Vacation Time!

Hans and I will be on vacation until late in the month, so here’s a smorgasbord of links to sample while we’re away…
  • Several months ago a reader brought to my attention a unique Holocaust memoir that was to be released in April: Rachel Sarai’s Vineyard by Deborah Rey. The book is about a 5-year-old girl who, during the German occupation of Amsterdam, must “take over her father’s work in the Resistance, distribute messages, smuggle people to safety during curfew hours, lie, steal, kill and confront the Gestapo” ( There’s little point in determining if these events really occurred; unlike Misha Defonseca and other memoirist hoaxers, Ms. Rey wisely chose to present her questionable story as a work of autobiographical fiction.
  • The conspiracy theories of “The Foil Beneath My Hat” are either brilliant satire or round-the-bend loopiness. Maybe both. For instance, did you know that 9/11 was actually a battle between ET invaders allied to the Raelians on one side, and Rosicrucians and Scientologists and maybe Shirley Maclaine on the other? And that the Scientology team won? (thanks to Roy for the link!)
  • Finally, a cogent explanation of the 2012/Mayan Calendar business – and why you probably shouldn’t expect too much to happen four years from now. Ian O’Neill has the straightforward facts you won’t get from John Major Jenkins, Daniel Pinchbeck, et. al. Also, James Oberg’s article “The dark side of space disaster theories” critically examines Richard C. Hoagland’s latest book, Dark Mission, in which it is claimed that NASA has followed a secret occultic agenda from its inception.
  • Robert Burton poses an excellent question at “Why is PBS airing Dr. Daniel Amen’s self-produced infomercial for the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease?
  • Yet another Nazi mind control victim/alien abductee, Andy Pero, is persecuted by the New World Order. “There was a discrepancy on the status of Andy’s firearm, which somehow resulted in a heated argument between Andy and the police…”
  • Reason Online has a good article on the quirky Pagan, prankster, and JFK assassination suspect Kerry Thornley. For more Thornley, see The Thornley Files at Adam Gorightly’s Untamed Dimensions.
  • Forget Area 51 – Tehachapi, California, is America’s new “flying saucer factory”.
  • Apparently, there are so many demons in Germany that priests are calling in exorcists from other countries to mop them up. And this Demon Possession Handbook for Human Service Workers says there are so many demons in the world today that they actually have to time-share when possessing people. And you thought having to split a condo in Vegas sucked.

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  1. Wee correction: ‘Rachel Sarai’s Vineyard’ is *not* a Holocaust memoir? I am *not* a Holocoast survivor, and the book does *not* take place in Amsterdam. It is an autobiographical novel, indeed. Your prerogative to find to find the story questionable or not. Hope you’re enjoying your holiday.

  2. You’re welcome. That ‘someone’ has been thinking wrong for a long time and did some added ‘knitting’ in the form of Holocaust, memoir and Holocaust survivor, and is also hiding behind many names. Thanks for your answer.Much appreciated.I again wish you a super holiday.Deborah Rey (of the autobiographical NOVEL)

  3. Hans resents the insinuation that pigs are not as intelligent as humans, but to me the pigpeople theory makes some sense: It could explain the 1918 influenza, and why I have an aversion to ham. But H.G. Wells an Illuminati double agent? I thought conpiracy theorists believe he was evil incarnate. Paranoia is so confusing.

  4. I got a kick out of the Mary Shelley/Jack the Ripper connection. WHY would they be harvesting organs back then? Next thing you know, we’ll find out that Brutus only wanted to harvest Caesar’s liver on the Ides of March.

  5. My lawyer tells me this is libel, Mr Sherlockwhoeveryoumaybe.Easy, isn't it? Just hide behind a name that goes nowhere.SME, I'm surprised you allow a comment like this one on your blog.

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