What Kind of F***ery is This?

As usual, I can’t find corroboration of any sort for most of the statements made by Alex Jones in his July 29th broadcast. If anyone knows more about this stuff than I do, please enlighten me so we can all fight the New World Order together.

No, not really.

After ranting for a considerable length of time about police brutality and screeching at a woman caller, “I’m so sick of these schizophrenics!” after she dared to suggest that he employs call-screeners, Jones informed us that:

  • U.S. troops are throwing Iraqi children from bridges “as a hobby”. I’m not aware of a single instance of this occurring. A man in Alabama, Lam Luong, threw four of his own children from a bridge early this year, though.
  • “Everything I say comes true.”
  • Nazi-style youth brigades made up of schoolchildren will soon be policing the U.S., as evidenced by the “National Compulsory Service Act” (I think he means H.R. 393, which is currently languishing, but this has nothing to do with children).
  • “They’re going to put you in labor camps – that’s in all the executive orders, implode the economy, and get your children to tattle on you.”
  • People are “being arrested for growing aloe vera”. I’ve Googled every imaginable combination of terms that might involve aloe vera-related arrests. Zip.

4 thoughts on “What Kind of F***ery is This?

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  1. Shhhh…please don’t turn me in! I’ve been growing aloe vera for 25 yrs, from the plants your great-grandmother gave me. OMG, do you suppose Grandma was IN ON IT? AND…I’ve involved my cousins by gifting them with plants that came from the one Grandma gave me. I’m DOOOOOMED!

  2. He was implying that aloe vera plants are being mistaken for marijuana grow ops, but I just can’t imagine anyone being quite that stupid. Aside from him.

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