Wednesday Thursday Weirdness Roundup

Undead Pedophiles, imaginary dinosaurs. You know, the usual.

  • At long last, definitive proof that Near Death Experiences are real, out-of-body events: Missing dentures.
  • You already know – if you’re not asleep – that Freemasons control international finance, the Ivy League universities, and Old Navy stores. But only Adnan Oktar can tell you that Freemasons hang with Satan.
  • And speaking of creationist douchebags, I’m sure the Intelligent Design crew will have a field day with this one: Triceratops might not have existed (they were possibly just juvenile torosaurus). Paleontologists were lying all along! They just make stuff up! Those “fossils” were just deformed hippo skulls with horns glued to them! Etc.
  • A-ha! I knew Disney couldn’t make a full-length feature film out of the lamest sequence in Fantasia! Looks like they “borrowed” some ideas from an Italian comic book.
  • Michael Jackson faked his death? We’re still doing this? Srsly?

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