Checking in with Alex Jones During COVID-19

It has been a rough few years for Alex Jones.

Lawsuits. DUIs. Divorce. Tragicomic depositions. Sexual harassment allegations. Infowars defectors publishing tell-all pieces in the New York Times. Getting de-platformed. Losing his “unofficial” (totally official) YouTube channel when that of his lowly former employee, Aaron Dykes, is still thriving.

I stopped updating Leaving Alex Jonestown when mainstream media outlets stepped up to the plate to monitor Infowars, but now that we’re in a pandemic and everyone is slightly distracted, let’s check in on Mr. Jones to see what he’s doing during this critical time:

  • He was simultaneously selling COVID-19 “cures” and attending public protests against quarantine measures. His ex-wife, concerned for the safety of their children, is trying to stop him from doing the latter. The cognitive dissonance may seem extreme here, but remember that Jones knows his fans will be divided on certain issues. He has become highly adept at providing a little something for everyone. He knows that most of his people are Brunch Covidians who are more concerned about the economy than about human life, but he doesn’t want to miss out on any of that sweet sweet colloidal silver toothpaste money.
    He was forced to pull the toothpaste and related products from the Infowars Store, so he is now aggressively pushing his emergency foodstuffs and supplements.
  • He likens facemasks to the burqa. This sentiment has been expressed in an identical way by Stefan Molyneux and other conspiranoid/right lite online personalities. He says facemasks are designed to make us feel ashamed of our humanity.

  • He is pushing the narrative that COVID-19, while possibly a real disease, is mostly just a globalist plot to thin out the herd. The globalists want to gut the economy and take away your freedoms. They want every nation to be a third-world country full of slums, starvation and martial law. One Infowars ad shows a virus image twirling through the air as Jones chants, “The globalists DID THIS. The globalists DID THIS. The globalists DID THIS.”
  • He is telling his listeners that if a vaccine is developed, it will come with the Mark of the Beast. He has doubled down on Biblical prophecy, because that seems to be where his callers are at right now. He mentioned Jeremiah and the fire. Jones has always seeded his broadcasts with Christian messaging, but now that his audience is restricted mostly to evangelicals and conspiranoid diehards, he can pander to them more aggressively. Nothing about his lifestyle suggests that he is a Bible-believing Christian. It’s just a great way to cement your fanbase.
  • He is enthusiastically promoting a “non-Chinese” alternative to Zoom, which will be hosted by Gab. Gab, as you may know, is Twitter for the ultra-right, the alt right and everyone in between. Gab is where white supremacists go when they’re booted off Twitter. Neo-Nazi groups have happily made their home there.
  • He and reporter David Knight are still talking about the “Satanic ceremony” at the 2012 Olympics. According to Jones, environmentalism and globalism in general are just fronts for the Satan-worshiping elites who want to crush the plebes, reducing us to subsistence-level living. One blatant display of this was the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics, which contained “predictive programming” for COVID-19. The Grim Reaper kills children in their beds as witches float overhead – child sacrifice.
  • He is still talking about “Spirit Cooking”, a key component of the Pizzagate hoax. He insists that a 1994 episode of The Simpsons hinted at Spirit Cooking with jokes about a German student being turned into sausage. As you may remember, Jones was forced to apologize for his comments about Comet Pizza in relation to Pizzagate. Now he’s returning to material that he claimed he never believed in the first place. See the Pizzagate Timeline for more information about all of this.

In short: Same shit, different crisis


Üter is fine. It was a Treehouse of Horror ep, ffs.

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