This month’s Pants Afire Award goes to… Benjamin Fulford!

How did one Canadian journalist become the peace broker betweeen 10,000 rich white dudes and 6 million pissed-off Asians?
Well, it involves Japanese finance, Nikola Tesla, and liver pills…
Until 2005 Benjamin Fulford was a Tokyo-based correspondent with Forbes magazine, writing articles on Asian finance. Then, he says, he quit in protest after the magazine refused to run a story that was critical of one of its advertisers. Since then he has written several books on economics and politics, such as Say Goodbye to Zombies (2006), published in Japan. But his claim to fame is his proclamation that he is single-handedly staving off the assassinations of Western members of the Illuminati, with which his own family has long been associated.
Fulford is the great-grandson of Ontario patent medicine tycoon G.T. Fulford, who made his fortune in the late 19th century by acquiring the rights to distribute popular liver pills called Pink Pills for Pale People. He established a posh estate in Brockton, Ontario (now a Heritage Foundation tourist attraction) and became a senator before dying in a car crash in 1905.
Benjamin Fulford says his great-grandmother Mary, G.T. Fulford’s wife, was a psychic Prime Minister Mackenzie King consulted before making important political decisions.
Benjamin pursued a more prosaic career, attending Tokyo’s prestigious Sophia University and becoming a financial writer. Now in his 40s, his baby face and clear blue eyes make him look younger despite a receding hairline. He has a mild, but very noticeable, speech impediment.
Fulford started to receive attention from Western conspiracy researchers around July 2007 because of the startling announcements he was making about the Illuminati. Citing information from “underground sources”, he declared that the Illuminati had gained covert control of Japan by murdering more than 200 Japanese citizens, including politicians, since the end of WWII, and next planned to reduce China’s population to just 500 million with bioweapons.
Shortly after he made the Illuminati’s depopulation plan known, Fulford says he was contacted by an ancient, pan-Asian secret society known as the Green and Red, comprised of 6 million gangsters, assassins, and intellectuals. It is dedicated to aiding the weak and fighting injustice, having emerged from the Ming army that tried to overthrow the Manchus in the 17th century. It unseated Japan’s last emperor and supported the Boxer Rebellion, then was forced underground by the Communists in 1949.
Members of the G & R warned Fulford that unless the Illuminati backed off, key Western leaders would be assassinated. They asked him to provide basic information on such people (apparently the G & R doesn’t have ‘Net access), and Fulford obliged by handing over 10,000 names and addresses. However, he tried to prevent any assassinations from taking place by becoming the peacemaker between the secret elites of the East and West. One of Fulford’s first steps in the negotiation process was to enlist the aid of “the KGB” (Putin and the FSB); sources had told him that Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, China, and Russia are the only regions of the world currently not under Illuminati control. With Russia’s help, Fulford managed to arrange an Illuminati stand-down by the summer of ’07. Among the terms of the peace agreement: George W. Bush would step down by August, the U.S. government and the EU would make reforms, and free energy technology would at long last be released from a Rockefeller lair.
But Fulford’s job was far from over. He next “called out” Illuminati bigwig David Rockefeller, asking the 92-year-old statesman to meet with him at the Brockton, Ontario estate of his great-grandfather. In late 2007 he triumphantly announced that the meeting had gone off as planned; he had confronted Rockefeller about high crimes committed by the Illuminati, and gave him letters “of interest to national security” penned over a century earlier by G.T. Fulford. What a turn-of-the-century, Canadian patent medicine huckster could possibly have had to do with the current state of U.S. political affairs remains obscure, but in the following months Fulford would build up a complex web of relationships between his family and the leading lights of the 20th century.
Despite Fulford’s reported success with David Rockefeller, some conspiracy researchers were alarmed by the photo accompanying Fulford’s story about the meeting; Rockefeller and Fulford stand side by side, Rockefeller smiling and Fulford grinning doofishly. How could he cozy up to the enemy like this? Confronted with the anachronistic photo, Fulford admitted that the meeting had actually taken place in Tokyo, when Rockefeller was visiting the city on unrelated business. Two security guards and a cameraman were present, so nothing of a top-secret Illuminati nature had been discussed. The story changed subtly again when Fulford spoke to Canadian conspiracy theorist Henry Makow. Fulford told Makow that the unstated secondary purpose of Rockefeller’s Tokyo visit was to “verify that the Fulford and Rockefeller families have been entwined for over a century by the ghost of G.T. Fulford.” He went on to say, that “the secret society’s messages can be read in the newspapers every day.” On Jeff Rense’s conspiracy-themed radio show, Fulford declared that at the time of his death, his great-grandfather had been planning to finance Nikola Tesla’s introduction of free energy technology, and for this reason he was murdered by a trolley. The Rockefellers then took control of Tesla’s inventions, hiding them from public view (this is a theory long held by free-energy fanatics).
In a video commentary on the interview, Fulford contradicted the explanation he had given to Makow: Rockefeller’s visit had been secret because he knew he had to sneak past Fulford on his turf, realizing that Fulford could have him abducted and brought to him (or, as Fulford put it, trussed up and delivered to him “with a vibrator up his ass”). Fulford explains that he had opted for friendly cooperation with Rockefeller in lieu of aggressive questioning because he knew the man would never admit on camera to heading the secret government, sacrificing children, deliberately spreading AIDS, or inventing SARS. Yet it was Fulford himself who provided the cameraman for the meeting.
In the video of the Rockefeller “confrontation”, Fulford asks for Rockefeller’s thoughts on the global government he discussed in his memoirs and speeches, and Rockefeller kindly corrects him, saying that he advocated cooperation among governments, not a one-world government. Rockefeller explains that he can’t conceive of one government ever coming into being. Fulford interpreted this to mean that Rockefeller wants a secret global government. He persists with the line of questioning, citing quotes found on Wikipedia. Rockefeller glances despairingly at his security guard or assistant and repeats to Fulford that he said no such things. Fulford moves on to Iran. Rockefeller says the U.S. probably won’t attack because it’s concerned about sparking international conflict. The other questions Fulford asks aren’t terribly interesting, until he asks Rockefeller what he thinks of people labeling him “the secret ruler of the world.” Rockefeller mildly responds that only crackpots would make such irresponsible assertions. Fulford doesn’t respond.
In his commentary, Fulford elaborates on his first encounters with the Illuminati in early 2007, adding strange new details: After he had interviewed Japanese Finance Minister Heiza Takenaka and accused him to selling out the Japanese economy to the Illuminati, Fulford had been contacted by a “ninja”, a Freemasonic assassin who presented him with a Freemasonic badge and told him of he ultra-secret 13 degrees of Masonic inititation that exist beyond the ordinary 32 degrees. The assassin informed him that Freemasons control the world, and they’re planning to thin out the world population with disease, starvation, and bioweapons. He then gave Fulford an ultimatum: Become Japan’s new Minister of Finance, or die. There is no explanation from Fulford of why the Illuminati would possibly want an obscure Canadian journalist to oversee Japan’s financial empire, with so many other puppets at its disposal.
Fulford considered playing ball with the Freemasons until the Green and Red stepped out from the shadows to offer him protection. As evidence, Fulford holds up a thin paper booklet he identifies as the G & R handbook, and another skinny booklet with a Freemasonic logo on the cover. He says he was invited to one of the G & R’s secret ceremonies, and to prove this he shows a photo of himself standing in front of an ordinary Asian altar-table covered with candles and fruit.
Later, when Fulford “called out” Rockefeller, the Illuminati assassin resurfaced to demonstrate the Illuminati’s awesome power; he predicted an earthquake would soon occur near Japan’s largest nuclear facility. Sure enough, this came to pass (hardly surprising – the facility is on a fault line). Unfortunately for the Illuminati, Fulford didn’t make the prediction known before the earthquake occurred, so its awesome power is still very much in question for the rest of us. Fulford, noting that a plasma ball was photographed over the reactor site on the day of the earthquake, wisely chose not to retaliate.
Fulford’s star should have fallen when the date for Bush’s arranged resignation came and went, but his endless excuses for why the Illuminati isn’t complying with the terms of his negotations have satisfied many of the conspiracy theorists who accepted his tales. They don’t care that Fulford’s evidence is as thin as the G & R handbook. Like Dr. Deagle, all he needs to do to maintain his audience’s loyalty is to keep producing more astonishing inside information and assuring them he is the only one who can save us all.
God bless you, Mr. Fulford.
Other Sources:
– Project Camelot interviews [transcripts] with Fulford
– 2005 Fulford video
Further Information:
Fulford’s website, featuring financial/political articles as well as essays like “How the Celtic Peoples Were Enslaved by Babylonian Tyrants”
Fulford’s odd resume. He claims he spent 1978-1982 consorting with former cannibals, studying with an Amazonian witchdoctor, and catching food with his own hands in the wilds of Canada.

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  1. We’ve already discussed this guy. It’s weird that we both encountered him around the same time.I wonder if you and I could make up a bizarre story and make money from it?

  2. Wow! That was very well written, clear and informative. Thanks!As for Benjamin Fulford and his remarkable claims…um…yeah…In my humble opinion, a lot of conspiracy theorizing and claims made in support of that theorizing arise from deep-seated feelings of inadequacy. Some theorists & claimants, while superficially appearing arrogantly conceded and overwhelmed by self-importance, may actually be hiding feelings of inadequacy and disappointment over the truth that their lives are very mudane and of very little consequence to “the grand scheme of things”.So, like this Fulford guy perhaps, they invent fantastic theories & claims that often cannot be either completely proven or disproven, involving entities & events that don’t actually exist, to make themselves appear ‘powerful’ and important to others. It’s very sad. I’ve watched similar processes take place within circles of neopagans, wiccans, ritual magicians, and others with a keen interest in mysticism, magick & occult “sciences”. Some people I’ve known who were involved in such circles eventually came to make outlandish, preposterous claims about supernatural things they had witnessed or allegedly caused to occur. My interpretation of this behaviour is that they did not see themselves as intrinsically, inherently, “special” (just because they are themselves) but very much desired that others should perceive them to be extraordinary, important or powerful persons. This strategy actually worked, for some, as long as they were surrounded by persons playing the same game who were willing to uncritically accept each other’s BSing and act impressed by it. So it goes, I perceive, with communities of conspiranoids – “you accept & support my lies about myself and I’ll accept & support your lies about yourself”.What do you think?

  3. That really was very well drawn, great encapsulation.son of gaia makes interesting observation in and of itself and may explain something of Fulford and his running off at the mouth, claiming a bit more than he’d been given leave to be. Maybe. Hard to tell when enthusiasm will become vanity some times and with some people.Doesn’t mean they are completely full of shit. Doesn’t mean they’re not. Leaving all of the heeby jeeby bits out about his grandfathers ghost, or other odds and ends, the financial corruption he describes is correct, at all focal lengths.The japanese and the chinese governments have refused to buy our treasury paper going on to almost a year now. The market has been in freefall while all make beleive it’s not happening. “It’s a mortgage crisis.”When in reality its just the latest round of a ponzi scheme that requires forein underwriting.Long before Enron, there was the S&L crisis, lest we forget.Japan and China has said ‘no’ and the dollar has been in flux ever since.These are two countries with their own space programs who are getting married this summer, financially.Fulford claimed to be something of a wedding planner with the US included either as best man or father of the bride.He claimed to be the broker of a good deal, that has fallen apart.Whatever.What we DO have is the privately owned Fed,(every note printed is lent at interest),IS going belly up.The markets are/will go apeshit.So if Fulford is only half right, meaning only half full of shit, I hope its the half where the world says to us, the US, ‘we want to do business with you, we want to do business with the US Treasury. We will buy your paper.(Backed with silver probobly)Not the Federal Reserve.’When you look up the fed the claim is made that “there are some private aspects” to this entity given ‘agency’ by act of congress, when in fact the exact opposite is the case.This is the kind of thing that gave our great-grandparents a certain lean look. It’s what gave our grandparents nightmares about unemployment till the end of their days.It’s called a depression.When there is a run on the banks.Some day you might be able to say, “That ‘crackpot’ outta Japan, yeah, Fulford. Heard about him in, I guess 0’7. 0’8. Predicted the depression. Claims he coulda stopped it. Still does.”Guess we are gonna find out huh?

  4. tshsmom – I saw your piece on sneaking veggies into various foodstuffs, such as baked goods. I thought my response to that might be more appropriate here, so I hope SME will forgive this off-topic message. Some vegetables are native to our planet – such as carrots, peas and lettuce – but many others are in fact ALIEN INVADERS plotting to take over the Earth. Millenia ago, evil aliens came here and disguised themselves as edible plants – including turnips, squash, cabbage, brussel sprouts, broccoli & cauliflower. Unsuspecting Homo Sapiens ate these alien ‘vegetables’, which got into their bloodstreams and subsequently into their brains. Once in the brain, these alien pseudo-veggies took over portions of the human’s consciousness, forcing them to make their children eat the alleged vegetables! I know you don’t have conscious awareness of this, so it’s not your fault, but when you sneak vegetables into your children’s foods or insist that they “eat your veggies, they are good for you”, you are really doing this because your mind has been taken over by alien invader pseudo-vegetables. You are furthering their conspiracy by making your kids eat them too, which enables them to take over your children’s minds and some day they will do the same thing to their own unsuspecting progeny. It is the oldest & greatest conspiracy on Earth. 🙂

  5. SoG: One thing I’ve noticed is that most conspiracy “insiders”, like Fulford, have some form of high intelligence (even if it’s just a remarkable ability to retain factoids, like Dr. Deagle). And they tend to choose careers in which they will be seen as trusted/admired authorities, becoming lawyers and doctors and air-traffic controllers and whatnot. For years Fulford was a respectable corporate journalist; people paid attention to what he had to say. Perhaps losing or forfeiting the Forbes job (the most prestigious of his career) unhinged him enough to think he had lost his authority and needed to get it back fast, in any way possible. What I really think is going on with some of these conspiranoids is well-expressed by Colin Wilson in his book Rogue Messiahs: Tales of Self-Proclaimed Saviors. Writing of Kirk Allen (a scientist who believed he had an active second life on Mars) he said, “He has somehow learned to use the unconscious mind to back the power of the conscious, and to turn fantasy into his own reality…[this] seems to demonstrate that the power of intentionality is more creative than even [Edmund] Husserl recognized. Flying to an imaginary Mars may the least of its achievements…” So the mechanism of fantasy-making itself is quite amazing and perhaps even useful, but the fantasies themselves are, well, stupid. Elaborate, but stupid. Ninja Freemasons and Tesla-related trolley deaths? C’mon, that’s comic-book stuff. Surely we can do better than that. Wilson gives his opinion that people of great intelligence and drive almost invariably want to lead or control others; they are society’s dominant 5%. Only a miniscule fraction of that 5% can take or leave the world’s opinion, and they are the true genii. What I see with the conspiranoid “insiders” is wildly misapplied skill and intelligence, powered by insatiable need to *be someone* and get as much attention as possible. They could be channeling all their creative energy into charity or their family lives or something more quiet, but that could never fully satisfy the craving for adulation.Now, as for the people obsessed by the conspiranoid’s ramblings – the true believers – I think most of them have deep-seated feelings of inadequacy, and long to feel they are privy to information that the common sheeple can’t possibly understand and appreciate. They get a high from fresh information and become addicts to it, because it does give them a false sense of self-importance…and of danger. They definitely, as you mentioned with the neopagan/occult scene, reinforce each other’s greatness and have unspoken agreements to buy into each other’s b.s. If they questioned outlandish claims from their fellow believers, they wouldn’t be on the inside track anymore, so skepticism has to be carefully avoided (or rather, directed at The Enemy – mainstream media, the governments of various countries, a certain ethnic group, whatever). And I think they really persuade themselves to believe the b.s. most of the time. Instead of a folie a deux it’s a folie a umpteen million. Anon: Fulford is a perfectly capable financial journalist. He knows the trends and he understands world finance. He has a good grasp of some of the genuine corruption that exists. But that was stuff he could have conveyed in a straightforward, “mainstream” manner, without throwing in ninjas and the Illuminati and free energy gizmos. Obviously he is not satisfied with conveying boring ol’ news of this nature, because MANY MANY people are privy to the same info and are conveying it in more conventional ways. Just being a financial reporter couldn’t make him saviour of the world, now could it? He needs a gimmick to get from “Forbes correspondent” to “Master of the Known Universe”. THAT is my issue with Fulford. The other issues you mentioned are valid. They don’t need to be dressed up with all this balderdash. SoG: Hence the term “vegetable creep”.

  6. SoG, OMG, NOW you tell me this!!Alas, it’s too late for SME; she’s already a full-blown VEGAN!! It may be too late for my son too, as he already likes broccoli and cauliflower. WHY did I ruin my children’s future in this manner?!My ONLY hope is to await the landing of the Galactic Federation on Dec 21, 2012. Maybe Ashtar can undo the damage I have done!Thank you soooo much for enlightening me on the evil vegetables. ;)PS, I LOVE your wicked sense of humor! You’ve got your head on straight kiddo. 😉

  7. Hallo to you all and specially the people who use their hands and mouth to throw shit. Don't you think that using language, by calling names, to attack people, is the same ego trip as some of the activities you condemn in these people? Please stop this?It makes your messages very unconvincing! Marian.

  8. Not only is Fulford a whackjob, he's also a racist. Claiming that the Japanese would want him for such an important position is just dripping with the unrecognized self-importance that comes with white privilege.

  9. Some theorists & claimants, while superficially appearing arrogantly conceded and overwhelmed by self-importance, may actually be hiding feelings of inadequacy and disappointment over the truth that their lives are very mudane, but well actually you will never know everything about everyone is impossible, is better to live in peace.

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