went to work in his grandfather’s business. He later inherited it, and started some businesses of his own as well. When he was 30, his parents forced him into a strategic marriage with a woman named Kai, also a victim of “Cabbalistic abuse”. She soon converted to Christianity, which so enraged their families that hitmen were hired to kill the young couple. They were captured on the run and shipped to Israel. Daniel was chained to a wall, forced to witness Kai being tortured to death for her refusal to renounce Christ. She was with child at this time, having miraculously conceived in spite of a non-medical hysterectomony performed upon her in childhood at the behest of the evil rabbis.
Yoder fled to a remote cabin in the United States, where Kai’s martyrdom and her copy of the Bible finally persuaded him to accept Jesus.
Like his second bride, Yoder offers no verifiable details of any of his stories. (3)

At the time of his marriage to Brown, Yoder was using another man’s social security number. The newlyweds relocated from Arizona to Lake Park, Iowa, where Yoder passed himself off as a retired neurosurgeon whose father had also been a doctor. He befriended Dickinson County Sheriff Greg Baloun, telling Baloun tall tales about his days as a surgeon. In one fairytale, he used a modified Chevy Cordoba with a 40-gallon gas tank to make emergency trips between California and Nevado, speeding along the highways at 200 miles an hour.
Within a six-month period, Yoder and Brown lived in three different communities in northeastern Iowa and set up a ministry called Wells of Living Grace. The authorities discovered that Yoder was using several aliases and forging documents to prop up his false identities. He had served time in Minnesota and Missouri for simiar offenses. Perhaps knowing the law was at their door, Yoder and Brown returned to Arizona.
In 1991, Yoder was arrested in Pheonix and extradited to Iowa to face charges of falsifying motor vehicle registrations, driver’s licenses, and social security records. He ultimately pled guilty in exhange for a modest fine, then resumed life in Arizona. Later the couple would relocate to Arkansas.
Together, Yoder and Brown established a ministry called Harvest Warriors. Their website describes Yoder as a “prophet, healer, and evangelist”, and claims that in 2002 he was presented with the National Republican Congressional Gold Metal for leadership, on the recommendation of Newt Gingrich. (5)

Yoder’s real background remains largely unknown.

In 1992, the Christian publisher Whitaker House reprinted the first two books by Rebecca Brown, and they have remained in print since that time.
The Reverend William W. Woods, pastor of Deer Valley Church of the Nazarene in Phoenix, the minister who married Yoder and Brown, wrote the foreword to their first book, Unbroken Curses (1996), and continues to support their work. (5)

Yoder and Brown continue to travel and preach, spreading curse theology and misinformation about neopaganism and the the “occult”. Last March, Yvonne Kruger of Prophetic End Time Ministry invited Brown to speak in South Africa.

Though Brown’s star has definitely fallen since the mid-’80s, she retains a small corps of fans who enthusiastically recommend her books. Last year, a sixth-grade science teacher in Brooklyn was mildly reprimanded for distributing and selling copies of They Came to Set the Captives Free to some of his students.


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  1. I have to grudgingly admire just how absolutely bulletproof this story is to people who believe it. If you disagree with it then you are either being deceived and blinded by Satanic forces or you are in fact part of the Satanic conspiracy to silence the truth. The genius here is that they throw the net so wide there really is no way for anyone to not be under the influence of Satan here! Tried drugs? Satan has you! Listened to Rock music? Satan has you! Tried Yoga? Ate Health food? Watched cartoons or movies? Belonged to a Church that disagrees with Jack Chick? You are Satan's puppet!Best of all, any "facts" or "realities" that discredit their wild B-movie horror story can be dismissed as part of the Satanic disinformation machine to mask the truth! Since THEY are everywhere and control everything they can practically rewrite history!Really it's as air tight as a hippo's ass!

  2. This is the trouble with conspiracy theories – when fully embraced they become the reality through which everything else is filtered. It's G.K. Chesterton's definition of insanity – totally logical, and totally impossible to disprove. The Obama 'Birthers' are convinced he was born in Kenya, thus any US birth certificate must be faked by the conspiracy. All of this has about as much to do with historic Christianity as the Nation of Islam does with historic Islam. It is rightly called hysteria. Not even in Medieval Europe did people have such a view of the power of the Devil!

  3. These ladies covered all the bases, didn't they? I must be swamped in demons: A vegetarian who likes secondhand books and Buddhist paraphernalia, and watched the Pagan Smurfs and Fraggles as a child. But then I'm used to meta-conspiracy theories that allow for only two groups of people – those in the know, and agents or informants who spend every second of their lives suppressing THE TRUTH. At least Bailey/Brown leaves some wriggle room for lukewarm Christians who could be born again (provided they follow her instructions on how to "anoint" or get rid of their Satanic baggage). I can see why her appeal has lessened. Not only has Satanic panic slipped back to the fringes where it belongs, but "curse theology" and dominionism are simply too weird to go completely mainstream. The average Western Christian may read a Frank Perretti novel or two, but he's not going to pitch his daughter out of the house for being demon-infested. I am concerned, however, about the influence folks like Brown are having in parts of Africa.

  4. Yes, unfortunately she is still quite popular around here. Although I can understand why. In a society that has strong superstitious belief in the constant intervention of the supernatural into mortal lives her teachings are bound to be attractive. Unlike most of modern Christianity her theology offers you a more active role – evildoers cast spells and curses at you and you get to do your own magic and counterspells to defeat them. They send demons after you, you send angels back at them, it's all very sexy!As ridiculous as it may seem once you take a step back, getting to be a warrior on the front lines of a secret war between heaven and hell can be very attractive once you buy into it!

  5. Eugene, this is theology as magic, you're quite right. Paranoia as well. Demons everywhere! Ironically, given their attitude to Roman Catholicism, their worldview has much more in common with popular Medieval superstition than it does with any sort of historic Protestantism.And I write as a Protestant pastor in an historic Church.

  6. UH-oh! You watched the Fraggle demons! I've been very disappointed by the lack of BARNEY conspiracy theory. I had my own; when all the Barney-addicted toddlers reached puberty some kind of signal that only they could perceive would be broadcast, the Barney fans would go into trance, murder their parents and load all the family possessions into hugs vans with Barney's smiling face painted on them, cruising every neighborhood in North America. Didn't happen, though.

  7. I live in Niles, Mi and remember the Ruth Bailey story quite well, because our town had it's share of Satanic-panic in that decade. Including a horrific case involving a Day Care. A good run-down is here: alleged crimes were so ridiculous and yet so many people believed they really happened. I went to school with so many kids who were emotionally scarred by the psychologists who told them that these things really happened to them. Things that the children denied happened over and over again.I'm afraid we're up for another round of satanic-panic. Especially if Logic and Reason are tossed aside.

  8. Anonymous said:"I'm afraid we're up for another round of satanic-panic".Regretfully, I'd have to agree that this remains an ever-present danger. There are a variety of persons and groups, still actively involved in and obsessed with generating fraudulent "evidence" for the existence of secret 'satanic pedophile cannibal' conspiracies in every community. These loonies continue to generate fraudulent testimonialists similar to the persons exposed in this Prodigal Witch series.Much has been said, both fact & fantasy, about the role of FMSF, media and law enforcement in calming the outbreak of Satanic Panic circa 1985-1995, but in reality the most important factor was a determination by hundreds of ordinary folk in all walks of life, to expose, shun and shame the satanic panic 'carriers' in their own community.The best preventive measure against outbreaks of irrational panic, is people like you speaking out, Anonymous.

  9. With the right-wing lunatic atmosphere these days, Satanic panic is an ever-present danger. And it's a clear and present one throughout Africa, parts of Italy, Russia, etc. I hadn't heard of the case in Niles, Michigan, so I'm trying to find out how much time Mr. Barkman ended up serving. Very sad. Sadder still, entire families and whole communities suffered too.

  10. Thank you for your blog. I'm currently running a similar blog in Italy, but focused only on Satanic Ritual Abuse and other forms of fals abuse claims and hysteria.I can confirm that the panic is currently still burning in Italy, restricted to a limited amount of cases (which is better than widespread hysteria, but at the same time hasent't yet awoken a powerful skeptic reaction in the main population).Might be interesting for you to discover that behind some of those who are spreading the hoax and constructing cases, you will find a "cultural" influence coming directly from the same main carachters of the panic in the anglosaxon countries (i.e. Jeffrey Masson, Ray Wyre).Keep up the good job.

  11. You say Catholics cannot be Freemasons. I know for a fact that is not true from personal experience with a group of professionals (medical) who were all Catholics & they all were Masons. Not only that, but the head honcho doc in the office was prez of the local "Catholic Medical Association." After noticing several Masonic clues around the offices, I flat out asked them if they were Freemasons which they readily affirmed, "Yes! How did you know?" Reply: "Because of that cartoon there on your wall." (Masonic cartoon re "midnight raids.") He: "Ohhhh, yeah." Me: "Dr. xxx says you guys know all about the New World Order." He: (freaking) "HE TOLD YOU THAT?????" Me: "Yes, why?" (why was this guy so surprised? I had flat out asked the head honcho doc previously if he was aware of the NWO, & he did not hesitate at all but said, "OH YES, We are VERY WELL AWARE of the New World Order!") From then on I started taking printouts to them of Historic Masonic Quotes FROM THEIR OWN LITERATURE proving Freemasonry is Luciferianism based on the Jewish Kabbalah, quotes by Manly P Hall, Pike, Rabbi Weiss (founder of Reformed Judaism), etc. etc. can't remember them all now. Some time goes by & I revisit & the nurses tell me the one doc (who freaked) had up & left town & moved away. Hmmm.Another occassion the year before, I learned first hand from the Hubbie of another medical gal re the Masonic nepotism in county government. Her Hubbie simply started talking (bragging IMHO) re having gotten a ticket because the rookie who stopped him was not "one of the Brotherhood" which ticked him off because, he said, 75% of the local police were Masons but he got stopped by one who wasn't privy to the "scratch my back & I'll scratch yours" Freemasonry club. This Hubbie also had Masonic plates on his car. I sent them the same Masonic/Luciferian Quotes.Start asking every professional, doctor, lawyer, dentist, policeman, etc. that you have occassion to meet & have handy your homework of researched truths re Masonry & help wake up these dupes from their blind stupor.So far it looks like you are doing your best to hide & deny such truths rather than shed light.

  12. A Catholic man can become a Freemason, of course, but I believe the pope explicitly told them not to do that. A devout Catholic would not defy the pope for the sake of fraternal…whatever. My own great-grandfather was a Mason, as was my husband's grandfather. Both men enjoyed comfortable middle-class careers, but were afforded no special privileges by Masonic membership (and they were both high-ranking Masons). Undoubtedly there is a lot of back-scratching within fraternal orders – but not every single member benefits from it. Keep in mind, also, that backroom deals and nepotism and other manifestations of political corruption occur beyond the confines of fraternal societies, as well. You don't have to be a Mason or a Rotarian or even an Elk to be crooked, am I right?

  13. Umm, so, you don't believe in satan? So, you don't believe in people called satanists? So, you don't believe in the supernatural power of evil? Or prayer? Or scripture? I have been involved in the occult – though by no means as deeply as described in RB's books and I can tell you demons are REAL! What exactly does RB say that is untrue? What exactly does she say that doesn't stand up against scripture? I am NOT saying you are all satanically blinded but you do need to look at reality.

    1. +If you want more proof about satan and demonic witchcraft, just read these two amazing, verifyable best selling biographies: 1)”OUT OF THE DEVIL’S COULDRON” by John Ramirez (he was DEEP in the occult for 25 years, a master). 2)”APOSTLE TO ZAIRE: THE LIFE AND LEGACY OF BLESSED FATHER COSMAS OF GRIGORIOU” by monk Damascene. At (Battle with satan and black magic in africa). Visit websites: “real spiritual experiences” and “real psychic experiences”and see my PROPHILE page there (timfaraos), for more mind blowing info on the supernatural! Stay safe. God bless!+

  14. And you call yourselves Christians?well you have to be advised Satan is well and alive and he is deceiving you by telling you what doctor brown wrote is a lie.People say some thing is not true because they are enjoying their sin too much to leave it and repent.Be aware of Satan lies brothers and sisters .Satan has power but the power of God is much more greater.

    1. God Is Good. He Is Love, He Restores, He makes us grow in love and Truth, nothing like this book describes (fear and pain only). furthermore, you’d think The Holy Apostles would have wrote us about those things (because they would have definitely been under the same attacks if her claims where accurate, or even worst, but they where not). she also says that they try minister to the people out of their body that came to attack them, but the Truth is they cannot know whether that ‘person’ is a demon or a real human out of their body. this shows a huge flaw in her book and entire reasoning, showing me that it might be a huge deception satan is doing to keep us from The Love of Jesus Christ. I found other flaws as well, like her saying she would get thrown into walls by demons, demons have no bodies to throw the people who are no possessed, the only conclusion I have is that she was possessed at the moment of her being thrown. this is only talking about theological issues leaving all the ‘things’ alleged against he in her own life (drug addict, giving too much drugs to patients, fake name (bailey) etc. etc.)
      I could go on and on but this is my point: I think this is a huge lie from satan, maybe she was under the influence of demons when she thought she was guided by God… demons do like to torment people, I think that was the case for her, I pray it is different now for her but something is telling their is a huge thing we are overlooking here, a plot to keep the baby Christians in fear, giving satan more power than he has, something even deeper than that.. maybe it is a satanic masterpiece that leads many astray…

  15. "The real test is this. Suppose one reads a story of filthy atrocities in the paper. Then suppose that something turns up suggesting that the story might not be quite true, or not quite so bad as it was made out. Is one’s first feeling, “Thank God, even they aren’t quite so bad as that,” or is it a feeling of disappointment, and even a determination to cling to the first story for the sheer pleasure of thinking your enemies are as bad as possible? If it is the second then it is, I am afraid, the first step in a process which, if followed to the end, will make us into devils. You see, one is beginning to wish that black was a little blacker. If we give that wish its head, later on we shall wish to see grey as black, and then to see white itself as black. Finally we shall insist on seeing everything — God and our friends and ourselves included — as bad, and not be able to stop doing it: we shall be fixed for ever in a universe of pure hatred." CS Lewis, Mere Christianity.Basically there are 2 kinds of people. One group finds out that there are no satanic baby killers and they are filled with joy that the world isn't as dark as they thought. The other gets really angry that you dare try to take their belief in the existence of satanic baby killers away from them. Guess which group is the only one that cares if a story is true?

    1. It is good to not believe everything you hear…and it is also good not to dismiss EVERYTHING you hear as a lie! Because then, you throw the baby out with the bathwater! E.g: A few bad corrupt police men, doesn’t mean ALL policemen are bad, and that makes all the laws bad, and the government bad, and everything is a lie, and everyone is a liar…!! You’re all carrying on like a bunch of old ladies, panicking over a few bad testimonies… If only 0.1% of ex occult testimonies were true, then that would be proof enough of the existance of the supernatural: Of God, Angels, demons and miracles…! Hold your horses here! You don’t have to demolish the whole house, just because you want to put some new tiles in the bathroom…

  16. Hello would you mind sharing which blog platform you’re using? I’m
    going to start my own blog in the near future but
    I’m having a hard time selecting between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your design seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something completely unique.
    P.S Sorry for being off-topic but I had to ask!

  17. Everything Elaine and Rebecca MD said is true and accurate. I love them for standing up for what’s right. Satan and his witches and warlocks think that writing things about them will stop the power of God. However it will not stop God’s power, LOVE, mercy and grace from taking the hearts of people. This world is not the real world but the spirit world is the real world and because it’s invisible to the naked eye evil doers who walk in it think that they will escape judgment. Furthermore everytime they kill one of us we rise in the spirit in full strength and power. The body can only keep you planted on earth for a short time and what do you think will happen when your spirit stands before God? I decree and declare that they will face God’s Love even if they don’t want it. Hell is the power of God and they will be tormented by his light of love. It will be like fire to their spirits and it will burn and the light of Christ will reveal every hidden secret within them. It will be a place that no one can hide or sin or lie on people or decieve anyone ever again. I hope that people will know that the mind is a small part of who you are. You are spirit beings who need Christ to come in and wake you up from sleep so you can see the truth.

  18. Are you kidding me? You want to use “logic and reason” to find out the truth about the bizarre?? Really??? Researching the spiritual by the physical…what a tragedy; this in itself is BIZARRE…and that’s exactly the way satan wants it. You really expect satan to leave “verifiable” traces of his exploits on earth, when his very nature is lie, deception, fraud, etc? Even mere mortal men do better than that!

    If satan cannot deceive you that he (and indeed, the spirit world) doesn’t exist, he still finds some relief in another lie that he’s a benign spirit or that at least his activities are not “as bad or rampart” are some are talking about it.

    Logic and reason belong in the physical world, and, as is obvious from Scripture, this is NOT the way to relate with God (in fact, it’s a hindrance) nor is it the way to fight your adversary the devil!

    This is not in defense of RB (or anyone for that matter), it’s just a call to seek the truth God’s way (Scripture and the witness of the Spirit primarily), not man’s way (reason and logic primarily). There are some fundamental issues (such as denying the existence of the human spirit) raised in discrediting RB’s work that are contrary to biblical evidence or experience…and you cannot use falsehood to judge falsehood (assuming RB’s work were false to start with).

    What I expect any genuine Christian to do is pick his Bible and check things out for himself, with complete dependence on the Spirit within. We cannot get truth from Scripture apart from God Himself. The Pharisees purportedly searched the Scripture for “life” yet missed Life when He was standing face to face with them.

  19. i read these books at age 14 in year 1987.
    to say the books harmed me would be an
    it was like i had suspended all my critical
    and sceptical mind.
    luckily am better though not fully recovered
    from her teachings and others of her type.

  20. Están totalmente errados, el mundo oscuro es muuuuy extenso y satanás lo gobierna. ilusos despierten.
    la salvación es el premio y el enemigo lo sabe bien. entréguense a Cristo y dejen que el espíritu santo los gobierne…… se llevaran una gran sorpresa.

    Dios los bendiga.

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