Pact or No Pact?

I had my suspicions about the alleged Pregnancy Pact. This is what I wrote about it on another blog on June 21, as part of my review of Juno: “And speaking of pregnant teenagers, this is total b.s. Sh**, in high school my girlfriends and I couldn’t even agree on which movie to see. No way could more than 3-4 girls be in on this, unless it was some kinda online thing like those wacky Japanese kids with their suicide pacts. This is just a convenient way to blame your peers and maybe get a reduction in your grounding time.

Turns out it’s even more transparently hoax-y that I imagined; the Eagle-Tribune Online reported the same day that Gloucester authorities claim they hadn’t even heard of such a pact until the media began mentioning it

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  1. Pact, or no Pact, the parents in that community had better pull their heads out and find a better way to boost their daughters’ self-esteem!

  2. Definitely. These girls need to learn they have a few other options in life besides getting pregnant in grade 9 and living in their parents’ basements…

  3. Some of the media coverage of the “pact” after the story started to unravel was hilarious in a sickening sort of way. I’m paraphrasing, but not by very much:Newspaper: So it turns out that all the alleged participants in this so-called “pact” have entirely denied that any such pact ever existed.Principal: Oh no. There was definitely a pact. I mean, didn’t you see in the newspaper where it said there was a pact?Newspaper: Yes. That was us. We got that from you, and at the time we thought you knew what you were talking about. Now we’re not so sure.Principal: … but, but, if you guys printed it, then it must be true! It must be that everyone who’s contradicting what’s in the paper is lying — even if they are the only ones who’d actually know!

  4. Rats! Another good hoax goes down in flames!:) Oh well – we’ll still have the really big hoaxes to enjoy, like the ones about living in a “democracy” with guaranteed “rights” & “freedoms”…Muahaha!

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