A Note to Readers

Because several posts in the Prodigal Witch series touched on child abuse issues, I have been receiving many emails and comments informing me that So-and-So in Such-and-Such County is a pedophile and is actively molesting and/or abducting children.

I cannot possibly stress strongly enough that this is not the place to air such complaints. If you are aware of child abuse, human trafficking, or any other form of child exploitation being committed by a certain person or group of persons, report this to the proper authorities immediately.

Comments that contain unsubstantiated allegations against specific persons will be removed.

3 thoughts on “A Note to Readers

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  1. I can't believe that someone who honestly believes that children are actively being abducted and abused by someone they know (or at least know of) would come to a blog to make those accusations rather than going directly to the authorities.

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