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The Illuminati’s Secret Weapon: Sidewalk Gum
He’s not called Bazooka Joe for nothin’, you know.


Thanks to “Jessy” for alerting me to this dire threat.

In his January 10, 2010 online newsletter, David Icke wrote about an “Attack from the Skies” that has been taking place in Ryde (a small city on the northern coast of the Isle of Wight) for the past two decades. It came to Icke’s attention over the holidays, when his friend Mike Lambert (described as a “healer and health and science researcher”, which in Ickespeak could translate roughly to “total crank”) took him on a tour of Ryde’s streets to reveal one of Their most insidious menaces to date: ABC gum.

There were so many flattened wads of gum (or, to be fair, a substance that looked exactly like gum) on the pavement that Icke was certain “this was not chewing gum by the sheer volume of it everywhere we walked…”
The wads seemed to follow the flight path of commercial jets, so Lambert suspects that those elusive chemtrails being sprayed throughout the UK consist of a gum-like substance that serves as “a carrier vehicle for viruses or poisons aimed at the population“. He’s been seeing it everywhere for the past 20 years. Ryde is apparently the Guernica of gum.
Lambert sent samples of the most recent gum to an unnamed lab, and preliminary results indiciated it could be
“some kind of latex material…probably carrying a pesticide-type substance.” Despite the abundance of samples, Icke didn’t collect any of his own for testing.

The rest of the article is about the electromagnetic bombardment that They have been aiming at Icke, in an effort to give him cancer (according to a psychic, always a reliable source of medical advice). It seems They’re trying to prevent him from exposing the information in his latest book, even though it’s already on its way to press and Icke has already published, what, 500 books?
Icke concludes the gum portion of the article with a statement that should strike terror into the hearts of sane people everywhere:

I have no doubt that, as the story of the Ryde ‘gum’ circulates, people will see the same in their own towns and cities. This is by no means confined to the Isle of Wight or even the United Kingdom.”

Be afraid.

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  1. OMG. "They have been aiming at Icke, in an effort to give him cancer (according to a psychic, always a reliable source of medical advice). It seems They're trying to prevent him from exposing the information in his latest book, even though it's already on its way to press and Icke has already published, what, 500 books?"What? He's saying that!? "They" are trying to give him cancer? And his followers STILL think he is sane? Unbeliavable. He has also been saying that he is under threats since he released his first book, so nothing new there…The sad thing is that he believes everything he's saying.

  2. The largest concentration of pavement gum in my city is outside a shopping centre, under cover, with no way it can have come from the skies. No, Mr. Icke, the problem is that a lot of people are chewing gum and them spitting it out on the pavements!Now, let's think rationally about this. If it comes from aircraft tens of thousands of feet in the air, in all likelihood it would land no-where near the flightpath! Has he ever seen (has anyone ever seen) any of this stuff land? No! So we have a typical causality fallacy!

  3. Hey again!Could you make a post on "mkultra?" (Mind control) The website Vigilant Citizen is getting a huge amount of attention thanks to completely distorting the meaning of different symbols that appear in music videos to support the whole "satanic panic" nonsense you have written about on this blog. (The stuff written o nthat website only goes down with people who have NO understanding of symbolism, which would make about…65% of humans, sadly.) Right now they seem to be discussing Kerlis music video. (Who is not so known at the moment in the USA) His other posts have been about Gaga, which have in fact gotten A LOT of attention in gossip blogs like ONTD. like these are extremely negative towards the art and practise of studying symbolism, paganism, occult studies and etc. I believe the guy writing the stuff on that website is a Fundamentalist Christian, because in one of his video "interpretations" of Lil Wayne he said the snake represanted satan, thus making him either an obvious idiot or a Christian.

  4. I've been thinking of that very thing. I've already done a short post on another blog about Lenon Honor, and I think it's high time to go into more depth on the whole symbol-analysis/predictive programming/occult subliminal brainwashing mess.The biggest flaw with it is that most of the "symbols" in question can have a multitude of meanings, depending on context, culture, background of the percipient, etc. One person can look at a peace symbol and see "Nero's cross", others look at it and only see tie-dye and granola…

  5. Could you perhaps link me to the Lenon-Honor films post? I've seen some of his videos and you wouldn't believe the amount of people that believe that stuff…A few celebrities too, I have noticed.Did you know that Jay-Z was asked in an interview about the Illuminati? (His videos have also been interpreted by the guy at VC) Here's a link to the post @ ONTD that they did about Jay being part of the Illuminati. (Or at least a creepy freemason!) think that even at one point Rhianna was asked about the symbolism of her videos because of websites like these that are getting a bit too much attention. I've been trying to bring this topic up at pagan/occult forums, because this whole "truth" movement is extremely dangerous to pagan groups and religious freedom…But most feel like this is too "underground" to have any effect. They are wrong. I have seen this "truth" movement grow and it's dangerous! It is psychologically damaging (fear inducing) and causes nothing but hatred. (You should see how many people want to beat up Jay-Z because of his "connections.")

  6. I just checked my email and noticed a few newsletters from David Icke, even though I've added him on my ignored list. Hotmail is so great…Anyways, you might be interested in this: is still at it, trying to spread satanic panic. Half of the people he has talked to also happen to be Christians or have religious backgrounds. This shouldn't come as a suprise. You know the thing he never seems to mention? The sexual abuse happening in churches all over the world and the PROOF of it. He has NO proof of Satanic abuse and the 2-4 cases that have been proven have been of families who in fact were Christians! A policeman Ken Lanning (?) made a report about the Satanic panic and the conclusion was that there was no proof, no bodies NOTHING to be found. But conspiracy theorists obviously don't like proof, since they came up with all kinds of excuses why the report was not good enough.Jessy

  7. Satanic panic misinfo is, indeed, dangerous on many levels. First of all, quite a few of its victims still believe they were tortured/abused by large numbers of Satanists, or are still in prison, or have had their reputations and careers slaughtered by all the rumours. Secondly, when you make groundless accusations of shady occult behaviour and/or child molestion against public figures, as Lenon Honor ( and Vigilant Citizen have done, people who are already a little too credulous and unbalanced are going to be upset. And they may go after the "monsters" created by Honor & Co. They may decide that anyone affiliated with a "nontraditional religion" is a threat to their safety and wellbeing, and behave accordingly. Another problems is that when people become hyper-focused on nonexistent or exaggerated problems like "elite pedophilia" or occult subliminal imagery, they are ignoring actual problems in the real world. The umpteen hours that Honor spent analyzing and annotating a 20-year-old Disney flick could be much better spent, and likewise for the hours people spend watching YouTube vids about hidden pop occultism (or searching for it themseles).

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