Hoaxes From Space: The Montauk Project

Continued from The Philadelphia Experiment Part II: Along Came Bielek

Meet Me in Montauk

When Al Bielek was recruited into the Montauk Project (then called the Phoenix Project) in the ’50s, it had just been transferred from the Navy to the Air Force and divided into two separate, but loosely connected, programs: Electromagnetic mind control experiments, and time travel experiments. A third, unofficial, program consisted of basically cooking human guinea pigs with radar beams of 100 million watts. A few planes were accidentally shot down during these experiments, so in the ’70s air traffic was restricted over the Montauk base.

Bielek and Duncan Cameron were both aware of the murders of test subjects, but at the time they did nothing to stop them or alert the public to what was happening at Montauk. Just one of the many flaws in their story. To be true heroes (or even just whistleblowers), they would’ve had to tell these horrifying tales decades earlier than they actually did. The way they tell it, it seems like they were every bit as evil as they would like us to believe John Von Neumann and the military officers in charge of the project were.

The civilian head of the project was still John von Neumann, who faked his death in 1957. Bielek claims he is the “Dr. Reinhard” in Moore and Berlitz’s book about the Philly Experiment. He was in charge of the Phoenix Project until 1977, when a split personality he’d developed became a problem. A Dr. Herman C. Unterman took over. Von Neumann’s alter ego, Howard E. Decker, moved to New York and became a surplus electronics dealer.

The Montauk Boys

In the ’70s, Bielek was put in charge of the young men and boys involved in the Montauk Project, directing all the operations of the mind control program during his evening shift. During the day, he conducted ELF research in Los Angeles. In the early ’80s, he gave presentations on his work at the annual conferences of the U.S. Psychotronics Association, and claims he shared research results with William Bice, the “first person to detect the Russian Woodpecker signal“. (As this signal was picked up by amateur radio operators in numerous locations, I seriously doubt that anyone knows who noticed it first.)

It’s worth noting that ELF research was very popular among mentally disturbed, science-minded conspiracy theorists in the ’70s. Among them were Philip K. Dick and Ira Einhorn, who still insists the FBI framed him for the murder of his girlfriend because he knew too much about psychotronic mind control – even though the woman’s putrefying, reeking corpse was found in his bedroom closet after body fluids leaked into the apartment below his.

The Montauk Boys, as the Montauk test subjects are called by Bielek and company, were brought in beginning in the ’60s and housed in a bunker on the base. Most of these boys were blonde and blue-eyed, ranging in age from 10 to 16. Most were street kids or foster children. All were physically, sexually, and emotionally brutalized, to break them down for mental reconditioning (why anyone would publicly claim to be part of a project like this, I do not understand). Using alien technology, the scientists then eradicated the boys’ thoughts and memories and replaced them with “new”, fully indoctrinated minds. Just what they were reconditioned to do is unclear. Some of the boys were also subjected to genetic experiments.

Preston Nichols and Duncan Cameron have explained that part of the Montauk Boys’ new psyches were somehow copied from Duncan’s, so they had to be genetically similar to him (blonde and blue-eyed) in order for the process to work. This makes about as much sense as saying that a wall clock has to look like a grandfather clock in order to keep the correct time.

To date, only one of the Montauk Boys has come forward to discuss the torture and mind control carried out at Montauk, and that man is Stewart Swerdlow. Preston Nichols has claimed to have deprogrammed several survivors, but none of them have publicly discussed the project under their real names. Today, Swerdlow conducts workshops and seminars on the history of covert government mind control.

The Cameron Boys

Throughout the ’70s and most of the ’80s, Duncan Cameron and Al Bielek worked together at Montauk without realizing they had once been half-brothers, or that they had taken part in the Philadelphia Experiment (though Bielek admitted to a fascination with it). Bielek had no inkling that he had been age-regressed and adopted; Cameron had no clue that he was the reincarnation of his own dead brother, also named Duncan, born in Germany in 1917. Cameron says that in 1963, his soul was transplanted into the body it now occupies (which belonged to a child born to his parents in 1951). This “explains” why he is technically far too young to have served on the Eldridge during WWII. I wonder what happened to the soul of the child Duncan Cameron? That part hasn’t been explained. Not that the explanation would make much sense.

The Camerons’ father, Alexander Cameron, came out of retirement after WWII to participate in Project Paperclip (smuggling Nazis into the U.S. and South American countries). Peter Moon (real name Vince Barbarick), who wrote three books about Montauk with Preston Nichols, draws links between Dr. Mengele’s genetic experiments and the Montauk Project. It’s very interesting to note that Peter Moon also co-wrote Ong’s Hat: The Beginning with Joseph Matheny.

Alexander also had some role in training the crew of the Eldridge for the Philly Experiment. He was selected to instruct 33 volunteers at the Coast Guard Academy in Groton, Connecticut. As the story goes, most of these men disappeared, burst into flames, or were driven insane by the experiment.

Bielek possesses a photo that supposedly shows “his” father standing on the deck of the ship with some sailors, the only physical proof he has ever presented in support of his stories. But even Duncan Cameron seems to doubt whether this is really his father. At any rate, in 1939 Alexander pressured his two sons, Edward (born to a mistress in 1916 ) and Duncan (born to Alexander’s wife in 1917), into joining the Navy and becoming part of Project Rainbow. They had the perfect qualifications. Duncan had a physics degree from the University of Edinburgh, and Edward had a Masters from Princeton and a doctorate from Harvard. As with Bob Lazar, the government apparently scrubbed their academic backgrounds, because there is no record of the Cameron brothers at any of these schools.

The Cameron brothers’ first Navy assignment, in early 1940, was to observe the Project Rainbow operations at the Institute for Advanced Study and explain them to Navy and government officials who couldn’t possibly understand them. For most of 1941, they served at sea on the Pennsylvania. On December 5th, they were returning to Pearl Harbor from a short furlough when they were summoned to see Admiral Hal Bowen, chief of the Office of Naval Engineering. He informed them that Pearl Harbor would soon be attacked by Japan, so they were being reassigned to San Francisco. At the start of 1943 they were shipped back to the Institute to resume their observations of Project Rainbow. They crunched some numbers and realized that Tesla’s concerns about “personnel problems” related to invisibility were valid. Reluctantly, Von Neumann tried to avert catastrophe by adding a third generator to the ship. However, it was removed after it arced and put a technician into a coma for four months. Tesla didn’t want to use crew members during the big test, but the Navy wouldn’t budge from its March 1943 deadline. Finally, Tesla secretly sabotaged the equipment and bowed out of the project. Von Neumann took over. T. Townsend Brown, alleged antigravity pioneer, was also on the project at this time, designing the antennas that would be used on the Eldridge. By January 1943, the ship was outfitted with the two generators, the motor drive, the diesel electrical system to power it all, four RF transmitters, the two tower-mounted antennas designed by Brown, and Tesla’s Zero Time Reference Generator. According to Preston Nichols, this was a vastly important piece of equipment. Zero Time Reference is the geocentric centre of our galaxy; everything has to be referenced to it. Though it was ingeniously designed by Tesla, the generator apparently didn’t function as intended, and that’s why many of the sailors ended up deranged. The power on the Eldridge disrupted the sailors’ time references; they had been unmoored from the only reality they had ever known, ripped from their time locks without warning. To combat these and other problems, Von Neumann later developed the first all-electric computer. By 1953 a Dr. Goldston had perfected the new system, and another test with a different ship was fully successful.

On July 22, 1943 the first test with crew aboard was conducted, with a Captain Hangle in charge. At 0900 hours the Cameron brothers threw the switches, and the ship vanished for 15-20 minutes. The sailors on deck were severely nauseated and disoriented afterward, but suffered none of the dramatic effects that would mar the August 12th test. The Navy bigwigs decided that the goal of this test would be radar invisibility only, since optical invisibilty was too risky. Doy.

On August 12th, everything went as planned for the first minute or so. When the Camerons threw the switches, the Eldgridge vanished from radar while remaining visible.

Then there was a flash of blue light, and the Eldridge vanished. The time tunnel to Montauk opened, swallowing up the Camerons and one of the three UFOs that were apparently observing the Philly Experiment. There’s a big fat paradox here, because while a sodden Edward Cameron was chatting with a not-dead John Von Neumann in 1983 Long Island, the exact same man – Alfred Bielek – was obliviously working at his day job in Los Angeles. That evening, he took a secret, magnetic levitation train to Montauk without ever knowing that he had visited the facility earlier in the day. Add this to the other paradoxes that have already piled up. For instance, while Edward Cameron was studying at Harvard, he was also (in the form of Al Bielek) attending high school in New York. Bielek says these paradoxes were explained by the theories of MIT prof Norman or Henry Levinson (the name varies in Bielek’s speeches), but the scientific establishment has ensured that Levinson’s work remains buried and unknown. He supposedly died in 1974. Needless to say, I can’t find a trace of him.

Another invisibility test, sans crew, was conducted in October. It failed utterly. Equipment was missing when the ship reappeared, and the control room had been mysteriously destroyed by fire. In 1948 or ’49, according to Bielek, the military rendered an F-80 invisible, but the pilot vanished in mid-air and the plane crashed with its helpless passenger.

Though he would later insist he had no interest in the paranormal or the unexplained aside from the Philly Experiment, Bielek was already on the scene in the ’50s. He met Ivan Sanderson and confirmed for him the authenticity of some “rod” photos taken by Trevor James Constable. This is extremely interesting, because (as previously mentioned) Sanderson was a good friend of Morris K. Jessup – the man at the centre of the original Philly Experiment hoax.

Back to Montauk

While Nichols and Bielek worked on technical aspects of the Montauk Project, maintaining equipment and supervising the Montauk Boys, Duncan Cameron became the project’s star psychic. The researchers had already learned how to enter human minds, and were eager to use an alien chair that would employ a human-computer interface to transmit messages from one human brain to another. Duncan became the project’s primary sender of telepathic messages, creating a virtual reality scenario in his mind and sending it to a Cray 1 computer. From there, the scenario would be sent to the radio transmitter and beamed to the intended recipient(s). Duncan could virtually recreate any time and place in history, and it could be projected anywhere in the world. Thoughtforms could actually be materialized through this method; cans of beer, which you could really drink, were routinely beamed to the commander’s desk. But the thoughtforms wouldn’t materialize on any reliable schedule, so the techs were put to work on the task of fully mastering time. Soon, they had a functioning time tunnel on the base.

In the ’80s, time travel experiments commenced at Montauk, and Al participated in some of them. Both he and Duncan traveled to Mars on several occasions. With other team members, Al also traveled to a research station set up in 10,000 B.C., to the year 6037, and to several distant planets. On some of these other worlds, researchers collected “light” and “dark” energy in canisters.

But Wait, There’s More!

Everybody knows that stories about invisible ships and time travel and mad scientists faking their own deaths would be boring as hell without some aliens, right? That’s probably why Preston Nichols and Duncan Cameron added a few. Nichols says that in ’75 or ’76, a flying saucer that was not of manmade origin suddenly appeared in the magnetite deposits beneath the Montauk facility, materializing out of nowhere. He assumes it was one of the three saucers glimpsed by Duncan as the Eldridge was sucked into hyperspace; for some reason, it had taken a few decades to fully materialize. Soon, Bielek and Nichols were working alongside aliens. A 7-foot-tall reptoid named “His Highness Draco Something-or-Other” used the office adjacent to Preston’s. He somewhat resembled the Gorn from Star Trek. He liked to sip Drano.
Gray aliens were also running around the base, and they reeked because they excrete through their skin. Project members made a habit of grabbing the ugly little guys and flinging them into the shower, until one enterprising employee came up with the idea of dousing a Gray with Lysol. This is how they learned that Lysol is an intoxicant to Gray aliens; from that point on, the Grays got smashed on the stuff at every opportunity, while His Highness Draco enjoyed his Drano.

The Beginning of the End

On August 12, 1983, the Montauk scientists opened the tunnel between 1943 and 1983. Back in 1943, the Cameron brothers leapt from the deck of the Eldridge in Philadelphia only to end up at Camp Hero in 1983. Duncan recalls seeing three vast UFOs hovering in the vicinity of the wormhole when the ship vanished, and one of these craft slipped into the wormhole along with the Camerons. Years later, in 1975 or ’76, it would spontaneously materialize in the underground facility at Montauk. The aliens had telepathically influenced the scientists to conduct the Philly Experiment and the opening of the Montauk time tunnel on these specific dates so they could enter our world from another dimension. Nichols says the earth’s biocycle makes August 12th a significant date every 20 years, energetically speaking.

Von Neumann and the other Montauk researchers had finally realized they were playing a very dangerous game (never mind torturing young boys, frying homeless people, or subjecting sailors to time travel). They wanted to call the whole thing off, but they couldn’t; the time tunnel they had opened was “locked in” to the equipment on the Eldridge. Someone would have to travel back in time and destroy it, or else the “bubble” that surrounded the ship could expand and swallow up the entire planet. Von Neumann ordered the Cameron brothers to do this, and both men have taken credit for dismantling the equipment with axes – but both insist they did this without the other’s help. At any rate, the equipment was trashed and both projects were shut down (Rainbow temporarily, Montauk permanently). A section of the Montauk facility that had been floating in hyperspace as the result of an experiment spontaneously returned to Long Island, and the Eldridge rematerialized in Philly with its crew deranged or embedded in the ship.

At least, that’s one version of the story. The other version, told by Duncan Cameron and Preston Nichols, is that renegade workers on the Montauk Project (themselves included) had decided to sabotage the project by having Duncan summon a ravenous and angry monster from another dimension while he was seated in the alien chair. This plan worked. The monster, nicknamed “Junior, rampaged through the Montauk facility, terrifying scientists and technicians. The project director ordered a powerdown. Nichols cut wires to the transmitter with an acelatylene torch, but the transmitter kept going. He had to venture into the transmitter building itself to pull more wires. Again, nothing happened. Finally, he made his way to the master controls on the second floor and succeeded in shutting down the transmitter. Junior returned to his own dimension, or to Duncan’s brain, or whatever, and the facility was saved. The project, on the other hand, was promptly shut down. But Bielek and company have hinted that it probably continued, maybe even to this very day, in some other form at some other location.

Back (Foward?) to Philly

After the Philly Experiment, Edward Cameron was assigned to the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos, then to Camp Hale in Colorado around the same time that Dr. Vannevar Bush was directing the recovery of a crashed UFO at Aztec, New Mexico. (As you may know, the Aztec UFO crash was one of the stupidest and most poorly executed hoaxes in the history of ufology, and it was thoroughly exposed years before Bielek made this statement. But this hasn’t stopped the more credulous ufologists from fixating on it.) Bielek also describes a small alien recovered from a ’49 UFO crash. It had chlorophyll instead of blood, communicated telepathically, and could walk through walls. The military kept him in a Faraday cage for about two years, until he died. This alien gave Von Neumann some tips on how to improve the technology used in the Philly Experiment, and Von Neumann also dipped into metaphysics and the occult in search of help. From his studies he learned that each person has a “time lock” from conception, that we live in a 5-D universe, and that time flows. His findings would be incorporated into the Montauk Project.

By 1947 the Navy apparently had no further use for Edward Cameron. Von Neumann ordered that he be age-regressed to the age of one and placed in the care of Albertina and Arthur Bielek of New York in the year 1928. Meanwhile, Duncan Cameron had returned to the year 1983. The loss of his time lock caused him to age and die within days, despite the Navy’s best efforts to save him. It was up to Al Bielek to convince “his” aging parents to have another child so that Duncan’s soul, stored in a Navy facility, could be transplanted into the child. The new Duncan Cameron was born in 1951. In 1963, the old Duncan’s soul was placed in the new Duncan’s body. Both Cameron brothers lived out their new lives without any conscious awareness of their previous existence. Then, in 1988, the memories of Edward Cameron surfaced in Al Bielek’s mind as he watched The Philadelphia Experiment on HBO.

Bielek and Preston Nichols have a silly story about how the movie came to be made. It was produced by EMI-Thorn, the merger of EMI and Thorn Industries, a maker of scientific instruments established around 1820 and inherited by the Wilson brothers in 1850. This much is factual. But Preston Nichols claims that in July of ’89, the “chief archivist” of EMI-Thorn showed up at his lab unannounced to tell him that the company had been searching for him for a long time. He presented a group photo featuring the Wilson brothers, Aleister Crowley, and Preston Nichols. It was taken in 1890. Apparently, Nichols had been sent back to this year and had told Crowley and his pals all about the wonders of time travel. Then his memory of the trip was erased. It seems someone with EMI-Thorn had recognized Nichols from the photo while he was attending a U.S. Psychotronics Association conference in New York, and knew they had finally found the man Crowley described as “not of this time”. Back in 1890, the archivist explained, Nichols had given the Wilsons all the details of the Philly Experiment. They were recorded and stored away until, in the ’80s, EMI-Thorn decided to turn them into a shitty B movie.

Preston Nichols, whose memories of the Montauk Project were artificially repressed by the military, regained them while working on a time transducer in his personal lab.

Bielek’s handlers must have realized something was up, because Bielek was quietly removed from government contract employment. In ’89 he began giving public lectures on his part in the Philly Experiment. He made a big splash among ufologists with his January 13, 1990 MUFON presentation in Dallas. He may have met Nichols at the February 1989 Psychotronics Association conference in New York, where they both gave presentations unrelated to the Philly Experiment.

The reason the government didn’t try to silence him, Bielek explains, is that he and his “half-brother” Duncan had something of a special, protected status within the Montauk Project. Their bodies were “locked in” with a biorhythm stabilization cycle that would be complete on August 12, 2003 – exactly 60 years after the Philadelphia Experiment. If either man was harmed before that date, time would go all wonky. Or something. This doesn’t explain why the government still hasn’t shown any interest in Bielek and company, of course. They’ve been promoting their tales through lectures, interviews, and books for over 20 years without the slightest impediment, convincing hundreds (perhaps thousands) of very credulous people that the government knows all about telepathy, teleportation, thoughtforms, time travel, total thought control, age regression, soul transference, and at least two species of intelligent extraterrestrial or ultradimensional entities.

Part II: Lingering Questions

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  1. Nice article. One correction: Peter Moon didn't co-write Ong's Hat: The Beginning, he merely contributed a forward. Enjoy reading this and your Alex Jonestown blog a lot.

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  5. Interesting, you can't take your eyes off it, article was absolutely amazing, specially the part about the Montauk Project, I hope you can add more information about it. 23jj

  6. what i find strange is the august 12, 2003 date. you know what happened on august 14, 2003? that huge blackout that affected the entire northeast and canada. has anyone noticed this incredibly strange coincidence? or no?

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  8. Whatever the truth was behind the real version of the Montauk Project, the false version presented by Alfred Bielek and Stewart Swerdlow is pure disinformation and nothing more. Much of the information that is presented concerning the Montauk Project can largely be proven to be entirely false. Of course UFOs are real, extraterrestrials are real, galactic civilizations are real and secret bases are real. But the Montauk Project was and is a seemingly clever psy-op that covered for real government projects that went on during 1970 to 1983. Stewart Swerdlow was the johnny-come-lately wannabe who has zero clairvoyant abilities and is certainly not one of the world’s ‘foremost hyperspace intuitives’.

    Somethings that Preston Nichols has mentioned about the Montauk Project make sense and Preston had a much larger sense of credibility about him than Al Bielek or Stewart Swerdlow ever did. It is truly laughable that everything Stewart Swerdlow predicted has had a 100 percent failure rate, every ex-client complains Swerdlow is psychologically abusive and has caused them further mental health problems, and Swerdlow has never publically demonstrated he can fluently speak 12 languages, as Sirian DNA, Bear DNA, Lion DNA or Viking DNA, and has never shown anyone in an audience how the Language of Hyperspace works and yet he believes he is an intuitive. If Stewart Swerdlow was so special how come everything he does ends up as a failure and exposes Swerdlow as a liar and a deceiver?

    Look at how there was no connection between the fake Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project which the website Bielek Debunked has carefully and meticulously shown. Now we know the Montauk Project never existed apart from within the egocentric fantasy world of Al Bielek and the con artist Stewart Swerdlow. Remember Swerdlow stated that he was blind for 29 years before he could see properly again in 1999. Stewart Swerdlow said he could only see in ‘swirls of energy’. Then how could he have worked at a food wholesalers whilst blind in 1990 and 1991? Then he published Montauk: The Alien Connection in January 1998. How could he have written that load of disinformation if he was blind until 1999? Swerdlow always contradicts himself because he is always reinventing himself and forgets the previous lies he has fabricated. This also shows that Stewart Swerdlow is most definitely a fake, fraud, charlatan, con artist and scammer.

    Because Swerdlow is pretty much the only individual left who pretends he was part of the Montauk Project, but was not, there is no way any credible information will ever be revealed. Only the lies that Swerdlow spouts will ever be given any attention. The main thing is many individuals are now realizing how Stewart Swerdlow and Janet Swerdlow have been hoodwinking and duping the public but now many people have had enough of their rubbish. Many people accept and want to believe the baloney that Swerdlow speaks and he exploits that need with his gimmick marketing. Any person that used discernment and carefully studies Swerdlow’s propaganda soon realizes it is all a charade and he is the greater pretender who offers very little in the way of authencity. How could someone like Swerdlow have been selected for any kind of covert project when he shows all the time that he is a scam merchant and a charlatan?

  9. Stewart Swerdlow is a total fake, who has carefully rehearsed his fake backstory concerning the Montauk Project. I personally know four ex-clients of Stewart Swerdlow, and they have all repeatedly said that Swerdlow has zero clairvoyant abilities, cannot speak 12 languages and knows nothing about the Language of Hyperspace, which Swerdlow plagiarized from his social worker, Maryanne Johnston, anyway. So whenever Stewart Swerdlow tells people that he is a ‘survivor’ from the Montauk Project, Swerdlow is lying. None of his so-called ‘abilities’ exist, and Swerdlow tells people they were utilized on the Montauk Project, when he has nothing that would have been of interest to them. Now Stewart Swerdlow has got himself a fake correspondence honorary doctorate in hyperspace healing, which he plagiarized from his half-German, hslf American Indian social worker, Maryanne Johnston, who was given the Language of Hyperspace by certain extraterrestrials. Swerdlow also stole his gimmick of being blind until September 1999 from her, to further embellish his fake Montauk Project backstory. Therefore Stewart Swerdlow is most definitely a supreme charlatan, liar, con artist, deceiver and scam merchant. He is only there to dupe the public, so gullible individuals believe his lies and buy his products. Everybody should avoid Swerdlow, because he is nothing more than the fibber who likes to tell whoppers.

    I went over and looked at the Bielek Debunked website and was amazed at the amount of research that had been done to expose the lies of Alfred Bielek and Stewart Swerdlow. The Philadelphia Experiment never existed and neither did the Montauk Project. Preston Nichols conceived that science fiction fantasy story, and Stewart Swerdlow, like the wannabe narcissist he really is, wanted to be part of it all. Hence why, at the Global Sciences Congress (GSC) in Daytona, Florida, in February 1999 Stewart Swerdlow confronted Alfred Bielek in front of Duncan Roads, the Nexus Magazine editor, and suggested Bielek segway the Philadelphia Experiment idea to Swerdlow’s B.S. Montauk Project backstory to try and legitimize his own lies. Swerdlow needed to create a reinvented persona for himself after coming out of prison in 1992 and the New Age Circuit seemed like a good idea for his new career. If you all knew how many people hate Stewart Swerdlow, who is well-known for being a first class manipulator and sicko behind the scenes. When him and his lying, deceptive wife, Janet Swerdlow, do their YouTube videos, they make out they are in some kind of glamorous soap opera. That stage act fools a lot of people, a bit like when Swerdlow telling everyone he was involved with the Montauk Project, when he never was.

  10. What I find amazing is, how people seemed to simply believe the Montauk Project was real, when extensive research has proven the science, technology and engineering that were apparently part of the Montauk Project time travel experiments, are all completely false. There have been two Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) scans done at Montauk Point and no underground bases or tunnel networks were found there. So how could time travel experiments have taken place on the Montauk Project when the military base never even existed? Preston Nichols made up the Montauk Project time travel experiments lie to get noticed and the johnny-come-lately Stewart Swerdlow then liked the idea’s of Nichols, and therefore decided to reinvent his persona after coming out of prison in 1992. Stewart Swerdlow most definitely plagiarized the Language of Hyperspace material from his social worker, who was a blind, half German, half American Indian lady called Maryanne Johnston. She was a real clairvoyant, unlike Swerdlow, who had real extraterrestrial experiences, where she learned about the Language of Hyperspace material. Swerdlow simply used her knowledge to further embellish his fake backstory. To further exaggerate his false backstory, Stewart Swerdlow even uses a fake and rather bad sounding Russian accent to further embellish the whopping great lie that he has Russian ancestry and Yakob Sverdlov was his so-called great-uncle. If only people would do a bit of research on Stewart Swerdlow, and then people would realize everything he says is false. The large number of revelations about Stewart Swerdlow reveal he is most definitely a charlatan, a fraud, a liar, a scammer and a con artist of massive proportions who has duped a lot of people with his large amount of deceptions.

    Stewart Swerdlow in his book, Blue Blood, True Blood mentions that much of his knowledge came from employees on the Montauk Project. Well that is plain crappola B.S., because the Bielek Debunked website has proven the Montauk Project never even existed. Stewart Swerdlow learned his knowledge after plagiarizing everything he knows from numerous other researchers on the New Age Circuit and the conspiracy theory world. Stewart Swerdlow knew that by plagiarizing Maryanne Johnston’s Language of Hyperspace information and reusing it, that he could make himself look special. When Stewart and his wife, Janet Swerdlow do their regular YouTube videos where they talk about the daily news headlines, they are just shamelessly trying to promote their disinformation and useless plagiarized products. Now they have started dyeing their hair red again, because Swerdlow believes red hair means someone has strong psychic abilities and Lyraean DNA. I would also add, that I do believe the charlatan fantasist Stewart Swerdlow is running a Satanic Cult to lure people into being mind controlled by his awful teachings, that he has based upon the Montauk Project disinformation. I hope people steer clear of Stewart Swerdlow, because he is a malevolent individual who only cares about his own fake career and prestige. Swerdlow’s farcical story is one huge circus show comprised of his immense egocentric madness and constantly subversive fibbing. Swerdlow has never time traveled and was not involved with the Montauk Project.

    For those of you that would like to have a good look at the real genealogy and family history of Stewart Swerdlow, and not the stupid fictional ego based rubbish he keeps mentioning about his bogus connections to Soviet Russia and Yakob Sverdlov, have a look at the PDF by using this weblink:

    Click to access SVERDLOVE-Movsha_Sverdlov-20050324.pdf

    What is so hilarious is how Stewart Swerdlow does not realize that people are laughing at him whenever he keeps embellishing his fake backstory. Like when Swerdlow tells everyone he can speak 12 languages and cannot. Swerdlow cannot even speak the English Language clearly, let alone any other language. Every single element of Swerdlow’s weird persona is 100 percent fake and he is nothing but a hoodwinking scammer.

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