Sandy Hook Truth, 9 months later

It has been about seven months since I first looked at the Sandy Hook Truth movement, an assortment of individuals who believe they have uncovered evidence of labyrinthine conspiracies behind the Newtown, Connecticut school massacre.
These intrepid investigators have had nearly nine months to crack the case wide open and tell us who really did the crime, and why. Let’s take a look at what they’ve found by comparing/contrasting aspects of the “official story” with some of their results. After that, I’ll list the Sandy Hook Truth movement’s best evidence.

The Official Story

On the morning of December 14, 2012, 20-year-old Adam Lanza shot and killed his mother, Nancy Lanza, in the home they shared in Newtown, Connecticut. He then drove his mother’s Honda Civic to Sandy Hook Elementary School with four semi-automatic firearms licensed to Nancy. He took three of the guns with him when he entered the school.
Using a  Bushmaster XM15-E2S rifle, he shot his way into the locked building at approximately 9:35 AM local time. Between that time and about 9:49 AM, he killed principal Dawn Hochsprung, school psychologist Mary Sherlach, teacher Natalie Hammond, first-grade teacher Victoria Soto, teacher’s aide Anne Marie Murphy, substitute first-grade teacher Lauren Rousseau, and 20 students who were 6 years old or younger. 6-year-old Dylan Hockley was autistic. Lanza shot all but two of his child victims multiples times; 6-year-old Noah Pozner was shot 11 times. All of the staff members died trying to stop the gunman or shield their students. Ms. Murphy covered Dylan Hockley’s body with her own. Throughout the school, teachers and faculty members hid children in closets and bathrooms, thereby saving an untold number of lives. 
Six children fled Ms. Soto’s classroom and escaped from the school, making their way to the driveway of a home owned by Gene Rosen.
Before police could reach him, Lanza returned to Soto’s classroom and shot himself in the head with  a Glock 10mm.
His motivation remains obscure, but Lanza reportedly suffered mental and emotional problems that left him socially isolated and unable to work full-time or complete college. Around the time of the massacre, Nancy Lanza told friends she was considering leaving New England and attempting to enroll Adam in college for a third time.
Adam had access to the weapons because his mother was an avid collector who had taught both of her sons how to shoot.

The Truther Stories

The most popular alternate theory of Sandy Hook, by far, is that it was a government operation engineered to push through restrictive gun legislation, psychologically destabilize Americans, make blood sacrifices to the Devil, and/or distract us from “more important” things that are happening.
Some Sandy Hook Truthers agree with the general outline of the official story, but suspect Lanza was a victim of government-sponsored mind control (according to one Truther, Lanza’s mind control programming could be linked to Satanism, the Illuminati and Lady Gaga).
Some Truthers think Lanza may have had accomplices, and this is not completely unsupported speculation, as Connecticut State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky did mention other “potential suspects” when arguing that unsealing warrants in the case could compromise the investigation.
Other Truthers have floated the idea that the shooter was not Adam Lanza, but a man named Scott Vollmer. Vollmer was apparently singled out because his mother Janet taught kindergarten at Sandy Hook, and the school nurse seemingly confirmed to a reporter that the shooter’s mother taught kindergarten at the school (see “The Nurse” under Best Evidence, below). Also, Vollmer is said to be an event manager for New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, a vocal advocate for increased gun control. In reality, Vollmer was a director of special events for Bloomberg TV’s catering company, Flik International. Not exactly the guy you would handpick as an assassin.
Other alternative suspects include: A three-man Israeli hit team, the FBI, three people in a purple van, and men in the woods (whom Truthers have still not identified; see “The Man in the Woods” under Best Evidence).
But not all Truthers buy into the notion of alternate suspects. For example, YouTube user “ReviewManify” has posted a video titled “There Is No Shooter” in which he discusses – and dismisses – the Vollmer theory before telling us that there is no evidence that even one child died in Sandy Hook Elementary. Funerals and grieving parents notwithstanding, “There ain’t no proof of that.” So, no shooter. Problem…solved?
Florida professor James Tracy came under heavy criticism when he suggested basically the same thing on his Memory Hole blog, but he later clarified in an interview with Miami’s WLRN that he believes some people died at Newtown. He went on to publish his Sandy Hook articles on the website of Global Research, a Canadian outfit that has also declared the Srebrenica massacre a hoax and argued that Rwanda was really a massacre against Hutus, not Tutsis.
There are also Truthers who have argued that Adam Lanza does not exist and Sandy Hook was not actually a school.
The idea that no one died at Sandy Hook has led to the harassment of several people involved in the tragedy. The first person to come under heavy attack from Sandy Hook Truthers, strangely enough, was not a city official or a government agent. He was Gene Rosen, the retired grandfather who sheltered six escaped kids in his house until their parents arrived. For reasons I can’t even begin to fathom, some Truthers decided Mr. Rosen was not only an actor portraying a helpful Newtown resident, but could also be a pedophile, a liar, and/or a government agent. He has allegedly been harassed and slandered by conspiranoids who think he’s a paid “crisis actor” or a Satanist. The anti-Semitic wing of the Sandy Hook Truth movement is certain that Gene Rosen’s ethnicity is a key to his involvement. A YouTube user posted a music video about “creepy Gene”, to the tune of The Monkees’ “Daydream Believer”. Rosen has also reportedly received threats on his life. Yet not one shred of real evidence has been presented to back up any of these slurs. Truthers tried to prove that Rosen was a professional actor, but that turned out to be a different Gene Rosen.
The official Sandy Hook investigation is ongoing, and the final report may not be released until late autumn. But by the end of February, there was already a bumper crop of Sandy Hook conspiracy documentaries online, including Mark Howitt’s Sandy Hook: The Documentary, “Sandy Hook Massacre: A Closer Look” by Tina Charby (one of several Truthers who has pointed out “suspicious nuns” at Sandy Hook), and Sandy Hook Shooting: Fully Exposed  by “ThinkOutsidetheTV”. That last one went viral, resulting in a long Snopes entry. Press TV (Iran state television) had already decided that Israelis were probably to blame, as had retired professor and conspiracy researcher James Fetzer and the bizarro “anti-Zionist” publication Veterans Today (see Fetzer’s article “Did Mossad Death Squads Slaughter American Children at Sandy Hook?“).
The rush to judgment spawned countless red herrings, like the rumour that Adam Lanza’s father, Peter, was scheduled to testify on the Libor banking scandal at the time of the massacre (here is an example of that rumour in action, from an Infowars forum user). It turned out that Peter Lanza, a GE exec, had no link to the scandal. Max and Occupy Corporatism were among the alternative media outlets that worked to squash this rumour, alleging that it originated with Sorcha Faal, the same peculiar conspiracy-monger who was behind one of the least credible conspiracy theories about Michael Jackson’s death. Another red herring was that Nancy Lanza’s car was actually registered to a man named Christopher Rodia. Truthers went crazy connecting Rodia-Lanza dots (Andrew S. MacGregor even made the Rodia vehicle the linchpin of his FBI-did-Sandy-Hook theory) until blogger Joe Quinn helpfully pointed out that police-scanner references to Rodia had nothing to do with Sandy Hook.

Best evidence

I’m going to leave out the sillier evidence, like the Batman/Sandy Hook connection and the Freemasonic links and the allegations of Satanic ritual sacrifice.

Gun grab
The gun theory of Sandy Hook, which is definitely the most popular one out there, posits that the Powers That Be are so desperate to dismantle the Second Amendment and disarm the people that they stage mass shootings to help ramp up popular support for restrictive firearm legislation.
If that’s the case, then Sandy Hook was a miserable failure. The massacre actually mobilized the pro-gun community, and bills to restrict sales of semiautomatic weaponry and legislate tougher background checks for prospective gun buyers were shot down. In the end, cries of “gun confiscation” were cries of wolf.
There’s no question that elements of both the pro- and the anti-gun lobbies have exploited Sandy Hook and the Aurora incident, but there’s no smoking-gun evidence (no pun) that anyone engineered the massacre just to take away guns. By this logic, any incident involving firearms could be a staged event. And that’s exactly what “media lookalike” proponent Ed Chiarini of Dallas believes; he has stated that not one of the school shootings in the U.S. was a real event. Each and every one was faked.

The “actor” theory of Sandy Hook holds that no one actually died. The whole thing was an exquisitely stage-managed fake event in which crisis actors and/or other professional performers were hired to portray bereaved family members, eyewitnesses, and even shooting victims.
No one has managed to locate the bogus Sandy Hook students and their families. Are they in Witness Protection? Underground bunkers? Ed Chiarini believes some of them have gone back to work as actors, athletes, and performers. For instance, Robbie Parker (father of 6-year-old victim Emilie Parker) is actually skateboarder Tony Hawk, and the late Emilie is an “actress” who has also “portrayed” the daughters of Bachelorette contestant Emily Maynard and Taylor Armstrong of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Adam’s Lanza’s father, Peter, is really comedian Michael McDonald from MADtv. The part of Lt. J. Paul Vance was played by John Goodman. You get the drift. You can see more of this weirdity on Chiarini’s website.
Henry Makow, a Canadian who used to call his conspiracy site “Save the Males”, believes he can spot the actors’ “handlers” by what kind of purses they carry.
However, many Truthers, like Mark Howitt, dismiss the actor theories as absurd and divisive. Some of them have even become casualties of the theories; Dan Dicks of the Canadian alternative media outlet Press for Truth says he was accused of being a Crisis Actor at one point, and Ed Chiarini has proposed that Sonia of the Truther Girls conspiracy radio show is played by 30 Rock actress Tina Fey. In the description for one of her Sandy Hook-related videos, Sonia sensibly points out that no actor would be foolish enough to impersonate a grieving parent on national television – he/she would instantly be outed by relatives or acquaintances, and if not, recognized during auditions. There goes his/her career. In another Sandy Hook video, Sonia opines that the actor theory provides an easy target for those who wish to undermine Sandy Hook trutherism; who in their right mind is going to believe the Truthers if they go around insisting that Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmedinejad is really Henry Winkler?
Other Truthers, like James Fetzer, are willing to entertain and promote the actor theory without necessarily embracing it. As I have mentioned in my previous posts on Chiarini, I suspect “actor-based reality” theories may be rooted in the Fregoli delusion or something similar.

Sealed case documents and unreleased evidence
This is a prime example of the fallacy that if you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. Nearly every Sandy Hook Truther has complained at some point in the last nine months that case evidence is being withheld or isn’t being released quickly enough; the authorities must either be hiding it to conceal “what really happened”, or the evidence simply doesn’t exist because nothing happened.
But it is not just the big bad authorities who don’t want the evidence released. The parents of at least three of the child victims have campaigned to prevent case evidence such as crime scene photos from being made public. Dylan Hockley’s mother, Nicole Hockley, said to a Hartford press conference, “What purpose would releasing these documents serve? The shooter is dead and in terms of checking first-responder procedures they have all the information they need. The media won’t learn anything either. I will defend this as long as possible.” Her husband Ian Hockley, Mark and Jackie Barden, and Jimmy Greene and Nelba Marquez-Greene joined her in signing a petition to block the release of certain information related to the murders of their children, including 911 calls. In a letter to the Hartford Courant, Dean Pinto (father of 6-year-old victim Jack Pinto) also urged that the photos and calls not be made public.

If you have to wonder why parents would want to keep crime scene photos and case documents out of the hands of the media, think back to the JonBenet Ramsey case. Did the media use discretion in their handling of autopsy photos and 911 calls? The Globe tabloid triumphantly published six leaked autopsy photos, in full colour. Would you like to see death photos of your murdered child, or friend, or niece, as you stand in line at the grocery store or flip through channels?

The nurse
An unassuming school nurse named Sally Cox has become a central figure in Sandy Hook conspiracy theories.
Because of a large divorce settlement and her son’s educational needs (Adam was mostly homeschooled), Nancy Lanza was not employed. Nonetheless, there were (erroneous) reports that she worked as a schoolteacher. This led to a great deal of confusion in the wake of her son’s spree killings, because there were (erroneous) reports that she was (or had been) employed as a kindergarten teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary. There were even (erroneous) reports that Nancy had called in sick that day, and Adam targeted the class she usually taught. Later, there were reports that Nancy may have been a volunteer teacher’s aide for Adam’s class at the school, years earlier.
On the night of December 14, WUSA reporter Andrea McCarren approached Ms. Cox and asked her if she knew the shooter’s mother. Cox affirmed that she did. McCarren then asked her if his mother was known to be a good kindergarten teacher, and Ms. Cox said that she was a very loving woman, good with the children.
Her response truly is a bit baffling, because we now know that Nancy Lanza never worked as a teacher at all, anywhere (she was a stockbroker back in the ’90s). Nor has it been confirmed that she volunteered at Sandy Hook when Adam was enrolled there. It’s quite possible that Cox knew Nancy, but that has never been confirmed, either. Truthers would pounce on this flawed report and some minor inconsistencies in Cox’s accounts of that day, but what does any of it prove? Even if the school nurse lied about knowing Nancy Lanza and/or seeing the gunman – and I’m certainly not saying she did – that would not be evidence of conspiracy.
Another red herring popped up when Truthers revealed that no one named Sally Cox was registered as a nurse in the state, not knowing that “Sally” is an old-fashioned nickname for “Sarah”. Sarah Cox is, indeed, a fully-qualified and registered nurse in the state of Connecticut, and has been employed at Sandy Hook for over 15 years.

The guns and inaccurate media reports 
Initially, there was a lot of confusion as to which guns Lanza used, and where they were found. Sandy Hook Truthers hold up a few apparent discrepancies in the earliest media reports as solid evidence that the entire official story is a sham, ignoring the fact that early reports are often inaccurate. At first, Adam’s older brother Ryan (who was not even in Newtown on the morning of December 14) was reported to be the shooter (which helped spawn conspiracy theories, of course).
There has been extensive analysis of the media gaffes and spectacularly shoddy reporting that occurred in the hours after the massacre (see, for instance, Paul Farhi’s piece in the Washington Post). In my opinion, the bad reporting on that day serves as evidence against a cover-up, because a massive conspiracy would have micromanaged the media, feeding reporters carefully selected tidbits. Instead, it was the usual media free-for-all, with news outlets so desperate to get something – anything – into print or on the air that they seized upon rumours heard from bystanders, statements taken from traumatized witnesses, and other unreliable sources. This is reflective of a general decline in media standards, as far as I’m concerned, but that’s a whole other post.
Some early reports indicated that only two guns had been found inside the school; this was later amended to three guns, with a fourth left in Nancy Lanza’s car. To make things more confusing, some reports stated all four guns were inside the school, and NBC’s Today Show reported that Lanza shot his victims only with handguns.
These early-report errors were soon straightened out, but the Sandy Hook Truthers continue to use them as a foundation rock of their theories. You can see an example of this in a Veterans Today article by Jim Fetzer and Dennis Cimino, in which they highlight “the Bushmaster hoax”.

Emilie Parker’s Dad
Robbie Parker has been raked over the coals by every Sandy Hook Truther on the planet. Why? Because he laughed, and then cried, at a press conference. That’s pretty much it. He was laughing at something when he approached the mic to speak about his murdered 6-year-old daughter, but within seconds he was weeping and speaking emotionally about what his family was going through. Truthers decided this was a performance. Some even suggested that Emilie wasn’t dead at all; she posed with the President days later (this was actually Madeline Parker, one of Emilie’s two younger sisters).
While excoriating the rest of us for buying into the media’s epic lies, Truthers have whittled the entire spectrum of human emotion down to “sad” and “not sad” – if you exhibit both, you’re screwed. You will be permanently branded a member of the conspiracy. This has happened not just to Robbie Parker, but to several other parents of Sandy Hook victims. The Sandy Hook Hoax website maintained by Jay “New Age Messiah” Johnson has an entire page dedicated to exposing them.
For those who accept the “crisis actors” theory, there is an intriguing paradox here: Wouldn’t professional actors be more convincing than actual grief-stricken people? An actor would already be in character before the cameras even started rolling. Authentic emotion, however, obeys no such rules. Many times, I have seen tears and laughter at funerals and memorial services.
Like the actor theory, this “not sad enough” line of reasoning doesn’t cut it with all Truthers. Sonia of the Truther Girls observed in one of her Sandy Hook videos that it’s difficult to judge people’s emotional responses to the loss of a child, particularly if we haven’t experienced such loss ourselves.

The coroner
Truthers like James F. Tracy point to the answers given by Connecticut Chief Medical Examiner H. Wayne Carver during a December 15, 2012 press conference (see video below)  as proof that he didn’t really do a thorough job of examining the victims’ bodies, if he did so at all. An editor at Global Research finds it “startling” that Carver only conducted seven of the autopsies himself, though it is far from unusual for assistant coroners to do autopsies, particularly when there are mass deaths.
Carver’s answers are rather peculiar, and his behaviour strikes me as awkward and odd, but there’s nothing here that can’t be chalked up to fatigue, and/or a reluctance to reveal information that the police didn’t want to reveal yet. From Carver’s comments, it seems he has had some bad experiences with courtroom testimony in the past and is painfully aware that committing yourself publicly to anything can have serious repercussions. For instance, he knows it would be improper to speculate about the weapons, since that isn’t technically within his field of expertise. Truthers make much of his statement that he doesn’t know if the children were standing or seated when they were struck, but without knowing the layout of the classrooms and the relative positions of the shooter and the victims, that’s not something that can always be determined at autopsy.
In keeping with his “crisis actors” theory, Ed Chiarini attempted to prove that H. Wayne Carver is actually the late “Mafia hitman” Richard “Ice Man” Kuklinski, who died in prison in 2006.

The man in the woods
This is one of the genuine enigmas in the case. A WABC news helicopter captured footage of at least one adult male, dressed in camouflage, dashing through a wooded area close to the school, being pursued by police officers. This occurred around 12:24, over two and a half hours after the shooting stopped, according to the ABC News timeline of events. Who was this man?
We know that there were at least two arrests at the school immediately after the shootings – Chris Manfredonia, father of a first-grade student, was apprehended near the school and briefly detained. He reportedly said he was en route to his daughter’s classroom when he heard shooting, so he remained outside the building. A second unidentified man was also briefly detained, and police determined him to be a bystander, according to Snopes. Either of these individuals could be the man that one student reportedly saw handcuffed on the ground near the school.

But the man in the woods remains an unknown. According to the last sentence of a December 27 article in the Newtown Bee, a law enforcement source stated the man in the woods had a gun and was an off-duty tactical squad (SWAT) officer from “another town”. No Truthers have confirmed this, nor have they uncovered the man’s identity, so we have no idea why he was there or why he was apparently running away from police. One witness, seen in this video, told a reporter that he and other observers saw a handcuffed man in camo pants being led out of the woods and placed in a police car. Was this Camo Man, or someone else?
One theory holds that Manfredonia is Camo Man, but why he would be fleeing into the woods has not been explained.

Adam Lanza’s death certificate and inaccurate date stamps
Truthers accessed an electronic version of Adam Lanza’s death certificate (the Social Security Death Index Record) via geneology websites like and Geneology Bank, and breathlessly reported that Lanza died on December 13…one day before the massacre. Truthers like Jeffrey Phelps are aware that this date is probably a typographical error that might not even exist on the original document, but that doesn’t stop them from presenting it as evidence.

One of the most popular pieces of Truther evidence is that some of the webpages created on behalf of Sandy Hook families seem to have existed prior to the shootings. For example, the United Way Sandy Hook support fund was created three days before the massacre, according to the Google timestamp. But as a Salon article points out, wonky timestamps are more the rule than the exception; one Fox News article on Sandy Hook is dated by Google as having been published in 1983. That’s 13 years before Fox News existed, and 9 years before Adam Lanza was born. Also, webpages are sometimes repurposed.

The drill
Since 9/11, conspiracy researchers have embraced Webster Tarpley’s theory (outlined in his book 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA) that training exercises and drills conducted by law enforcement and military personnel are sometimes used to mask false flag attacks. They will point to training exercises that occurred in proximity to a real event as evidence that someone in authority knew all about it in advance. During a January 18 interview on The Alex Jones Show, for instance, James Tracy said the Newtown massacre was a “drill that went live”. Holocaust revisionist Nick Kollerstrom, in a Veterans Today piece written with Fetzer, attempted to draw parallels between Sandy Hook and the 7/7 bombings in London, another “drill that went live”. Somewhat paradoxically, Kollerstrom opens his article by introducing the possibility that the Newtown shootings didn’t actually happen.

Here’s the deal: On the day of the Sandy Hook shootings, an “active shooter drill” was being conducted at a school in the community of Carmel, New York, by the Putnam County Emergency Response Team (ERT), a unit comprised of specially-trained officers from the sheriff’s office and two area police departments (Carmel and Kent).  This, presumably, is the drill that Tracy contends “went live”.
But that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. Two days after Sandy Hook, the Southeast Brewster Patch newspaper reported that the drill was part of regular ERT training, and that the Putnam County ERT commander had phoned Newtown police to offer ERT assistance at the school. He was told the ERT would not be needed, since police had already secured the scene. Nonetheless, Truthers insist the ERT must have been involved. The team even plays a key role in an alternate timeline of Sandy Hook events compiled by Andrew S. MacGregor – though McGregor doesn’t present any actual evidence documenting ERT presence at the scene, because his scenario is wholly speculative.

Truthers have also responded negatively to a FEMA course offered under the auspices of the Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (part of Connecticut’s Division of Emergency Services and Public Protection), titled “Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters”, that was held six times in November and December 2012, including on the day of the Sandy Hook shootings. Frankly, I don’t know what this has to do with the massacre. The course deals not just with school violence, but with natural disasters, fires, and other emergency situations that could befall any school at any time. I view this as another red herring.

Henry Makow and others have catalogued “evidence” that Sandy Hook was part of some other, unspecified, drill.

The Bottom Line

The Sandy Hook Truthers will continue their investigative efforts, but this will probably be the last post I devote solely to their results. I have five good reasons for this:

1. Twenty children and six women are dead, beyond question. Adam Lanza is dead, beyond question. Nancy Lanza is dead, beyond question. I have not seen any persuasive evidence that the key figures in the investigation are not who they say they are. Keep in mind that hoaxes involving even one fake person always collapse under their own weight. Look at the Manti Te’o girlfriend hoax, the Kuwaiti incubator babies fraud, and the Catfish case; they were all exposed by just a few diligent people within weeks.
2. The Second Amendment is firmly intact.
3. The noise-to-signal ratio is incredibly high in the world of Sandy Hook Truth. Red herrings vastly outnumber genuine leads. After nine months, we still don’t have viable alternate suspects, smoking-gun evidence of a conspiracy, or anything else of substance. The majority of the Truthers have never been to Connecticut and have not spoken to anyone close to the case.
4. Truthers working in multiple countries have not yet supplied answers to the few unanswered questions that remain about the tragedy. If they can’t even figure out who Camo Man was, I doubt they could expose an epic false flag operation.
5. Bizarre, groundless conspiracy theories pop up after every mass shooting, as I discussed in another post.

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  1. What’s most confounding and yet entertaining to me is the people who claim that, for one reason or another, certain people involved don’t really exist. A lot of information is available about where to find people like Gene Rosen, Peter Lanza and his wife, Ryan Lanza. We know where they work or live. If they *really* believe they don’t exist, why not go sit outside Gene Rosen’s house and see what there is to be seen. The fact that no “Truthers” have done so, and reported their findings, seems to be evidence not of a desire to know the truth, but to produce lies.

    1. yes they do exist but ryan played adam and adam was ryan. gene was gene, and peter who the hell knows, another patsy as the father, yea they exist but it’s all a staged production. It’s fake, face it, that’s the least of your problems though considering a lot of stuff these guys put out is fake as well. they thrive off it.

      Guess who else is alive? NANCY, she goes by the name annie hadad and yea that’s her too. they may be alive but it dosent mean they aren’t frauds/and commiting terror on people, psychologically or whether they were pushed into it by Obama and his boys.

    2. There is absolutely no doubt that Robbie Parker and Kaitlin Roig were acting. No red eyes or no tears. One or the other has to be present for real emotion. Hyperventilation by Parker and Soto sister are known actor ploys. This was a hoax and no one died. It is like the Democratic version of 9/11. And it is Zionist sponsored, as Zionists are hot for gun control and a weakening of the USA according to the writings of Israel Shahak, a Jewish hero who feared a backlash against Zionist aggression. Wake up people. My natural father was Jewish and I was adopted, but I know a hoax when I see it.

      1. The author of this article wrote: “but within seconds he was weeping and speaking emotionally about what his family was going through. Truthers decided this was a performance.” Author, you know and I know this is misinformation on your part. Robby Parker hyperventilated to get into his role. That is a form of METHOD ACTING. Also, author, he had no red eyes, the minimum requirement for real emotion. SO you lied. What is wrong with YOU???

      2. OMG….please get a life. I know 3 families from Newtown who lost their children. I helped 1 grieving mother identify her son. I went to these funerals. How people can even joke about this not happening is beyond me. You’re almost as bad as the fools that say the holocaust didn’t happen.

    3. Why don’t parents of horribly murder children cry anymore is the world that cold that you could talk even think about your murdered child just days let alone years later and NOT SHED ONE FREAKING TEAR??? satan and his minions are here seek Jesus he will save your wretched souls

  2. If your posts on supposed “New World Order” plots have taught me anything it’s that we have nothing to fear from them since they are ridiculously terrible at achieving their goals. At this point the only way they could create a One World Government etc is if they deliberately set out to do the opposite

      1. I sure do! You do realize that was an attempt at a humorous comment right? I’ll add a smiley face next time if it will help!

    1. no they’re going to force it through, regardless of what they do being horribly bad and fake. they don’t care. they’ll try to force it anyway they can, it’s the agenda.

    1. They’re probably too busy trying to figure out how they’re supposed to eat, drink & breathe after they’re done poisoning the food, water and air to pay proper attention to their sinister world domination plans!

      Actually this is a great sitcom idea. Low level Illuminati employee who joined with stars in his eyes but is becoming increasingly frustrated by his clueless bosses ridiculous ideas. “Really? We have to put our entire plan into The Simpsons somehow? That makes no sense!!”

      1. Brilliant. I would watch that – kind of like the Mitchell and Webb “Somewhere in Whitehall” or “Somewhere in DC” sketches, only from an entry-level perspective.

  3. Aren’t people who question the official story the real skeptics?
    Also, you are so wrong on so many aspects of this case, it’s hard to know where to start. For one, many of the parents ARE actors. Look up David Wheeler unfaithful on YouTube.

      1. The burden of proof is on law enforcement and the public has seen nothing. Where is the report that was due on June 6? Even the New York Times had an editorial about how they are lagging. There is no proof and until then Lanza is just who they maintain killed anyone.

      2. actually you’re a little mistaken here. The burden of proof is on the accuser. In this case, you are accusing people of a massive and elaborate coverup. That means the burden of proof is on you. The report lagging behind is irrelevant.

      3. Er, no. The accuser is law enforcement. A simple photo copy of the death certificate would suffice, or maybe a clip of Lanza entering the school from the camera we know was there. That would put an end to all these theories that annoy you so much.

      4. Ah, see now you’re talking in circles. Right now we’re talking about YOUR accusation that the police are covering up something. So, where is your proof that these things haven’t been released?

      5. Also I would like to remind you that, as an administrator of this blog, I have access to your email and ip addresses so please keep it civil.

      6. Wow. There is article after article, newscast after newscast about the town clerk not releasing death certificates. Nice research. And now you are threatening me when I was never uncivil. What a waste of time. Have fun being the opposite of skeptical.

      7. Oh, see, you’re mistaking me for the author of this blog. I just administrate. And that wasn’t a threat it was a reminder because I know how people can get when their beliefs are challenged.

      8. Yes I see how YOU can get. I guess you can’t comment on here unless you agree. Good debate skills, good research skills, nice discussion of the points I made. NOT

    1. Fabulous damage control!!!!! Yes, he is an actor but he really had a son die too. Bullshit and you know it!

  4. One finds these people increasingly foolish. First of all, a professional assassin would not have a cover working for the people he does hits for, it would compromise deniability. Secondly, actors pretending to be grieving parents would do so under false names, not their own real names. Contrary to beliefs that appear to be held by some folk, actors are real people and have families.

    We are asked to believe by the advocates of these conspiracy theories two contradictory ideas, first of all that those who carry out these plots are fiendishly clever, and second that they are unbelievably stupid. On the one hand we are told that they cleverly staged (or executed) a school shooting in order to push through sweeping firearms restrictions in the USA, but on the other, nine months later there is no evidence they will succeed, and the public have moved on to other things. A truly fiendish plot would have followed Sandy Hook up with further shootings at strategic intervals to keep the issue in the public eye and thus ensure public support for sweeping restrictions on firearms. On the one hand we are told that this was staged carefully, on the other that total amateurs can tell that it was staged. On the one hand we are told that the government was able to effectively create a school community from whole cloth, on the other that this was a transparent falsehood (yet oddly enough no-one has been able to demonstrate that it was created from whole cloth). I could go on, but I have already done so ad nauseam, I fear.

  5. I also find it very odd that some people insist that the earliest news reports must be the most accurate; experience tells us that the opposite is the case in this 24-hour news world, for the earliest reports are those based upon the least information.

    1. I’ve been told – many times – that early reports are the most reliable because the conspirators haven’t had a chance to suppress evidence and spin the story yet. This does not make sense to me. If you can stage a false flag event on the scale of 9/11 or even just Sandy Hook, you can certainly establish some information control from the very beginning of the event, using phony leaks. You would not have to sow deliberate confusion (as Truthers say THEY did with Sandy Hook) to keep people off your track – in fact, that strategy would work against you, as people became increasingly suspicious and distrustful with each false report.

      And of course you can’t fill an entire town with semi-professional actors and fake law enforcement officers for a staged mass murder hoax, using an abandoned school as the set. Newtown residents would blow the whistle immediately.
      The Sandy Hook theories are every bit as absurd as the ultra-weird Columbine theories of William Zabel.

      1. they did just what you said they did. and it’s not a conspiracy. it’s true. maybe they thought confusion would help their aim. but they screwed up. made it look more fake.

        those guys are actors, they have other identities and theyre alive. face it. basically theyre manufacturing events and reporting it as ‘news’ how long it’s been going on, who knows. you’re liable to get more truth from the local news.

        my opinion is a huge satanic agenda meets wannabee ubermench types who have been corrupted and want to manipulate ppls minds and be their gods or manufacture their meaning of reality, that is if it’s been going on awhile, don’t get why people ( older people) haven’t noticed this yet or a lot of them.

        they’re so bad at it, you can’t even call it a conspiracy anymore, facts are out there, in front of your face.

        they are manipulating the masses/ thriving off terror and control but pretend theyre the ‘good guys’- I can’t say everything is fake but if one thing is or two, most of it is probably.

        my opinion is never trust a man or any government over god. the guy they try to disprove. I originally thought it was plain disrespect for the people, but it’s 1000 times worse, .

  6. If the whole thing is a set-up, then the information flow would be as controlled as everything else. I am reminded by some of the claims I have seen of certain charmingly quaint 1940s comic books in which Nazi agents in the US carefully dress up in full Nazi uniforms before carrying out their crimes. In real life this does not happen, oddly enough.

    1. there were so many people involved in this hoax, maybe some of them screwed up, ever think of that? and they did screw up, either the fake acting or people reporting fake things, nothing turned out to be true. a lot of people ‘messed up’ young ones too. kids that were supposedly there when it was a drill, young teens being interviewed getting the script wrong they were given, etc etc, they screwed up, bottom line.

  7. I don’t think the release of video footage would placate anyone. It will be denounced as fake. Death certificates would not convince anyone (“fake!”). I suspect that not even exhuming each child and conducting DNA tests would satisfy every Sandy Hook Truther.
    Also, I don’t think Schwarherz was “threatening” anyone, but he was reminding commenters that you’re not always as anonymous as you may think you are, and it’s best to remain civil to avoid being blocked (I don’t think that Larry was being uncivil, but it’s a good thing to keep in mind here. I don’t insult commenters and I expect the same in return.)
    Larry, by all means feel free to share any information or evidence that you think we should know about. Maybe it’s something I missed, something that isn’t well-known, or something that only you can reveal.

    Now, as for information being withheld, I discussed that in the post. Just because we haven’t seen it yet, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I see nothing wrong with the investigators taking their time in compiling and releasing their report. I would be more concerned if they rushed the investigation. Let’s wait and see what they have to say before we accuse them of hiding anything.

    1. Telling me he has my IP address and e mail? Why would he say that? I must have really hit a nerve with my differing viewpoint. I choose to believe Lanza is innocent until proven guilty, you have already convicted someone who can’t defend themselves with no proof.

    2. not only was it fake, the whole production but the government, Obama and his boys also set up that fund page and took money off of people who believed it was real. god knows what they used it for

  8. Well, you must admit when he’s found in the building where a school shooting just took place, armed, with ammo, it’s a little difficult to think of alternative suspects. Who else had access to his single mother’s guns, car, and bedroom? Keep in mind that authorities have seen any surveillance footage that exists.

  9. Quite frankly I am of the opinion that the lack of an official police report at this late date is one of the reasons these theories continue to be plausible. The lack of investigative reporting is also another reason, we don’t really have investigative journalists anymore in the vein of Woodward and Bernstein, it’s all “infotainment” on the news and dumbed down, the same story repeated over and over again, like a commercial in the hope that some day we will believe this crap. I would love to see a real investigative piece on false flag operations, we do know they exist, so let’s take a deeper look at it. I am not a truther, count me as official doubter that believes the real story of what happened at Sandy Hook has not yet been told.

      1. We don’t know what happened so let’s believe whatever the officials tell us, even though they could be sued for negligence. Good luck with that.

    1. The death of investigative journalism is, indeed, one of the major culprits when it comes to conspiracy culture. But even when investigative reporting is at its finest, are full stories ever told? I doubt it. There will always be information gaps, unresolved questions, lingering doubts. The problem is that when there is a lacuna in our knowledge, we usually rush to stuff it with our own theories and answers without thinking them through thoroughly. In the case of Sandy Hook, I have not yet encountered an alternate theory that seems plausible. On the other hand, the report will probably not answer all my questions, either, because we can never know another person’s heart and mind. We may never even begin to understand why Lanza and/or his mysterious unnamed cohorts (if they turn out to be real) did this.

  10. Why do you not mention the You tube posted prior to the tragedy that claims to be Adam Lanza in which he says “I guess me being raped by perverts was not in her idyllic plans”. Just like Columbine shooter, Eric Harris, Adam Lanza appears to be a victim of pedophilia.

  11. “I won’t believe it until I can dig up the children’s graves myself!”
    Seriously if they really weren’t dead children why wouldn’t they have already forged their death certificates, I mean if you can stage an elaborate fake massacre surely you have access to a printer? I find it bizzare the limits truthers put on the near magical powers of these nefarious government bodies.

  12. For being a skeptic blog, everyone sure is acting like they have the answers. I’m still waiting for definitive proof from either side.

    By the way, this article does nothing to “demolish” the theories, but rather tries to explain them away. As for the theories themselves, they have poor evidence at best. It is one thing to be a skeptic, but another thing to start drawing up conclusions based on any sort of speculation that appeals to your inherent bias,

    Anyone who claims to have the answers isn’t just fooling themselves, they’re doing the whole ‘skeptic’ community a huge disservice.

  13. By the way the shooting victim, Sonja Smith is the same first name as Heathcliff’s girl friend, Sonja, while Heathcliff’s owner, the Nutmegs, has the same nickname as Connecticut, leads to the downfall of Sandy Hook.

  14. Ironically, Cleo in the Heathcliff cartoons, has the same first name as the mother of the shooting victim Keith Basinski, few months before the downfall of Sandy Hook.

  15. Explanation: Sonja Smith was a shooting victim in Alabama, a couple of years before the downfall of Sandy Hook.

  16. I’ve looked at the evidence and concluded the official story is B.S. Here are some logical problems that scream cover up.

    Bullet holes in parked cars. This blows up the Lanza entered the building, shot the kids then himself meme. It points to multiple shooters involved. Who shot the holes in the parked cars? What were they shooting at?

    Gene Rosen — totally lacks credibility. Some random bus driver brings 6 kids to a stranger’s house, after a bloody shooting. How did the kids get into a bus and drive away without any first responders noticing? When Rosen was attacked as a fraud, not a single parent or the mystery driver stepped up to defend him. If he had helped your child on that day, would you be silent if the media attacked him?

    The evacuation. We have overhead chopper video from that day, including the firehouse. Parents interviewed claimed all the classes were gathered at the fire house to account for all the children. It would take an hour or more to evac 600 kids from a school and walk them 1/4 mile to the firehouse. Not a single photo or the chopper vid corroborates this. In fact, if you count the kids in the overhead video, there are only a handful. Where are the rest of the students? How did they get from the school to the firehouse?

    The purple van: You hear this around 11:15 in the scanner audio that the cops were looking for multiple suspects in a purple van, wearing masks, and one of them dressed as a nun. This thread completely disappeared from the story, and the media refuses to even mention it.

    My conclusions of what happened are based not only on what happened there but arrests that were made in NY a month later, uncovering a cache of automatic weapons, combat gear, masks, and bomb-making equipment. These individuals were involved in the shooting, and the whole bloody mess is being covered up.

    1. Brook my dear you are a very smart one and what you have said matches the evidence in the police reports released. Your on the money about the purple van!

  17. This is all interesting evidence, Brook, but let’s examine it more closely:

    1. Bullet holes in cars: The “evidence” for this consists of a video posted to YouTube, which purports to show bullet holes in a car owned by Sandy Hook teacher Lauren Rousseau. However, we don’t see the license plate nor any other identifying characteristics of the car in the video, and the maker of the video does not explain how he/she came to have access to the car. In other words, it is not solid evidence at this point in time. Also, I am confused as to why the video maker feels it’s significant that the metal around the bullet holes is rusty.

    2. It is my understanding that the children who ended up in Rosen’s driveway were on foot, not in a bus (though they were accompanied by a bus driver). At the time they fled the building, there were not yet any first responders at the scene. I certainly don’t know why no one has defended Mr. Rosen against the vicious, unwarranted attacks on his character. I would have leaped to his defense, as his only “crime” seems to be playing an accidental role in a tragedy. Perhaps Newtown is not a tight-knit community.

    3. I don’t know if it is necessary to have footage or still photos of the evacuation to show that children were, in fact, evacuated. I’m not even sure what it being implied here. Are you suggesting the kids were kept in the school, rather than being evacuated?

    4. The purple van is, indeed, interesting. But in the absence of any further sightings or information, you can’t go far with it. If the theories are correct, one must ask why players in a staged event would be so conspicuous. Isn’t it possible they were red herrings, thrown out by the real perps?

    5. If you could, please give us some more information about the New York arrests and why you think they are connected to the Connecticut shootings. Again, if this was a false flag event carried out by government agents, why would they still possess abundant evidence of their crime a month later? Surely they’re not that foolish.

      1. Does that even matter? If so, why? The kids got out of the school, and this would be the case whether Rosen encountered them or not. He’s incidental to the events of that day. If you’re going to contend that the kids didn’t escape, or were never in the school in the first place, or whatever, then by all means tells us what really happened.

      2. It is not for me to present a case or try to prove a negative. There has been zero evidence beyond official hearsay for the states claim. It is their responsibility to show proof of their contention that Adam Lanza is guilty. We are coming up on a year and their is no investigative report. I haven’t made any assertions as to what occurred that day, just that the story we have heard looks like Swiss cheese. You have to admit there is at least something slightly odd going on here.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I’ve considered the evidence in the light of logic and reason. How would normal people act in a situation like this?

      It was the media that reported these bullet holes were in a car that belonged to Lauren Rousseau. You are correct the license plate is not shown. We can only conclude one of two things: the media incorrectly reported this was Ms. Rouseau’s car — or this was her car and there were shots fired that day that produced the bullet holes. Perhaps you can offer your opinion.

      Gene Rosen — I raise a logical question that cannot be answered. Why would no one come to the defense of a white hat do gooder trying to help their kid on a horrible day? I personally would be outraged at anyone being maligned that had helped my child. This is normal behavior. I’ve reached my logical conclusion here — you should explain how you have arrived at yours.

      Were 600 kids evac’d from the school? This is one of the biggest news events to hit a small town like this. At Columbine, we saw all kinds of footage of kids trying to escape their classrooms through windows… etc… We had a chopper circling the event, media all over the place, parents with phones that take photos and video, and we don’t have one single photo of kids being evac’d — personal or professional. We don’t have single photo of kids grouped by classroom inside the firehouse. I’ll let the readers decide if this makes sense.

      The purple van was traced to a rental company in Wayne NJ and an Israeli couple arrested in conjunction with that a month later in NY. I am not going to do your research for you. Either you want to know the truth or you don’t. From your posts, it seems you have a serious problem with critical thinking. “Does this make sense” is not a phrase that goes through your mind.

      1. We’ll get into the purple van soon. For now I’ll just say that while “Does this make sense?” is a good question to ask, it is often unhelpful in complex cases. Look at some of the most famous criminal cases that were indisputably solved, and you will *still* find anomalies, unresolved questions, and bizarre elements that simply don’t make sense. Mass murders, in particular, don’t hew very closely to the rules of logic.

        There isn’t much more I can say about Mr. Rosen. I don’t find him suspicious even if his stories varied, because I know of no evidence that he has done anything of a criminal or underhanded nature, Witnesses to crimes and their aftermath often change their stories, not because they’re hiding anything, but because they want to increase the dramatic effect for an audience, or because their memories are a bit jumbled due to the trauma and excitement of the event, or because subtle permutations creep into a narrative with each retelling.

    1. There is no proof for the purple van thing. That is true and it is a bad example of an anomaly. There are certainly much more glaring inconsistencies though, some of which I elaborated on above.

      1. That depends on if you believe the police scanner audio or not. They clearly were looking for a purple van, suspects with masks and one dressed as a nun. This is on the audio. Now, what is interesting is the van was supposedly stopped in Danbury and then let go. Was there a purple van at the scene — yes or no? Were the weapons found in the NY apartment used in this crime — yes or no? Aarone Green is not the real name of the lady in NY. Both of those folks were Israeli citizens who happened to have a huge cash of weapons and combat gear in their apartment. Keep going — you’re getting closer to the truth.

      2. There is no connection between the van and these two people. This is a dumb distraction.

  18. Yes, there was a purple van in the area, and I would even say it was a suspicious vehicle. Finding that van and questioning the owner(s) would be a completely logical thing to do. But the New York connection? At this point, there isn’t one.

    “Were the weapons found in the NY apartment used in this crime — yes or no?”
    Not even the blog post I mentioned above makes that assertion. According to that blogger, the NYPD found explosives and shotguns. The Daily Mail reported that two shotguns and explosives were found.
    No explosives or shotguns were involved in the Sandy Hook attack.
    The citizenship of the two people arrested is irrelevant.

    Larry’s right: This has “red herring” all over it.

    1. No proof has been presented assault weapons were used. NBC was adamant only handguns were used, and there was a shotgun found in the trunk.

      Okay, let’s exclude the NY connection. I do not have time to connect those dots, and you would not understand if I did. Let’s establish there was a suspicious purple van the police were looking for on the scanner. Who told them about suspects wearing masks and one dressed as a nun? Why was this very important thread completely dropped by the media? There hasn’t been a single report outside alternative media on what happened to that van and how it came under suspicion in the first place. Danbury records are sealed. I will remind you this case is not closed per the CT AG. Here is his quote making the case for silence:
      Sandy Hook case might “seriously jeopardize” the investigation by disclosing information known only to other “potential suspects.” If this was a lone nut case, there is no official reason for a court gag order. Mulitple shooters involved in this makes sense — lone nut makes less and less sense the more you examine the evidence.

      1. Brook, since you seem to have done the most research (I’ve spent many hours looking into this “unspeakable horror” myself), & I agree with everything you’ve said… I want to add to the point you made earlier, calling Gene Rosen “suspicious”… Why would he bring those kids in his house? Don’t we tell our kids not to go with strangers? By his own admission, he gave them juice…. and let them play with stuffed animals… I guess it must’ve been a grand ol’ time at Creepy Uncle Gene’s house! He never even called the police, for Christ’s sake! He could’ve taken those kids to the firehouse. I saw helicopter footage of Creepy Gene at the firehouse himself… when he supposedly was at home playing with stuffed animals & 6 yr old kids.
        Another question…. Who declared all those kids (& adults) dead that day? How do we know that a few of them weren’t clinging to life?

    2. It’s seems there is a logical fallacy here that the people who question the official story, with either it’s blaring inconsistencies, or just the lack of substance to any of the claims; that somehow they are responsible for proving a hypothesis, one they haven’t set forth. I myself have simply been asking questions. I have made no claims. Yes, watching the bureaucrats scramble has been entertaining, and I would put forth that the attempts to conceal information have been absurd. Going on and on about pictures of dead children when that was never the real issue, any video evidence of Lanza entering school would shut a lot of these people you find irritating up. I am really glad to be able to have a civil conversation on this with you. It is up the state of Connecticut to prove their claims using evidence, not hearsay. Thanx for the forum.

  19. I am confused by ” Aarone Green is not the real name of the lady in NY”. The man charged is, in fact, named Aaron Greene. They would not charge him under an alias. Morgan Gliedman doesn’t appear to be using an alias, either.

    1. Sorry, Greene was the guy, and they can only charge him under the name he presents with his official Israeli docs — not his real name.

  20. Okay look, a repeatedly unreliable Russian source named sorcha faal was the source that there was a connection between the purple van and the NYers. No backup, no proof. So let’s move on to much more fruitful territory, may I suggest the coverup aspect.

    1. Noted. Question: would the media be directly involved in coverup and fakery? Yes. Can I prove that? Yes, but not at SH — at Boston. “Victim” Jeff Bauman is a fraud caught on camera, as is Carlos Arrendondo — the bystander in the white hat that stepped in to help Bauman.

      Bauman supposedly had his legs blown off by the bomb. These still shots show a mysterious guy in a hoodie actually attaching a fake prosthetic to Bauman’s stumps that already existed. He was already an amputee. There isn’t a drop of blood to be seen anywhere around Bauman — a guy who had just had his legs blown off.

      Enter Carlos in his white cowboy hat wheeling Bauman down the street. At : 28 in the vid, you see the fake prosthetic fall off and have to be adjusted. Incredibly, a trained first responder with an empty gurney just wheels right past them, leaving this seriously injured victim to a complete amateur. I showed this to an EMT friend of mine, and he indicated an injury like that would bleed out within 2 minutes and cause massive shock, and he laughed at sitting the victim up in a wheelchair. Total fake.

      Carlos and Bauman were paraded around as heros, and millions were raised by charity to give to them. YT is loaded with vid after vid about all the blatant fakery at Boston. Do your own research. I no longer believe the official story there, and that has led me to disbelieve the official story at SH as well. Our media appears to be involved in deliberate propaganda on a massive scale. I pay attention to what they refuse to talk about, because that is where the real story is.

      1. I’m totally with you on this. I just keep getting comment that I’m supposed to prove a negative. I guess exposing the inconsistencies and cover up is all.

      2. Boston is proof of cover up. There is too much evidence and too many fake, bloodless victims. You have to keep your eyes closed not to see it on purpose, and that is the right of those who don’t want to know. Hell, I wish I didn’t know sometimes too. It’s a difficult thing to come to terms with a world playing by a different set of rules. I will only say the time is rapidly approaching when knowledge is going to be a key to survival. Those who place their faith and trust in the official narrative… well, God help them.

  21. And here we go again with the LAX shooter. Another lone nut gone mad. We’re getting about one a month of these now since SH. Here is the photo of this guy released to the media. I’ll let the readers decide if this is the same guy who they have in custody now, and if this looks like real blood or not. My conclusion is somebody is playing you or a fool.

    1. Alright I’ll play along for a minute. Say the government IS using these to get us more willing to give up our guns. So? What would be so bad about a society in which guns are strictly controlled? The second amendment specifies “a well regulated militia” which gun control would satisfy. The constitution specifically calls “fighting the government” treason (the document people quote when talking about the people’s “right” to replace the government is in the Declaration of Independance, not the Constitution), not to mention you’d be completely overpowered by the US military anyway if you tried. So, what’s wrong with an unarmed, civil, society?

      1. I’m not sure you’re fully appreciating the ramifications of a government that could be deliberately spreading false propaganda and even faking the deaths of citizens to abolish a Constitutional amendment. That should qualify as treason in my book. What happens when they use these same tactics to push an agenda you vehemently disagree with — like say the Gulf Of Tonkin?

        You should also get your calculator out and do the math on the future. It’s pretty bleak. Our current financial system cannot survive. The nat’l debt, plus trillions owed in Medicare and SS that cannot be paid spells national default at some point. No one can say when, but when it happens, your local police protection will vanish within days. You will be responsible for your own security. Would you rather be armed or unarmed? These are not pleasant things to contemplate, but they are the times we live in, and anyone ignoring the warning signs… I would advise against it.

      2. Read my comment again. No one is talking about abolishing the second amendment, which by the way does NOT guarantee the right to own guns. Strictly controlled firearms would do nothing but good. Also I rather like how you changed the subject to the nat’l debt (which, by the way, is going down albeit slowly). And so far as your retarded (no, seriously, it’s retarded) “you’ll be responsible for your own security” scenario, I’d rather no one had guns when this scenario which won’t happen happens. Oh and by the by, do you know what will happen if the govt defaults? Police protection won’t vanish because a) police are paid by the cities which have separate taxes to pay for such things (though granted they are trained and semi-funded by the fed, but all that would happen is local taxes would hike to compensate) and b) even if they DID vanish, the military would step in to perform that role, funding or no.

      3. You sound like a Detroit City Council Member. No, we can never go bankrupt. You should also listen to the comments of Eric Holder, Dianne Feinstein and other Dems. The goal is confiscation like they did in Australia. Rational thinkers understand this. We know exactly who these people are.

      4. you don’t think there’s something wrong with staging stuff and putting satanic stuff in all the photos they release to the public? everything they do isn’t for the good, it’s for their own agenda. that’s my guess, control and the agenda.

  22. Ah, so a year has officially passed, the official police report has come out which did not include all the other theories, did not address the visual security system. We have 911 calls which do not even ask the simple question, “What does the shooter look like?” There is no “who, what, where, when, why”. Amateurish, at best. All evidence, if there was any has been demolished. The money that has poured into Sandy Hook might be enough to buy silence, the construction costs alone of $50,000,000.00 would be enough to give every family at Sandy Hook approximately 100,000.00. The very same woman is ID’s as “player” for Sandy Hook, The Boston Marathon and as a “victim” of the DC shootings. I am a doubter, but now I’m convinced, something is really wrong here and the truth has not yet been told.

    I can’t really imagine the real reason why, but if you follow the money, many of the gun manufacturers are out of Connecticut, so if they wanted to create a panic and have people buy more weapons and ammo than ever, mission accomplished.

  23. bottom line? don’t tell me YOU really BELIEVE that?

    the bottom line is adam was ryan, he was an actor. gene was an actor, nancy is alive, and is another woman, they are all using fake identities/changed their name, IT WAS STAGED. that’s the ‘bottom line’ and yes it’s satanic, everything they do is. or at the very least an agenda. that’s how bad they are at this stuff.

    they were so bad at this one, I CAN’T believe anyone COULD believe it. As it was happening you knew it was fake, forget hindsight and everything revealed

  24. adam lanza is not dead. cause he never existed. he’s the brother ryan. they took photo of ryan and like photoshopped it a bit to look like an insane man or some kid.

    these guys love using doubles, they love playing ‘dress up’ and they can’t fool people.

  25. This blogger lost me at his estimation of the intelligence of choosing Scott Vollmer as an assassin due to his occupation as a caterer for Bloomberg and I logically have to ask – On what are you basing your opinion about the “right” kind of person to recruit as an assassin? Where does your expertise lie? Have you gleaned great insight on the appropriate recruitment of suitable assassins from the latest Tom Cruise flop or perhaps some TV show?

    Your blog is a joke. Nothing seriously worth considering here except a slew of apologies for the people responsible for the tragedies being perpetrated around the world.

    Oh, wait, are you an old school chum of Scott Vollmer’s who is valiantly and snidely protecting the fraternity? That makes more sense than anything you’ve espoused so far.

    Not only have you attempted to swallow a camel, but you are choking on it. Time for you to regurgitate and quickly…

  26. Read the 7000 page released police report and even though it was heavily redacted it looks pretty certain that there was more than one shooter. The witnesses stated 3 or 4 people in dark clothing. Totally debunks the mainstream media account. WTF is goin on?

    1. Sally Cox, Nurse: “We locked eyes.”….”I saw his boots”. Dude was wearing cheap black shoes. This was a known staged event the minute they called the shooter’s car as having New Jersey plates. (It was CT plates). Remember, also, all footage with the Honda’s car doors open (all of them), have been scrubbed from the web. 3-man hit team and dumped the already-dead Lanza body for the patsy.

      1. I agree and I think Nancy met Gliedman and Greene prior to Sandy Hook. Nancy described to a friend a couple with tattoos that she had dinner with. My money is on Greene and Gliedman they did Sandy Hook. The police report even states the DNA on the gun that killed Nancy did not belong to Adam but to someone in New York. I bet it was Aaron Greene.

  27. It is a cover up to protect Morgan Glidman and Aaron Green. There van was tracked by Russian intelligence from Sandy Hook to Greenich Village. The mass news media is covering this up. The FBI knows this and that is how Aaron Green and Glideman were tracked back to New York. They are more than junkies. They also served in IDF and Aaron Green owns a lot of vintage camo cloths and they are connected to the purple van at Sandy Hook. The media is covering it up. It was done to hurt President Obama and send him a message. Read the newly released police reports its in the Audio.

  28. The truthers and I respect their efforts got one major thing wrong. It wasn’t a conspiracy but a cover up. The media is covering up for Mossad agents named Aaron Green and Morgan Glideman. Russian intelligence tracked their purple van from Sandy Hook to Greenich. They rented the van in Indiana. Aaron Green has done some prison time at Rikers Island and Glideman is on probation for weapons charges. They wore ski masks and dressed up as nuns to pull off Sandy Hook. It is also listed in the official report released by the Conneticut state police. You can hear the plate number being read and that the purple van with shooters dressed as nuns was headed towards exit 8 in Danbury. Listen to the audio released in December by CT state police. The school was torn down to protect the Mossad agents as rich and powerful people are helping them cover it up. Listen to the police scanners from that day. its crazy. You will be like oh my God, what the hell is going on? Look up Aaron Green and Morgan Glideman. There is a video on you tube someone made and look up Gordan Duffs article on these two.

    1. To date, neither Duff nor anyone else has provided evidence that would link the New York couple to Sandy Hook. It’s all inside information that Duff can’t/won’t reveal in any detail, plus some speculation thrown in.

  29. This thread is ridicoulous ….. i’m starting to think after reading several of these comments…. that brook and larry your argument is with paid schills working from home gettting there government checks to do this blogs with their misinformation and they still havent answer come out of that school

    1. The released police tapes kill all of your debunking blogger never heard such calm and insightful ppl in a state of panic like they should be “janitor I locked all the doors now im in the gym eating a PB&J not one CRY FOR HELP you and your ilk shall perish in the flames of HELL

      1. Is that a death threat, or you just so religiously misguided that you think people who don’t instantly accept your theories about world events can never receive the grace of God?

        Either way, please knock it off. It’s rude, it’s creepy, and it isn’t furthering your argument.

      2. Is this even English? Why is it that all Truthers can’t spell or compose a sentence? Next time you’re between fapping and YouTube investigation sessions try reading a book or finishing your GED…. hell, you’ll probably be the first in your family to achieve that.

  30. ps i spelled ridiculous wrong on purpose so you will avoid my ? and constraint on my vocab go shrill another zimmerman case traitors

    1. Constraint on your vocabulary? You mean concentrate on your vocabulary instead of the “?” [question?] you asked?

      You didn’t ask a question. Go ahead and ask it.

  31. give me evidence of 600 students even 100 students coming out of that school ??? if not the this debunking aka MK ultra tv mind control slave propaganda

    1. This guys really stupid, he can’t even write the language of the country he’s condemning to conspiracy…. Do you people ever stop and wonder why you most likely have terrible lives, no jobs, no friends and can’t properly articulate the facts of the very conspiracy you’re trying to uncover?

    2. I’m not even sure what you’re asking, His-Story. I don’t know how many children were enrolled at Sandy Hook Elementary, but given the time of the attack, it’s almost certain that teachers in each classroom had already taken attendance for the day. Attendance books would be considered evidence, as they could help establish which students were in attendance that morning. If a child was marked present for the day and is not among the dead, then he/she would be among the living, no? It’s quite simple.

  32. Sandy hoax, 9/11 inside job, pearl harbor intentional, LAX no comment just dumb did they really think they would discredit anti-establishment and get TSA armed in another FFE, also my fav from the new choppers is the big rush to get the plastic dummy in the wheelchair to the ambulance he was losing plastic by the minute

  33. ANYBODY that believes Sandy Hook is a hoax needs to seriously take a look in the mirror and question what type of human being they are. 9-11 happened as is, Sandy Hook happened as is, Peal Harbor happened as is, Magic really does have AIDS, Obama was really born in the US. Conspiracy Theories are the product of a world gone mad because every idiot has access to a computer and feels they can “research” these things. EVEN THE KID THAT MADE LOOSE CHANGE ADMITS IT IS DISRESPECTFUL AND WRONG NOW, at least that kid made an interesting film. TRUTHERS! Go to college, get a job, contribute… you are a running joke who’s theories only make sense after Bong tokes in your Mom’s basement.

    1. Wow! Good thing we have you, Ed, to tell us how things really happened. For a minute there I was a little concerned over all the inconsistencies and suspicious behavior regarding the Sandy Hook “event,” but you cleared that all up in one all-knowing, condescending rant. No need for any further questions, guys! Ed says Sandy Hook happened “as is,” and Ed is clearly the authority on the matter. According to Ed, if you question what the media reports or what “the officials” tell you, you’re not only uneducated and jobless by default, but you should also question the type of human being you are! You clearly also use drugs and probably own a “Bong,” ( I didn’t realize the word “bong” required a capital letter, Ed; perhaps it’s you who needs to brush up on the basics of English) and don’t contribute to society. Oh–and obviously you are an adult who is living in your “mom’s basement.” Ed, the only cliche you seemed to have forgotten is the use of the term “tinfoil hat;” maybe you can work that one into your next sad, unoriginal diatribe.

      1. Michelle I couldn’t have wrote it better myself, ty for looking out for the people. Ed, you sir are what we call in “tinfoil hat land” a jackass. I had just come off a long shift at work (some of us do have a 10 hour job) sir so please excuse my spelling. Living in my Mom’s basement LMFAO. Enjoy you fusion center and have a good day. I can’t believe we had this much snow the media said it would be sunny. Duh guess where snowed in “as is”.

    2. “…ANYBODY that believes Sandy Hook is a hoax needs to seriously take a look in the mirror and question what type of human being they are. 9-11 happened as is…”

      I probably wouldn’t believe any conspiracy about Sandy Hook except…on 9-11 the third building to fall, building #7, fell the same speed as a bowling ball dropped in mid air for roughly 108 feet. This is impossible behavior for a building supposedly brought down by fire. It just can not happen. Even molten steel has some resistance to falling. This means there was no resistance to the building falling. Hence no columns. They had to have been demoed in some manner to not support the building. So when I see inconsistencies in other false flag type events I don’t believe the government or the press.

  34. I’m definitely on the fence here… Either a deranged kid shot up an elementary school, or some very sick people would have us believe that’s what happened.
    Both scenarios absolutely make me sick.

    1. My money is on very sick people at this point. There has been ZERO motive provided to us for Adam Lanza to drive to a school and shoot 6 year olds. Aspberger’s syndrome is not a violent threat. The original story that he was jealous, because his mom was a teacher there got reversed within the first 24 hours, as well as the principal being interviewed by the local newspaper and then turns out she was the first one shot, and then NBC news quoting state and federal sources they were absolutely certain only handguns were used. This adds up to too many discrepancies to be credible.

  35. A thought experiment:

    Lets say a gunman enters YOUR community and shoots up YOUR elementary school and kills YOUR child and dozens of his/her classmates. Are you going to want every last gory detail to be publicly presented on the internet? Are you going to want to have every Tom Dick and Harry with a keyboard spend the next- twenty years discussing what a bunch of BS it was, how it never happened, how nobody died and many other horrible things?

    I’m going to guess you wouldn’t want that. You’d want to deal with your loss privately in your own way. You’d not want to let your child’s autopsy photos out. You’d not want the location of your child’s funeral known so the Westboro Baptists can come to picket. You’d not want to let tourists in to the place your worst travesty happened to examine it for themselves so they could tell you what “really” happened.

    That’s exactly what you’d do. You’d keep quiet and try to heal. You’d try to get on with your life. You’d tear down the school to keep the tourists away. The less details strangers knew the better you’d like it.

    I just say this because it may hopefully give some of you conspiracy types some insight as to what the families might be going though while you pick incessantly at this scab.

  36. I am glad they tear down the Sandy Hook Elementary School, so people would not sell them like in E-Bay! NOT EVEN ONE RED CENT!

  37. People should destroy every single trace of the Sandy Hook gunman’s materials and so they would not sell them! NOT EVEN ONE RED CENT!

  38. A promise fulfilled, after the very last ballot was cast, the city of Newtown declared Sandy Hook Elementary School, “officially and forever closed.”

  39. Curious if Essemee’s opinion of what happened at SH has changed in light of the official reports that have come out now?

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