Morrissey: The Next Nostradamus?

David Alice has a theory that singer/songwriter Morrissey predicted the death of Princess Diana…in 1986.

Alice points out links between The Smiths’ album The Queen is Dead and the life/death of Diana. For instance:

For the album cover that makes the announcement that THE QUEEN IS DEAD, Morrissey chose a photo of a French man named Alain (actor Alain Delon).
Correspondingly, the very first public announcement of Princess Diana’s death will wind up being made by a French man named Alain (Doctor Alain Pavie)

Now perhaps Mr. Alice can tell me what the &*%&# “Half a Person” is supposed to be about…


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  1. Hmm. The lyrics to “There is a Light…” do seem to have some relevance, but I’m still not seeing what the Y could have to do with the papparazzi. (If “Half a Person” was actually about the papparazzi, the middle verses would correspond, wouldn’t they?)

  2. Poor Bill Shankly – what an insult! He was the manager of Liverpool FC during the glory years. I'm from Liverpool and I detest football, but even I gasp at the ignorance here. Come on – try harder! There MUST be a linke between Diana and LFC. Let's see… She was Princess of WALES – Wales is 16 miles from Liverpool – yes, that's it!

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