Book Review: Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster by David Icke

This one definitely wasn’t on my winter reading list, but my Signif Other brought it home from a kooky New Age bookstore and I just couldn’t resist, even though it reeks of incense.

For those not familiar with Mr. David Icke (pronounced “Ike”), a crash course: He’s a former UK football player and sports presenter who experienced some sort of breakdown around 1990. Ever since, he’s been giving lectures and writing books about an ancient global conspiracy to control humanity, which he now says is headed by 4th-dimensional, evil Reptilian entities who interbred with certain humans to create 13 “Illuminati Bloodline” families. The most powerful members of these families (the Bushes, the Windsors, et. al.) are not strictly human; they are possessed by the Reptilians, and can shape-shift at will during their Satanic blood-drinking ceremonies. Their goal is to turn humanity into a microchipped herd of cattle, under total physical and emotional control. To this end the Illuminati has introduced aspartame, tainted vaccines, fluoridated water, GM foods, television, the media, trauma-based mind control (he extensively quotes Cathy O’Brien and other alleged victims of the possibly fictional Project Monarch), and all religions. The Illuminati also use manufactured wars to keep humanity distracted and distressed (the Reptilians feed on our fear and bad vibes as well as our blood, you see), covertly funding both sides of conflicts. To enforce their will upon us, the Illuminati produce manufactured problems with pre-arranged “solutions” (a real-world form of the Hegelian Dialectic, dubbed “Problem-Reaction-Solution”, or PRS, by Icke).
I admit I it: I like Icke. Sure, his research is spotty and he’s breathtakingly gullible and he believes in giant shape-shifting reptilian Satanists, but he’s sincere in his beliefs. You certainly can’t say that about many authors nowadays, as my posts on James Frey, “Nasdiij”, “J.T. LeRoy”, et. al., show.
Some activists, notably Canadian human-rights attorney Richard Warman, believe Icke to be an anti-Semite using “12-foot Reptilians” as a code word for “Jews.” For this reason, Indigo Books in Ontario will no longer carry his works and some of his Canadian appearances have been cancelled. Trust me, though – Icke believes in the lizards. And he despises all religions, not just Judaism. Also, he discusses Jews and Reptilians separately, and names mostly WASPy types as lizard people.
Icke’s early books (up to 1999’s The Biggest Secret) didn’t mention the lizards at all. That’s how Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster starts out, too; he reserves the multi-dimensional lizard stuff for the final chapter. Alice begins with an extensive overview of the Bush Dynasty, adhering to the theory that George Bush Sr. was the “Secret President” throughout the Reagan, Clinton, and Bush Jr. administrations as well as his own. Icke reviews Vietnam, Iran-Contra, Gulf War I, Enron, and a host of other dismal events before finally delving into 9/11 in chapter 7. As with all of Icke’s books, Alice is a colossal mish-mash of everything he’s ever read on the subject, some of it culled from reputable sources and some from utter lunatics he met in a back alley somewhere. Most of his information is boilerplate 9/11 conspiracy theory, but he does present numerous intriguing factoids that you won’t easily find elsewhere. (This is true of most of his books, particularly And the Truth Shall Set You Free.) He has also retained a refreshing sense of humour, something very rare among conspiracy theorists.
The only thing I found particularly annoying about Alice was Icke’s frequent reminders (roughly every other page) that predictions from his earlier books have come to pass, therefore we should believe everything he says now. Um, no thanks. I mean, when you spew out thousands of pages of predictions, you’re bound to hit on the truth from time to time…
A sample of the interesting tidbits in Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster:
– The Statue of Liberty is a representation of the legendary Assyrian Queen Semiramis
– George and Barbara Bush are descendants of Crusader Godfroi de Bouillon, First King of Jerusalem, and 34 of the U.S. presidents were descended from Charlemagne.
– Ben Bradlee worked for the CIA at one point (he, too, is descended from Charlemagne).
But there are also many references to FEMA concentration camps, Satanic ritual abuse, and the chemical assault on humanity. Icke writes that fluoride is a “major intellect suppressant” found in cockroach poison, Prozac, and nerve gas; (uncited) studies have shown it makes people “stupid, docile, and subservient” (I’d love to know which researchers use the word “stupid” in their papers). Oh, and it renders people sterile. GM foods, vaccines, crop chemicals, and food additives are actually designed to “genetically modify the body, rewrite the DNA” in order to reduce the “ability of consciousness to manifest its genius through the brain.”
Though he cites most of his sources, you obviously can’t trust a thing Icke says until you’ve quadruple-verified it for yourself. His stuff is really for entertainment purposes only, a glimpse into the ultra-paranoid worldview that seems to be getting more and more mainstream by the day.
For more Icke and Reptilian info:
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– Wikipedia entry on “Reptilian humanoids

8 thoughts on “Book Review: Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster by David Icke

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  1. It wasn’t bad! He at least can laugh at himself and the stuff he writes about, and acknowledges that it all sounds insane.

  2. i’m probably a descendant of charlemagne too, and so are you. Read about it here and hereI must say i picked those two urls at random and have not read them, i just want to illustrate the notion. Do your own research as needed 🙂

  3. To be fair after we talked some about Icke’s book you and I both got side lined by the fact (and you agreed)that we are creatures of many fascinating similarities between the average Minnesotan humanoid and cold-blooded vertebrate Reptilia. (cover your ears Lutherans of Lake Wobegon) I reserve the right to comment on your analysis until I read more spotty parts of Icke’s book. I do love the layout of his book so far and agree mostly on his research regarding 911 being as an inside job..naturally. I like your final book report though, well written and enjoyable to read, but don’t give up on Icke yet…love ya!

  4. Think about the future/What if Davey Icke is right?If the reptoids take over, we’ll be their slavesAnd, frankly, the thought keeps me wide awake at night

  5. Icke’s premise is that the Reptilians covertly took over centuries ago, and that we’ve been their slaves throughout our history. Sweet dreams.

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