• David Wilcock, the possible reincarnation of Edgar Cayce who almost predicted a nuclear strike on the U.S. back in the ’90s, told the world that at least one member of a race of benevolent, humanoid aliens would be revealed by Obama himself on national television this year. So go ahead and fire up the TiVo, ’cause I’m sure this will happen within the next two weeks.
  • It’s not that I thought there was ever any factual information in the “testimony” of intrepid Satanist-fighter Debra Hunter Pitts, but I just read in Bill Fawcett’s fine compendium You Said What?: Lies and Propaganda Throughout History that the song “Layla” was probably inspired by the classic Persian tale of a man who lost his mind with love for Layla or Leyli, the woman he was forbidden to marry. He came to be known as “Majnun Layla”: “crazy for Layla”. Ms. Pitts claims she wrote it as a teenager, cleverly disguising a Satanic murder ballad as a love song.
  • Marc Zackheim, the psychologist married to Anthony Godby Johnson hoaxer Vicki Fraginals, passed away in November. In March of this year, he pled guilty to Medicaid fraud, having falsely billed over $100,000 to Indiana Medicaid.

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  1. Off topic: smeee, whats your opinion on Chemtrail spraying?I friend of mine pointed out to me the odd sky patterns (around 1997)…he said it was weather control. My reaction? I howled with derisive laughter.But now I see the patterns more and more. It can be a clear day, not one cloud anywhere in sight, then I will see several aircraft, very high in the sky, cross in perfect patterns, emiting a thin plume of white smoke that gradally will fill up the entire sky. Two hours later the whole sky is filled with this cloud cover, all of it directly springing from the exhaust plume of these planes. the next day the weather will turn, or everyone is sniffling and wheezing. Ive seen vidoes of real 'normal' plane exhaust, and then compared them to the alleged chemtrail exhaust, and there really does seem to be two distinct types of plane exhaust- one that dissipates soon after being emitted, and another that will fill the sky with 'clouds' there are videos of planes being tracked as they will turn the "nozzle" on or off…Im under the impression that for regular exhaust to vastly expand, it would have to be outside of the height normally associated with chemtrails. And why the tic -tac toe patterns, if its not a spraying? Are these planes drones?ive heard the practice could be benign, as in a spraying to help innoculate people from a future biochemical attack…or maybe to bio engineer the planet to make it more habitable?

  2. I supposedly live in a high-chemtrail area, and a friend has been photographing every funky contrail she sees for the past decade. So I've been on the lookout for these unusual crosshatch patterns, and the increase in coughing that follows concentrated spraying. And to date, I have not seen one contrail or contrail pattern that could be considered unusual. There are way more jets in the sky than there used to be, hence more contrails. Some contrails thin out in places or even "pause", depending on the atmospheric conditions (which can differ considerably within a small area). Some puff out into clouds or appear to merge with existing cloud cover, and this can happen at any jet altitude. As for coughing and wheezing and sneezing, I notice that increases somewhat on dry, dusty days with light wind – which coincidentally happen to be good days for flying. It seems to me that jet spraying would be one of the most ineffective/inefficient means of dosing the public with a certain chemical, given the amount of…whatever…that would have to be released in order to ensure it hits street level. And if wind conditions change even slightly, your dose could go well off the mark. It would be easier, cheaper, and more effective to spray from vehicles or through ventilation systems. Am I saying commercial jets have never ever sprayed chemicals for some unknown reason? No. Truth is, I have no freaking clue. All I know is, I have never seen a contrail that seemed to be anything other than a contrail. A pilot friend says the same – and he's seen far more contrails than I have.

  3. I almost forgot to mention the most significant aspect of chemtrails: While we're gazing up, wondering what could be in those contrails, industrial waste and toxins and air pollutants (like, ahem, jet exhaust) are sneaking up on us. As one of Pynchon's proverbs reminds us, "If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers."

  4. I have seen unusual patterns- first, zero clouds in the sky, anywhere. Then, at 9:00 am on a recent sunday, in perfect parallel formation, at about 40, 50, and 60degrees up from the horizon, three planes move across the sky, south to north. One and a half hours later, the exhaust expands and expands until the entire sky is filled with cloud cover, all easily traced from the original plane exhaust plumes.A week later, to the exact minute, I look out my window, and its happening again, exactly as described above. zero clouds turn into a whole sky filled with clouds, in little over an hour, all issueing from the exhaust, or seemingly so. the tic -tac- toe patterns are everywhere, and these are not pleasure craft.Its not to innoculate or poison, although new polymers can encapsulate toxins until they reach their targets on or near the ground… its more likely a communication system using radio/electrical pulses, or for weather modification, which the US Air Force been doing or attempting to do since the late 1940's.here's a video, among many. just because I put it here…doesn't mean I agree with its contentshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEFITGpXwZk

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