Checking In with Alex Jones During COVID-19 Again

It’s been a week since I peeked into Infowars to see how things are going. Jones was kind of blathering on about the same old same old at that time. He thought The Simpsons episode where little Üter possibly gets ground up into sausages was a dark hint of what the globalists plan to do with us once they tank the economy and reduce us to Third World living conditions. Other than that, he was just hawking his supplements and talking about the 2012 Olympics. You know, the usual.

Let’s take another quick look and see if he’s still holding up during this difficult –

Oh. Oh my.

Well, that escalated quickly.

It seems Jones is a “meat freaker”, and he’s totally prepared to kill and eat his neighbours if need be. In fact, it sort of sounds like he has the whole thing planned out. I think he has garnishes and condiments already in mind.

I hope he is on excellent terms with his neighbours, because detailed discussions about how you want to murder and devour other people can actually have legal repercussions if you get too specific. See the cases of the “cannibal cop” and the “cannibal puppeteer“, for example.

We’ll check in with Mr. Jones again next week to see if he’s feeling a little better. I know I get pretty hangry if I skip lunch, too.

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