Some Nuggets of Wisdom from Alex Jones

From today’s broadcast: “See, there are good people like Willie Nelson’s grandmother, and then there are evil people…”

Jones insisted he doesn’t dislike immigrants; he dislikes the New World Order immigration policy. “I love Hispanic people. There are things I like about their culture. I know they’ve been brainwashed into thinking the U.S. is theirs and that they should take it over.”

In an earlier broadcast (June 22/08), his POV was slightly different: “We’ve got too many foreigners in the country; it’s diluting the culture.”

He then admitted, as he has repeatedly, that he does not engage in leisure activities anymore because his responsibility to the world is too great. Everything in immoderation, even immoderation…

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  1. On an unrelated (to this post, anyway) note, I am appalled that CBC Newsworld is airing Amway/Quixtar commercials! It’s terrible!But, that station has had a history of airing iffy ads…

  2. Man, don’t get me started on those…they’re on every bleedin’ channel, it seems. I imagine TBS is awash with them; they tend to run a lot of diploma-mill, debt-consolidation, payday loan ads aimed at the chronically sleepless and unemployed – society’s most vulnerable. Bustards.

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